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Is Hibiscus Tea Good For Your Kidneys

Safe Herbal Teas For Kidney Disease

What Tea Is Good For Kidney Disease? Herbal Tea For Kidney Health That You Should Start Drinking Now

Many of the most popular herbal teas are safe to drink in moderation if you have kidney disease, including:

  • Ginger
  • Teas made from fruits
  • Roobios

However, some herbs used to make teas can interfere with medications, cause a diuretic effect, lower blood sugar, or raise potassium levels and should be used with caution for people with kidney disease.

Chamomile Tea And Kidneys

Like rooibos, chamomile tea is caffeine free and low in tannins and oxalates .

However, chamomile may have more than just a neutral effect on kidneys. In an animal study, animals with nephrotoxicity were administered chamomile and it was found to improve kidney function .

Chamomile also reduces kidney dysfunction as a result of high fat diets. Long story short, theres pretty good evidence that chamomile is good for kidneys ! That is a cup of good news.

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Is Hibiscus Tea Safe During Pregnancy

Effecting Pregnancy. Since hibiscus tea can reduce our estrogen levels, expectant mothers are strongly suggested not to consume hibiscus tea. It is indeed not many research show how hibiscus tea affect the fetus. Yet, avoiding hibiscus tea during the pregnancy is a good idea for precaution action. 6. Interfering Female Fertility.

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Dandelion Root Tea For Kidney Stones

This delightful, wholesome and refreshing Herbal Tea comes from a large genus of flowering plants belonging to the Asteraceae family. The taproot found underground is the component used to create a distinctly earthy flavour. Though often deemed a pesky weed in the garden, making it into a cuppa has enormous potential.

Indeed, a 2009 study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed that it could increase urination for five hours after consumption. The diuretic capacity of Dandelion Root Tea, much like Nettle Leaf Tea, eases pressure on the bladder and kidneys. Combined with its antioxidant strength that prevents the formation of kidney stones, you have here a match made in heaven.

Hibiscus Tea For Immune Support

Exemplary Benefits of Hibiscus, Tea for Overall Health

Hibiscus tea is thought to be excellent for immune support, as it is extremely high in ascorbic acid, more commonly known as vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is responsible for keeping the immune system healthy and strong by assisting in the production of white blood cells. White blood cells have a serious job in the body and are responsible for fighting the pathogens and infections that sneak in. In addition, vitamin C promotes healthy skin and tissues and keeps the nervous system working.

Drinking hibiscus tea could also be helpful for patients suffering from anemia. Hibiscus tea is surprisingly high in iron. An 8-fluid-ounce serving delivers a whopping 20 milligrams of ironâan important mineral that keeps the immune system balanced and helps the body to maintain red blood cells . The vitamin C naturally found within the hibiscus works to complement the iron, increasing its absorption. With the heaping amount of iron also comes small amounts of minerals like potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

Hibiscus may also be a powerful and natural antimicrobial agent in fighting against food-borne illnesses. One study conducted in 2011 investigated the antimicrobial activity of Hibiscus sabdariffa on Escherichia coli . The findings indicate that hibiscus was effective at all levels in inhibiting E. coliâtherefore making it a promising antimicrobial agent that could be considered for inhibiting other types of food-borne illness.

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Is Montelukast Bad For The Kidneys

We may argue that montelukast protects the kidneys through an antioxidant activity that is independent of NO. This argument is supported by data showing that the protective effect of montelukast against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity is preserved in NOS-deficient mice . However, this argument should be taken with caution because other studies have shown that NO production plays a role in mediating some of the beneficial effects of PDE4 inhibitors on renal function .

In conclusion, montelukast does not appear to adversely affect renal function during chemotherapy-induced neutropenia. Further research is needed to determine whether PDE4 inhibitors protect the kidney against other types of nephrotoxic insults.

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Dried Water And Standardized Extracts

Since hibiscus extracts have larger concentrations of active compounds, lower dosages are used.

For dried extracts, the dosages ranged from 450-2700 mg/day in clinical trials.

A common dosage for water extracts was 250 mL/day.

With standardized extracts, the dosage is adjusted to the concentration of anthocyanins, which widely ranged from 10-250 mg/day in clinical trials.

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Can Be Used As Anti

The hibiscus plants loose leaf tea may even be rich in ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C. It is an essential nutrient required by your body to boost and stimulate the activity of the immune system. Hibiscus tea is also known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In a study published in the Drug and Chemical Toxicology, when rats were administered with hibiscus extract, it increased the number of antioxidant enzymes in their bodies and reduced the harmful effects of free radicals by not less than 92 percent. While this is an animal study, more studies are needed to determine how antioxidants in hibiscus tea may affect humans.

Hibiscus Tea And Weight Loss

How to make Hibiscus Tea from Dried Flowers | Healthy Drinks to Lose Weight|

Hibiscus tea may also help with weight loss. One study found that hibiscus was effective at reducing obesity, abdominal fat, and serum-free fatty acids and improved liver steatosis. In this study, all subjects had a body mass index equal to or greater than 27, which is considered to be overweight. The subjects were divided into two groups. Over the course of 12 weeks, the control group was instructed to take a placebo, and the other group received a hibiscus extract pill.

The results of the study found that the group that took the hibiscus extract pill lost weight, decreased BMI, decreased body fat, and improved their waist-to-hip ratio. They also showed improvement in their liver steatosis. These results suggest that hibiscus extract may help prevent obesity, assist in weight loss, and help treat non-alcoholic fatty liver. Other studies propose that hibiscus may be a digestive enzyme inhibitor. That means that hibiscus might bind to the enzymes within our GI tract, preventing them from breaking down foods and therefore preventing the body from being able to absorb those nutrients.

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Which Type Of Tea Causes Kidney Stones

Now, after knowing that green tea prevents the formation of kidney stones, you might be thinking that the effect is the same with other tea varieties as well. Arent you?

However, this is not true!

There are teas that cause kidney stones. Those who already suffer from kidney stones are not supposed to drink tea. This is because tea contains a high amount of oxalate that leads to the formation of kidney stones.

If you consume too much tea you can end up with kidney stones.

Now, as already discussed, green tea has a preventive effect with regard to kidney stones and this shows that not every tea causes them. It all depends on the oxalate level of tea.

When compared to green tea, black tea has a higher amount of oxalate present in it and therefore should be avoided.

P.S. It is still not very clear whether by bringing down your consumption of oxalate-rich foods you can prevent kidney stones or not. So, those with a history of kidney stones need to limit their consumption of food and drink that has more amount of oxalate.

You can always drink green tea as the amount of oxalate in it is quite less when compared to that of black tea.

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Animal And Cell Studies

No clinical evidence supports the use of hibiscus for any of the conditions listed in this section. Below is a summary of the existing animal and cell-based research, which should guide further investigational efforts. However, the studies should not be interpreted as supportive of any health benefit.

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Black Tea And Kidney Cancer

There is some good news, however. The polyphenols in tea protect your cells from free radical damage, which can raise the risk of the tumor formation and cancerous cell growth. Increased consumption of tea can help reduce the risk of renal cell cancer, according to a 2007 article published in the International Journal of Cancer. This benefits the kidneys, which are part of the renal system.

Effect Of Chamomile Tea On Kidneys

Hibiscus Tea Benefits  Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Flower Power on with ...

The operation of your kidneys and bladder is critical to your overall health, especially in clearing out pollutants. Your unique needs should decide the mix best for you in tea for kidneys or bladder.

Chamomile tea, like rooibos, is caffeine-free and low in tannins and oxalates. Chamomile, on the other hand, may have more than a neutral effect on the kidneys. In a study, Animals with nephrotoxicity took chamomile, which improved kidney function. Chamomile also helps to prevent kidney damage caused by high-fat diets. All in all, chamomile appears to be beneficial to the kidneys. Thats a good cup of news.

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Contains Compounds That May Help Prevent Cancer

Hibiscus is high in polyphenols, which are compounds that have been shown to possess powerful anti-cancer properties .

Test-tube studies have found impressive results regarding the potential effect of hibiscus extract on cancer cells.

In one test-tube study, hibiscus extract impaired cell growth and reduced the invasiveness of mouth and plasma cell cancers (

18 ).

Keep in mind that these were test-tube studies using high amounts of hibiscus extract. Research in humans is needed to evaluate the effect of hibiscus tea on cancer.

Summary Test-tube studies have found that hibiscus extract reduces the growth and spread of plasma, mouth, prostate and stomach cancer cells. Human studies are needed to evaluate the effect of hibiscus tea.

What Are Some Good Teas For Kidney Disease This Herbal Tea Is Your Best Bet

Herbal teas for kidney disease can yield many benefits for your kidneys. People with kidney problems can drink herbal teas as it is a good beverage choice for your kidneys. Green tea and hibiscus tea are among two herbal teas that can help support good kidney health. Robert goes over a piece of research on herbal teas for kidney disease in this video as he explains the benefits of herbal teas for your kidneys.

We have another video about good teas for kidney disease but this but green tea by far seems to be the best tea for kidney health no matter what the kidney situation may be hands down its always winning in studies and this is another piece of research showing the benefits of it. Now, that doesnt mean other herbal teas and even hibiscus tea isnt good and doesnt have benefits for kidney disease but if youre going to choose one tea, make it green tea.

The most beneficial best tea for you and if youre really trying to get some therapeutic benefits with green tea, you want to try to get like three to six cups per day. Three would be a really good amount for people with kidney issues and dont worry too much about the caffeine because its generally mild but always check your blood pressure before introducing anything new to your diet.

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Is Green Tea Good For The Kidney

It has been investigated that green tea the effects of antioxidants mainly polyphenol present in green tea prevent hyperuricemia which is responsible for chronic kidney disease and preglomerular arteriopathy. The progression of kidney disease is also stopped with the help of green tea as it activates the Jagged1/Notch1-STAT3 pathway.

Green tea also has a high level of epigallocatechin gallate which also creates a hindrance in the formation of kidney stones. Doctors also recommend green tea to prevent kidney damage and end-stage renal failure.

Green tea contains ECG . A potent anti-oxidant preventing kidney damage. It also reduces inflammation and cell death. Thus proves to be a potent anti-cancer therapy. Green tea also prevents oxidative stress caused during malariainfection that leads to impaired renal function, which is a common reason for death among malarial patients.

Effect Of Hibiscus Sabdariffa Supplementation On Renal Function And Lipidic Profile In Obese Rats

Lower Your Blood Pressure with Herbal Teas


Howto cite this article:Alessandra Melchert, Andressa Canuto Rosa, Vanessa Genari, Marina Salvador Gonzales Frontana, Rodrigo Prandini da Costa Reis, Priscylla Tatiana Chalfun Guimaraes Okamoto, Joao Luiz Amaro and Sheila Canevese Rahal, 2016. Effect of Hibiscus sabdariffa Supplementation on Renal Function and Lipidic Profile in Obese Rats. Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 11: 693-700.URL:


Obesity has emerged as a major public health problem and may be associated with various disorders, such as cardiovascular and kidney diseases, among others. Metabolic Syndrome is a typical metabolic disorder in obese patients associated with insulin resistance, central obesity, dyslipidemia and hypertension. Adipose tissue is an active endocrine organ and adipocyte hypertrophy may result in endocrine dysfunction, which promotes metabolic disease. Thus, an increase in the secretion of pro-inflammatory adipokines may occur with worsening of dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis process.

Patients with MS are at higher risk of Chronic Kidney Disease , predisposing to kidney end-stage disease and cardiovascular mortality. Obesity comorbidities, such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension are risk factors for kidney disease. However, more direct effect has been observed, showing that obesity is an independent risk factor for CKD.





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Potatoes And Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes and sweet potatoes are potassium-rich vegetables.

Just one medium-sized baked potato contains 610 mg of potassium, whereas one average-sized baked sweet potato contains 541 mg of potassium .

Fortunately, some high potassium foods, including potatoes and sweet potatoes, can be soaked or leached to reduce their potassium contents.

Cutting potatoes into small, thin pieces and boiling them for at least 10 minutes can reduce the potassium content by about 50% .

Potatoes that are soaked in water for at least 4 hours before cooking are proven to have an even lower potassium content than those not soaked before cooking .

This method is known as potassium leaching or the double-cook method.

Although double cooking potatoes lowers the potassium content, its important to remember that their potassium content isnt eliminated by this method.

Considerable amounts of potassium can still be present in double-cooked potatoes, so its best to practice portion control to keep potassium levels in check.


Potatoes and sweet potatoes are high potassium vegetables. Boiling or double cooking potatoes can decrease their potassium content by about 50%.

Tomatoes are another high potassium fruit that may not fit the guidelines of a renal diet.

They can be served raw or stewed and are often used to make sauces.

Just 1 cup of tomato sauce can contain upwards of 900 mg of potassium .

Unfortunately for those on a renal diet, tomatoes are commonly used in many dishes.


Could Promote Weight Loss

Several studies suggest that hibiscus tea may be associated with weight loss and protect against obesity.

One study gave 36 overweight participants either hibiscus extract or a placebo. After 12 weeks, hibiscus extract reduced body weight, body fat, body mass index and hip-to-waist ratio .

An animal study had similar findings, reporting that giving obese mice hibiscus extract for 60 days led to a reduction in body weight .

Current research is limited to studies using concentrated doses of hibiscus extract. More studies are needed to determine how hibiscus tea may influence weight loss in humans.

Summary A few human and animal studies have associated the consumption of hibiscus extract with decreased body weight and body fat, but more research is needed.

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Benefits Of Ginger Tea

Drinking Ginger tea will not only help to fight infection or kidney diseases but is also a cure to several ailments.

How to make Ginger Tea

To make ginger tea just grate washed and unpeeled ginger into the hot water, cover the pan and allow it to step for five minutes at low flame. You can add sweetener to it. Ginger should always be used unpeeled because all its nutritious and medicinal properties lies just below its skin.

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Hibiscus Tea Health Benefits

Hibiscus Tea Benefits  Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Flower Power on with ...

Hibiscus tea is considered natures wonder drug. Recent studies concluded the different antioxidants found in Hibiscus tea may help to protect against cell-damaging free radicals. Hibiscus tea is not only recommended to lower high blood pressure, it promotes lowering high cholesterol and the richness of Vitamin C aids in strengthening the bodys immune system.

Drinking a cup of Hibiscus tea immediately after meals will help in the absorption of dietary carbohydrates and assist in weight loss reduction.

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Hibiscus Tea: The Antioxidant Therapeutic Agent You Should Be Drinking

By Rebekah Edwards

I think C.S. Lewis may have been speaking directly to me when he said, You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. One of the teas that crosses my mind reading that is the powerfully beneficial hibiscus tea.

Hibiscus tea is one of those incredible, yummy teas that is high on the list of drinks to keep around the house, like matcha green tea and yerba mate. Thats because hibiscus tea benefits are so numerous the large amount of antioxidants found in this beverage earn it the status of a therapeutic agent for a number of issues, according to an article published in the Journal of Experimental Pharmacology in 2012.

Find out below how to include hibiscus tea on your list of must-have teas.


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