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What Is Green Tea Extract Good For

Can Green Tea Prevent Heart Disease

What is Green Tea Extract?

Some data suggests that green tea can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseasea narrowing of the arteries that can lead to heart attack, chest pains, or stroke.

For example, in a study of more than 40,500 adults, researchers in Japan found that those who consumed five or more cups of green tea per day were 26 percent less likely to die of cardiovascular disease over an 11-year period than those who drank just one cup per day.

Similarly, a study of 76,979 people published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health in 2011 found that women who drank one to six cups of green tea per day had a reduced risk of dying of cardiovascular disease compared with those who drank none.

How might green tea protect the heart? Experts say it may reduce high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, which are important factors in cardiovascular disease.

But while this is a potential benefit, it’s not conclusive, and high doses of green tea can reduce the effectiveness of the drug nadolol, used to treat high blood pressure and heart problems, cautions NIH.

To reduce your risk of diseases such as cancer and heart disease , he says, you need to eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. You should also exercise and avoid smoking.

Does Green Tea Prevent Cancer

Compounds called catechins are often credited for green teas cancer-fighting potential. These antioxidants have the ability to block the action of molecules called free radicals, which can cause changes in healthy cells that sometimes lead to cancer. But theres no solid proof yet that the catechins in green tea help to prevent cancer in humans, despite some promising studies in test tubes and animals.

In 2009 the Cochrane Library published a review of 51 studies that included a total of more than 1.6 million participants. Each study investigated whether consuming green tea reduced the risk of developing specific types of cancer, including those of the breast, colon, oral cavity, liver, pancreas, and prostate.

The results were conflicting, says lead author Katja Boehm, PhD, a health psychologist at Private University Witten/Herdecke in Germany. After scrutinizing the data, Boehm says, the evidence of a benefit wasnt strong enough to recommend using green tea to protect against cancer.

In a 2020 update to that review, the authors concluded that the evidence for a beneficial effect against cancer remains limited, with inconsistent results between studies.

What About Green Tea Extracts Other Benefits

Studies of green tea extracts effect on athletic performance have been inconclusive. But enjoying a cup of green tea after a workout is a great way to hydrate, and load your body with antioxidants and nutrients, adds Dr. Todorov.

And research on green tea extract for weight loss has found it has minimal, if any, effect. In my opinion, patients can achieve the same amount of weight loss with lifestyle changes, and avoid the risk of side effects and the cost of supplements, says Dr. Todorov.

However, drinking green tea itself is associated with a lower risk of coronary artery disease. A meta-analysis found that consuming green tea or green tea extract with 150 to 2500 milligrams of catechins daily improved patients cholesterol profiles.

Dr. Todorov also gives green tea a thumbs up for skin health because of its antioxidant properties.

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Does Green Tea Help With Cancer

There havent been enough studies to prove that green tea can help with cancer risks.

Early studies show that green tea may help prevent the risk of cancer, but theres no reliable evidence.

There are many factors that can affect a study about cancer like lifestyle, amount of green tea taken, and other supplements or treatments that people were using.

Although the studies have been hopeful about preventing cancer risks, green tea is still considered a supplement to promote overall well-being and not cure any disease. Any disease like breast cancer should be treated with the help of medical professionals.

You can also watch this video by Dr. James Meschino to learn more about green tea and cancer.

Green Tea Extract: The Health Benefits


Green Tea has been studied extensively over the past few decades, with human and animal studies both examining the relationship between Green Tea and health.

In Chinese medicine, Green Tea is often recommended for digestive issues, headaches and aches and pains. Below, we explain the great benefits associated with taking Green Tea Extract using supporting studies so you can be sure of its effects on the body.

The main health benefits of Green Tea Extract come from its high antioxidant content, known as polyphenols. There is substantial evidence that specific polyphenols may benefit health status, especially for the prevention and management of certain chronic diseases3.

Animal and human studies have shown that various polyphenols have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that could prevent cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, obesity and cancer4.

  • Accelerated fat loss

If youre looking to shed some pounds, then Green Tea Extract could be the answer. Its combination of ingredients including catechins and caffeine may play a part in its role as an effective weight-loss solution.

Both compounds have been proven to speed up metabolism and have a positive impact on weight loss and management. Metabolism is the process that allows the body to convert food and drink into usable energy, so by boosting your own metabolism you could positively contribute to your weight loss goals.

  • Improved brain function
  • Reduced risk of cancer
  • Exercise performance and recovery

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Clearly There’s Evidence Backing Up Those Green Tea Extract Weight Loss Claims You Might Have Seen Online Or At The Grocery Store But How Exactly Does It Work

The secret lies in green tea extract’s high concentration of antioxidants called catechins, which have been correlated with a reduction in body fat. Green tea extract’s high caffeine content also likely plays a role in its weight loss benefits. One study found that people who consumed high amounts of caffeine and green tea lost more weight and fat mass than those who consumed less of it. Other research, published in Food Science and Biotechnology, found that caffeine can actually signal the body to break down fat. So it’s likely that the caffeine and antioxidants work in tandem as a catalyst for weight loss.

When the green tea extract goes into the body, the antioxidants and caffeine enter the cells and help the body burn calories and fat, said Liana Werner-Gray, a health and nutrition coach who specializes in weight loss at Complete Wellness NYC. “Green tea extract is a good, natural way to lose weight. We have so many studies to back it up.”

If you’ve already got some matcha in your pantry, you might be wondering: Can I lose weight by drinking a cup of green tea instead of taking the extract? Not quite. Swapping out heavier drinks, like soda and lattes, for green tea can certainly help you cut calories, but beyond that, drinking tea instead of taking green tea extract probably won’t give you the weight loss results you’re looking for.

Effects On Antioxidant Markers And Oxidative Stress

Green tea is a popular neutraceutical as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are compounds that protect cells against the damaging effects of reactive oxygen species, such as singlet oxygen, superoxide, peroxyl radicals, hydroxyl radicals, and peroxynitrite. An imbalance between antioxidants and reactive oxygen species results in oxidative stress, leading to cellular damage . Catechins are hypothesized to help protect against these diseases by contributing, along with antioxidant vitamins and enzymes , to the total antioxidant defense system .

Pilipenko et al. assessed the tolerance of tableted green tea and its effect on the antioxidant status indices. Twenty-five patients with different gastrointestinal pathologies were included in the study and divided into treatment and control groups. The tolerance of tableted green tea was good in the treatment group, who showed better dynamics of quality-of-life indices, especially in scales of body pain and social functioning. There were no significant differences in biochemical analysis between the groups, which may indicate the safety of this product. Analysis revealed that the treatment group showed a decreased level of all antioxidant status indices, as reflected in a significant decreasing of the lipid peroxidation index from 4.63 to 4.14.

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Green Tea Extract Causes Liver Toxicity

We can appreciate the powerful antioxidant benefit of green tea, but you want to avoid too much of a good thing. Catechins, a type of polyphenols, target your vital mitochondria. This attack prevents them from helping your body to metabolize food into energy and can lead to hepatitis or even liver failure. Twenty percent of drug-related injuries are currently caused by the wide-spread use of unregulated supplements, according to the National Institutes of Health. Herbert Bonkovsky, M.D., a gastroenterologist from the Carolinas HealthCare System recommends the complete avoidance of supplements with green tea extract as an ingredient. Time to clean out the medicine cabinet.

Matcha May Help Weight And Belly Fat Too

Green tea extract supplements and its benefits

Kirkpatrick gets a lot of questions from her clients on whether matcharemember thats the leaves ground up into powder formis as helpful as the green tea leaves that come in teabags or as loose tea. There havent been a ton of studies on matcha alone, she says. But adds that its reasonable to think its just as useful, as green tea is made of the leaves of the plant, and matcha is made of the ground-up plants.

While numerous studies have looked at green tea extracts taken as supplements, Kirkpatrick urges people to get their green tea from the actual tea itself in the most whole form possible.

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Focus On The Effectiveness Of Green Tea

Many studies provide evidence for the beneficial effects and benefits of Green Tea to your health.

An article published in the Austin Journal of Clinical Medicine proves that catechins in Green Tea can improve thermogenesis in fat cells. That could be the key to lose weight for people that are obese.

Regular intake of Green Tea could potentially help obese people to lose weight since they keep their stomach full of water and consume less sugar throughout the day.

Another article published in Clinical Study correlates the consumption of Green Tea with the ease of diabetes symptoms. A cup of Green Tea contains the right amount of catechins and antioxidants to help reduce blood sugar levels and increase insulin secretion from the pancreas.

How To Make Chai Tea At Home

Chai tea is relatively simple to make at home. It only requires a few ingredients and you can follow a variety of recipes to make it.

The recipe below is one of the most time-efficient preparation methods youll find.

It requires you to make a chai concentrate in advance and store it in your refrigerator.

This process only takes a little more time up front, but significantly reduces the time it will take for you to enjoy a daily cup of chai tea or chai latte at home.

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Green Tea & Prostate Cancer: Implications

Prostate cancer is typically a slow-growing cancer, Henning says. That makes it an ideal cancer to try diet interventions to slow it even more.

âGreen tea is high in polyphenols and itâs convenient,â she says.

Other research has found that green tea may slow prostate cancer. An Italian study found that men who had a precursor to prostate cancer and drank green tea were less likely to get prostate cancer, Henning says.

Now, Henning is studying whether adding quercetin, an antioxidant found in apples and onions, to the green tea will ramp up its cancer-fighting ability.

Sumanta Pal, MD, assistant professor of medical oncology at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center in Duarte, Calif., reviewed the study findings for WebMD.

âStudies such as this are critical to confirm or support a plausible explanation for how green tea may work,â he says. More study is needed, however, before making any diet recommendations.

Import Of Radioactive Japanese Tea


On 17 June 2011, at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France, radioactivecesium of 1,038 becquerels per kilogram was measured in tea leaves imported from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan as a result of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster on 11 March, which was more than twice the restricted amount in the European Union of 500 becquerels per kilogram. The government of France announced that they rejected the leaves, which totaled 162 kilograms .

In response, the governor of Shizuoka Prefecture, Heita Kawakatsu, stated: “there is absolutely no problem when they drink them because it will be diluted to about 10 becquerels per kilogram when they steep them even if the leaves have 1,000 becquerels per kilogram ” a statement backed by tests done in Shizuoka. Japanese Minister for Consumer Affairs and Food Safety Renh stated on 3 June 2011 that “there are cases in which aracha are sold as furikake and so on and they are eaten as they are, therefore we think that it is important to inspect tea leaves including aracha from the viewpoint of consumers’ safety.”

In 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration updated its import status on Japanese products deemed to be contaminated by radionuclides, indicating that tea from the Ibaraki prefecture had been removed from the list by the Government of Japan in 2015.

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Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract

Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract is pure, 100% green tea extract. This powdered supplement contains all the polyphenols and other boosters, without any unnecessary fillers. With no fillers, you get a huge dose of polyphenols and antioxidants, and nothing else. This is also an incredibly affordable product, at less than 5 cents a serving. The convenient powder form makes it easy to mix into just about any liquid, or you can put it in empty capsules for even more convenience.


  • Well received user reviews

Whats in it: One serving contains:

  • 500 mg green tea extract , standardized to contain 50% polyphenols. This pure extract contains everything you need and nothing you dont!

Who makes it: This product is made by BulkSupplements, a large manufacturer and distributor of health supplements. Based in Nevada, BulkSupplements offers 200+ products for a variety of health applications. By focusing on pure, powerful supplements with no fillers or unnecessary junk, BulkSupplements is one of the best supplement companies out there.

Where to Get It

The Recommended Dosage Of Green Tea

Drinking three to five cups of Green Tea per day can provide you with 180 mg of catechins and at least 60 mg of L-Theanine. You can also have the caffeine levels you need to keep you up all day.

Remember that if you go over the five cups of Green Tea per day, you will have stomach issues. EGCG is the most popular of the catechins molecule, but it can result in liver damage if you take too much without eating first.

In case of overdose, then you need to stop taking green Tea immediately. Overdose can give you the following symptoms:

  • Nervousness
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia

Always ask your doctor before you start consuming bigger than usual portions of green Tea. Black Tea can also have the same overdose effects, to be ready to anticipate a similar type of symptoms when drinking a Japanese or any other teas cup.

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Benefits Of Tea For Prostate Ingredients

Each one of the ingredients has different benefits that can help the male body to function better.

  • Holy Basil is an adaptogen that aids the body adapt to whatever situation that life throws at it
  • Ginseng is also a powerful adaptogen
  • Hawthorn Berries can help with vein structure and blood flow
  • Saw Palmetto Berries can aid the function of the prostate making this a great tea for prostate health
  • Ginger Root is anti-inflammatory and warming
  • Molasses contains many vitamins and minerals while adding a bit of sweetness
  • Ginkgo Leaves can help with blood flow and memory, but too much can cause headaches in some

Alone, any of these would be good for a single tea, but together they make a great combination for the man in your life.

Can you use tea for prostate and general mens health? You betcha!


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Green Tea Extract Side Effects

Green tea diet extract: Is it safe and does it work? (CBC Marketplace)

While there are many obvious benefits to this supplement, there are some side effects which you should be aware of, such as potential liver damage and other caffeine-related symptoms.

  • Liver Damage: Epigallocatechin gallate is an active ingredient found in green tea extract. While the moderate intake is good for body, any excess intake can speed up liver damage and compromise the health of your detoxifying organ.
  • Caffeine: Due to the high levels of caffiene one may experience side effects such as anxiety, nervous disorders, interrupted sleep patterns, and gastrointestinal distress.

Note: Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take this supplement.

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How Do I Take Green Tea Extract

If youre taking green tea capsules, you can simply take one with a glass of water one to two times a day .

For powders, you can either mix them up into water, fruit juice or other drinks, or you can cap them up yourselves using empty gel caps.

One thing to keep in mind when taking these supplements is the caffeine content.

While some supplements are decaffeinated, most are not. So, be aware of the caffeine content and when you are taking the supplement.

Avoid taking caffeine later in the day, as it can lead to trouble sleeping.

If youre sensitive to caffeine in any way, consider finding a decaffeinated option.

As with any supplement, be sure to follow the instructions found on the product packaging & do not take more than instructed.


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