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Does Iced Tea Cause Kidney Stones

Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Is Beer or Coffee Good For Kidney Stones? Drinks for Kidney Stone Prevention

Drinking tea comes with significant benefits! Lets review a few of the main reasons why tea can promote kidney health.

  • Tea counts toward fluid intake and hydration goals. But, unfortunately, most people do not consume enough water throughout the day. A survey of What We Eat in America from 2005-2008 found that people only drink 3.9 cups per day on average.
  • The amount of fluid recommended for each person is different because each person is unique. In addition, a variety of factors impact fluid needs, including:

    • Temperature/climate

    Hydration can impact kidney function and the ability to remove waste from the body. However, if you have late-stage kidney disease or certain heart conditions, too much fluid can be a problem. Always talk with your Physician and Dietitian about your daily fluid goals.

  • Tea is calorie-free and sugar-free. For individuals striving to lose weight or manage diabetes for kidney health, one of the easiest ways to cut excess calories and sugar is to choose unsweetened calorie-free beverages.
  • Of course, tea is only calorie-free and sugar-free when there is nothing added. Adding sweetener or cream will add calories and sugar. For some people, adding a bit of milk to black tea can help prevent the formation of kidney stones. More on this later!

    Prevents And Treats High Blood Pressure

    This is also because of the anti-inflammatory reasons I stated in the weight loss paragraph. For it to lower blood pressure you would need to drink two cups a day. In a 2008 research study, the volunteers who drank hibiscus tea had a 7.2 point drop in their systolic blood pressure, compared to a 1.3 point drop in those who drank placebo.

    • The tea with the most antiviral properties
    • The antioxidants relieves pain and may help to get a good nights sleep
    • Can boost hair growth and hair color

    Im sure the list could go on, but you get the picture. Im not getting into detail on every point in this list, but Im linking to other great sources to get deep into the health benefits of hibiscus tea.

    Teas That Are Okay For You

    9. Rosehip Tea

    Rosehip tea has a variety of benefits, ranging from antioxidant properties to boosting your immunity. There are different reasons to drink this herbal tea.

    But, it does contain a moderate amount of oxalates. So, if you are sensitive or already have kidney stones you may want to practice moderation when drinking this tea.

    10. Yerba Mate Tea

    Additionally, if you enjoy the South American Yerba Mate tea you may want to limit your daily consumption. It, as previous, contains a moderate amount of oxalates. So, despite being a stimulating alternative to coffee, you may rearrange your regime to avoid excess consumption.

    11. Black Currant Tea

    Lastly, black currants have a moderate amount of oxalates. So, if you enjoy this flavored tea you may want to be careful about how much you drink.

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    Peoples Pharmacy Bottom Line:

    Do not become dehydrated Keep iced tea consumption moderate, especially in the summer Avoid grapefruit juice Drink lemonade if you are at risk of developing a kidney stone When in doubt drink water! Keep calcium intake from supplements under 800 mg per day Increase calcium intake from vegetables and other foods Consider more magnesium from green leafy veggies or from a supplement Consider probiotics periodically

    If Symptoms develop seek immediate medical attention!

    Revised 4/13/17

    But What About This Type Of Tea

    Is Iced Tea Bad For Your Kidneys

    Jill Harris: And I think there wasoh, and so you dont have to ask me every tea in the world because theres hundreds of teas, right. And I understand why patients get so confused. Theyre like, Okay, but I drink this tea. What do you think? I dont know. It has not been studied. It wont be studied. Its expensive to study. Its hard to study oxalate. It differs from plant to plant because its in plant foods, depending on the soil and the growing conditions. So, this advice I give may seem generic to someWell, she says just have a little portion. Its no big deal, even though Harvard says its high. But the reason Im able to give you, sometimes, what seems like generic advice to you is because Im looking at thousands of urine collections, peoples follow-ups, and when they originally came to me there oxalate was 60 and now its 20 because they took the advice and they did something with it.

    Focus on the other parts of the Kidney Stone Diet because theyre so very important. But malabsorption people that advice does not go to you because you have special issues and I always want to acknowledge you and say I see you thats a whole different ballgame. So, for the average stone former that was eating too much spinach and almond, slow your roll, people, on eating the same damn things all the time in any amount you want because youre heard it was healthy. And have your tea, but within portion. The end.

    Jeff Sarris: Absolutely!

    Jill Harris: Cancel anytime.

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    Thoughts On Does Iced Tea Cause Kidney Stones

  • jqr5447

    Great post! My family has a history of kidney stones, so I have done a bit of research in the past. I saw that staying hydrated helps, but I never saw anything about iced tea. Thats very interesting, and Ill be sure to limit the amount of iced tea that I drink!

  • Kelsey DonehowerPost author

    I dont have as big of a problem with this considering I only occasionally drink hot tea, and I dont even like iced tea. However, I just read that possibly chocolate can cause kidney stones, which is a big problem for me considering I love chocolate. Maybe now Ill be able to prevent myself from eating it so often.

  • Kelsey DonehowerPost author

    Mehmet, the article I read said that iced tea is drank more often and at larger amounts than hot tea. I guess people usually only drink hot tea once or twice a day, but people have multiple glasses of iced tea in one day.

  • Mehmet Fevzi Eygoren

    Wow, i never would have thought that the two could have been connected. Is there a reason why iced too has a higher chance of causing kidney stones compared to hot tee? Because its just basically the change in temperature and in some cases the adding of sugar.

  • Does Tea Cause Or Treat Kidney Stones

    Medically reviewed by Senik Matinyan, MD on December 10, 2019 – Written by the Azul Tea Editorial Team

    Drinking tea is good for you right? Well, it may not be as good as you think! And, it may contribute to the formation of kidney stones. But, not all teas share this feature.

    And, some teas help you remove kidney stones. So, how do you know which teas are the right ones for you?

    Does drinking tea causes kidney stones? Keep reading to find out which ones are safe. And, which ones to avoid if you already have kidney stones.

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    Which Tea Is Good And Which Is Bad

    Tea is safe to consume when you know the correct quantity and type. Moreover, it is better to maintain some precautions if you have kidney problems. Some of the examples of tea types are as follows:

    Green tea is one of the most beneficial types of tea for living a healthy life. It contains sodium of 2 mg, caffeine of 30 Mg , and no potassium.Furthermore, it supports weight loss and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent choice for kidney patients as it is an effective antioxidant also.

    Black tea is suitable for daily consumption with around 50 Mg of caffeine content. The amount of potassium is also very low in this type of tea. However, since it is high in oxalates, it is better to maintain a limit, especially if you have the risk of kidney stone formation. To reduce the effects of oxalate, you can add some milk to the black tea. It is better to intake hot tea more in case of kidney problems as iced tea contains more oxalate.

    There are always other options to try out. Look for teas that good for your kidney and liver health.

    Final Thoughts On Tea For Kidney Disease

    Kidney Stones: What Foods Help | Dr. Neal Barnard Q& A On The Exam Room LIVE
    • Common teas like black, green, oolong, and white tea are great choices for kidney health. However, be mindful that these types of tea that come from the Cammelia Sinensis plant contain caffeine.
    • Black tea contains oxalates
    • Green tea may interfere with the blood thinner Coumadin
    • Many of the common herbal teas are very safe for individuals with CKD- especially when taken in small doses
    • Tea made from fruit
    • When purchasing herbal tea, be sure to choose high-quality products that list any warnings or disclaimers on the label and website and information on where the herb was grown.
    • Certain types of herbal tea can interfere with medications or cause changes in blood pressure and blood sugar. Most often, this occurs with high doses of herbs.
    • If you are unsure about herbs, talk with your doctor or dietitian about their safety.
    • Always monitor your blood pressure/ blood sugar and watch for any changes in your usual health when beginning anything new. If you notice any changes to your current health or side effects, discontinue use immediately and contact your doctor.

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    Fruit Or Vegetable Juice

    Although juice does have lots of vitamins and minerals in it, I dont recommend it. Id much prefer people eat the ACTUAL fruit of vegetable, instead of juicing it and leaving all of that valuable fiber behind.

    Even 100% fruit juice has quite a bit of sugar in it. It is easy to consume a lot of sugar in juice form, compared to simply eating actual fruit. One serving of fruit is equivalent to only 4 fluid ounces of fruit juice.

    Vegetable juice is packed with sodium. Eating too much salt is one the most common dietary causes of high urine calcium and kidney stones. Even low sodium vegetable juice is pretty high in salt. An 8 fluid ounce serving of V8 vegetable juice has 640mg of sodium. The low sodium version has 140mg of sodium.

    If have high oxalate on a 24-hour urine test and need a low oxalate diet, vegetable juice can also be a very concentrated source of oxalate.

    Yes, this even includes fresh juices from a fancy juice bar or juice made at home.

    The Solution: Which Teas Are Best For Kidneys

    Not all teas are cause for concern when it comes to kidneys. There are plenty of tea types that havent been linked to kidney disease, and in fact may help improve kidney health! The key you may have learned by now is levels of caffeine and oxalates, and also other constituents like certain antioxidants which can actually be beneficial to kidney health.

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    Assessment Of Tea Alcohol And Fruit Consumption

    At baseline survey, all participants were required to report their frequency of tea consumption during the past 12 months . Participants who consumed tea at least once a week were further asked to report days consuming in a typical week type of tea consumed most commonly the number of cups of tea consumed in a drinking day. A pictorial guide was provided to illuminate the standard-sized cup. According to reported tea consumption frequency, all participants were divided into three groups: never, less than daily , or daily. According to the cups of tea consumed per drinking day, daily consumers were further divided into four groups: 12, 34, 56, or 7 cups per day.

    Habitual fresh fruit consumption was assessed by a validated qualitative food frequency questionnaire . All participants were required to report how often they had consumed fresh fruits during the past 12 months . The options never or every month but less than weekly were defined as less than weekly, and 13 days per week or 46 days per week were defined as weekly.

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    Kidney Stone Diet Plan And Prevention

    Kidney Stones Caused By Tea

    If you have kidney stones, you may need to follow a special diet plan. First, your healthcare professional will run blood and urine tests to find out what kind of risk factors you may have. Then your healthcare professional will tell you the diet changes and medical treatment you need to prevent having kidney stones come back.

    A registered kidney dietitian can help you make the necessary changes in your diet plan and lifestyle.

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    Diet Metabolic And Urinary Stone Risk Factors

    Comparison between male and female groups showed similar urine output , urinary calcium , oxalate , urate , urea , and sodium . Surprisingly, a higher fluid intake in female green tea drinkers compared to non-drinkers was not confirmed by a higher daily urine output . Nevertheless, as shown , the analysis according to sex showed no difference for stone risk factors between green tea drinkers and non-drinkers such as oxalate, calcium, urate, and citrate with even a trend for a lesser oxaluria in the green tea female population . Moreover, 24-h urine supersaturation indexes were similar between green tea drinkers and non-drinkers noteworthy for the calcium oxalate relative supersaturation index and the calcium oxalate product . However, a significant higher Ca/Ox ratio is noticed in female green tea drinkers, suggesting a relatively lower risk for oxalate-dependent stones .

    Why Drinking Too Much Iced Tea Caused This Mans Kidneys To Fail

    Iced tea is delicious no one here is denying that. But like with most great things, too much of it can bring about dire consequences.

    Such is the story of an Arkansas man who drank so much iced tea that it led him to develop kidney failure. Three Arkansas doctors described the case in a letter published by the New England Journal of Medicine this week.

    The 56-year-old man showed up at the hospital in May 2014 with weakness, fatigue and body aches, along with high levels of creatinine, which is used as an indicator for kidney function.

    Doctors asked: Do you have a history of kidney stones in your family? No.

    What about kidney disease? No.

    The questions continued, the doctors write, until eventually âthe patient admitted to drinking sixteen 8-oz glasses of iced tea daily.â

    Yeah, thatâs a lot of iced tea. A gallon of it, actually.

    Black tea is rich in the food compound oxalate, which had likely clogged the manâs kidneys and inflamed them, leading to renal failure and the need for dialysis.

    âIn this case there were oxalate crystals inside the kidney, and that generates an inflammatory reaction,â Umbar Ghaffar of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences told Reuters. âIf thatâs not resolved it will cause scarring and loss of the kidney tissue. So thatâs what probably was happening in this patient.â

    But at 16 cups of black iced tea a day, the Arkansas patient took in more than 1,500 milligrams of oxalate every day.

    So, bottoms up â to a limit.

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    How Much Tea Is Too Much

    Most herbal and green teas are safe to consume in larger amounts, however you may want to be more conservative if drinking darker, fermented teas such as black tea or puerh.

    Black can still be beneficial in moderate amounts. A 2002 study in the Journal of Epidemiology found that 8 oz of tea consumed daily actually reduced the risk of stone formation by 14% .

    Moderation is key when consuming tea. A recent case study from the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System described a patient that had drank 16, 8 ounce glasses of iced tea daily and had to be put on dialysis because his kidneys had stopped functioning . Although important to drink enough, remember water can also be toxic when consumed in large quantities!

    Can You Get Kidney Stones From Drinking Tea

    How to Prevent the Formation of Kidney Stones

    Some true teas from the Camellia sinensis plant are relatively high in oxalates, which naturally leads to concerns that they could contribute to kidney stone formation.

    While public opinions from urologists and other experts may fall on both sides of this issue, peer-reviewed research is more conclusive.

    Scientific studies find a risk of kidney stones in tea drinkers compared to people who dont drink tea.

    A 2013 analysis of over 194,000 participants found that there was an inverse relationship between daily intake of tea and the risk of new kidney stone formation.

    Also, the effect was cumulativethe more cups of tea per day and per week, the greater the benefit. That said, a relationship in study data doesnt prove causation, and theres also a possibility that people who drink tea also eat a healthier overall diet .

    A 2019 study also found that drinking green tea daily did not raise the risk of stone formation.

    And a fascinating 2009 study found that oxalate crystals formed in the presence of green tea were flatter and more fragile than those formed under regular conditions, which the authors argued could prevent the formation of clinical kidney stones.

    On the other side of the fence, Dr. John Milner, an assistant professor at the Department of Urology at Loyola University claims that For people who have a tendency to form the most common type of kidney stones, iced tea is one of the worst things to drink.

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    Can You Drink Hot Tea With Kidney Stones

    kidney stonesdrinking teakidney stonesyoudrinking onetea

    Is hot tea bad for kidney stones?

    Summer is high season for drinking iced tea. However, a John Miller, Loyla University Medical Center urologist warns that iced tea can contribute to painful kidney stones because of its high concentration of oxalate, one of the key chemicals that lead to the formation of kidney stones.


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