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How To Make Money Selling Iaso Tea

What Is Total Life Changes

How to Sell Iaso Tea and Earn 200% Commissions

You probably already know about Total Life Changes if youre considering joining. But just in case youre still unsure what the company is all about here is a brief refresher.

The TLC logo

Total Life Changes is a 20+ year old company created back in 1999 by Jack Fallon who is currently the companys CEO. The company sells a range of health products including detox tea, weight management solutions, essential oils, multivitamins and more.

Im sure youve heard or seen people on social media or maybe even in real life talking about Iaso Tea. Iaso Tea is the flagship product of Total Life Changes and it seems to be quite popular among women all over the world especially those who are into fitness, weight loss and dieting.

Total Life Changes gives you the opportunity to sell Iaso Tea and their other products, earning you money on retail sales and bonuses. Like all MLMs, youre also encouraged to recruit other sellers, called Life Changers to sell the products. Doing this would result in you building a team and earning additional bonus commissions on their sales and group volume, thus earning you even more money than if you were to simply sell the products alone.

Now that either sounds like something youre interested in or something youre not. If you still arent convinced what to do then here are my 6 reasons why I would not join Total Life Changes and 5 reasons why it might actually be a good idea to join.

How Long Does It Take For Iaso Tea To Make You Poop

We DO have happy customers who find that this solidifies loose stools and makes life and bowel management so much nicer see more. YES! This product is helpful for so many things beyond constipation. If you have loose stools, I recommend that you start slow, with 1/2 dose or even a bit less to see how it works for you.

Total Life Changes Review Iaso Tea & Oil Products

Total Life Changes is a nutritional supplement company which uses network marketing techniques to sell a wide range of oils, skin care products, teas, and liquid formulas.

One Total Life Changes product is particularly popular. That product is called Iaso Tea. Today, in our Iaso Tea review, Im going to explain the benefits of Iaso tea and explain why some people call it a miracle tea.

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Reason #: Tlc Is A Legit Mlm

This certainly sounds like an oxymoron seeing that most MLMs are labeled as pyramid schemes and there is some evidence that Total Life Changes isnt much different.

However, from what I see, you can totally sell Iaso Tea to the general public and earn commissions and retail bonuses without having to recruit. Youre not likely to make a lot of money but it can be done.

This makes TLC a lot less sketchy than a lot of other MLMs who put the focus more on recruiting than selling the products. TLC does have some strong requirements in their compensation plan concerning personal purchases and recruiting but after being in business for over 20 years its unlikely that theyll be going away any time soon.

Total Life Changes Products

IASO Instant Detox Tea The #1 Selling Detox Tea by TLC

If you have decided and is really interested in joining an MLM, then its necessary that you know more about the products that Total Life Changes is offering. Total Life Changes sells health and wellness products like teas and coffees.

Here are some of their main products:

Luna Nighttime Repair Cream – Gives you a smoother and more vibrant skin and complexion. It also removes pigmentation and scars.

Sol Daytime Face Cream – Gets rid of wrinkles, pigmentation, and dark spots. Makes you look younger.

Iaso Essential Soap – Evens out skin tones and gets rid of dark spots.

Lucida Toothpaste – Whitens teeth and freshens breath with its non-abrasive mint formula.

You can watch this 20-second video to see one of their top-selling products

It’s important to know that there are hundreds of thousands of other brands offering a very similar range of products.

There are also hundreds of MLMs that offer the same kind of beauty, slimming, and whitening products such as:

So if this is the case, then what makes Total Life Changes different?…

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So Should You Join Total Life Changes

These are my considerations for and against joining Total Life Changes. Ultimately, Ive decided that I dont want to be a member.

Should you join Total Life Changes?

Youve read the article and seen all the arguments. What you decide is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

Whether you join Total Life Changes and become a Life Changer or not, you should definitely look into affiliate marketing, a business model that has a lot of nice perks and benefits.

With affiliate marketing, you will be able to use my method for promoting Iaso Tea and recruiting a team without bothering your friends and family. Its strictly online and people are going to be actively looking to buy the products without you having to physically go find and interact with them.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, Id suggest becoming a member of the affiliate marketing community Wealthy Affiliate where you can get simple step-by-step training, support, access to tools and resources for affiliate marketing success as well as the ability to communicate with others who can help you build a successful business in whatever niche you choose.

Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here and sign up. Its free to get started.

Total Life Changes Bbb Profile

The Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit organization that seeks to verify different businesses within the market. It is a very esteemed establishment that customers look to so that they can get trusted information on businesses.

Total Life Changes BBB profile identifies it as a business for wholesale health products. Located in Michigan, it began in 2003. However, it did not become a BBB accredited business until 2018. This just shows the development the company has undergone to meet the satisfaction of customers and their complaints.

The BBB gives Total Life Changes an A+ rating. However, this does not consider customer reviews. According to the BBB, Total Life Changes has received a total of 125 complaints in the last three years- 110 of which were closed in the previous 12 months. There are not too many complaints directed toward this business, but when there are, it does an excellent job of addressing the complaints to meet customer satisfactionmost of the claims, specifically 52 of the 125, dealt with issues from a product or service. There is no guarantee that the products work. The weight loss industry can be a tricky business since everyones body is unique. However, Total Life Changes does an excellent job of refunding their products that prove to be ineffective for customers.

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Is Total Life Changes Publicly Traded

TLC Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering of American Depositary Shares on Nasdaq. TLCs ADSs are expected to begin trading on the Nasdaq Global Market on November 21, 2018 under the symbol TLC. The offering is expected to close on or around November 27, 2018, subject to customary closing conditions.

Reason #: I Hate Mlms

How to make Iaso Tea

I dont like the MLM business model. I was an Amway IBO back in 2004 and although it taught me a lot about business and having a success mindset, it was an experience that showed me the ins and outs of MLM business.

Today, I dont like MLMs because its a business where almost everything is stacked against you. Success in MLM is a steep uphill climb. Many multi-level do not know how to market and this causes a lot of problems in MLM.

For example, the person who recruited you doesnt know how to market and is expected to show you how to sell the products and move volume as a team. You dont know how to market and you cannot teach people you recruit how to market. But youre in a marketing company.

No matter how many workshops you take, they never teach you how to do it the right way and you may argue that maybe Amways training had its weaknesses but most MLMs have one end goal how many people do you know who you could possibly recruit?

MLM has other problems:

  • controversial lawsuits and FTC investigations
  • complex compensation plans
  • low quality and overpriced products
  • low earnings vs high expenditure

Im talking in general here about why I hate MLM and not about Total Life Changes which happens to also be an MLM company. MLMs have never had a good reputation and people run if they hear youre involved in one.

He did not mention Total Life Changes on the show but to be honest TLC isnt that much different from some that he did mention. After all, it is an MLM company.

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Iaso Instant Tea Is Finally Here Heres What You Need To Know

To order some Iaso Tea Instant for yourself make sure to click the button below. You can pick up some of our world famous Original Iaso Tea, our Slim PM, or anything else that you might like:

Got questions? You can drop them in the comments below and Ill try to answer them if possible.

Will connect soon,

Iaso Tea Ingredients: What Are They

The Iaso Tea ingredients include nine herbs and spices such as:

  • Malva Leaves
  • Choline
  • Rutin

Today it is used as a diuretic that can assist in Iaso Teas primary purpose and weight loss secret, which is cleansing your body system. By utilizing and combining all of the teas nine natural herbs, the ingredients work to cleanse the digestive tract every time you consume it, which results in the body detoxing. As a result, your body gets healthier, and when combined with healthy eating and exercising consistently, you have a greater potential to lose weight. The Iaso tea company TLC also has several other products that you can be used to help you in your weight loss journey such as their Nutraburst product.

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How Do Weight Loss Teas Work

There are countless weight loss teas on the market, all claiming to provide quick and easy weight loss results.

Drinking low-calorie fluids like tea is a good way to increase your fluid consumption, which is important for a healthy lifestyle and may help with reducing your overall caloric intake .

However, these benefits are likely to be offset by the unpleasant side effects associated with weight loss teas, which usually contain diuretics or laxatives.

The long-term use of diuretics and laxatives can be dangerous, resulting in dehydration, stomach pains, diarrhea, electrolyte imbalance , and reliance on laxatives to open your bowels.

Weight loss teas can result in a small, short-term weight loss due to them containing laxatives and diuretics, but this will only be water weight. This may make you feel as though youve lost a few pounds, and the scale may confirm that, but this is not the same as fat loss.

Losing fat is only achievable through maintaining a negative energy balance. This means you need to eat fewer calories per day than the amount of energy your body uses through daily living and exercise.

Some weight loss teas claim to induce weight loss due to ingredients like caffeine or green tea to boost the bodys fat-burning capabilities.

While caffeine has been shown to promote weight loss, the effect is very small and disappears after a short time as the body becomes accustomed to the increased presence of the stimulant .

Is Total Life Changes A Scam

How To Make Money Selling Iaso Tea

No. Total Life Changes is not a scam.


Because they sell legit products. They also pay you with the exact figures they say.

The thing is too many hopeful people join the company without really knowing the things they must do to make good money.

Some might try for a few months or maybe a year, and then they get tired of all this and just stop.

The rest of this Total Life Changes review will reveal and discuss the real facts so youll get the right decision if this is really the money making opportunity youve been searching for.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a distributor myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what this program genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If youd like to learn how to Spot an Online Marketing Scam then click the highlighted text.

Tired of MLMs? Check out how I make money online here!

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How To Make Money Selling Iaso Tea

This post may contain affiliate links. For more info, visit the disclosure page.

Do you really want to know how to make money selling Iaso Tea? This article will show you how to sell Iaso Tea using a method that 95% of Life Changers arent using. You wont need to bother strangers in a Walmart parking lot or alienate your friends and family. If you like the sound of that read the article below all the way through.

Im browsing through my phone one night and as I hearted photos of my friends, Instagram interrupts the feed with a message saying that Id seen all the new posts from the last 2 days.

So I started checking the stories at the top. One of my friends has a video message that she wants me to watch. Its about a product that can help you detox, feel better and even lose weight, among other things, in a short period of time called Iaso Tea. Shes using it and she wants her friends to join in a challenge.

I swipe. I know about these things. Another one, I thought.

A couple of days later my girlfriend is asking me to get her some of this tea. She cant remember the name.

Iaso Tea? I asked.

Yes! Thats it, she replied.

The latest MLM craze right now seems to be Iaso Tea. Ive seen it all over social media and have encountered people selling it in person.

How To Join Total Life Changes

It is Easy to Join Total Life Changes and sell our weight loss products. You just need to buy a starter kit online while you sign up. To sign up as a distributor click on the JOIN NOW button below. Then select your country and join.

  • When you Click To Join on the next page
  • Select Your Country.
  • Select and add your starter pack to cart.
  • Select a Smart Ship Product.
  • Fill out your information and complete your purchases.

You will get an email from Total Life Changes to set up your distributor account. You can then order and sell products or have your customers buy on line on your personal TLC website.

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Review Of Iaso Tea Cost

Considering the total amount of tea you can prepare with the 5 pack and the recommended dose, you pay $49.95 for about an 11-day supply. This represents an approximate investment of $4.50 per day. It does not sound too bad if you compare it to what you may spend on coffee or other drinks.

It should be noted that you need to drink Iaso Tea long term before getting significant weight loss results.

However, TLC has a Life Changer program that allows you to purchase the product in bulk, as a distributor, and get wholesale prices.

  • 10 pack $99.95 USD
  • 25 pack $249.95 USD
  • 50 pack $499.95 USD

Where to buy Iaso Tea: You can also purchase at the retail prices online via Iaso Tea Amazon, Iaso Tea Walmart, Iaso Tea eBay, and others, which may offer the products at a higher or lower price than the company website. At some places, you can purchase Iaso Tea kits.

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Possible Iaso Tea Side Effects

Does Iaso Tea Really Work For Weight Loss? IMPORTANT Don’t Buy IASO Tea Until You Watch This!

Even though there are no exact studies on this matter, people have reported some of the following side effects when it comes to regular Iaso tea consumption

  • Frequent urination because the blend can act as a natural diuretic, if consumed excessively, it can increase the frequency of urination, leaving your dehydrated, with possible diarrhea and bowel movement issues.
  • Nausea, upset stomach and morning sickness this may be ascribed to the fact that a person is changing their diet and lifestyle drastically. In the beginning, it is normal to have such side effects, but if they become persistent, you may need to consult a medical professional about further Iaso tea consumption.
  • Irregular bowel movement, bloating, diarrhea as mentioned before, the ingredients found in Iaso tea can have laxative and diuretic effects, which may result in frequent bowel movements, diarrhea, gas and over discomfort in the stomach area. It is important you discuss Iaso tea consumption with a medical professional in case these side effects start occurring.
  • This tea can also take a longer time to start showing effects. With some people, it can start working within few hours after consumption, in regards to the bowel movement or urination, while the majority of people report seeing actual effects after one to two months of regular use.

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