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How To Make Long Island Tea

Why It Takes This Long To Make Island Iced Tea

How To Make a Long Island Iced Tea – Cocktail Recipe

Making Island tea will not take more than, 5 minutes. You just have to gather all the required ingredients to make the process smoother. The tea is made using ready-made ingredients, therefore the process is quite easy.

It wont take much time, as it will not require any cooking process. You can prepare island iced tea using very few ingredients. You can add lime juice to your island iced tea to increase the citrus flavor in your drink. You can always try out your creativity skills to make your island ice tea fancier.

Many people add maple syrup and many other syrups to make their island iced tea more eye-catchy. The tea would be a savior for people that love having different types of alcohol in one single glass.

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Ingredients You Will Need

Measurements and full ingredients list are listed in the printable recipe at the end of this post. This recipe makes an 8 ounce glass.

  • The spirits in this drink include equal parts of vodka, tequila, light rum, gin, and triple sec.
  • You will also need sweet and sour mix or equal amounts of lemon juice and simple syrup.
  • Cola is used to top it all off, and a lemon is added for garnish, part of the iced tea appearance.

Can I Make Long Islands For A Crowd

Yes! To make Long Islands for the whole group, first break out a pitcher or large punch bowl. Youll need the same ingredients and will want to follow the same steps. Just multiply each ingredient by the number of drinks you plan to make. For 10 Long Islands, youll need 10 ounces of vodka, and so on. Cheers to summer!

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Recipe For Long Island Iced Tea


Step 1.

Take a Collins glass fill it with ice then pour vodka, rum, tequila, gin, triple sec, simple syrup, and lemon juice.

Step 2.

Add a dash of Coca cola to the top and stir briefly.

Step 3.

Now garnish it with a lemon wedge and serve it with a straw.

Heres A Video By Tipsy Bartender On How To Make A Long Island Iced Tea

The Iced Tea part of the name comes from the tea color and sweet taste of the triple sec.

What The Blue Long Island Iced Tea Tastes Like

How to Make a Classic Long Island Iced Tea

The Blue Long Island Iced Tea doesnt have the cola from the Long Island Iced Tea. Instead, it has blue curacao. That means instead of cola flavor, youre getting orange.

That makes this a delicious and very refreshing cocktail. Its all about the orange and lemon flavors. Oh, yes it has lemon juice, too.

Although you can taste that this drink has alcohol in it, the liquors dont really add much flavor. The rum adds a slight caramel note. The gin adds hints of herbal notes.

The agave flavor of the tequila comes through ever so slightly. The vodka doesnt really add any flavor at all. Its just there for a little more kick.

The Blue Long Island cocktail is a very refreshing drink. But its also one that can easily knock you off your feet.

The alcohol taste is more noticeable than in the normal Long Island. And yet it still manages to sneak up on you.

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Do You Shake A Long Island Iced Tea

Yes, you will need to shake it if you want it to taste right. Most recipes on the internet just have you mix it all together in a glass, but while this is appropriate for a Martini, it is better to shake a drink like this. Just make sure not to add the Coca-Cola or another cola until the end, after the rest of the ingredients have been shaken.

And, for convenience, you might want a jigger. A jigger is a small measuring cup of a specific capacity. Cocktail shaker and jigger sets are available such as this Makur Shaker Set which comes with a double jigger, mixing spoon, and muddler. The jigger is 1 oz on one side and 1/2 oz on the other side.

Shaking is important to many cocktails. For example, if you want to make a perfect margarita, youll have to shake it. Stirring is just not going to do.

The History Of The Long Island Iced Tea

The story of the Long Island Iced Tea begins in the 1920s. It was at the height of Prohibition in America. A time where booze was banned nationwide by law. You couldnt make it, you couldnt drink and you certainly couldnt drink it.

But that doesnt mean people didnt try.

Somebody going by the name of Bishop created a lethal cocktail, containing Whiskey, Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Rum, and Maple Syrup. The cocktail was created in a small community called Long Island, in Kingsport, Tennesse and was dubbed “Old Man Bishop”.

This is highly regarded to be the forerunner to the Long Island Iced Tea cocktail we know and guzzle today.

But the modern Long Island Iced Tea is widely thought to have been invented in 1972 by a man called Robert “Rosebud” Butt.

Enter Rosebud

Rosebud says he invented the cocktail whilst working as a bartender in the Oak Beach Inn, The Hamptons.

This version contains Vodka, White Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec, Gin, Sour Mix, and Coke.

In his words:

“We had a contest at the bar I was working at, the OBI, and they put a bottle of Triple Sec on the bar and they asked us to make something out of it. So twenty other bartenders and myself went to work and I came up with this drink.”

From there the cocktail took off.

The PBS Inventor Series produced a small film about Robert Butt and how he invented the Long Island Iced Tea, which you can watch below:

Now lets get into the written-down version of how to make a Long Island Iced Tea.

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Grateful Dead / Purple Rain / Black Superman

All these names constitute the same variation for a long island iced tea where the Triple sec is replaced with Chambord.

Chambord liqueur has a 16.5 percent alcohol volume and is a raspberry-flavored liqueur modeled after a liqueur made in Frances Loire Valley.

The cola of this version for this version of the long island iced tea is also replaced with lemon-lime soda.

These two ingredients give the cocktail a dark hue, and thus that is how the names were established.

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How Strong Is Long Island Iced Tea

The five liquors make Long Island iced tea seem like a strong drink, but if you do the math, it’s not terribly potent compared to other cocktails. When you pour 80-proof liquors, 60-proof triple sec, and top it with 2 ounces of soda, its alcohol content falls in the 16 percent ABV range. That is about the same as a strong rum and Coke and half the strength of a gin martini.

Ingredients In Long Island Iced Tea

When there are equal parts of five liquors in a cocktail, one liquor should not overpower any of the others. The goal is to achieve balance in the cocktaileven one that packs as much of a punch as the Long Island Iced Tea. To do that, you’ll need quality spirits, but not necessarily high-end spirits.

Top shelf bottles, or small-batch artisanal spirits from the local distillery, can be used in this recipe, but their nuances will get lost in the mix. The LITas a bar server would call itis perfectly happy with the tried and true middle shelf brands of these spirits.

  • Tequila: Tequila Blanco is an unaged tequila that’s also known as silver or white tequila. Espolòn Tequila Blanco and El Jimador Silver Tequila are quality value rums that will work well in an LIT.
  • Rum: Captain Morgan White Rum or Bacardi White Rum work really well in a Long Island Iced Tea. They’re good rums that don’t break the bank.
  • Vodka: An LIT doesn’t need your favorite vodka, just a well-made vodka, like Tito’s Handmade Vodka or New Amsterdam Vodka.
  • Gin: Standards such as Beefeaters or Tangueray are perfect for Long Island Iced Tea, as is New Amsterdam Gin.
  • Triple Sec: Triple Sec is a sweet, orange flavored liqueur. Cointreau is one brand of well-known triple sec, but feel confident using one that has a lower price tag such as DeKuyper. If Grand Marnier is all you have in your liquor cabinet, it’s a fine alternative even though it’s a blend of cognac and triple sec, not straight triple sec.

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What Is A Long Island Iced Tea

The Long Island is a highball cocktail, a hefty concoction consisting of not two, not three, but four different spirits. If mixing vodka, tequila, gin and rum makes you wary, youll be pleasantly surprised to know that the Long Island is, in truth, pretty good. The addition of sour mix, Triple Sec and cola takes the bite out of the booziness. The best part is that its as easy to make as it is to drink.

History Of The Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

The origin of the Long Island Iced Tea most likely lies in Kingsport, Tennessee. It was here that a guy named “Old Man Bishop” made the first version of what we know today as “Long Island Iced Tea”.

Living in his community named “Long Island” in Kingsport, he created this boozy cocktail during times of prohibition. That also explains the name. The cocktail was supposed to look like a regular serve of Iced Tea and definitely not like a boozy afternoon drink.

The recipe later got refined by his son Ransom Bishop. The result is a mix of Whiskey, maple syrup, and five other liquors of different quantities. Here’s the recipe to get an impression of what the original version looked like:

  • 4 oz. Cola
  • Squeeze 1/2 Lemon & 1/2 Lime
  • 1 oz. Whiskey
  • 1/2 oz. Rum
  • 1 oz. Vodka

Over time the recipe changed slightly. Today’s version of the Long Island Iced Tea is slightly better-balanced. But it is still almost as potent as in the traditional cocktail recipe.

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Long Island Iced Tea Origin

A slightly different drink is claimed to have been invented in the 1920s during Prohibition in the United States by an “Old Man Bishop” in a local community named Long Island in Kingsport, Tennessee. The drink was then perfected by Ransom Bishop, Old Man Bishop’s son. This drink included whiskey and maple syrup, and varied quantities of the five liquors, rather than the modern one with cola and five equal portions of the five liquors.A Long Island Iced Tea is a type of alcoholic mixed drink typically made with vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola, which gives the drink the same amber hue as its namesake. A popular version mixes equal parts vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, with 1 12 parts sour mix and a splash of cola. Lastly, it is decorated with the lemon and straw, after stirring with bar spoon smoothly.Robert “Rosebud” Butt claims to have invented the Long Island Iced Tea as an entry in a contest to create a new mixed drink with triple sec in 1972 while he worked at the Oak Beach Inn on Long Island, New York. The Adios Mother is considered a variation of the Long Island Ice Tea or a Blue Hawaiian.

Want More Cocktail Ideas

Now that youve learned how to make a Long Island Iced Tea, do you want more cocktail inspiration? I got ya covered! Check out our cocktail recipe page.

Here youll find over 100 different cocktail recipes for you to try, for free.

ALSO, we have an entire page dedicated to rum cocktails. And Im talking rum cocktails of all kinds:

  • White Rum.
  • Spiced Rum.
  • Dark Rum.

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Who Created The Long Island Iced Tea

The story of Long Island iced tea is as sordid as its ingredient list, and its true origin may be lost to history. One Prohibition-era story credits Charles Bishop, a 1930s moonshiner in then-dry Tennessee. Jump to the 1970s, and the concoction’s creation could go to Robert Bott, a bartender from Long Island. Then there is the tale that the Long Island was an original drink of the T.G.I. Friday’s franchise. It is entirely possible that Bishop made the drink and that it was forgotten for a few decades until Bott remade it and gave it the now-famous name. At some point, the restaurant probably caught wind of it and claimed it as their own .

Long Island Iced Tea Nutrition Facts

How to Make a Long Island Iced Tea

This is the best Long Island Iced Tea recipe of all time! This Long Island Iced Tea recipe is one hot mess of a drink. The recipe reads more like a frat house hazing than one of the worlds most popular cocktails. And yet, somehow, it works. Long Island Iced Tea is a cocktail made with vodka, gin, tequila and rum and was first served in 1970. Many claim to be the creators of this young-at-heart staple, but this version is the real deal. And while the name of this classic cocktail is misleading, very few actually liken the taste to a real iced tea.One thing we know for sure is that this cocktail has certainly made a name for itself outside of Long Island. The drink has a much higher alcohol concentration than most highball drinks due to the relatively small amount of mixer.The Long Island Iced Tea is a curious cocktail. In spite of the name, a Long Island Iced Tea contains no tea! Long island iced tea made with five types of liquor and a splash of cola gives this cocktail its deceptive look and name.Whatever your view of the Long Island Iced Tea is, it is a popular drink and one that every bartender should know. The Long Island Iced Tea is one of our favorite guilty pleasures!

Best Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

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Blue Long Island Iced Tea Drink Recipe

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You can just imagine how the Blue Long Island Iced Tea drink recipe came to be. Once upon a time, it must have occurred to someone that the Long Island Iced Tea was nearly perfect. Except for one thing: it wasnt blue.

Long Island Iced Tea Ingredients

The Long Island Iced Tea is a highball cocktail made with 5 liquors: vodka, tequila, rum, gin and orange liqueur. When mixed together with cola the drink has a brown color, just like iced tea . The modern version of this cocktail was most likely invented in 1972 by a bartender in Long Island, New York: hence the name.

The LIIT took off and became so popular that it made the list of the International Bartender Associations IBA official cocktails! This means that it has an official definition. Whats in a Long Island Iced Tea?

  • Vodka
  • Lemon juice
  • Cola

Yes, thats a lot of ingredients. Lets talk through why this makes the best Long Island Iced Tea recipe, and then whether there are substitutes!

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How Do You Make Alcohol Taste Like Nothing

If you drink, or if you like to drink, this makes it a little too easy to drink, she said. She proceeds to pour tequila into a cup full of ice she adds mineral water, a pinch of baking soda, and a dash of salt. Someone later joins her in the video to take a sip of the drink and confirms it tastes like nothing.Sep 25, 2021.

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe Tips

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe

There is no iced tea anywhere in the Long Island Iced Tea. It is simply the color of iced tea. This is critical knowledge to have if you plan to drink one. The popularity of the Long Island has spawned its own family of highballs.Many drinks remain popular in their own right in numerous locales throughout the United States, while owing their existence to the success of the original Long Island Iced Tea. Most variants use equal parts of the main liquors, but include a smaller amount of triple sec .

Close variants often replace the sour mix with lemon juice, replace the cola with diet cola or actual iced tea, or add white crème de menthe. Most variants do not include any tea. If this drink is treated with respect and the person pouring keeps in mind that taste is more important than potency, the Long Island Iced Tea is a good drink.This Long Island Iced Tea recipe is an easy one to throw together in a big pitcher for a party. I wait until just before the guests arrive, then mix everything together in a bowl with ice. Strain it into a pitcher and serve!

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