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What Is Matcha Green Tea Powder

You Won’t Feel As Jittery As You Might From A Cup Of Joe

What Is Matcha Tea Powder?

“Matcha powder contains L-theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to reduce stress,” Gorham says. One 2016 study found that drinking a beverage with around 25 mg of L-theanine like green tea can be extremely effective at reducing stress and increasing the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain. “People say that when they drink matcha, they have a smooth alertness and don’t experience a ‘caffeine crash,’ which could have to do with the L-theanine component,” Gorham adds.

A Powerhouse Of Antioxidants

Matcha tea is packed with seval antioxidants, like polyphenols and catechins, that are great for our body. To everyones doubt, matcha is said to contain much more antioxidants than the popular foods like blueberries.

Out of all the antioxidants present in the high quality decaf Japanese matcha green tea, EGCG is one of the prominent tea catechin that is present in matacha. It basically interferes with oxidation and helps in gaining a wide range of health benefits. Almost all the perks that are attributed from matcha are due to this one ingredient. EGCG makes matcha being counted in the superfoods that provide infinite benefits to humans. It helps in increasing fat oxidation which further accelerates fat loss. EGCG prevents oxidative stress and much more.

Matcha Tea Is Very Easy To Prepare

Taking advantage of the many health benefits of matcha is simple and the tea tastes delicious.

You can make traditional matcha tea by sifting 12 teaspoons of matcha powder into your cup, adding 2 ounces of hot water, and mixing it together with a bamboo whisk.

You can also adjust the ratio of matcha powder to water based on your preferred consistency.

For a thinner tea, reduce the powder to a half teaspoon and mix with 34 ounces of hot water.

If you prefer a more concentrated version, combine 2 teaspoons of powder with just 1 ounce of water.

If youre feeling creative, you can even try whipping up matcha lattes, puddings, or protein smoothies to boost the nutrient content of your favorite recipes.

As always, moderation is key. Although matcha is brimming with health benefits, more is not necessarily better.

In fact, liver problems have been reported in some people who drank high amounts of green tea daily .

Drinking matcha may also increase your exposure to contaminants like pesticides, chemicals, and even arsenic found in the soil where the tea plants are grown (

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Delicious For Everything From Tea To Baked Goods

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Best Tea Bags:

“The company advertises its product as the first tea bags in the U.S. filled with 100 percent matcha.”

While matcha continues to grow in popularity, attracting newcomers for various reasons including culinary versatility, the striking green powder actually traces back centuries. Its most prominent origin story goes like this: The Zen Buddhist monk Eisai brought the tea plant from China to Japan in the 12th century. Every sip of a matcha latte today to every spoonful of green tea ice cream contains this 900-year-old history.

From culinary grade to ceremonial, here are the best matcha powders to buy.

Improvement Of Cognitive Function Prevention Of Neurodegenerative Disorders

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Non

Consumption of green tea is regarded as an effective dietary intervention to promote clarity of mind and cognitive function. These health benefits are attributed mainly to epigallocatechin gallate .

Cognitive function tends to deteriorate with age in a manner dependant on environmental factors, including lifestyle . Regular dietary intake of caffeine may reduce the risk of cognitive decline in women, and its effect increases with age . By reversing oxidative processes and reducing neuroinflammation, caffeine may indirectly inhibit ageing of the brain , and in this way maintain its normal function. Oxidative stress, which is capable of inducing neuronal damage, may induce memory impairment. Caffeine supplementation, with its anti-inflammatory effects, chiefly in the hippocampus, may prevent the development of this disorder . The positive effects of caffeine on the nervous system and preventing neurodegenerative diseases are closely related to the decreased deposition of amyloid- in the brain . Systemic inflammation induced by lipopolysaccharide plays a key role in neurodegenerative diseases. EGCG inhibits LPS-induced production of reactive oxygen species, suggesting that EGCG is a potent and effective neuroprotective agent in neurological disorders mediated by inflammation .

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Eco Head Organic Matcha Green Powder

This product is packed into a 30g or 1.05oz bag. Produced in the Uji part of Japan, it has a bright green color and a fresh grassy aroma that makes you want to drink some more. Buyers are protected by the brands 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the green tea.

These are the best Matcha Green Tea Powders to buy and be sure that you are not getting the lesser quality of Green Matcha Tea. If you feel like our Best Match Green Tea Powder article and recommended Matcha Teas are worth sharing, feel free doing so.

Matcha’s Antioxidant Level Vs Other Foods

Many foods have been given the label of super over time, but how many have truly earned it? Many of these so-called superfoods do contain nutrients that are good for you Nuts, dark-chocolate, berries, fruits, and vegetables all provide health benefits. All part of a healthy diet, but in this case matcha tea truly earns the title of superfood when it comes to antioxidants.

Each food has been measured for their antioxidant capacities, in a unit called ORAC Goji berries, for example, contain 253 ORAC units per gram. Dark chocolate contains 227. Pecans have 180 walnuts, 135. Pomegranates have 105, and wild berries, acai berries, broccoli and spinach all have less than 100. Where does matcha stand? Matcha green tea has a whopping 1,348 ORAC units per cup.

Matcha is not just a feel-good tea, Its thus a real superfood that boosts your physical health, improves concentration, and delivers health benefits you don’t get from other foods or beverages.

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Best For Lattes: Encha Latte Grade Pure Organic Matcha

There is no shortage of matcha latte mixes, but Encha considers itself the only company “offering a latte grade using first harvest pure and organic matcha powder.” Essentially, other latte mixes tend to contain later-season matcha made from tougher, more bitter leaves, leading to an earthier taste, but this mix is filled with the good stuff.

While some reviewers picked up hints of bitterness, the majority call it smooth, naturally sweet, and extremely easy to blend. Encha is so confident in its matcha that the mix has a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Bags are sold in two sizes, 30 and 60 gramsâboth of which have handy recipes printed on them. The recommended ratio is 2 grams of matcha for 6 to 8 ounces of milk. Shake, whisk, or blend it. No matter what, it takes just minutes for a delicious matcha latte.

Grade: Latte | Origin: Uji, Japan | Harvest: First harvest | Size: 60 grams

Is Matcha And Green Tea Powder Interchangeable

What is Matcha Tea? What are the benefits of Matcha Green Tea Powder?

Teas that are simply ground into a powder are not matcha and this includes green tea. So here is my more unbiased view The choice of matcha versus powdered green tea largely depends on your motivations for consuming it. If a level health benefit is the sole reason you are drinking green tea powder and price is a concern then sencha is adequate. Best blended into smoothies. Youll just need to drink far more of it in order to obtain the same benefits as Matcha.

If health, energy, focus and taste are your drivers then dont cut corners and buy the good stuff. You cant replace tencha with sencha and expect the same results.

Take a look at our high-grade, shade-grown, organic matcha green tea powder in our online store here.

Leane is a health, nutrition and lifestyle enthusiast and Founder of Kineta, a wellness business based in Devon. A lover of nature, avid adventurer and keen health foodie, Leane understands the importance of healthy living, as well as the need for an energy boost in a fast-paced world. Kineta was founded on this understanding. As well as founding Kineta, Leane is a qualified Tea sommelier and MAster Herbalist. She has spoken on the health benefits of tea, particularly green tea, around the world.

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The Best Matcha Tastes Great

Green is the embodiment of health, but just because matcha looks healthy doesnt mean it has to taste like grass!Some teas require sugar, milk and lemon to make them drinkable, but the best matcha tea is wonderful on its own. Ceremonial matcha has a delicious vegetal flavor that is complemented by savory umami notes and tastes great both hot and over ice. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a delicious cup of matcha green tea.

Where To Buy Matcha Green Tea

Looking for an amazing everyday matcha green tea powder?

Look no further than Tenzo Tea. We might be a bit biased, but we also flew across the world to organically source the best matcha on the planet from local farmers in Kagoshima, Japan. Tenzo Tea is ceremonial in quality, emerald green in color and delicate and smooth in taste.

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea Vs Green Tea

    The Camellia sinensis plant is known for its myriad wellness benefits,* so matcha tea and green tea share many similarities in this regard. However, due to their unique cultivation, processing, and preparation methods, the two teas boast slightly different health benefits.

    Both types of tea contain antioxidants, polyphenols, and a unique amino acid called L-theanine. Matcha powder and green tea have been used in traditional healing for thousands of years, and today they are commonly used during cleanses and detoxes.

    When preparing green tea, the leaves are steeped in hot water to allow the essence of the tea to be absorbed by the liquid. When the leaves are removed from the water, some of the nutrients are removed as well. With matcha, the ground tea leaves are fully ingested. This means all of the nutrientsand caffeine contentis consumed.

    Additionally, matcha green tea may contain anywhere from three to ten times the quantity of antioxidants contained in standard green tea. It is also packed with catechin or EGCg, one of the most powerful types of antioxidants. This is largely due to the shade-grown cultivation and processing methods.

    Green tea contains roughly half the caffeine content of black tea, and a quarter the caffeine of coffee. Matcha green tea contains slightly more caffeinearound half the amount per cup in comparison to coffee.

    Parameters Affecting Chemical Composition

    Organic matcha green tea powder

    One parameter which has a significant effect on the chemical composition and health-promoting properties of a tea beverage is the temperature of the water used to make the infusion. This is related to the extraction of biologically active compounds and higher kinetic energy in tea brewed at a high temperature .

    The content of health-promoting substances, including polyphenols, is also affected by the agro-climatic conditions during growth, such as the number and distribution of sunny and rainy days, fertilisation and plant protection measures, if any, etc. .

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    How Much Does The Best Matcha Powder Cost

    Premium matcha green tea powder is expensive, but I think you will find that it is well worth it. What is expensive?

    The best ceremonial grade matcha green tea powders typically cost between $25 and $50 per ounce. Yes, that is expensive, and you get what you pay for. I have tried less expensive matcha and I have never found any that is nearly as good as the expensive stuff.

    Why Is Matcha Good For You

    Matcha tea may seem like just another type of tea, but nothing can be further from the truth. Regular green teas only use a fraction of the nutrients stored in the leaves. As the tea brews, only a small portion of the nutrients end up in the water. The rest is still in the leaves which are cast aside, and are already at a disadvantage because of subpar harvesting techniques.

    Matcha tea, on the other hand, allows you to consume the whole leaf. This ensures that the full benefits will be made available to you youll be leaving others in the dust by choosing matcha over loose-leaf green tea, reaching your full potential with every cup.

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    Helps Oxygenate The Body

    The body has a natural detoxification system to remove toxins from the body, and the liver is the first line of defense in this process. It converts toxic substances into harmless substances so they can be released into the bloodstream and then removed from the body through urination.

    The liver needs oxygen to function properly and compared with other types of tea leaves, matcha contains a higher level of the antioxidant chlorophyll, which helps carry more oxygen to tissue and organs.

    Best Budget: Purechimp Matcha Green Tea Powder

    Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea Powder

    Due to a brief harvest season and select growing regions , matcha powder can get pricey, especially compared to coffee and tea. But U.K.-based company PureChimp keeps its prices low, which is why it’s our best budget pick.

    The product has solid online reviews, with many customers calling the flavor smooth, though slightly grassy, while others say that it’s an unbeatable value-for-money option. Keep a decent amount of skepticism, of course. The powder is duller than many pricier matchasâa sign of lower qualityâand the company does not indicate how the tencha leaves are ground, meaning a cheaper and cruder alternative to stone grinding might be used.

    On the plus side, all of PureChimp’s products are sourced in the Kyoto region of Japan, and the company even sells flavored matcha powders, including mint, turmeric, rooibos, and lemongrass. As an added bonus, 5 percent of profits are donated to Save The Chimps.

    Grade: Ceremonial | Origin: Kagoshima, Japan | Harvest: First harvest | Size: 20, 50, 100, and 500 grams

    Culinary grade matcha can be enjoyed in traditional tea form, but it’s best for mixing into recipes: smoothies, baked goods, saltâyou name it. Since the tencha leaves are harvested later in season and ground with more heat, the resulting powder has a darker color and more bitter taste. This helps it “stand up to the strong flavors in milk, butter, and sugar,” explains Puyane.

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    Chemical Composition Of Japanese Matcha Green Tea

    The health benefits of green tea arise from the presence of natural antioxidants , such as polyphenols: a wide range of compounds accounting for as much as 30% of the dry weight of green tea . Polyphenols are believed to be exceptionally powerful antioxidants, with effects comparable to those of vitamins, such as vitamins C and E, carotene and tocopherol . The amounts of health-promoting active substances contained in tea beverages depend of the type of tea, the amount of tea leaves per portion, brewing temperature and time .

    What To Do With Matcha Powder: 7 Creative Ways To Use Matcha

    Matcha powder is a type of green tea powder produced in Japan. The preparation of matcha involves covering the tea bushes several weeks prior to the harvest period in order to prevent exposure to sunlight. As a result of the lack of sunlight, the tea leaves become dark green and start to produce large amounts of the amino acid theanine. Theanine is responsible for many of the beneficial health effects of matcha green tea powder. Matcha powder is used in Japan to brew high quality green tea which is consumed in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, but this nutrient-dense powder, along with other types of green tea powder, can also be used in cooking and baking. This article aims to provide creative ideas on what to do with matcha powder as well as tips on how to use matcha succesfully in the kitchen.

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    Where Is The Best Place To Buy Matcha Green Tea Powder

    The best place to buy matcha green tea powder is and Ill explain why.

    Amazon is the worlds largest retailer. They are responsible for the products that they sell and they dont want to associate with products that dont live up to their claims. There are websites out there that are sources of matcha on the internet. They put their own label on the matcha packaging and you have no idea what you are actually getting. You dont want to buy matcha from those sources.

    Also, Amazon has thousands of verified reviews from people who have actually tried the different brands of matcha that they sell. It is as easy as picking a brand that has a lot of good reviews.

    I hope that you have found our Ultimate Guide to the Best Matcha Green Tea Powder useful. It is packed with information and I hope that it answered all of your questions about this amazing superfood.

    The top 3 picks above in our matcha reviews are definitely the best brands of matcha available today and Amazon is the best place to buy matcha green tea powder.

    We will be adding more matcha reviews as we find more brands worth reviewing. Wed love to hear what you think!

    Please leave your comments, questions and suggestions below.


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  • Matcha Ice Cream Recipe

    Authentic Japanese Organic Matcha Tea Powder

    No jokethis easy ice cream only has three ingredients!

    Matcha green tea powder mixed with cream and sweetened condensed milk yields a creamy, dreamy ice cream that has almost a soft-serve texture to it. The fresh, grassy notes of the matcha balance out the sweetness of the condensed milk. Its a rich ice cream, so a little goes a long way on a cone for a summertime treat or in a bowl for a classy dinner party dessert.


    • 2 tsp. matcha green tea powder
    • 2 cups heavy cream
    • 1 can sweetened condensed milk

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