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What Teas Are Good For Colds

What Herbal Tea Is Good For A Cold

Cold Remedy Tea with Turmeric Ginger Honey Citrus | HONEYSUCKLE

In the midst of a cold it can be quite comforting to settle down on the sofa with a warm drink however, do you know what type of brew is best at this time? In this blog I have a look at some herbal teas that are good when you have a cold, plus I explain why these are particular drinks are beneficial.

Dr. Jen Tan

Why Drink Tea When You Have A Sore Throat

Drinking fluids in general is especially important when you’re sick . Fluids help to keep your throat moist, which reduces pain and irritation in your throat.

Warm liquids such as tea and broth are especially soothing to an irritated throatall the more reason to enjoy a warm cup of tea! But aside from hydration, some teas can provide real health benefits and fight off illness.

While tea isn’t going to be able to treat serious illnesses on its own, many teas contain antioxidants, which are compounds that can help your body fight illnesses such as colds and other viruses. Some teas and herbal blends are anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce pain and swelling associated with colds.

And of course, what’s tea without a little honey? Honey is naturally antibacterial, and helps to coat the throat and soothe irritation. So next time you’re feeling under the weather, sip a few mugs of warm, soothing tea.

What You Should Add To Your Tea

Sometimes what you put into your tea is just as helpful as the tea itself. Here are some of the best tea additions you can try when youre sick:

  • Lemon: Lemon is such a great detoxifier. Its filled with vitamin C and helps reduce congestion.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Adding a small splash to your tea wont taste nearly as gross as you may think, and it can help kill bacteria.
  • Raw Honey: Honey soothes a sore throat and helps calm a cough, but high-quality raw honey can also help you fight bacteria and improve your immune system.
  • Garlic: This one may not be the tastiest tea addition on the list, but adding a small amount of garlic to your tea can give your body quite the immune boosting power.
  • Essential Oils: There are many different essential oils that can be ingested . Other than the lemongrass, some of my favorites include Roman chamomile and peppermint.

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Mullein Tea Benefits: Why Is It Good For You

Mullein tea benefits are well known to practitioners of traditional and tribal medicine. It is a type of beverage that is prepared using the leaves of Verbascum thapsus . The plant is native to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Extracts from mullein have been used for centuries to treat a variety of respiratory ailments, including chronic coughs, colds, and asthma. It is also an important component in various herbal cough syrups. The many advantages of mullein tea are discussed in this article, along with a few recipes to brew this amazing herbal tea.

Other Best Teas To Fight Cold And Flu

Cold Season Tea

I really like this herbal tea for colds and flu, both hot and cold. However, as I was saying, I usually make simpler drinks. And even if they have less ingredients, theyre still good herbal remedies, so its worth spending a few words about them. If you dont like my recipe, here are a few alternatives with a lighter taste that you might like.

Green and white tea: when youre looking for natural remedies against cold and flu, a hot cup of tea is by itself a good idea. It wont make miracles, but it will help you soothe the symptoms and relax. As for black tea, my advice is to prefer loose-leaf tea. Store-bought teabags are often made with low-quality tea dust that wont give you the benefits you seek.

Lemon tea & Peppermint tea: when talking about soothing teas, these two are very common choices. Theyre simple and effective. Just make sure to pick good quality ingredients for the best results.

Garlic tea: This is the one I make more often. No, I have not gone crazy. Although it may not be as famous as the other home remedies we have seen so far, garlic tea is a powerful ally against nasal congestion. It has all the health benefits of garlic. And contrary to what you might think it has a mild flavor that can be sweetened by other ingredients.

Ginger tea: We have already seen all the health benefits of ginger. If you want to use it for a light-tasting drink, boil it in water along with a slice of lemon or orange.

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Herbal And Home Remedies

A person can try the following home remedies:

Warm lemon

Mixing lemon juice with warm water creates a soothing drink that can help with a sore throat.


coughs in children . People can also combine honey with lemon for a soothing drink.

However, a person should not give honey to infants who are younger than 12 months of age. This is because honey may contain Clostridium botulinum, which can transform into bacteria that cause infantile botulism. People over 12 months of age can consume honey safely.

Steam inhalation

This process involves inhaling water vapor, which may help loosen mucus in the nose and lungs.


Typically, a person with a cold will not need to see a doctor. However, people should consider seeking medical advice if they have:

  • a cold that persists for 3 weeks or more
  • symptoms get worse or do not improve
  • breathing difficulties or chest pains
  • colored phlegm from the nose or throat.

Why Drink Loose Leaf Tea

Drinking loose teas provides a higher concentration of compounds and benefits in your mug. In tea bags, the contents are often a powder rather than a full leaf. Loose leaves contain larger leaves and plant matter, and the ingredients are of higher quality.

To learn more about our teas for colds, browse our collection of specialty teas today!

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Other Natural Remedies For Colds

While herbal tea is one of the go to remedies to fight a cold, there are other alternatives that can help relieve your symptoms as well.

Some of them include:

Immune-Boosting Supplements

Some people just don’t like the taste of tea. That’s when a supplement like our Warrior Organic Immunity Blend comes in handy.

It features many of the herbs in this tea guide like ginger and clove, plus other potent immune boosters like elderberry and echinacea.

Over-the-counter medications

These range from antihistamines to decongestants and pain relievers, which primarily provide symptomatic relief.

However, medical professionals agree that over-the-counter medications should not be administered to children because children are highly susceptible to side effects.

Drinking enough water

People with a cold tend to lose a lot of water and are very prone to dehydration.

Drinking lemon water slightly sweetened with honey is a great way to replenish lost liquid and loosen mucus.

Gargling salt water

One major symptom of colds is a sore throat. Gargling warm salt water is great for a sore throat. For children who cant gargle properly, you can use lozenges or sore throat sprays.


When youre sick with any condition, your body needs time to heal. Take it easy, and let your immune system work in tandem with your remedies to speed up the healing process.

Best Tea For A Cold And Cough

Tea for Cold and Cough | Sore Throat Soother

Here are seven teas that might help ease your cough and the symptoms it causes. Honey, Licorice Root Tea Ginger Marshmallow Tree Green Thyme PeppermintHoney tea is made by boiling honey with water to make a soothing drink for sore throats licorice roots can be added into some drinks or eaten raw in small amounts which have been shown effective at relieving nasal congestion caused from winter allergies . The ginger plant produces an aromatic root used as both foodstuff and medicine eithout any side effects if taken regularly according its juice having anti-inflammatory power similar those founds other natural remedies such us turmeric

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Are There Teas To Avoid

Most herbal teas could offer comfort and alleviate some symptoms of a cold.

Previously, some debate suggested that dairy drinks, such as milk, may increase mucus production and that people with colds should avoid them.

However, a 2018 review debunks this theory, implying that dairy does not cause excessive mucus.

People can still drink milky teas if they prefer when fighting off a cold.

There is no cure for the common cold. However, several other treatments can alleviate symptoms.

What Should You Not Drink When You Have A Cold

Because they cause dehydration, beverages containing caffeine should be avoided.Coffee, cola drinks, tea, and energy drinks are all included in this category.Additionally contributing to dehydration, alcohol should be avoided at all costs.

  • In addition to this, it impairs the operation of the immune system, and excessive use of alcohol increases the likelihood that a person may contract an illness.

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Tea With Lemon And Honey

While not strictly a type of tea in and of itself, tea with lemon and honey is an old standby when it comes to fighting colds and flus. Lemon juice provides an immune-boosting dose of vitamin C, while honey helps to coat the throat and is full of additional soothing, medicinal properties. Even if youre feeling too ill to eat much, a soothing cup of tea can also help to settle the stomach and warm you from the inside out. Lemon and honey are often added to classic black teas, but can really be added to whatever tea strikes your fancy!

Buying The Best Tea For Coughs: Top Tips

The Best Herbal Teas for Cold and Flu Season

In most supermarkets, you can buy pre-mixed tea for colds, or tea for coughs. However, in order to use the medicinal plants in the most optimal way, we recommend purchasing loose tea. Packaged tea mixes from the supermarket often contain only a small amount of the medicinal plant that is actually effective against cold symptoms. Loose-dried medicinal plants can be found in many health food stores, as well as online.

Most of the above-mentioned herbs are native medicinal plants, so you can easily plant them yourself in your garden at home. Many of the plants that make some of the best tea for colds can also be collected in the wild.

When buying your tea, try to find a brand that sells herbs that are cultivated regionally and organically. Tea plantations are notorious for having terrible working conditions, and for providing wages that are barely enough to survive.

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What Are The 5 Stages Of Cold

  • In the first day of an upper respiratory infection, you may experience symptoms such as fatigue, headache, and a painful or scratchy throat
  • On day 2, symptoms include a worsening sore throat, a slight temperature, and minor nasal congestion
  • On day 3, the congestion gets worse, and the pressure in your sinuses and ears becomes quite unpleasant
  • Mucus may take on a yellow or green hue on day 4
  • Mucus may thicken.
  • What Tea Is Good For Cough

    The following seven teas may be especially helpful for easing your cough and the symptoms that go along with it. Honey tea, licorice root tea , ginger beer or soda water made from fresh mint leaves steeped in hot refrigerated temperature equal parts well diluted this ones great if you dont want any sweetness but still need something soothing on an empty stomach! Marshmallow root extract RX pills can also help ease some sore throat pain while green remedies are good at breaking up phlegm because they contain antiseptic properties like grasses does anyway.

    If you enjoyed reading this article and would like to see similar ones.

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    What Kind Of Tea Is Good For A Cold

    People who are trying to get over the common cold have long relied on chamomile tea and peppermint tea as their go-to beverages. It is important to remember that drinking chamomile tea while pregnant is not a good idea. A cough may be suppressed, discomfort and soreness can be soothed, and phlegm can be loosened up by adding a little honey to your favorite herbal tea and stirring it in.

    Teas To Fight The Flu

    Ginger Tea with Honey for Cold and Flu Relief | WebMD

    Hot tea is often the first choice for home treatment of sore throat, fever and cough. However, some herbal and real teas might offer more benefits in dealing with common cold or flu. Both are caused by hundreds of different viruses, show similar symptoms. Unlike the common cold, flu is often associated with other aches and pains and high fever.

    Here are the 10 best teas that may help in preventing, soothing and treating the cold or flu symptoms.

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    Best Teas For Cold And Flu

    When youre sick with a cold or the flu, one of the most beloved and long standing home remedies is a simple mug of hot tea. Why?

    • Teas hydrate you and help you get more liquids
    • Teas have their own healing properties that help you feel better while you recover
    • Teas simply feel good warm liquid helps bring comfort and relief

    If youre going to take the time to brew a cup of tea, you might as well choose a leaf that has been shown to help bring an end to your miserable symptoms. Below you are going to learn more about 8 of the best teas you can choose for a cold or flu.

    Which Herbal Teas Are Best For You

    Because caffeine is not included in herbal teas in their natural form, drinking them will not cause you to lose fluids.They frequently have a pleasantly sweet taste and a calming aroma.They have an exceptional flavor when combined with a natural sweetener such as honey.

    • People who are getting over the common cold have long relied on chamomile tea and peppermint tea as their go-to beverages of choice.

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    Du Citron Dans La Tisane Pour Une Sant De Fer

    Riche en vitamine C, le citron est un bon produit à incorporer dans votre tisane contre le rhume. Pressez un citron bio ou laissez infuser des écorces de citron quelques minutes. Avec son activité antioxydante, la vitamine C contribue au fonctionnement normal du système immunitaire. Elle aide aussi à combattre la fatigue de lhiver. Si vous trouvez linfusion trop acidulée, rajoutez une cuillère de miel. Le miel sucre naturellement votre tisane contre le rhume. Le citron se marie aussi à merveille avec le gingembre.

    What Tea Helps With Colds

    The Best Herbal Teas for Cold and Flu Season
  • Which Teas Can Help Ease the Symptoms of Colds and the Flu? Peppermint. In addition to having a distinctive flavor, drinking peppermint tea will also cause you to consume menthol, which is beneficial for those who suffer from coughs.
  • Chamomile. Your recovery from illness will require you to obtain enough of rest in addition to drinking plenty of water.
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    What To Take For The Cold: Our Pick Of The Best Home Remedies For The Cold

    At Tea Shop, we combine the ingredients mentioned above in the following infusions:

    Indian Secret. With a hot and spicy scent, this herbal tea is packed full of the properties you need.

    Ginger Balm. The ideal herbal tea for when your throat needs soothing and calming.

    Indian Yogi. With a slightly spicy and sweet taste from the cinnamon, this drink is invigorating and digestive.

    Cocoa Orange. This revitalising infusion perfectly combines the flavours of cocoa, orange and ginger.

    There’s a wide variety of herbal teas to choose from, meaning you can pick the flavour you like best to help your body recover from your cold symptoms.

    If you’re looking for a natural way to warm up, boost your defences and even combat cold symptoms, herbal teas are the perfect choice for you. Fight the flu and relieve symptoms with herbal remedies.

    Does Whiskey Help A Cold

    Whiskey is the perfect elixir for a cold winters night. It warms you from head to toe and makes those joints pop! The alcohol in whiskey helps dilate blood vessels, so even hot cocoa has its benefits when consumed with this spirit. Not only does it clear out nasal congestion but also relieves sore throats due to quenching thirst or as part of an anti-inflammatory diet plan toothough we dont recommend combining these two activities on one normalday unless they involve sipping delicious cocktails like Gingerbread Man cocktail made with Makers Mark Whisky mmm yeah!).

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    Ingredients To Look For When Choosing The Best Tea For Flu

    There are several flu-fighting teas on the market today. But finding one that suits your symptoms can be a challenge. To make things a little easier for you, here is a list of ingredients to look for in your tea with an explanation of what each ingredient will do for you.

    1) Lemon-Loaded with vitamin C, lemons have been known to help the body fight flu, decrease cold symptoms and reduce phlegm.

    2) Ginger-Used to relieve throats and loosen up congestion. Its also known for its ability to calm an upset stomach. Its also good for treating vomit and nausea.

    3) Honey-Honey contains vitamin c and folate which can help soothe the back of the throats which can become irritated from coughing.

    4) Turmeric-Turmeric is one of the most effective anti-inflammatories around, turmeric can also help reduce inflammation and relieve gastrointestinal discomfort.

    5) Peppermint-Peppermint leaves contain menthol which naturally calms and numbs the body and helps relieve congestions. Its also a natural remedy for headaches, migraines, and nausea.

    6) Green tea leaves-Green tea leaves contain several properties that work to get the body to optimal health. Green tea is rich in polyphenols, catechins, and flavonoids which show antioxidant, antimicrobial, alkalizing and immune-stimulating qualities. In addition, the catechins in green tea may inhibit the growth of bacteria and some viruses such as the influenza virus, as well as lower the risk of infections.


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