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Where Can I Buy Turmeric And Ginger Tea

Side Effects Of Turmeric

Turmeric & Ginger Tea | Did it Cure my Inflammation?

Shubhra Prasenjit Dey

Tea is an aromatic beverage that has originated from southwest China, which slowly got spread all over the world in the past years. It is the 2nd most popular drink consumed all around the world, 1st is water.

Though tea started its journey as a medicinal drink, but with time, it became so popular that it can be found in every household today.

Tea is often consumed by brewing tea leaves with hot boiling water. Floral, herbal and spicy flavourings can be added into this freshly brewed drink, depending on the requirements. To enhance the taste, sugar and milk are also added.

Turmeric-ginger tea is one such type of tea that is loaded with goodness of turmeric and ginger.

The tea can be brewed at home very easily. The ingredients are fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, lemon, honey and black pepper. Most widely used to manage diabetes, skin diseases, etc it also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It improves brain health and promotes weight loss. This tea is extremely powerful, so drinking one cup of this potent brew each day is enough to avail the above-mentioned health benefits.

However, as it is said that too much of everything is bad, in a similar way this tea too if consumed in excess can cause a lot of side effects.

Potential Risks Of Turmeric Tea

In general, turmeric tea is well-tolerated by most people. However, there are some potential risks to keep in mind:

Medication Interference

The curcumin in turmeric may lower your blood sugar or blood pressure. If you take medications for high blood pressure, like Warfarin, or diabetes, you should consult with your doctor before adding turmeric tea to your diet.

Pregnancy Concerns

While there is little evidence to support this claim, some believe that turmeric may stimulate labor contractions. Pregnant women may want to avoid turmeric tea or speak with their doctor before drinking it.

Bile Duct Blockages

Turmeric can increase bile production, which may cause problems for those who have had bile duct blockages, gallstones, or liver disease. Again, consult with your doctor if you have any of these conditions.

The Health Benefits Of Ginger Turmeric Tea

I have a family full of tea lovers so we are forever trying out new combinations both for their flavor and their health value. One of our more recent additions to the tea menu is a healthy combination of turmeric and ginger. Turmeric ginger tea is a delicious, refreshing brew whether you drink it hot or cold. It is also among the healthiest possible combinations that you can try.

Turmeric ginger tea or ginger turmeric tea has a delightful flavor. It is sweet and slightly spicy and is perfect for those cold, winter nights. But not only does this delicious brew taste great, it is also chock full of medicinal properties that can help treat a wide range of illnesses. This article will take a detailed look at the most impressive benefits of this tea and maybe will convince you to add it to your tea cabinet.

Before we go on to look at the specific health benefits of the tea, let us take a look at the two main ingredients. If you have spent any time reading the articles on this site, you will have sen that both ginger and turmeric feature heavily in various home remedy articles. There is good reason for that. Both ginger and turmeric contain a range of nutrients and compounds that can help treat a host of illnesses and keep you in good health.

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Of The Best Organic Turmeric Tea Brands And Blends

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If you found this article then you are probably looking for some of the best turmeric teas around. Well then, search no more because I have put together a list of ten outstanding turmeric tea options. Both turmeric tea blends and good old-fashioned plain turmeric tea are well represented here.

Turmeric tea is becoming one of the most popular herbal infusions to drink right now and there are dozens if not hundreds of brands out there that you can choose from.

If you a just looking for a great turmeric tea option and dont want to hang about then I recommend Buddha Teas Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea. It is an outstanding blend in a convenient teabag, great for a quick cup.

Read on to find out the best loose leaf turmeric teas as well as the best turmeric tea bags currently available. I dont think youre going to be disappointed with any of them.

What Is Turmeric Ginger Tea

Turmeric Ginger Tea Recipe with Cinnamon, Lemon and Honey ...

It is an herbal infusion prepared from fusing turmeric and ginger roots, both of which belong to the same botanical family, used as essential spice for cooking as well as various medicinal purposes for centuries. The host of essential nutrients present in turmeric and ginger make them increasingly beneficial as a tea, helping to provide relief from several ailments.

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Does Turmeric And Ginger Tea Have Caffeine

Making a cup of Ginger and Turmeric Tea before bed is perfectly acceptable. The reason is its absence of caffeine, a stimulating chemical compound that provides an energy boost.

While so-called real Tea from the Camellia sinensis plant has such an ability, this Herbal Tea does not. And thats good news for those who need to cut down their caffeine intake.

Teamonk Turmeric Green Tea Bags

This is the only true tea blend that I put on this list. The blend of green tea and turmeric tea is a very nice one. The earthy flavor of the turmeric tea adds to a little bit to the vegetable sweetness of the green tea.

But truth be told the green tea is really front and center in this blend. But I felt it was enough turmeric flavor to be included on our list.

There are few added factors you need to consider when dealing with a blend between an herbal infusion and a true tea.

First and foremost this blend does have caffeine in it. Turmeric tea is naturally caffeine-free but once you introduce the green tea into it you will get caffeine. If thats an issue for you then you need to skip this particular blend.

As long as your blending turmeric tea with other herbal infusions you wont get the caffeine part of the equation.

Another interesting thing about this green tea blend is that you need to be very careful when steeping it. Most of the other turmeric Blends on this list call for pretty high water temperature and long is 7 to 10 minutes steeps.

You cant do that with green tea. If your water temperature is anywhere near boiling you are typically going to burn your leaves and turn your tea into a very bitter, astringent mess.

Likewise, if you steep your turmeric green tea for 10 minutes its going to be very bitter and not very drinkable. So thats a couple of things to look out for when choosing this turmeric tea blend.

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Organic India Tulsi Turmeric Ginger Tea Bags

This is another wonderful ginger turmeric blend with the added bonus of having a little bit of tulsi or holy basil, flavor added into it.

We know about the warming spiciness of the ginger and the earthy sweetness of the turmeric root.

But what does tulsi bring to the table? What new flavor experience does add tulsi to this blend create?

It is pretty complex. Peppery, warm, and a little bitter are all accurate ways to describe tulsi and it comes through a little bit in this tea. It does complement the ginger and turmeric quite well.

There are also a few other flavors in this tea that are listed by Organic India. They are Cinnamon, Black Pepper, and Clove. They are noticeable somewhat but not to the point where they distract from the major flavors.

There is a small amount of stevia in the tea as well. If you are very sensitive to artificial sweeteners you will taste it right away. I certainly did.

While I still recommend this tea because it is quite tasty, the stevia means I will drink it very sparingly. I added it to this list for people who like a little bit of added sweetness to their tea.

The teabags themselves are unbleached and made from a biodegradable fiber which helps keep waste down.

What Exactly Is Turmeric

Turmeric Ginger Tea | Immune Boosting Tea | Immunity Boosting Recipe | Natural Cold Remedy

For thousands of years, India has been the largest turmeric producer on the planet. Though today it is cultivated throughout the world, we often associate its strong flavor with Indian foods, and its ayurvedic reputation as a powerful healing agent for a myriad of conditions. With its pungent taste and bright yellow color, combined with its notable popularity as a healing agent, turmeric has earned a distinctive, and distinguished place in both the kitchen and the medicine cabinet. Turmeric may be the it food product of our times, but its ancient to modern usage in the Hindu culture spans from wedding rituals, to clothes dying, to healing salves. Today, piggy-backing on another cultures blessings is normal, and we take it for granted. For those interested in learning more about the plethora of uses for turmeric, the information is vast and readily available via the internet.

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Turmeric And Ginger Tea Pregnancy

Do the same rules apply to pregnant women who, according to NHS Choices, shouldnt have more than 200-mg of caffeine daily?

Is there a chance of them experiencing other Turmeric and Ginger Tea side effects? Experts say that the blend is safe in moderation. It might even ease nausea and vomiting in expecting mothers. What you have here, then, is a win on all fronts.

Additional info

  • Anti Oxidants, Detox, Immune System
  • Caffeine Level

4.5Independent Feedback22

  • use this as fresh turmeric good for arthritis

    Review bySandra James

  • Excellently refreshing and a little bit different.

    Review byDavid Wright

  • Lovely cold weather comfort drink and an aid to digestion.

    Review byTrusted Customer

  • use this as and anti inflammatory

    Review bySandra James

  • This is a very tea and also very good for the health

    Review byFaisel Mohamed

  • Feel like this tea is really working on my system! Love it!

    Review byDonna Palmer

    Posted on2020-08-13

  • Hot and quite spicy. Amazing health benefits of both main ingredients! You feel your doing good when you drink it. Some may need sugar as quite bitter.

    Review byRobert Harris

  • Warming and good for you tea. Great brew mid morning for me.

    Review byTrusted Customer

  • A little worried about whether turmeric will stain teeth

    Review byAnn Hoban

  • Never had this before taste was great

    Review byHelen Laycock

  • What Are Ginger And Turmeric

    Ginger and turmeric are two types of flowering plants that are widely used in natural medicine.

    Ginger, or Zingiber officinale, originated in Southeast Asia and has long been used as a natural remedy for various health conditions.

    Its medicinal properties are mostly due to the presence of phenolic compounds, including gingerol, a chemical thought to possess potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties .

    Turmeric, also known as Curcuma longa, belongs to the same family of plants and is often used as a spice in Indian cooking.

    It contains the chemical compound curcumin, which has been shown to aid in treating and preventing several chronic conditions .

    Both ginger and turmeric can be consumed fresh, dried, or ground, and added to a variety of dishes. Theyre also available in supplement form.


    Ginger and turmeric are two types of flowering plants with medicinal properties. Both can be consumed in various ways and are available as supplements.

    Though evidence is limited on the effects of ginger and turmeric when used together, studies show that both can help reduce pain and sickness.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Turmeric And Ginger

    Both turmeric and ginger have been used in ayurvedic medicine for centuries for their healthy benefits. Both turmeric and ginger are spices made from a root and both have anti inflammatory benefits. They are both commonly used in spicy dishes, however they do have very different flavours. Curcumin is the main antioxidant found in turmeric and it has anti inflammatory effects on the body. The antioxidants found in turmeric aid in fighting free radicals in the body, which helps keep us younger for longer. Ginger also contains antioxidants and anti inflammatory benefits. Ginger is commonly used to aid in digestion. Ginger contains phenolic compounds which can soothe the digestive tract. There are also properties in ginger that can aid in increasing the growth of probiotics which can lead to a healthier gut microbiome.

    If you love turmeric recipes, you may also love this Indonesian Jamu Juice recipe made with fresh turmeric and infused with the flavours of masala chai.

    Ginger And Turmeric Tea For Acne

    Golden Milk with Fresh Turmeric

    These anti-inflammatory properties likewise have a positive influence should you choose to have Ginger and Turmeric Tea for acne and other skin conditions.

    A 2015 Pakistani study found that 360 eczema patients treated with topical formulations containing Turmeric experienced reduced itchiness, swelling and redness. Forget that £90 skin cream, then, and instead brew up a cuppa.

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    Some Facts About Turmeric

    • Turmeric is a native of India and is known scientifically as Curcuma longa.
    • Turmeric belongs to the same family if herbs as ginger.
    • It is often used as a substitute in cooking for the much more expensive saffron and is commonly used as an ingredient in Indian curries.
    • Turmeric has excellent anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.
    • Turmeric also helps soothe digestive issues like cramps, constipation and bloating.
    • Turmeric may help relieve many of the unwanted symptoms women suffer during menstruation.
    • It can improve liver function and help detox the body.
    • The Japanese have long used turmeric to make a healthy tea.
    • Turmeric can be applied topically to the skin. It can help treat blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines and can also help treat minor wounds and cuts.
    • An essential oil is made with turmeric.
    • Turmeric is often used as an ingredient in skin care and other cosmetic products.

    How Do You Make A Matcha Wellness Shot From Scratch

    Making this matcha, turmeric and ginger wellness shot is super easy to do. Its as simple as adding all of the ingredients into a blender and mixing together until well combined. This recipe makes 4 shots. You can adjust the quantities if you prefer to make one shot at a time or make 4 shots and store the matcha mix in a mason jar the fridge for up to 48 hours. If the mix has started to separate, just give it a little stir with a small whisk or a little shake up.


    • 1 Cup of Fresh Orange Juice

    • 1 Teaspoon of Matcha Green Tea

    • 1 Teaspoon of Turmeric Powder

    • 1/2 Teaspoon of Ground Ginger

    • Pinch of Black Pepper


    • Start by adding the orange juice into a blender. Next, add the spices and matcha green tea powder.

    • Blend all of the ingredients until everything has been combined.

    • Pour into glasses and enjoy straight or alternatively use the matcha mixture to top up sparkling water for a less intense taste 🙂

    Matcha Turmeric & Ginger Wellness Shot

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    How To Make Ginger Turmeric Tea

    It is very simple to make your own healthy ginger turmeric tea by following these instructions:

    You Need

    • A teaspoon of grated ginger root and the same amount of grated turmeric.
    • If you are using powdered turmeric or ginger, use a third of a teaspoon.
    • ¼ teaspoon black pepper.
    • Optional lemon and honey to taste.

    Starwest Botanicals Organic Turmeric Spice Tea Steeping Instructions

    How To Make Anti-Inflammatory Tea With Ginger & Turmeric
    • 1-2 teaspoons Of Starwest Botanicals Organic Turmeric Spice Tea
    • A 212°F/100°C Water Temperature Is Recommended By Starwest Botanicals although I do not like to use boiling water in most cases, here it should not be a problem.
    • Steep Covered For 5 to 10 minutes add or subtract time for personal taste
    • Use filtered tap water or bottled spring water for the best results

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    Some Facts About Ginger

    • Although many people refer to ginger as ginger root, it is actually a rhizome which is the underground stem of the herb.
    • You can grow your own ginger from the rhizomes.
    • Ginger belongs to the same Zingiberaceae family as cardamom and turmeric.
    • The herb is a native of Southeast Asia but thrives in warm regions.
    • Ginger is cultivated all year and is harvested after around 10 to 12 months.
    • The plant grows to around four feet in height.
    • Ginger has a variety of health benefits including digestive benefits, easing nausea and regulating blood sugar.
    • A very powerful essential oil is made from ginger. It can be diluted and applied topically to treat muscle pain and inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

    Learn About Our Tea For Trees Campaign

    Our Tea for Trees campaign creates a sustainable model that restores one of our most precious resources while offsetting the paper used in our products. Weve partnered with The National Forest Foundations Trees for Us, a program that annually plants millions of trees throughout our national forests. By giving back whenever possible, Buddha Teas strives to honor the earth and its many blessings. Help us plant trees while enjoying an unadulterated tea thats healthy for you and our planet.

    By giving back whenever possible, Buddha Teas strives to honor the earth and its many blessings. Help us plant trees while enjoying an unadulterated tea thats healthy for you, and our planet. Read more about it here.

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