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What Kind Of Rum For Long Island Iced Tea

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How To Make a Long Island Iced Tea – Cocktail Recipe

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Cocktail Recipes: Make Long Island Iced Tea At Home

Samarpita Yashaswini |

Were sure that you can definitely picture yourself sitting on a recliner listening to a track by the Beatles and sipping a refreshing cocktail. When it comes to refreshing cocktails, Long Island iced tea definitely tops the list. Long island iced tea is basically a type of alcoholic drink that is made with tequila, rum, gin, vodka and some cola. It is called iced tea because the colour of the drink is similar to that of iced tea. This drink is usually served in a highball or hurricane glass.

It has a sweet and sour taste as the cola and the flavour of the lemon overpowers the taste of tequila. It is an extremely refreshing drink. So if you want to make this cocktail at home then follow this simple recipe given below.

Can You Make Flavored Simple Syrup

Yes, you can! Flavored syrups are fun as well. Here are a few flavoring options:

  • Cinnamon: Add a few sticks of cinnamon to the syrup when it’s hot, and let steep for a few hours or overnight. Strain and store.
  • Herbal syrup: Springs of rosemary, lemon thyme, lemon verbena, sage, mint, and/or lemon balm leaves all make wonderful additions to simple syrup. Add a small handful of the fresh herbs to the hot syrup, steep for about 30 minutes, then strain and store.
  • Vanilla syrup: Add a split vanilla bean to the simmering syrup. Let the vanilla bean cool in the syrup. Strain and store.
  • Ginger syrup: Cut slices from a 3-inch piece of ginger root and add to the simmering syrup. Let the ginger slices cool in the syrup. Strain and store.
  • Honey or Demerara sugar: Use the same 1 to 1 one formula of honey or sugar to water. Honey offers a light floral quality while demerara sugar brings a deeper, richer note than a syrup made with granulated sugar.

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What Should I Look For When Buying Best Bottled Long Island Iced Tea

Bottled Long Island Iced Tea Reviews

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  • Which Bottled Long Island Iced Tea Reviews is good in the current market?
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Which Glass Do I Use To Serve The Long Island Iced Tea

The right cocktail glass is a must for a good cocktail. After all, you want to conjure up a special moment with a cocktail. The shape of the glass is also decisive for the taste. Each glass shape has different effects on the content. For example, a bulbous shape like wine glasses allows more air to get into the liquid. A thick base, like a tumbler or old-fashioned glass, means that the glass is heated less by hand and the contents stay cold longer.

Long Island Iced Tea is usually served in a tall beaker, the so-called highball glass. The content of this type of glass is usually 240 to 350 millilitres. The high glass brings out the colour of Long Island Iced Tea particularly well. In addition, there is enough ice to keep the drink nice and cold.

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe Tips

There is no iced tea anywhere in the Long Island Iced Tea. It is simply the color of iced tea. This is critical knowledge to have if you plan to drink one. The popularity of the Long Island has spawned its own family of highballs.Many drinks remain popular in their own right in numerous locales throughout the United States, while owing their existence to the success of the original Long Island Iced Tea. Most variants use equal parts of the main liquors, but include a smaller amount of triple sec .

Close variants often replace the sour mix with lemon juice, replace the cola with diet cola or actual iced tea, or add white crème de menthe. Most variants do not include any tea. If this drink is treated with respect and the person pouring keeps in mind that taste is more important than potency, the Long Island Iced Tea is a good drink.This Long Island Iced Tea recipe is an easy one to throw together in a big pitcher for a party. I wait until just before the guests arrive, then mix everything together in a bowl with ice. Strain it into a pitcher and serve!

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The Long Island Iced Tea Standard Ingredients

In the following paragraphs, we are going to take a look at the standard Long Island Iced Tea ingredients. Overall, Long Island iced tea contains five shots of alcohol, a sweet and sour mix, and fuzzy drink or juice, according to your preferences

  • Vodka When it comes to making Long Island iced tea, it is important to start with vodka. Now, you cannot use the standard vodka the vodka for this drink needs to be good for mixing and blending with other alcohol and ingredients. Therefore, you will need ½ oz of good, mixing vodka. We recommend you use the Finlandia vodka, which is excellent for mixing drinks. It is somewhat strong and has a bitter aftertaste, but in combination with other Long Island ingredients, it creates a perfect flavor.
  • Gin Another important Long Island iced tea ingredient is gin. You will need ½ oz of best-dried gin for this drink. Just like the vodka, the gin you use needs to be able to mix well with other alcohol and ingredients. Therefore, we recommend you use the Beefeater gin, which is great because it is both spicy and fruity, and creates a great balance in the drink. This gin is dry but has a wonderful herbal bouquet and a citrus aftertaste. This makes it perfect for the Long Island iced tea. You can also try using the Bombay Sapphire gin, which is also ideal for mixing gin in cocktails.

Swap Out The Triple Sec For Orange Liqueur

How to Make The Long Island Iced Tea – Best Drink Recipes

We dont use triple sec, Trickett says, instead they use Gran Torres orange liqueur. It adds more depth because, instead of being based around neutral grain spirits, its based around Spanish brandy with bitter Seville oranges. It has more depth as opposed to floor cleaner orange. You dont have to use that specific brand, but do play around with other brandy-based orange liqueurs like Grand Marnier or Mandarine Napoleon. If you this is the only tip you follow, youll still wind up with a much more grown-up and balanced Long Island.

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Long Island Ice Tea Sausalitos Recipe

Bar Sausalitos is known for its delicious and especially large version of the Long Island Iced Teas cocktail. This is basically the original recipe with adapted quantities for the jumbo version. Cheers!

Ingredients for Long Island Iced Tea with Whiskey:

  • 3 cl
  • 300ml Cola
  • 5 Ice cubes


  • The preparation of the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail is very easy. Put all ingredients into a glass filled with ice and stir a few times.
  • Garnish the cocktail with a few slices of lemon or lime and that’s it!

How To Make Long Island Pitcher

If you are scaling the cocktail to serve at a party then add all the ingredients apart from the coke into a pitcher and chill. Add ice to the pitcher just before serving and give everything a good stir. Pour into glasses filled with ice and top with cold soda.

This is an simple drink to scale up simply multiply 15 by however many servings you want. To serve a crowd of 8 for example you will need 15x 8= 120ml of each of the spirits, lime and lemon plus ice and coke.

Its easy to pour very generous measures if you are making a pitcher so be careful when serving your party could get out of hand very quickly!

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Break Out All The Bottles For This One

One of my favorite summertime cocktails is the Long Island Iced Tea. Its cool, its refreshing, and its just what you need on a hot summer day.

Dont let the name alone fool you. The Long Island Iced Tea is one of the stronger cocktails on the menu. A few of these, and youll be feeling a little more than tipsy at your uncles BBQ. Reach for all the spirits in your cabinet because were about to make a dangerous cocktail!

But as always, we want to give you a bit of the history behind the cocktail. Dont care for history? Click here to be taken straight to the recipe.

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Nutrients Of Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

How many kcal does a Long Island Iced Tea have? You can find out here. One serving contains:

  • 1,5 cl
  • 150ml Cola
  • 5 Ice cubes


  • The preparation of the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail is very easy. Put all ingredients into a glass filled with ice and stir a few times.
  • Garnish the cocktail with a few slices of lemon or lime and that’s it!

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Best Vodka For A Mule

This cocktail is such a mixer that there is no need to go for top shelf vodka. A mixing blend like Titos would do, though Ketel One is both affordable and high enough quality to work as a sipper. Each of those brands would be affordable and easy enough to find, as would Smirnoff itself, the brain-trust behind this classic cocktail.

How Many Long Island Iced Tea May I Drink

Prof. Dr. Helmut Seitz and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Bühringer from the German Head Office for Addiction Issues recommend the following with regard to the limits for the consumption of alcoholic beverages:

‘Every person has an individually different risk of alcohol-related disorders, due to the interaction of their genetic make-up and their learning experiences. . The following values apply to healthy people without genetic or acquired health problems: The low-risk threshold dose in dealing with alcohol in healthy people without additional genetic or acquired risks is 24g alcohol per day for men and 12g alcohol per day for women. . At this dose of alcohol, at least 2 alcohol-free days per week should be observed.’

You can also find further information on information portals on the Internet!

If you look at our nutritional value table, we see that a Long Island Iced Tea contains approx. 23.4g alcohol.

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Long Island Iced Tea Ingredients

The Long Island Iced Tea is a highball cocktail made with 5 liquors: vodka, tequila, rum, gin and orange liqueur. When mixed together with cola the drink has a brown color, just like iced tea . The modern version of this cocktail was most likely invented in 1972 by a bartender in Long Island, New York: hence the name.

The LIIT took off and became so popular that it made the list of the International Bartender Associations IBA official cocktails! This means that it has an official definition. Whats in a Long Island Iced Tea?

  • Vodka
  • Lemon juice
  • Cola

Yes, thats a lot of ingredients. Lets talk through why this makes the best Long Island Iced Tea recipe, and then whether there are substitutes!

Is Long Island Iced Tea Intoxicating

Long Island Iced Tea – How to Elevate this Classic Cocktail with Vodka, Gin, Rum & Tequila

Long Island Iced Tea is a refreshing iced tea from Long Island, New York

Even the most inept bartender understands that a Long Island Iced Tea contains at least five shots. Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Rum, Triple Sec, bitters, and Coke are all used in this cocktail. The key to a successful long island is to have the bartender create it so strong that you can see right through it.

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Long Island Iced Tea Variations

Making variations of the classic Tea is almost as much fun as drinking one. These are some of the best-known variations plus one of my own.

  • Long Beach Tea: Replace the cola with cranberry juice very refreshing and eye catching with a beautiful pink colour.
  • Hawaian Iced Tea: Replace the cola with pineapple juice.
  • Texas Tea: Add another spirit into the mix bourbon! Needless to say this IS stronger than the original.
  • Hipster Iced Tea: This is what my husband and I call our version which replaces some of the spirits with more trendy equivalents. A mix of Pisco, Mescal, Grand Marnier, Gold Rum and whatever else is lurking in the back of our drinks cabinet
  • Take a look at my other variation the Long Island Iced Coffee .

Take a look at my Cocktails archive for more refreshing drinks ideas theres something there for everyone

Triple Sec Or Cointreau

While somewhat interchangeable in most recipes, Cointreau is better balanced between bitter and sweet . Its also typically of higher quality than your average triple sec or other curaçaos, has a better palate, and usually has a better nose. At 40% alcohol , Cointreau will also make for a stronger or less-diluted drink, accentuating the orange without sapping the vodkas quiet strength.

That said, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao, an elegant, dry, bitter recipe crafted by Cognac Ferrand in consultation with cocktail historian David Wondrich and based on a 19th century recipe, would be a clever feather to stick in your Cosmopolitans cap.

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Experts Tips For Long Island Iced Tea

  • Itââ¬â¢s simple enough to make this cocktail at home and itââ¬â¢s very easy to gather all the required ingredients.
  • Use good quality alcohol to limit the starting flavour. Using top-shelf brands is literally tastes like Iced Tea.
  • If you want a budget-friendly drink, you can use the least expensive liquors.
  • Itââ¬â¢s easy to make this drink too strong. Many bartenders overpour liquors usually. However, this is not only making the drink stronger, but it is also knocking the taste out of balance.
  • Keep in mind that the flavour is more important than potency when making a better Long Island Iced Tea.
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    Long Island Iced Tea

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    Long Island Iced Tea Origin

    A slightly different drink is claimed to have been invented in the 1920s during Prohibition in the United States by an Old Man Bishop in a local community named Long Island in Kingsport, Tennessee. The drink was then perfected by Ransom Bishop, Old Man Bishops son. This drink included whiskey and maple syrup, and varied quantities of the five liquors, rather than the modern one with cola and five equal portions of the five liquors.A Long Island Iced Tea is a type of alcoholic mixed drink typically made with vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola, which gives the drink the same amber hue as its namesake. A popular version mixes equal parts vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, with 1 12 parts sour mix and a splash of cola. Lastly, it is decorated with the lemon and straw, after stirring with bar spoon smoothly.Robert Rosebud Butt claims to have invented the Long Island Iced Tea as an entry in a contest to create a new mixed drink with triple sec in 1972 while he worked at the Oak Beach Inn on Long Island, New York. The Adios Mother is considered a variation of the Long Island Ice Tea or a Blue Hawaiian.


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