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Where To Buy Chinese Green Tea

Buy Real Chinese Tea From Real People

Tea Tasting in Beijing Tea in China Shopping for Tea preparing and drinking tea

The Teasenz grower network consists of small family farms in over 20 pollution-free growing regions in China. Our farmers have dedicated their lives to grow their tea and communities. They care about their land, because it’s the foundation of their existence and a heritage they want to pass on to their children.

Our farmers don’t hold any organic certifications that only large corporations can afford. However, the quality of their tea by far surpasses the organic standard. Through Teasenz, you can now directly order specialty teas from our partners, at a fair price for you and for them.

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Peony Chinese Natural Herbs

We have large selection of Chinese Herbs and specialized teas

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  • 5 star ratingGreat
  • 16610/15/2015

    Great store and location found this place just across from my hotel. ;They have a huge selection of herbs, vitamins and raw products as well. ;The lady in the store was very helpful and knowledgeable. Great products, reasonable prices. I will certainly return for more ginseng whenever I visit Calgary again.


  • 11/5/2009First to Review

    This herbal store has such an entertaining owner; he is so pleasant and funny and he even does tours of the Dragon City Mall. ; Plus if you go to his store always expect the ginger and Chinese tea to be on. ;I often frequent his shop to buy his natural products. I know I can count on him for his expertise on natural remedies for weight loss, and fish oil for my arthritis.He is a very honest fellow always informing me on my many options and prices, the pros and cons of each of his products. ;Affordable shopping and at a very accesible Dragon City Mall.


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  • Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
  • Dont Replace: For items youd rather not replace, choose Dont replace to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

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Chinese Vs Japanese Tea

Both Japanese and Chinese teas are made from the same plant camellia sinensis. However, even if you are new to tea, you may have noticed that they are very different. Some are more vegetal while the others have light and toasty flavor. Some are shaped like tiny needles, while others have long wiry leaves. Where do these differences come from? Learn about the main differences between Chinese and Japanese tea.

Wholesale Loose Leaf Green Tea From China

Compare Prices on Chinese Green Tea

We’ve years of experience in export Chinese green tea to different countries in the world. On our product pages you’ll see wholesale discounts starting from 200 gram per tea. If the green tea that you’re looking for isn’t available or if you’ve any questions, simply contact our friendly staff. We’ll receive a reply from us within a day.

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Direct From The Origin

Biluochun originates from the Dongting Mountains in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in China. The elevation of 300m to 1000m above sea level is ideal for growing these delicate looking, precious green tea leaves.

Based on chronicles from the Qing Dynasty, the Kangxi Emperor had a visit to Lake Tai and was told by the villagers of the scary fragrance emitted by the tea leaves. Not convinced, the emperor decided to give it a better name, green snail spring.

The Legendary Story Of Longjing Or Dragon Well Tea

Chinese mythology is full of mysteries. It is said that in the village where Longjing tea originated, there was a well that still supplied water even in times of drought. Its secret? The dragon that lived there In Chinese mythology, the dragon is a powerful symbol! Very different from the Western dragon, it lives in water and represents strength, happiness and benevolence. Another legend reports that Emperor Qianlong stopped at a Longjing tea plantation to help the pickers harvest tea. At the same time, he learned that his mother was ill. He hurried away, accidentally taking some tea leaves in his pocket. Enchanted by the scent of the tea leaves, the Empress asked for a taste. After a few days, her health improved. So much so that the Longjing tea plants were then renamed imperial trees!

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In China The Saying Goes You Can Study Tea All Of Your Life And Still Not Learn The Names Of All The Different Kinds But Theres Better Time To Start Than When Youre Traveling In Shanghai Or Other Chinese Cities

As popular as tea is, dont expect to be served a free pot when seated as in Chinese restaurants in the West. Most mid-level establishments and above will have a range of teas on hand to order by the pot or glass, and hole-in-the-wall establishments only serve bottled sugary varieties, tea water or incredibly diluted cheap, no-name tea.

If you are purchasing tea leaves or wares anywhere near tourist areas, be prepared to bargain heavily and dont expect the best quality. And NEVER EVER follow anyone from the street who engages you in conversation and tries to lead you to a tea shop; this is the well-known tea scam.

Where To Buy Amazing Tea Online

How To Brew Gunpowder Tea (A Chinese Green tea)
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So you’ve fallen in love with tea. You’ve learned how to tell your high mountain oolongs from your shade-grown gyokuro. Now you’re ready to buy some tea of your own.

Whenever I buy tea these days, I think back to a story from Verdant Tea‘s David Duckler:

When I was studying tea, one tea master forced me to drink only the foulest, lowest grade tea he had until I could describe and appreciate its flavor, aroma, and texture. Only then was I allowed to drink the “superior” tea. If someone brings you an ordinary tea bag and you can’t find anything good in it, that’s your fault, not the tea’s fault.

It’s a good reminder for tea lovers to not take themselves, or their tea, too seriously. Judging is easy. Appreciating is hard. And even seasoned experts have something to learn from tasting teas across a wide range of quality.

But when you want the good stuff, and you’re willing to pay for it, you deserve to actually get it. This post is here to help you sort through the many, many tea sources out there to find one right for you.

But specialty tea is a niche market, and a good shop is hard to find, even in big cities like New York. So us tea-loving folk have to take to the internet to find our tea. Start searching for sources and you’ll get flooded by options at all kinds of price points, along with crowdsourced websites full of reviews.* Who’s trustworthy? What tea is really worth the cost? It’s often impossible to tell until it’s too late.

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How Is Longjing Tea Made

1.;Pick fresh tea leaves: Dragon Well Tea leaves are picked during different periods of time. Generally speaking, the best is picked before Qingming Festival around the beginning of April, which is called Mingqian Tea. The one picked before Grain Rain around the middle of April are also fairly good and are called as Yuqian Tea.

2.;Spread and cool: Spread the leaves with a thickness of about 2cm for about 2 hours to give off the heat during transport.;

3.;Fry: Put the cooled leaves in a wok in gentle temperature and fry it with hands. This to send out water of the leaves.

4.;Spread and cool: Spread the fried leaves and wait for 40-60 min. Get out the broken pieces.;

5.;Dry: There are many methods. Usually, the leaves are fried again with low fire. After, put charcoal in a bag and put the bag in the container with Longjing. The charcoal should be changed every 2 months. Lime powder can do the same thing, but it should be replaced every month.;

Learn About Our Tea For Trees Campaign

Our Tea for Trees campaign creates a sustainable model that restores one of our most precious resources while offsetting the paper used in our products. Weve partnered with The National Forest Foundations Trees for Us, a program that annually plants millions of trees throughout our national forests. By giving back whenever possible, Buddha Teas strives to honor the earth and its many blessings. Help us plant trees while enjoying an unadulterated tea thats healthy for you and our planet.

By giving back whenever possible, Buddha Teas strives to honor the earth and its many blessings. Help us plant trees while enjoying an unadulterated tea thats healthy for you, and our planet. Read more about it here.

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Welcome To Dragon Tea House

Dragon Tea House Restaurant offers authentic and delicious tasting Chinese cuisine in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Dragon Tea Houses convenient location and affordable prices make our restaurant a natural choice for dine-in or;take-out meals in the Ft Lauderdale community. Our restaurant is known for its variety in taste and high quality fresh ingredients. Come and experience our friendly atmosphere and excellent service.

Start ordering online by clicking the button below. Simply select the menu items you want, add them to your cart and checkout. Your order will be sent to the restaurant and will be ready at the time you specify. Its that easy!

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Buy Chinese Green Tea Online

Buy Organic Chinese LongJing Green Tea Online

Among all the tea types, green tea is the most consumed in China, and has gained the popularity worldwide due to its amazing health properties. In China, green tea is the earliest type of tea in history. Nevertheless, a good and authentic cup, handmade from fresh Spring leaves, is still hard to find.

At Teasenz, we’re fortunate to work with loose leaf green tea farmers who are born and raised on the same land they grow tea. At the same time, we’re driven by our passion to share their fresh leaf teas with you, and the rest of the world.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, stay healthy and energized, or simply enjoy an authentic cup, you’re at the right place at Teasenz. Here’s why we’re so confident about our Chinese green teas:

Fresh: All our loose green teas are picked in the latest Spring season. The low temperatures during this season allow the tea leaves and buds to grow slowly and acquire more flavor. During early Spring, insects haven’t appeared yet, meaning that any use of pesticides will be avoided. This is why all our green teas safe and will flawlessly pass EU and USA import testing.

Healthy: Fresh green leaves also contain more nutritional and a high amount of antioxidants. In addition, all our loose green teas consists of 100% natural leaves with no artificial flavoring or coloring.

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The Region Where This Green Loose Leaf Tea Is Grown

West Lake Region: True Long Jing tea comes from the West Lake district on the outskirts of Hangzhou in Zhejiang. The pinyin for West Lake is XiHu, so you may see some Long Jing referred to as Xihu Long Jing. This area is a designated protected zone.

Within the West Lake area are the four original Long Jing tea villages of which the best known are Xifeng and Mejiawu. The best quality Long Jing is generally accepted as growing in the area of Xifeng.

To read more about our Organic Tea range, visit our blog in our Tea Journal here or learn how to make a cold brew tea

Which Teapot Should Be Used

Basically, the one you already have. If you drink several types of teas , you will need to opt for a memoryless teapot, which is the case for the vast majority of them . Only unglazed terracotta teapots have a memory. That is, they retain the aromas from one infusion to the next. You should therefore only choose this second option if you always drink the same type of tea. If you would like to; find out more, read our teapot guide.

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Jade Pearls With Jasmine Green Tea

A certain know-how has been passed on for over a hundred years in south-eastern China, that of the meticulous rolling of Chinese green tea into delicate little pearls, ready to be infused. The silver buds of this organic tea are scented with freshly picked jasmine petals. They are then rolled push by push, bead by bead. A real piece of artistry! Jade Pearls with Jasmine are a symbol of refinement and come with a little surprise. They don’t infuse once, or twice… but up to 5 or 6 times consecutively, for a total duration of 20 minutes. Each new infusion brings a new revelation and an increasingly intense note of jasmine. A bit of friendly advice? Use a pot large enough to allow the leaves to unfold … before you savour it.

Royal King Green Tea 100 Tea Bags

How to Brew Dragon Well (Longjing) Tea: Learn To Make This Famous Chinese Green Tea

The Royal King Green Tea will give you a delightful cup of light and smooth green tea. The tea leaves are grown in the undulating mountains under a temperate climate with an adequate rainfall amount. The product is a fresh set of beautiful green tea leaves.

The tea will be of dark color and not at all bitter. If you brewed properly, you wouldnt have to add any sweeteners to it, but you can add honey or milk. Its delicious and wonderful, and also comes at a very low price.

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Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Nobody can deny the countless health benefits of green tea. Green tea is not only delicious, but making a habit of drinking it regularly can contribute to a healthy body for people of all ages.

Drinking green tea regularly can decrease the risks of several life-threatening diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart problems. It also helps you lose weight. The catechin available in green tea can prevent cell damage.

Drinking green tea with honey also helps to improve the brain function and bone health.

Difference Between Chinese And Japanese Green Tea

Legend says that tea was first discovered almost 5000 years ago by a Chinese emperor Shen Nong, while the first written references appeared a bit;more than 2000 years ago. In Japan, tea appreciation started about 800 years ago, when a Zen monk Eisai brought tea plants from China, although tea was already known by that time. Even though they both share the same origin, those two countries adopted different processing methods, the way how tea is enjoyed, and developed their own cultivars.

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  • Pick up orders have no service fees, regardless of non-Express or Express membership.

Green Tea With Jasmine

China Green Tea

This is by far the most popular tea you will find in Asian restaurants, especially Chinese places. Jasmine tea has such a nice aroma and floral taste. It is my personal favorite flavored tea.

Jasmine tea can be made with any type of tea leaves , but green is most common and usually what you get in a Chinese restaurant.

It pairs well with jasmine, because the jasmine flower takes the lead. Even if the green tea is strong, the pleasant floral taste and aroma overpowers the earthy green tea vibe.

Green tea can have a very earthy flavor and it is easy to make it too strong. They should know what they are doing in a restaurant, but not always. It is easy to over-brew.

How is Green Jasmine Tea Made?

Jasmine tea can be made with any kind of basic tea leaves, but green tea leaves pair the best with the iconic jasmine flower smell and taste.

The tea is produced by combining jasmine flowers with the tea leaves of your choice, in this case green tea leaves.

Some jasmine teas will infuse the jasmine flowers with the tea leaves and then remove the flowers, while other teas will leave the flowers in the dried leaf mix. The best tasting teas are the ones that leave the flowers in the mix, in my opinion.

There are those who would argue that leaving the flowers in makes the tea too strong and too jasminey which I think is nonsense!

If you are curious which is the best green jasmine tea, read that article. It covers everything you need to know about jasmine green tea.

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