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How To Make Moringa Tea

What Is Moringa Tea

How to make moringa tea at home

Moringa tea is a herbal tea made from dried leaves of Moringa oleifera plant. Other names for moringa tree are horseradish tree, drumstick tree or benzolive tree. This tree is native to India where its used as food and herbal medicine. Today, moringa is also grown in other countries with tropical and subtropical climates. Moringa tea is not a new tea, but its still mostly unknown outside of India. Only recently have western countries started to appreciate the benefits this tea might provide.

Different parts of the tree can be usedflowers, seeds, pods and leaves. Both leaves and seeds are high in proteins, vitamins and minerals and have a high nutritional value. Plus, its rich in flavonoids, such as myrecytin, quercetin and kaempferol, it contains 27 vitamins including Vitamin A and Vitamin B6, minerals and other compounds. Sounds amazing? Thats why another name for moringa is the Miracle Tree.

For making tea, flowers, leaves and seeds can all be used, but moringa tree leaf tea is the most common. All parts are caffeine free and you can drink a cup of moringa tea even in the evening.

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I want to encourage you to consider growing some herbs for tea this year. Our family is trying to reduce our dependence on grocery stores and even online bulk stores. As we try to supply our food needs, growing herbs to make healing teas help us do just that.

What are some of your favorite healing teas?

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+ Top Moringa Tea Benefits +

Moringa TEA, Produced from the leaves of the Moringa Tree, is highly popular and has potent health benefits which can change your life!

It is also called Malunggay and according to Ayurvedic researches it has the power to heal about 300 diseases!

Moringa Tea is loaded with antioxidants which have an abundance of health benefits.

This almost magical tree originates from Asia and Africa. Its scientific name is Moringa Oleifera and different dishes can also be prepared from various parts of this tree.

The moringa tea health benefits which we will discuss are proven and had been intensely studied.


Moringa tea, a refreshing beverage is prepared by brewing the dry moringa leaves for several minutes in hot water.

The leaves of the moringa tree contain a rich concentration of nutrients & it can be retained when dried. It is a refreshing tea which will increase vitality and wellness.

The tea is extremely popular worldwide it has a light earthy, grassy flavour.

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Nutrition Facts Of Moringa Tea

Moringa seed oil, moringa roots, and moringa leaves all contain essential vitamins and nutrients. Research shows that moringa leaves contain the most nutritional value compared to other plant parts.

According to the USDA, raw moringa tea leaves contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. The moringa leaf is a significant source of vitamin A, vitamin C , and vitamin B6. The leaves of the moringa plant also contain high amounts of essential nutrients such as beta-carotene and amino acids. One hundred grams of moringa leaves also contain a protein content of around 9 grams .

Potential Risks Of Moringa Tea

7 Fantastic Moringa Tea Benefits And How To Make It

Both animal and human studies have shown moringa to be generally safe. Still, moringa products could pose a risk to some individuals. Before you use moringa tea, consider these potential health risks:

Drug Interactions

Moringa can decrease the effectiveness of at least one diabetes drug. It can increase the side effects of other drugs. If you take medications, talk to your doctor before drinking moringa tea.

Pregnancy Concerns

In animal studies, moringa has inhibited reproduction. The bark of the moringa tree has been linked to a risk of miscarriage. Although moringa tea is not made from bark, pregnant women should avoid moringa altogether.

Interaction with Chemotherapy

Moringa has been shown to boost the effectiveness of certain chemotherapy drugs. Still, those undergoing chemotherapy should not use herbal products unless they ask their doctor first. Herbs can interact with chemotherapy drugs.

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May Inhibit Arsenic Toxicity

In many impoverished nations, arsenic is a major problem when it comes to the water supply. The chemical may also leach into groundwater and contaminate food crops. Arsenic toxicity symptoms include abdominal pain, vomiting, and watery or bloody diarrhea. Acute arsenic poisoning can be fatal by causing complete organ failure.

A few small studies have shown promise in the use of moringa to prevent arsenic poisoning. These studies have largely been conducted in controlled lab experiments and on small rodent studies. More research is needed to establish the use of moringa as a treatment for arsenic toxicity.

One study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine found that dietary supplementation with moringa leaves inhibited the triglyceride and glucose increases associated with arsenic. The leaves also inhibited cholesterol changes typically witnessed during arsenic poisonings in mice .

A second animal study published in Environmental toxicology and Pharmacology found that moringa seed powder exhibited therapeutic effects on rats suffering from arsenic poisoning. The moringa seed helped to restore healthy glutathione levels an reactive oxygen species in the rat’s blood .

Facts About Moringa Tea Bags In Helping Weight Loss

  • It Reduces Cravings

Craving is how your body telling you that something is missing. The missing thing is actually the nutrients it needs, but people tend to fulfill it with foods. So, the best way to prevent your body from craving foods is by giving what it needs.

Moringa is packed with numerous vitamins and minerals that your body needs, which means drinking a cup of moringa tea can help you stop craving from foods. The nutrients in moringa is even better than orange in terms of supplying vitamin C, and better than spinach in supplying iron.

Once your body gets what it needs, it wont tell you anymore that there is something missing to fulfil. More importantly, moringa helps regulating blood sugar levels in your body, thus you dont really desire the sweet and salty foods.

  • It Helps Speeding Metabolism

When your metabolism is boosted, you can easily burn calories and easier digest foods. This could be one of the reasons why those who consume moringa in their diet tend to lose more weights than those who dont.

The fibers, minerals and vitamins in moringa are excellent for boosting your body metabolism. These nutrients will not only help you burn some calories, but they will also promote your health at the same time.

  • It Helps Retaining Less Water

Since moringa has some anti-inflammatory properties, it can be something good to drink when you feel bloating. Those who have a tendency in retaining water should get along pretty well with moringa.

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Potential Health Benefits Of Moringa Tea

Most scientific investigations of moringa are lab investigations or animal studies. More research is needed to prove the health benefits of moringa for humans.

Heart Health

In animal studies, moringa extract has improved heart health. In one study, moringa lowered cholesterol and reduced the formation of plaque in arteries. It acted in a manner similar to a statin drug.

Diabetes Control

Moringa tea could help people with diabetes regulate their blood glucose levels. Many studies have shown positive results with animals. Human studies have been less consistent. Some show that moringa consumption can lower glucose levels after meals. Researchers say that differences between moringa varieties and preparation methods could cause differing results.

Cancer Treatment

In a lab study, moringa slowed the growth of human pancreatic cancer cells and improved the effect of chemotherapy drugs. Researchers state that moringa is well-tolerated by lab animals. More studies are needed to prove the effectiveness and safety of moringa for people with cancer.

Brain Health

In an animal study, moringa leaf extract had positive effects on brain chemistry. Researchers concluded that moringa should be investigated as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Protection Against Chronic Disease


Might Be Beneficial For Skin Care

How to make Miracle Moringa Tea : By Sunita Raju

With its high concentration of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, moringa tea may be a highly nourishing drink for the skin. It is an anti-aging drink which can be used to boost collagen production, reduce free radicals, diminish the formation of fine lines, and increase the moisture and the youthfulness of the skin. Its anti-inflammatory nature might also help fight acne breakouts.

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Moringa Tea Bag Recycled

If you buy Moringa tea, dont forget that whats inside the bag is very nutritious. You can reuse the Moringa inside the tea bag. After drinking your tea, open up the bag and use the content for a milkshake, salade or any other dish.

Moringa increases energy naturally, helps manage weight, detoxifies body, and nourishes your bodys immune system.

Moringa Powder And Weight Loss

The benefits of moringa powder for weight loss havent been extensively studied. However, few studies have shown that moringa powder can prevent fat accumulation in the body and accelerate the breakdown of fat in the body.

Also, moringa leaves are anti-inflammatory, which is good for your health when your goal is to lose weight.

It has also been shown that moringa powder works well in combination with other supplements for weight loss.

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How To Make Moringa Tea: Dosage And Warnings

For a practical way, you can buy moringa tea in the form of a finished product from the best supplier. But usually, the sensation of tea will be more pronounced when you mix it yourself. Making moringa tea is not very complicated. You just need to dry the moringa leaves or grind them into a powder.

Dried leaves or moringa powder can be stored in a clean and airtight place. To brew a cup of moringa tea, take a spoonful of moringa powder, or a pinch of dried leaves. Brew with hot water, then add honey to get a natural sweetness. Moringa tea can be drunk in the morning or evening.

Following are the stages of preparing moringa leaves for drinking:

Wash Your Leaves

Dry Out Your Leaves

Moringa leaf drying should take place naturally. You can store it in a dry tray, then let it dry for a few days without drying it in direct sunlight.

A Couple of Cups a Day

Take a pinch of dried moringa leaves, then brew it with hot water. Let stand for a while so that the water becomes warm, then please drink it peacefully in the morning and evening.

Grind the Leaves to Make Moringa Powder or Cutting Tea

Moringa dried leaves can also be powdered by grinding. Moringa powder can be mixed into a variety of foods and beverages so you can get the good benefits of moringa every time.

Risks And Side Effects

How to make moringa tea [ARTICLE]

What are the side effects of taking moringa? Because its completely natural and free from chemical additives , when taken by mouth or used on the skin it seems to be very well-tolerated.

Moringa side effects are still possible and may include:

  • lower blood pressure
  • cell mutations when high amounts of seeds are consumed
  • interference with fertility

Leaves, fruit, oil and seeds from the moringa tree have been consumed safely for centuries, but today there are various forms of supplements or extracts sold, so its important to buy the purest kind you can find and to read ingredient labels carefully.

During pregnancy or when breastfeeding, its best to avoid moringa extract, root or high doses of supplements since not enough research has been done to show its safe. Its possible that chemicals within the plants root, bark and flowers can lead to contractions of the uterus, which can cause complications during pregnancy.

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A Couple Of Cups A Day

A teaspoon of the leaves steeped in a cup of boiled water is enough moringa to make a cup of tea. Use a teabag or ball to contain the dried and prepared moringa leaves in the water. Add honey or lemon for flavoring if you like. Remember, you dont want to ingest too much moringa a couple of cups a day is enough to keep you within safe and effective limits.

Immune System Boosting Moringa Immunity Tea Recipe

With everything thats going on, we want to help make sure every Pura Vida customer is protected.

The best recommendation to protect ourselves against infections is to have a great immune system.

One of the best moringa benefits is its super immune-boosting powers.

Moringa is a treasure trove of all the essential nutrients that are recommended for boosting immunity including Vitamins A, C, & E as well as Zinc, Iron, & Calcium!

Indias ancient tradition of Ayurveda Medicine sites 300 diseases that are treated with the leaves of the Moringa tree. Moringa is also considered warming herb which will help your body defend against any virus.

Keep Your Internal Fire Blazing with this wonderful traditional Ayurveda recipe!

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Moringa Juice For Weight Loss

Using a moringa drink for weight loss is easily the most common method used by those looking to shift a few pounds. By combining Moringa with other super healthy ingredients, you can create a nutrient packed drink which is not only delicious and healthy, but easily absorbed by the gut, meaning you retain all of the moringa goodness.

There are of course many different combinations you can use, but below weve included a super simple recipe for malunggay juice for weight loss. In ours we use banana, as it is rich in potassium and also complements the earthy taste of the Moringa leaf, but you can add any combination of fruit you wish. Personally, I started drinking my moringa smoothie for weight loss, but now I drink it as much for the flavour as anything else!

Recipe For Moringa Smoothie:

Simply add the fresh leaves, banana and your choice of non dairy milk to a blender, whizz, and serve. If you are using powder, its a good idea to dissolve it in water first to make a moringa shot, then add this once the other ingredients are blended. The Herbal Goodness Extract is perfect for smoothies or juices if you want a less earthy taste that comes with the leaves and some powders.

Herbal Goodness Moringa Leaf Extract

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How To Make Moringa Tea At Home

How to make Moringa Tea

Moringa tea has recently become very popular and much talked about by tea fans, as well as herbal drink lovers. This beneficial tea is one of the main menus to drink in the morning and evening. Have you ever tasted this nutrient-dense tea? Or are you just curious about how to make moringa tea at home? Lets read this article further to get a complete explanation about moringa tea.


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Can I Drink Moringa Tea At Night

It is safe to take Moringa tea any time of day. As a refreshing beverage at breakfast, to keep you alert in the afternoon, and to help you relax better for a good nights rest. It is free from caffeine, so you wouldnt have to worry about it keeping you up at night. You can equally throw in spices such as lemon basil and cinnamon to douse down the earthy taste that is common with the drink.

Can I Boil Moringa Leaves And Drink Them

Dubbed the tree of life, moringa leaves are thought to hold a lot of health benefits. And one of the best ways of getting the benefits is to make it in a drink. While you can add the powder in a cup of hot water, you can also boil fresh leaves for a few minutes on the stove to seep out its magic. You can then collect the juice in a glass and drink it.

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Benefits Of Drinking Moringa Tea Every Day

Consuming moringa tea every day makes your immune system stronger. This drink is high in antioxidants, highly nutritious, and contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory substances. This is very good for protecting the body from attacks of various types of diseases. Moringa tea can even support the prevention of cancer and diabetes, it can even support skin and facial health effectively.

Tea Blends Featuring Moringa

How to prepare moringa leaves for drinking

Now, if you find pure moringa tea too boring, here are some tea blends you might want to try if you are trying to incorporate moringa into your diet:

  • Moringa and Green Tea: Given that also green tea is thought to have some weight loss promoting properties, this combination may be a great choice for those who are looking to lose weight.
  • Moringa and Turmeric: Turmeric may be one of the worlds most praised superfoods, but also moringa has been touted as superfood. Companies have taken notice, and you can today buy pre-packaged tea bags that combine these two extraordinary ingredients. Note, though, that in terms of flavor, the moringa turmeric combo may not be the best tasting blend unless you really like earthy flavors.
  • Moringa and Mint: The combination of moringa and mint is refreshing and pleasing to the palate, especially if you sweeten it a monk fruit based sweetener or stevia.

A family-owned company called Miracle Tree sells all of the above-mentioned blendsand moreon Amazon. to learn more about their products.

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How To Prepare Moringa Leaves For Drinking

There are so many amazing benefits of moringa tree that many people use its seeds, leaves and flowers for making healthy beverages and morning meals. You can have a cup of this useful tea every day and enjoy numerous advantages it delivers to humans. Learn how to prepare moringa leaves for drinking.


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