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Tim Hortons Almond Milk Latte

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Menus, ingredients, kitchen procedures, management, food sourcing, and restaurant protocols are subject to change at any time. Always read the menu and discuss your dietary needs with the staff before ordering. Make sure they can accommodate your situation. This post is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as advice.

There is always a risk for potential cross-contamination of allergens in any commercial kitchen. If cross-contamination is an issue for you, always speak with the manager to ensure that your meal can be safely prepared. Listings here do not guarantee that a restaurant is safe enough for your individual needs. Only you can make that decision.

Each location of a chain restaurant has different management and staff, and some might have different owners. This means differences in processes, ingredients used, menu options, and food sourcing can occur. Always verify the safety of your order for your needs at your current location.

Tim Hortons Pumpkin Spice Iced Capp

A fall twist on a Tims classic! These two bold flavours iced cappuccino and pumpkin spice blend together perfectly for a refreshing fall treat.

Calories: Small , Medium , Large

Customization options:

  • Dairy: Cream 2% Milk Skim Milk Chocolate Milk Silk® Soy Beverage Silk® Almond Beverage Chobani® Oat Beverage
  • Espresso Shots : 0 , 1, 2, 3
  • Flavour Shots : Vanilla Syrup Chocolate Syrup Caramel Syrup Pumpkin Spice Syrup
  • Toppings: Whipped Topping

Price: Small Medium Large

Based on a single sample pricing of a Tim Hortons location at 947 Hornby Street, Vancouver BC. Please check your local Tim Hortons for local pricing.

Tim Hortons Is Now Offering Almond Milk As Plant Based Alternative

Tim Hortons has introduced Danones Silk® Almond Beverage in all its restaurants so that those who want plant-based beverages can now choose almond milk as an alternative to dairy.

100% Canadian skim milk is also now available in all restaurants across Canada.

As per the news release, there will be no additional cost to add skim milk to any beverage, or for almond beverage to be added to brewed or iced coffee and hot teas.

Prices will vary by region when the almond beverage is added to espresso-based beverages, tea lattes, or frozen beverages like Iced Capps.

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Tim Horton’s Iced Coffee

  • In a mason jar, combine cold brew, soy milk, creamer and stir.
  • Add as much ice as you can to fill the jar.
  • Stir and enjoy! You may need to stir it occasionally as you’re drinking it since the ingredients can separate if left too long.
  • Notes

    • This iced coffee tastes exactly like Tim Hortons iced coffee because its so thick, creamy, and decadent!
    • Earths Own Barista blend- specifically the So Nice Soy Barista Blend is amazing for a Tim Hortons style iced coffee since its thicker than the typical soy or almond milk. Its surprisingly creamy and doesnt separate! But feel free to use whatever brand you like!
    • I like to use Coffee Mate Bliss Caramel creamer! I find it adds a mocha / chocolatey flavour when combined with the cold brew.
    • Ive also come to love Silk Hazelnut Almond Creamer in this recipe. It has a classic dark and nutty flavor.
    • If you dont have a cold brew maker you can also use a french press to make homemade cold brew. I got this cold brew maker on Amazon and love it!

    Tim Hortons Just Added Almond Milk To Its Menu

    We Try Starbucks, Tim Hortons &  Second Cup

    Tim Hortons is launching vegan almond milk at all its Canadian stores. After reporting falling sales and profits in the most recent quarter, the Canadian chain is going back to basics.

    At Tim Hortons, our performance did not reflect the incredible power of our brand, said Restaurant Brands International, Tim Hortons parent company, in a press release.It is clear that we have a large opportunity to refocus on our founding values and what has made us famous with our guests over the years, which will be the basis for our plan in 2020.

    RBI plans to improve Tim Hortons performance by improving and modernizing its core categories. This includes improving its coffee and adding an almond milk option. Many Tim Hortons customers have been waiting for a vegan milk option for years, and the brand confirmed via Twitter that almond milk is coming soon.

    There is clearly a sizable gap between what this brand is capable of and the performance weve delivered, said RBI CEO José Cil on a conference call with analysts. These adjustments may seem basic, but thats the point, he added. Being the absolute best at the basics that were already famous for.According to Global News, Tim Hortons plans to launch almond milk this spring.

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    Tim Hortons Maple Collection

    The limited-edition Tim Hortons Maple Collection features three delicious and giftable confectionery items made with 100 per cent Canadian maple syrup.

    The Maple Collection is proudly made in partnership with Quebec maple syrup producer Brien Maple Sweets Inc.

    Tim Hortons Maple Syrup: This Grade-A syrup has a rich amber taste and is a terrific topping for savoury weekend breakfasts or to drizzle in your warm Tims beverages.

    Tim Hortons Maple Butter: Made from 100 per cent churned maple syrup, our Maple Butter has a deliciously smooth, creamy texture and is a delicious spread on Tim Hortons bagels, croissants and other baked goods and pastries.

    Tim Hortons Soft Maple Candies: Made with only one ingredient 100 per cent maple syrup these candies are melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

    All menu and Maple Collection items are available exclusively at participating Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada.

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    How Many Calories Are In Tim Hortons Almond Milk

    Almond milk adds between seven and 18 calories to a cup of regular coffee, depending on the size you choose.

    Further, almond milk adds between 94 and 193 calories to a Tim Hortons latte depending on the size.

    Moreover, the number of calories that almond milk adds to other beverages can vary greatly, and you should check specific drinks for the most accurate calorie count.

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    Tim Hortons Just Introduced Almond Milk At Locations Across Canada

    Tim Hortons is now offering almond milk in restaurants across Canada for customers to enjoy in hot or cold drinks.

    The plant-based option can be added to brewed or iced coffee and hot teas at no additional cost, while the price for espresso-based beverages, tea lattes, and frozen beverages varies by region.

    The decision was based on feedback from many guests who had said they wanted a non-dairy alternative from the coffee purveyor, Tim Hortons said.

    Silk Almond Beverage is the option now available at coffee shops across the country, thanks to a partnership with Danone.

    We know that many Canadians have a growing desire for plant-based products, both for nutritional benefits and delicious taste, Jeremy Oxley, Danones vice president of marketing, strategy, and insights said in a release.

    In addition to its great taste, is free from dairy lactose, soy, and gluten, plus it provides a number of essential nutrients.

    According to Tim Hortons, research showed that guests who requested a non-dairy alternative would opt for almond more than other alternatives.

    Tim Hortons

    And almond milk isnt the only new addition Tims is bringing into restaurants today.

    In addition to adding almond beverage, were also responding to feedback by now offering skim milk to our guests, said Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer at Tim Hortons.

    Were happy to be offering more choices to guests.

    Tim Hortons Menu Prices

    Tim Horton’s Vanilla Iced Latte review

    Menu Tim Hortons is a Canadian fast-casual restaurant best known for its coffee. Although coffee is their main specialty, Tim Hortons has expanded their menu to include many other food items such as sandwiches, bread, salads, breakfast items, and much more. Since it is a fast-casual restaurant, Tim Hortons menu prices are much more expensive than regular fast-food restaurants.

    Tim Hortons menu is quite extensive, however, not all items are available at every location.

    Below are the latest Tim Hortons menu prices.

    Coffee Small Coffee Medium Coffee Large Coffee Extra Large Iced Coffee Small Iced Coffee Medium Iced Coffee Large Frozen Hot Chocolate or Strawberries & Cream Small Frozen Hot Chocolate or Strawberries & Cream Medium Frozen Hot Chocolate or Strawberries & Cream Large Frozen Lemonade Small Frozen Lemonade Medium Frozen Lemonade Large Add Regular or Chocolate Whipped Topping $0.50 Smoothie Small Smoothie Medium Smoothie Large Add Regular or Chocolate Whipped Topping $0.50

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    What Is A Tim Hortons Latte

    Timothy Hortons The guests only need to say latte in order to receive the new made-to-order specialty beverage that comes in one size, has one price point, and strikes the ideal balance between just two simple ingredients. These two ingredients are freshly ground premium 100 percent Arabica espresso beans and freshly steamed Canadian milk.

    What Does Tim Hortons Put In Their Coffee

    Tim Hortons coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans and is freshly ground and brewed every 20 minutes. Tim Hortons coffee is also made with fresh, filtered water.

    Tim Hortons standard large 20-ounce coffee contains approximately 270 mg of caffeine per cup. There are several drinks on the menu that contain caffeine. Caffeine is not eliminated from decaf coffee however, you will get a trace of it in your coffee. have fewer caffeine levels but do not eliminate them completely. According to experts, it is recommended that you only consume 400 mg of caffeine per day. Caffeine can cause nervousness and anxiety in a hurry. When caffeine is excessive, the body produces a slew of other symptoms such as high blood pressure and heart problems. If you drink two Tim Hortons drinks, you risk overdoing it.

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    Does Tim Hortons Have Almond Milk In

    Tim Hortons does offer almond milk as well as a number of other dairy milk alternatives in . Almond milk should be available at Tim Hortons locations throughout Canada and the United States, but it is not guaranteed that all franchises serve it. It should also be offered with coffee and other drinks.

    Do you want to know more about whether Tim Hortons serves almond milk and other alternatives it offers? If so, read on to learn what Ive found out!

    Tim Hortons Just Launched Chobanis Oat Milk At More Than 4000 Locations Across Canada

    Tim Hortons Almond Milk Nutrition Facts

    This week, Tim HortonsCanadas largest quick-service chainadded vegan oat milk made by Chobani at its more than 4,000 locations across Canada. Chobanis oat milk is also gluten-free and can be ordered as part of any hot or iced beverage at Tim Hortons Canada.

    Were happy to be serving Chobani oat beverage and giving our guests another option so they can personalize their coffee and other beverage orders just how they like it, Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer for Tim Hortons, said in a statement.

    Chobanis oat milk is also featured as part of two limited-time beverages, Cinnamon Caramel Oat Latte or a Cinnamon Caramel Oat Cold Brew, at participating Tim Hortons locations. In a statement sent to VegNews, a spokesperson for Tim Hortons confirmed that both drinks are free from animal products but advised that cross-contact with ingredients at the restaurant level may occur.

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    What Kind Of Lattes Does Tim Hortons Have

    Get toasty with one of our flavored lattes, brewed with excellent Arabica beans that have just been freshly ground. Available in Mocha, Caramel or Vanilla. Only the medium size is available for this offer. At participating restaurants. Image used as a background depicting the NEW Iced Latte and Latte offered by Tim Hortons.

    Latte With Oat Milk And Sugar

    *Substitute the dairy milk for oat milk and add sugar-free vanilla shot*

    Still in the mood for a flavored hot coffee but not so much of almond milk and hazelnut kind of person? Then how about an oat milk latte with a shot of sugar-free vanilla. Creamy, oat, vanilla, and the perfect caffeine hit. Whats not to love?

    Again, make sure to double-check with your server that the sugar-free vanilla shot is vegan.

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    Chobani Gets Into Oat Milk

    Until recently, Chobani offered exclusively dairy-based products and was best known for its Greek-style yogurt. However, in January 2019, the brand launched its first plant-based product line. Made with cultured coconut cream, Chobanis first vegan line featured five yogurt flavors and four drink flavors .

    By November 2019, Chobani got deeper into plant-based products with the launch of The World of Chobani Oat, a platform that explores the potential of oat-based products. Under this line, Chobani launched a variety of yogurts and drinks made with oats, along with creamers, oat milk-based blended coffee beverages, and seasonal Oat Nog. The brand also developed the Oat Drink Barista Blend designed to behave similar to steamed whole milk in coffee.

    Our oat beverage is a perfect pairing for their coffee and tea drinks, Peter McGuinness, Chobani President and Chief Operating Officer, said in a statement. Tim Hortons is a great partner and were proud to be their oat beverage of choice in restaurants all across Canada.

    Second Cups Vegan Oat Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Tim Hortons Iced Latte review

    The PSL isnt new to Second Cups menu line-up, but this vegan option is. Canadian-based Second Cup is celebrating the start of fall with their first-ever vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte, made with Pacific Foods Barista Series Oat Milk . Second Cups PSL blends the oat milk with bold espresso, organic pumpkin pie spice blend and a pumpkin pie spice syrup made with pure cane sugar and no artificial flavours. A few years ago, Second Cups pumpkin spice blend contained dairy allergens, but thats all changed now with a new formulation to make it vegan.

    In my opinion, oat milk is a great pairing with pumpkin spice. The latte was very smooth, with a pleasant spice flavour that wasnt overwhelming or artificial-tasting. Drinking this definitely invoked feeling of warmth, like I should have been wearing a cozy sweater or scarf. The syrup did make this drink a bit on the sweeter side, so make sure not to add any additional sweeteners , if you prefer your lattes less so.

    You can also custom order oat milk in Second Cups other drink offerings, including the new Toasted Nut Frappé.

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    The Top 10 Best Vegan Drinks At Tim Hortons

    As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I also participate in affiliate programs for Instacart, and Organic Wine Exchange. I am compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.

    Top 10 Drinks at Tim Hortons are you a vegan coffee lover who lives North of the Border? If the answer is yes, then this post is for you. Thats because today I am going to be sharing with you 10 of the best vegan Drinks at Tim Hortons. Whether you call it Tims or Timmies if you live in Canada then no doubt you will know about Tim Hortons. If you are not from Canada, then think of Tim Hortons as Canadas equivalent of Dunkin Donut. In this post, I am going to list my personal top 10 suggestions for vegan drinks at Tim Hortons. Think of it as a simple and easy go-to list you can use when ordering from your favorite Tim Hortons. To begin, what are even the best vegan drinks at Tim Hortons?

    What You Need To Know When Ordering At Tim Hortons

    First, despite being mentioned, the Quencher drinks dont appear to still be on the menu at Tim Hortons. They were launched in Summer 2021 but dont seem to be on the menu at the time of writing . Maybe they will make a return this Summer, maybe they are gone for good who knows.

    This essentially means just black coffee, tea, and lemonade are on the list as vegan-friendly drink options. Not hugely exciting I realize. Dont worry there is still hope for an exciting vegan drink at Tim Hortons.

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    Best Vegan Drinks At Tim Hortons The Final Sip

    10 best vegan drinks at Tim Hortons okay, when it comes to vegan-friendly drinks Tim Hortons may not be at the top of the list if you are vegan. Coming up with 10 vegan drink options took a lot of my imagination. Other coffee brands have a much wider selection Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. However, Tim Hortons is one of the most popular coffee chains in Canada and that means if you fancy a coffee and are vegan you will be bumping into one regularly. If you want a simple coffee, latte, tea , or lemonade then Tim Hortons is a pretty good spot. You can get the basics, just dont expect any vegan bells and whistles on your coffee.

    now I know.

    Tims Is Now Offering Silk Almond Milk To Customers And If Its Not Available At A Location Near You It Will Be Soon

    Iced Coffee With Almond Milk Tim Hortons

    Looks like @TimHortons is adding almond milk to the line-up

    Christina Crowley-Arklie

    The chain announced back in February that dairy-free milk would be coming and its not the only time Tims has ventured into the plant-based world for its menu. A while back it launched Beyond Meat, and it even tested plant-based eggs as well.

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    Cappuccino With Almond Milk And Sugar

    *Substitute dairy milk for almond milk, add sugar-free hazelnut shot, and hold the whip*

    If you are in the mood for a fancy flavored hot coffee, then make the most of the almond milk and the sugar-free hazelnut shot. Just make sure to order with no whip and double-check with your server that the sugar-free hazelnut shot is vegan as this can vary across locations.


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