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What Is Green Tea Mattress

Those Who Like Support Without Giving Up Comfort

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Review | A Green Tea-Infused Mattress For Those on a Budget

Its a common scenario when mattress shopping wherein you either give up comfort or you give up support. With these Zinus mattresses, you get to enjoy both. You get enough pressure point relief and still get to enjoy a plush feel. You can also select from 4 different thicknesses to make sure you get exactly the feel that you want in your mattress.

What Is The Zinus Green Tea Mattress

Trial length: 100 nightsWarranty: 10 years, limited

Its signature memory foam is infused with green tea and purified charcoal to absorb moisture and neutralize odor, helping keep the mattress fresh.

However, its headline feature – and where it really stands out from the competition – is its wallet-friendly price. The six-inch version costs well under $300 for a king. Even the 10-inch model, which we tested, costs less than $400 for a king .

So what’s it made of? On top, there’s a thin, soft polyester cover, followed by 2.5 inches of green tea and ActivCharcoal-infused memory foam, then 2 inches of Z Comfort foam and 5.5 inches of Z Base memory foam. CertiPUR-US certification ensures all three foam layers meet strict standards for content, emissions, and durability.

The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress is available in four sizes, from twin to king – however there are other sizes available in different thicknesses. There’s an 8-inch deep twin XL, for example, while a short queen comes in 6 and 8-inch thickness options, and the 12-inch line has a Cal King.

If you buy the mattress through Zinus directly it comes with free shipping, a 100-night trial and a 10-year limited warranty. Returns and exchanges within the trial period are free, as long as the mattress is in good condition.

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress : sizing


Constructive Tips From Real Users

People who are already using the mattress often have some other great suggestions for using the mattress that you might find relevant. Some of these will be down to personal taste and are subjective in their nature, but you might find something here that is helpful for you as an individual.

  • adding a gel topper can help you sleep even cooler on this mattress if needed
  • the mattress does not actually smell like green tea, so dont expect that. The green tea is infused into the mattress to combat odor
  • there is a Zinus how to video that shows one person unboxing the mattress by herself. I couldnt have done it by myself, I found it needed two people to set the mattress up

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Sleeping Style And Body Weight

Side Sleepers:Side sleepers tend to place considerable pressure on areas such as the hips and shoulders. Sleepers in this position need a plusher surface that can cradle sharp points of the body while still providing enough support to keep the spine in a neutral position.

All versions of the Zinus Green Tea Mattress perform particularly well for side sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds. The medium soft feel and the conforming foam alleviate pressure buildup and help reduce pain and discomfort over time.

Side sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds may prefer the 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch models. The thicker comfort section provides extra pressure relief, while still helping maintain spinal alignment. While these thicker models offer sleepers some additional support, they may not be firm enough for side sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds.

Back Sleepers:Back sleepers typically benefit from medium firm surfaces that promote proper spinal alignment, with just enough cushioning to cradle the torso and fill in the lumbar area These sleepers require added structure to prevent sinking throughout the night.

The 10-inch and 12-inch models provide an even balance of support and pressure relief for back sleepers under 230 pounds. The 12-inch version is especially suitable for back sleepers under 130 pounds, who often prefer softer beds.

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress 6-inch Model

Under 130 lbs.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress: What We Didn’t Like

Best Price Mattress 2 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper ...
  • Temperature regulation could be better
  • Too firm for some

As we’ve mentioned, this mattress does sleep a little warm, and even though the Z foam layer has pockets to encourage a cooling airflow, the Zinus Green Tea mattress doesn’t offer any specialty thermal technology. If you sleep cool, it won’t be an issue – but if you tend to sleep hot, Zinus has a Cooling Gel hybrid line that you might want to try instead . Alternatively, try the mid-range Cocoon Chill memory foam mattress, from $469 , which has among the best cooling capabilities of any mattress we’ve tested so far.

Some of our reviewers also felt that the mattress was too firm. One of our first-time memory foam reviewers is 6 foot 3, 208lbs and a back sleeper. When quarantined with COVID-19, he had plenty of time to get acquainted with the mattress and reported that this 10-inch model was too firm. He much preferred his own luxury firm Saatva Classic mattress .

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If You Want To Get Right To The Point Heres A Quick Rundown Of The Best Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress:

There are a lot of them to choose from, and well mention a handful of others at the bottom of this page, but for now if you just want our top picks quickly, theyre right here.

The nice thing about these mattresses is that theyre much less expensive than traditional mattresses, and very affordable even by foam mattress standards. The best part, besdies the comfort, is the fact that they can get shipped right to your home and they come in a nice small box

Best queen size for the money:

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

This isnt the cheapest one offered by Zinus, but since these guys are already so affordable, we recommended spending a little bit extra since youre still saving a fortune might as well treat yourself to the higher end model, right? Especially when its this affordable.

Anyways, this is the premium model with extra soft plush, its a foot in height as opposed to other ones that are a lot thinner so youll get more comfort and better support. Also, like all of the options were looking at, its made with green tea to replace an amount of the petroleum, and the green tea oil helps keep it fresher and cleaner and more natural.

Best king size memory foam mattress:

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Deep Dream Green Tea Mattress Review

The Deep Dream Green Tea Mattress is available to purchase through E-living Furniture. As the name suggests, it contains a special green tea infused foam that helps to maintain a clean and hygienic sleep environment.

This mattress forms part of E-Livings Deep Dream range, that includes the highly popular Deep Dream Premium Mattress and Deep Dream Essential Mattress.

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Is The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Worth It

Zinus has managed to create a quality mattress in the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress and more surprisingly, they sell it at an affordable price with free shipping! That alone is enough for me to say yes, go buy it.

However, if you prefer softer mattresses, the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress probably isnt for you. Though if you are on a budget, you can check out our best cheap mattress guide for more affordable picks. I prefer 5-7 on a firmness scale, so I found this mattress to be too firm for me. Perhaps, if I had slept on it for 30 days , my body would have gotten used to it.

If youve read this review and think, “Okay, I dont love firm mattresses but I’m a big fan of the price,” then I encourage you to take the leap and buy the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. They let you try it out for 100 days and if you dont like it, you receive your money back! There is no harm in trying it out.

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Mattress Review – Is the Green Tea Memory Foam Bed Right for You?

The soft profile of the Zinus provides strict side sleepers with plenty of pressure relief in the hips and shoulders. If you love to sink into your mattress and prefer a classic memory foam feel, the Zinus should be right up your alley. The Zinus also isolates motion very well.

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Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Green Tea Luxe – Twin 12″


Zinus Green Tea Luxe – King 12″


Zinus Green Tea Luxe – Queen 12″


Zinus Green Tea Luxe – Full 12″


Zinus Green Tea Luxe – Twin 12″


Zinus Green Tea Luxe – King 12″


Zinus Green Tea Luxe – Queen 12″


Zinus Green Tea Luxe – Full 12″


Zinus Green Tea Luxe – Twin 12″


Zinus Green Tea Comfort & Feel

The Green Tea mattress sports a very nice knitted Jacquard cover on top with a quilted feel. It is soft and luxurious and makes us wonder at the value you get for the reasonably low price of this mattress. The cover is highly breathable, promotes air flow under you while you sleep and also keeps you separated from the memory foam, so you dont have that memory foam feel next to your skin.

This is a full memory foam mattress with a refreshing Green Tea infused memory foam layer. This means that there is quite a lot of sinkage and not a lot of bounce. If you are looking for a bouncy bed this is not it. It does enveloped you when you lie in it and it sits in the middle of the firmness scale, with heavier reviewers noticing if felt more firm to them and lighter reviewers noting it felt very soft.

That choice of fabric on top is also cooling and hypoallergenic, as well as Certi-Pur US certified even although most of the mattresses Zinus make are imported from China. We think this might be how they manage to offer such good quality for such a low price. We do note that the different thicknesses of mattress do have different comfort levels, and heavier users should not indulge in the 6 inch mattress just to be on the safe side. Additionally we note that the 6 inch mattress is thin enough to be used as a topper for another mattress, perhaps transforming a spring bed into a hybrid? The technology here is just so versatile.

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Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review

Last updated: June 2022

The focal point: The Zinus Green Tea mattress is a medium-soft memory foam mattress thats perfect for side and back sleepers on a budget. It stands out from other bed-in-a-box options by incorporating green tea extract and charcoal, which neutralize odors. See for yourself by testing this mattress for up to 100 nights.

What Are People Who Love This Mattress Doing Differently To Most

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Queen Green Tea Mattress via Amazon: $189.00 ...
  • They are rotating it regularly . One reader even went so far as to upgrade her review to five stars after rotating her mattress on a regular schedule to allow it to wear more evenly
  • They are not put off by the slight off-gassing smell: they are expecting it and are confident it will dissipate quickly
  • Ill say it again, they dont open the cover!

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Which Sleeping Position Does It Best Support

Side sleepers will likely be the best fit for the Zinus Green Tea mattress, since it provides both pressure relief and spine alignment. Back sleepers and combination sleepers should fare well, too however, its not a great choice for stomach sleepers, since the softness may cause the lower back to arch out of a neutral alignment and lead to back pain.

How Much Does The Zinus Cost

This bed may appeal to shoppers on a budget, as it is on the lower side of all-foam mattress prices. Check out the full pricing of the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam below, and dont forget to click on one of the coupons in this article for the latest discount!

Prices listed below will be before discount or offer for each size.


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Zinus Green Tea Mattress Firmness

On the soft-to-firm scale, the Green Tea Mattress is medium-soft with a pure memory foam feel. This means that you will experience the slow melt into the beds surface.

If you often change your sleeping posture at night, changing your position will take extra effort and may be disturbing which could leave you restless.

It is worth noting, we noticed that the hardness of the bed varies with the seasons due to temperature. This bed is harder in the cold and softer in the heat.

Overall, we think the green tea mattress is very comfortable, however, its imperative the sleeper REALLY like memory foam if they decide to purchase a Zinus.

Who Would The Zinus Green Tea Mattress Not Work For

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review – WORST BED EVER?
  • If you are someone who is looking for a longer trial period

Zinus only offers a 30-day period for returns, whereas a lot of other mattress-in-a-box companies offer a long trial period than the 30 days that Zinus offers.

  • If you are someone who is looking for USA-grade quality

This bed is produced overseas, which means that you cant really compare the quality of the products that go to create this mattress to the quality of the materials that you find in mattresses that are made in the USA.

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Does This Mattress Off Gas

Off-gassing is a term used to describe the order that a newly unboxed or unbagged mattress discharges. With your average foam mattress, there are a lot of harsh chemicals that are used to create the foam and those same chemicals often have an unpleasant smell. In other words, off-gassing is a common problem that many people run into with foam mattresses.

However, since the Zinus Green Tea mattress was not created with any harsh chemicals, which is why there arent any problems with off-gassing when you unbox this mattress! When you remove this foam mattress from its shipping box, all youre going to have to do is let it expand and take on its natural shape, but you will not have to worry about any harsh smells.

Those Who Dont Like Their Mattress Having A Foul Odor

The infusions of green tea, castor oil, and activCharcoal are all known to help minimize the buildup of odor in the mattress. Its common for mattresses to eventually retain body odor scent, especially if you have used the mattress for a couple of years. With the adopted plant-based memory foam composition, this occurrence can be minimized or even eliminated.

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My Zinus Mattress Complaints

After you sink into that memory foam, the Zinus doesnt have much bounceback. If you need a bouncy mattress, you may want to look at one of Zinuss hybrid mattresses. The softer profile of the Zinus means that strict stomach sleepers probably wont get the support they need at the hips for good spinal alignment. Memory foam tends to sleep hot, and the Zinus follows this trend because it puts a lot of memory foam right next to the sleeper.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review Highlights

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review

We brought the Zinus Green Tea mattress into our sleep lab, and gave it a total score of 7.8/10. This number may not seem impressive at face value, but dont let the overall score deter youit performs well in most of the categories important to sleepers, such as pressure relief, motion transfer, and responsiveness. In this review, well get into the specifics of how the Zinus Green Tea mattress feels and whether or not its the right choice for you.

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The Incredible #1 Best Selling Mattress On Amazon*

* Source: , August 2021

  • Do you still feel tired, even after a full nights sleep?
  • Or, are you unable to have a good nights sleep at all?
  • Experiencing back pain when you get up in the morning?
  • Are you looking for a top-quality mattress that will amaze you every time you sleep on it, even though you are on a tight budget?

Euro Top Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Mattress

  • This Zinus bed model has steel springs added to memory foam for a night of more supportive sleep.
  • It still has the odor-eliminating green tea and a memory foam top, however.
  • Like the Green Tea mattress, you can choose different thickness levels. You can choose between 8, 10 and 12, making the selection a little more restrictive than the Green Teas 6, 8, 10 or 12 options.

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Why We Like It

  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam with a thick 3 inch comfort layer and 3 individual layer design for a good combination of comfort and contouring to your body, which is hard to find at this price point.
  • Medium Firm firmness, great for average and heavy weight side and and back sleepers.
  • Infused with Green Tea extract for anti-oxidant benefits
  • Solid memory foam construction without cooling at the forefront of the mattress design
  • May be too firm for lightweight sleepers regardless of sleeping position.
  • Return process not realistic


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