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How To Make Honey Milk Tea

Making Your Own Honey Boba

How to make Honey Milk Tea (Add Tea Powder)

Accomplished cooks may want to make their own tapioca pearls on your own, but its easier to buy delicious pre-made ones at any Asian supermarket or on Amazon. With the help of those pre-made boba, its surprisingly simple to make honey boba tea at home.

The first version of homemade honey boba tea is the one in which honey is just added to the drink as a sweetener.

Homemade Honey Boba Tea

  • Brew or steep one cup of your favorite tea, and let it cool to room temperature.
  • Cook ¼ cup of tapioca pearls according to the package directions.
  • Combine a few ice cubes, ¼ cup milk, and three teaspoons of honey, pour over the pearls, add the tea and mix well.
  • This recipe can easily be doubled or quadrupled, and you can adjust the proportions of ingredients to your liking.

    Heres how to make tapioca pearls coated in honey, to be added to your favorite milk tea recipe.

    • Cook one cup of tapioca balls according to directions on the package, usually simmering them for about five minutes after theyve expanded and risen to the top of a pot of boiling water.
    • Place the boba into cool water for 30 seconds, and then steep them in a bowl with three tablespoons of honey and ¼ cup of simple syrup for 1-3 hours.
    • Serve in your favorite milk tea.

    Careful! This honey boba is so easy to make, and so yummy, that you can easily become addicted. As well discuss next, thats not ideal if youre thinking about your health.

    Health Benefits Of Drinking Honey Milk Tea

    Our love affair with processed sugar is dangerous. It puts us at risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

    Natural Honey is an excellent source of carbohydrates, and it makes the drink sweeter without adding any preservatives to it.

    A single serving of honey contains more calories than sugar! But using fresh, organic honey boosts the level of antioxidants in our body. This improves our health by making it easier for our bodies to fight diseases.

    Different types of honey can be used with different varieties of tea for their health benefits and a better taste!

    Orange blossom honey goes well with most teasBlueberry honey pairs well with most English breakfast teas and the famous Earl Grey tea. Milk sage honey goes well with mint teabuckwheat honey pairs well with herbal teas.

    Therefore, many people are switching to using honey for their milk tea instead of sweeteners like sugar.

    Add some fresh lemon juice to intensify the flavor of your tea and to get the health benefits of vitamin C!

    Caution for Adding Honey:

    We should never add honey to boiling water. This is because the high temperature of the boiling water destroys the chemical structure of honey. Thus, making it poisonous to consume.

    How To Make Honeydew Bubble Tea

    Bubble tea is a cold, flavored tea beverage that contains large chewy tapioca balls, making it both a beverage and a sweet snack. Easy to recognize, bubble tea is paired with a colorful jumbo straw thats both visually appealing and functional. With every sip of bubble tea, the tapioca pearls move easily up the wide straw.

    Milk tea is everywhere these days. Both hot and iced just ask my teenage daughter who has become a connoisseur since a local bubble tea shop opened up in our neighborhood. Milk tea is super easy to make at home and with all of the combinations of flavors, teas, and milks, the possibilities for milk tea recipes are nearly endless.

    2 Tbsp Torani Puremade Ube Syrup. 3/4 cup brewed green or black tea, chilled. 4 Tbsp milk or milk alternative. Tapioca pearls, cooked

    In a blender, add taro, ice, milk, and honey Blend until smooth Add in cooked Tapioca Pearls into a glass or Plastic Drinking Cup Add in the Taro Smoothie mixture

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    Jasmine Milk Tea With Honey Boba

    This post is all about how to make jasmine milk tea with honey boba one of my all-time favorite tea drinks!

    Its hard to believe that a couple of years ago, I didnt even like bubble tea. Something about actually chewing on my tea took me a while to get used to. My daughter loves it, but I was still thinking, just what is boba anyway?

    Now, I love bubble tea, and this recipe for jasmine milk tea with honey boba is my favorite way to enjoy my go-to boba tea drink.

    This post may contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy is sort of boring, but you can find it here.

    Honey Boba Recipe Make Honey Milk Tea At Home

    Bubble Tea 101: How To Make Boba Tea At Home

    Last Updated: · Author: Victoria Yap · This post may contain affiliate links · Jump to Recipe

    Have you ever tasted honey milk tea before? It is the most delicious and delightful version of boba. Learn this simple honey boba recipe to make at home.

    The drink was created in Taiwan in the 1980s, apparently at a street food joint. Numerous vendors have come out claiming they were the originators of such a brilliant idea.

    Regardless of who came up with the delicious drink, that person was an absolute genius! The person probably deserves a statue. If you do not know much about honey boba or honey milk tea, the probable reason is that you are an indoor person.

    You can find numerous Taiwanese drink shops around even though they are not on par with Starbucks. But they have gained popularity over the years throughout the United States. Another reason could be that you know the beverage snack by a different name. Other names for this drink include bubble tea, boba milk tea, pearl milk drink, or even tapioca drink.

    We will be sharing how to make honey milk tea and why it is one of the delicious types of boba to drink. But first, a little background for the uninitiated.

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    How To Make Milk Tea With Honey

    I LOVE bubble tea!! What I should actually say is that I LOVE the bubbles, or more accurately named the tapioca pearls. If you havent had bubble tea before , what gives it its name is those tapioca pearls, spongy little spheres made with tapioca starch. But, for a bubble tea to be REALLY good, the tea part also needs to be delicious. For a yummy and unique version, we have this Orange Blossom Honey Bubble Tea Recipe. It combines chamomile tea with almond milk and is sweetened with orange blossom honey.

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    Ingredients: 5 cups of water + 1/2 cup of water 1/2 cup of Instant Tapioca Pearls 2 tablespoons of Orange Blossom Honey 1/2 cup of Almond Milk 2 bags of Chamomile Tea 1- 9-10 oz cup

    How to Make Bubble Tea: Microwave 1/2 cup of water for 1 minute. Steep tea bags in hot water for 3 minutes. Let tea cool. Bring 5 cups of water to a boil. Once boiling, add the tapioca pearls. When the pearls are floating, cook on medium heat for 3 minutes. Cover and simmer on low for 2-3 minutes. Put finished pearls into cold water for 30 seconds, remove and put in a dry bowl. Coat pearls in the honey. Pour pearls into the cup, and add tea until cup is a little over halfway full. Add the almond milk to fill the rest of the cup. Enjoy immediately.

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    Making Perfect Tapioca Pearl Milk Tea

    Ive had a slew of bad tapioca milk tea experiences lately. The problem is usually the tapioca balls, also called pearls, bubbles or boba. They are so easy to make, but the ones I keep getting served are soft, not chewy, slimy, etc.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar, tapioca milk tea originated from Taiwan and is served in various Asian tea cafes. Its no longer limited to milk tea as there are also usually other fruit flavored tea beverages, slushies, etc. All of them usually offer the option of tapioca balls. which are brown balls that have a chewy texture.My favorite tea place is the Half & Half chain in Los Angeles, which makes honey boba. Tapioca balls have very little flavor on their own, so when it is sweetened with honey, they taste much better. Honey boba has become quite popular now and most of the new tea shops popping up usually make honey boba.

    I used to make pearl milk tea all the time as a kid and before the tea cafes even came to the US. I remember it being quite easy, so after another bad boba experience, I decided to make my own and do a little tutorial on how best to make the perfect tapioca balls.

    How to Prepare Tapioca Pearls

    Step 1: Bring a small pot of water with about 1/4 cup of sugar to a boil and then drop in your tapioca balls. I usually do about 2 handfuls per each cup of tea. The pearls will soon expand and rise to the top.

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    Simple Way To Make Honey Milk Bubble Tea

    Honey milk Bubble tea or Boba tea combines tea, milk, and tapioca pearls or boba balls. These tapioca pearls are sucked up using a large straw or a spoon to be chewed.

    Introduced in Taiwan, bubble tea gained popularity quickly and spread throughout South Asia. Recently, it has become trendy in the US and Europe among young teens.

    The tapioca pearls or boba balls are usually black and are soft and chewy like gooey candy.

    Sweet potato and brown sugar are used to make these tapioca pearls. Another type of tapioca pearls with a different taste is also used sometimes: white tapioca pearlscaramel and chamomile root are used in their preparation.

    Experience this traditional Chinese drink at home using a few simple ingredients!

    Orange Blossom Honey Bubble Tea Recipe

    Starbucks Oat milk Honey Latte Recipe | Homemade Starbucks Oat Milk Latte | Iced latte with oat milk

    Boba fans will love this Orange Blossom Honey Bubble Tea Recipe to make their own tea at home complete with tapioca pearls! It combines chamomile tea with almond milk and is sweetened with tapioca pearls in orange blossom honey.

    I LOVE bubble tea!! What I should actually say is that I LOVE the bubbles, or more accurately named the tapioca pearls.

    If you haven’t had bubble tea before , what gives it its name is those tapioca pearls, spongy little spheres made with tapioca starch.

    But, for a bubble tea to be REALLY good, the tea part also needs to be delicious.

    For a yummy and unique version, we have this Orange Blossom Honey Bubble Tea Recipe. It combines chamomile tea with almond milk and is sweetened with orange blossom honey.

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    Can You Put Milk In Chamomile Tea

    Yes! By using milk instead of water as your base, the flavors from the tea steep into the milk and provide that flavorful chamomile tea latte. Instead of just sipping on tea, you will be enjoying a simple evening snack since the milk provides protein and carbohydrates.

    This can help keep you satisfied until the morning, which can also contribute to your weight loss efforts. What a simple way to both monitor your hunger and help meet your key nutrient targets!

    Simple Way To Make Honey Milk Tea

    How many have you heard of the film Ponyo? Its one of my favorite Miyazaki films. For those of you who have seen the movie, youll know that in one of the scenes, Ponyo makes a hot drink that she drinks with Sosuke and his mother.

    As you might have guessed, that warm and fizzy drink is honey milk tea. Here is the recipe so that you can make one for yourself!

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    What Kind Of Tea Do You Use

    The best kinds of tea to use are those that have a robust flavor, such as black or jasmine tea. Because you will water down the tea with milk and ice cubes, you want a strong tasting tea that will retain its flavor. I used Numis Chinese Breakfast Tea for the recipe, but any strong tea will work. Another tea blend I recommend is equal parts Assam and Ceylon tea leaves.

    Boba Milk Tea Recipe By Tasty

    Honey Milk Tea Boba Recipe
    This classic boba milk tea was inspired by my experiences walking around Taiwan. Every cup of boba milk tea had this signature condensed milk flavor that fused perfectly with the concentrated black tea. A lot of stands also use whole milk, so if you’re not a fan of condensed milk, whole milk will also give you an authentic taste of Taiwanese Boba Milk Tea! This drink is a thirst-quencher with a great caffeine kick. If you prefer your drinks to be less sweet, reduce the amount of brown sugar syrup or condensed milk during assembly. Don’t have muscovado sugar? Swap it out for brown sugar!

    Provided by Jasmine Pak

    cup water, plus more as needed
    ¼ cup dark muscovado sugar, or brown sugar
    ¾ cup tapioca flour, plus more for dusting
    1 cup dark muscovado sugar, or brown sugar
    1 cup water
    3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk
    3 cups ice, divided
    wide-opening straw


    Nutrition Facts : Calories 598 calories, Carbohydrate 146 grams, Fat 1 gram, Fiber 0 grams, Protein 1 gram, Sugar 99 grams

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    More About How To Make Honey Milk Tea Recipes

    • Pour water into a kettle and bring to a boil. While the water is boiling, place the tea bag into a serving cup.
    • Once boiled, pour half of a cup of boiling water into the serving cup and allow the tea to infuse for 1 minute. Remove the teabag and discard it.
    • After 10 minutes, strain the tea, add the raw honey to the herbal tea and mix well. Enjoy the turmeric tea while it is still warm!
    ANTI-INFLAMMATORY TURMERIC TEA RECIPE has become a top Google search result, and Im loving the comments here. I just updated this post with even 4.9/5 Total Time 20 minsCategory Healthy Drink

    • If using the paste: simply heat your milk on the stove. Remove from the heat and stir in the paste. The measurements dont have to be exact, but generally, 1/4 teaspoon of golden milk turmeric paste to one cup of milk works perfectly. Add a few grates of fresh ginger root for extra healing properties.
    • If not using the paste, blend or whisk all ingredients together, then warm through on the stove over medium heat for 15 minutes. Let it very gently simmer for 15 minutes but not boil.

    Is Honey Boba Good For You

    Since its universally acknowledged that honey is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, and the phenols and polyphenols in tea are thought to help fight medical problems like heart disease, you might think that honey boba tea is an extremely healthy drink.

    Unfortunately, it really isnt. Even if you use raw, unfiltered honey to prepare your boba, tapioca is almost all carbohydrates and very high in calories, with no vitamins, very few minerals and no nutritional benefits. And if you make your drink with whole milk, that adds fat and more calories to the picture.

    In other words, theres no real upside to boba other than its taste. And adding honey to the mix doesnt really deliver the health benefits youd hope for, since the drinks other ingredients create such a large nutritional hill to climb. If youre adding honey to your diet because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, youre much better off using it in a different way.

    Does that mean you should avoid honey boba? Of course not, any more than youd avoid the occasional milkshake because youre careful about what you eat and drink. But you wouldnt want to make either one a part of your daily diet, if youre at all concerned about fitness and good health.

    Honey boba is a wonderful treat, enjoyed by more and more Americans each year. In moderation, its also one of the most delicious ways you can consume honey.

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    Instructions To Prepare Honey Milk Bubble Tea:

  • Prepare the boba balls as per the instructions on the packing.
  • Coat the tapioca pearls using one tablespoon of honey.
  • Place the tea bags and the orange zest in a large bowl.
  • Pour boiling water into the bowl enough to submerge the teabags. Let it steep for 5 minutes.
  • Strain and discard the tea bagsand the zest. Squeeze out the maximum amount of water.
  • Empty the remaining honey into the bowl and mix until it dissolves.
  • Add 1 cup of cold water.
  • Place the tapioca pearls at the bottom of a tall glass.
  • Pour your tea into the glass.
  • Add milk.
  • How To Make Bubble Tea:

    Milk tea recipe/ Honey Oolong Milk Tea at home

    Microwave 1/2 cup of water for 1 minute.Steep tea bags in hot water for 3 minutes.Let tea cool.Bring 5 cups of water to a boil.Once boiling, add the tapioca pearls.When the pearls are floating, cook on medium heat for 3 minutes.Cover and simmer on low for 2-3 minutes.Put finished pearls into cold water for 30 seconds, remove and put in a dry bowl.Coat pearls in the honey.Pour pearls into the cup, and add tea until cup is a little over halfway full.Add the almond milk to fill the rest of the cup.Enjoy immediately.

    Bubble tea is best to drink with a straw, but a regular straw won’t work! The bubbles are just too big to fit through. You can get wide bubble tea straws on Amazon. They’re very inexpensive!

    If you want to take it a step further, you can even get bubble tea cups with lids that fit perfectly with the straws. Make your next party extra fun with this special drink!

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