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What Benefits Does Matcha Tea Have

Matcha Tea Gently Detoxify Body & Heavy Metals

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea Demo

Matcha tea contains chlorophyll compounds, which help detoxify and cleanse the body. Chlorophyll is an excellent detoxifier which helps in cleansing the blood, and also aids in maintaining the alkalinity of blood and tissues. Moreover, chlorophyll present in matcha green tea also helps in preventing the association of harmful toxins with colon walls and flushes them out of the body.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Matcha

A lot of people enjoy drinking matcha because of its taste. Overall, its sweet and creamy sort of like a latte version of tea.

In addition to being an enjoyable beverage to enjoy in the morning or when you need an afternoon pick-me-up, matcha also has a lot of health benefits. Here are five health benefits you can enjoy by adding matcha to your diet.

Matcha Green Tea May Help In Hiv Prevention

Epigallocatechin present in matcha is also efficient in the prevention of HIV. Along with this, consumption of matcha tea may also help in protecting the brains of HIV patients. This defensive act attributes to the penetrating power of epigallocatechin through the blood brain barriers, which is not feasible for the commercially available anti-retroviral drugs.

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Matcha And Weight Loss

Catechins in matcha are also linked to weight loss and body fat reduction. They boost metabolism and increase the amount of fat and calories burnt during exercise. Matcha nutritional supplements are also a great post-workout choice because they help to speed up recovery after high-intensity workouts.

The benefits of matcha green tea dont stop there. Since matcha green tea leaves are shaded before harvesting, they have a concentrated amount of chlorophyll which works as a natural detox, helping remove heavy metals and harmful toxins from the body. Matchas nutrition promotes cleaner and healthier skin, helps prevent wrinkles, and has even been tried in acne treatments.

It Can Help With Focus Concentration And Mood

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea in 2020

At the same time as providing a great boost of energy, matchas L-theanine content also helps with focus and concentration. L-theanine is known for its ability to boost alpha waves in the brain that promote a sense of calm but alertness allowing for focus and concentration. This gentler, sustained energy release is why matcha gained such favour during the Zen Buddhist monk length meditations that may last for hours at a time. It also makes it a beautiful alternative energy boost for those who are caffeine sensitive or who dont take well to coffee.

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Where Do I Buy Matcha What Should I Look For

Matcha is pretty easy to find these days you can find it at health food stores and tea shops, but many big-box stores and supermarkets have started carrying it too. The easiest way to tell the difference between high-quality matcha and low-quality matcha is to look at the color high-quality matcha should be vibrant green, not yellowish or brownish.

Expect to pay about $1 per gram for ceremonial-grade matcha if you find an amazing bargain, youre probably getting what you pay for. If youre going to bake with it or use it in a recipe, non-ceremonial matcha will work just fine. Or, consider picking up a culinary-grade matcha.

Health Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea

Matchas popularity has exploded lately. Used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, matcha has recently shown up in coffee shops, Instagram stories, and fitness blogs.

But what is matcha, and how can it help you live a healthier life?

Heres what you need to know about this mysteriously bright green beverage.

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Matcha Tea Control Type

Matcha tea has proven valuable for maintaining healthy metabolism in diabetic individuals. Matcha tea is rich in antioxidants which help in reducing the levels of triglycerides, total cholesterol and hepatic glucose content in diabetic individuals.

Research has shown that regular consumption of matcha tea exerts inhibitory action against renal and hepatic damage by restraining the accumulation of advanced glycation end products in the kidneys.

Caffeine In Matcha Vs Caffeine Coffee


Both coffee and matcha have significant amounts of caffeine.

So both provide that bright and energetic stimulation.

But matcha hits different.

And that’s because it contains an amino acid called L-theanine.

When this amino acid mixes with caffeine, it produces a mildly euphoric experience .

Research shows that L-theanine promotes relaxation.

So when you consume it, you feel pretty calm.

And that’s why the caffeine in matcha doesn’t make you overly stimulated.

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Both Matcha And Green Tea Can Fit Into A Weight Loss Or Weight Management Plan

A review of randomized, controlled trials concluded that green tea induced a small, statistically nonsignificant weight loss in overweight or obese adults. In other words: It is unlikely to be the X factor in helping someone lose or maintain a weight loss.

There may be something to the idea that matcha could enhance weight loss, though. A small International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that when the 13 female participants consumed a matcha drink before a brisk walk, they had improved fat burning during that walk. Other research has suggested a link between EGCG and increased fat oxidation in men although this was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, it involved only six people and took place over just two days.

Keep in mind that these are two very small, very short-term studies. More research is needed to prove any definite connection, and the researchers cautioned against overstating the metabolic effects of matcha and green tea.

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You’ll Get More Energy Than You Would From Other Teas

Matcha powder has about three times the amount of caffeineas alternative types of brewed teas, says Gorham. Black tea has 47 mg of caffeine per cup, and green tea has 28 mg, while matcha has 70 mg of caffeine. That’s about the same energy benefitor slightly less thana cup of coffee, which has around 96 mg of caffeine per cup.

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Matchas Antioxidants: Winning The Battle Against Cell Damage

Ceremonial grade matchas antioxidants are probably the key to all its wonders. Each matcha green tea leaf is packed with catechins, strong antioxidants closely linked to cell damage prevention. Catechins neutralize free radicals in the body, battle oxidation, and improve the immune system.

Matchas nutritional properties also include a high concentration of EGCG , one of the most powerful catechins in food. It contains17.5mg/g of EGCG versus 0.05mg/g of EGCG found in green tea. This high dose of EGCG is one of the reasons why matcha is linked to cancer prevention. Studies have shown that EGCG may protect cells from DNA damage and inhibit tumor cell development. The detoxification process caused by matchas antioxidants also helps prevent heart disease, strokes, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions.

Matcha Is Easy To Make And Tastes Great

Matcha tea is a great source of losing weight and also ...

Making Matcha couldn’t be easier. The goal is to suspend your beautiful green tea powder with water. The best three ways to do this are with a bamboo whisk, a shaker bottle or blender.

Matcha Latte: To make a matcha latte, start with a Tenzo shot and add your choice of milk to top it off.

Matcha Lemonade: To make a Matcha Lemonade, start with a Tenzo shot, add some ice and fill your glass with lemonade.

We put together a ton of easy matcha recipes that you can make in 5 minutes or less. You can find them here.

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What Bioactive Compounds Does Matcha Contain

First of all, we consume matcha tea in such small amounts that it contains very little in the way of vitamins and minerals.

However, matcha does contain a wide range of bioactive compounds that can affect our body, and these include

  • Caffeine: one teaspoon of matcha contains approximately 70 mg of caffeine. This amount of caffeine is almost double the caffeine content of black tea, and it is several times more than the amount in regular green tea .
  • L-theanine: matcha contains a non-essential amino acid called L-theanine. There is very little research on this compound in humans, but preliminary research suggests it may be capable of conferring cognitive benefits .
  • Ellagic acid: matcha contains a wide range of polyphenols, but ellagic acid is one of the most significant. Although the compounds bioavailability appears to be low, it may have anti-inflammatory and other beneficial properties .
  • Epigallocatechin gallate: the major polyphenol in green tea products, aluminum gallate belongs to the catechins polyphenol group. It is otherwise known as EGCG, which is an abbreviation of the compounds full name.

Once again, as we consume the whole powdered leaf with matcha tea, these compounds are all present in more significant quantities than regular green tea.

Key Point:

You Won’t Feel As Jittery As You Might From A Cup Of Joe

“Matcha powder contains L-theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to reduce stress,” Gorham says. One 2016 study found that drinking a beverage with around 25 mg of L-theanine like green tea can be extremely effective at reducing stress and increasing the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain. “People say that when they drink matcha, they have a smooth alertness and don’t experience a ‘caffeine crash,’ which could have to do with the L-theanine component,” Gorham adds.

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Matcha Tea Is Very Easy To Prepare

Taking advantage of the many health benefits of matcha is simple and the tea tastes delicious.

You can make traditional matcha tea by sifting 12 teaspoons of matcha powder into your cup, adding 2 ounces of hot water, and mixing it together with a bamboo whisk.

You can also adjust the ratio of matcha powder to water based on your preferred consistency.

For a thinner tea, reduce the powder to a half teaspoon and mix with 34 ounces of hot water.

If you prefer a more concentrated version, combine 2 teaspoons of powder with just 1 ounce of water.

If youre feeling creative, you can even try whipping up matcha lattes, puddings, or protein smoothies to boost the nutrient content of your favorite recipes.

As always, moderation is key. Although matcha is brimming with health benefits, more is not necessarily better.

In fact, liver problems have been reported in some people who drank high amounts of green tea daily .

Drinking matcha may also increase your exposure to contaminants like pesticides, chemicals, and even arsenic found in the soil where the tea plants are grown (

Matcha Green Tea Delivers Real Health Benefits

All About Matcha Green Tea (Benefits, Uses, Where to buy)

The first mention of green teas health benefits date back thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but in the past decades many studies have confirmed matcha has many health benefits some research specifically has measured matcha powder as the ultimate carrier of health benefits, where since the entire leaf is consumed, you get the full power of key vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, and antioxidants.

Take a look at these super-powered health benefits matcha tea delivers:

Disease and environmental protection

Matcha contains catechins, a family of polyphenols known to assist in our bodies antioxidant activities. This group also contains the well-known epigallocatechin gallate . As one of the worlds most potent antioxidants, EGCG is suggested to reduce inflammation and protect the heart and brain from disease, and is potentially promising in studies against cancer. EGCG is also instrumental in protecting your body from the damaging effects of air pollution, harmful UV radiation, and chemicals used in our daily environment.

Matcha tea actually has many naturally occurring antioxidants, not just EGCG. These work together to protect against a host of illnesses and common health problems. Most importantly, these include cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease,Parkinson’s disease, and other degenerative issues

Cholesterol reduction

One of the ways the catechins in matcha tea helps protects your heart is by naturally lowering cholesterol levels.

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Matcha Vs Coffee Caffeine Content

There is a common belief that a cup of coffee contains more caffeine as compared to a cup of matcha tea. Surprisingly, the caffeine concentration is almost of equal quantities when the tea consumed has higher quality. The caffeine contents in the tea are meant to help consumers to relax rather than become addicted to caffeine which is possible in case of higher consumption.

Matcha Tea Benefits: 12 Scientific Reasons Your Body Will Love It

The vibrant green powder of matcha tea is a straight up superfood. For centuries matcha green tea has been celebrated in Japan and now the rest of the world is finally getting on board. Lets delve into all the amazing benefits that come from matcha tea. But first a little history

Matcha is actually made from the same tea leaves as green tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The main difference to regular green tea is that matcha is made from using the whole of the leaf. These leaves are plucked, dried, fried and then ground into that zesty looking fine powder that puts matcha on the map. Thanks to using the whole leaf and the grinding process,matcha green tea delivers ten times the antioxidants than your usual cup of green tea.

Only the strongest and healthiest green tea leaves are chosen to become matcha, it truly is a special job. Matcha leaves are carefully grown on plants that sit in the shade. This is so the chlorophyll content can be boosted within the leaves and why matcha powder is able to yet that yummy bright green color. Its then handpicked and ground into that flour like texture using granite stones. Its even ground down in the dark to keep all those nutrients protected.

Ready for a deep dive into why matcha tea is such a superfood? Keep reading

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Green Tea In The Fight Against Hormonal Cancers

In human and human-cell cancer studies, there is mounting research against hormonal cancers, including breast and ovarian cancer, as well as prostate cancer .

  • For breast and ovarian cancer, research indicates that green tea polyphenols may partially inhibit aromatase, an enzyme involved in estrogen and estradiol production , which may disrupt tumor growth dependent on these compounds.
  • In regards to prostate cancer, the compound EGCG is reported by at least one study to partly interrupt androgen receptor binding, which is one relevant hormonal mechanism in tumor growth .

For what its worth, the antioxidants unique to matcha green tea have been rigorously studied in many settings, including as a potential anti-cancer or with important possibilities for endocrine balance.

Matcha Tea Protects The Liver

5 Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

The liver is one of the essential organs in the body. So it’s vital to keep it in good shape for our entire health and wellbeing, and matcha can help you do just that.

Research conducted gave 80 people with fatty liver disease 500mg of green tea extract for 90 days. Some of the participants were given a placebo instead.

At the end of 12 weeks, those who took the green tea extract had fewer liver enzyme levels than the placebo group.

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Why Does Matcha Green Tea Powder Decreases Stress Enhance Mood And Improve Concentration

Another incredible health benefit of matcha green tea powder is its ability to enhance focus, balance mood and reduce stress.

The L-Theanine amino acid in matcha is known for its ability to increase alpha waves in the brain and promote calmness and alert concentration giving matcha users a great Zen state.

L-Theanine has a positive effect on the mind and improves memory by increasing Dopamine levels and boosting Serotonin. As a result, matcha helps decrease stress, enhance mood and significantly improve concentration.

Matcha Green Tea Powder Clears Protects And Maintains Healthy Skin

Matcha contains an incredibly high concentration of catechins and antioxidants. As a result, consuming matcha green tea powder helps inhibit cell degeneration that is responsible for causing:

  • Wrinkles
  • Skin cancer
  • Loss of collagen and skin elasticity

Furthermore, one of the health benefits of matcha green tea powder is that it contains antibacterial properties and is a natural skin brightener.You can mix ¼ teaspoon of matcha + coconut oil + greek yogurt to form an anti-blemish brightening face mask

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How Does Matcha Green Tea Powder Help Boost Energy

An unexpected health benefit of matcha green tea powder is the natural sustained energy boost it provides its drinkers. Matcha green tea powder delivers caffeine in a unique way to your system that is very different to coffee. The natural tea caffeine is absorbed and released slowly by the body over a period of 6-8 hours.

This means that matcha provides a sustainable energy boost and does not deliver the rapid 30-minute spike, slump and jitters associated with coffee. You will feel alert, focused energized and calm when you drink matcha. Learn more about this matcha health benefit.

Dangers Of Matcha Tea Consumption

The IMPRESSIVE Benefits of Ujido Matcha Tea!!

Matcha green tea is a relatively safe tea to consume daily, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, most side effects can be avoided by purchasing matcha from a tea master or store that values certification and organic growing processes.

Second, matcha tea is an extremely concentrated form of green tea thanks to its stone-ground leaves and powder form. That means that more isn’t always better and can even be harmful. Stick to just one or two cups of matcha tea each day to avoid negative side effects.

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