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Is Iaso Tea Good For Weight Loss

Detoxifies And Relaxes Your Body


Iaso claims that their tea detoxifies your upper and lower intestines by flushing toxins from your system. The claim that any product can detoxify your system should set off alarm bells, as this phrase has little definition in the medical literature.

The fact that the manufacturer cant identify which toxins their product removes, and the mechanisms by which they do so, is another indication that they may be misrepresenting themselves.

In truth, our intestines, liver, and kidneys are perfectly equipped to remove toxins without the help of a supplement or detox tea. Its unlikely that any herbs or oils will accomplish something that our organs meant for that specific purpose cant.

Review Of Iaso Tea Ingredients

The ingredients below reflect a previous formulation that TLC sold up until 2021. As of 2022, the company reduced the ingredients from eight to four. Two of the original ingredients were changed from extracts to leaves, one ingredient is the same , and one ingredient is new . Most of the removed ingredients do not have strong scientific evidence to support their claims.

Holy Thistle

Also known as Blessed thistle , people have used this plant since ancient times to help digestion and prevent infection. They used it to treat patients with bubonic plague during the Middle Ages.

Holy thistle is thought to help stimulate appetite and treat indigestion, diarrhea, and colds. People most commonly prepare it as tea or sell it as capsules or powder. The most common use of this herb is to promote the increase of breast milk in nursing mothers.

No reliable research confirms the many benefits of holy thistle, so it is best to take it cautiously. This ingredient is no longer included in the current formulation.

Malva leaves/Marshmallow

Malva sylvestris is extensively used in traditional medicine to treat inflammation and injuries. These leaves are potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents for the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts.



How Do Epiburn Pro Products Work

Iaso Tea works by utilizing a combination of herbs that offer different health benefits. There are active ingredients that are known to cleanse the digestive tract and help enhance the bodys natural detoxification processes.

The formulation utilizes natural ingredients that contain essential nutrients. One specific ingredient helps enhance liver function while protecting the liver cells from damage caused by toxicity.

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Iaso Tea Before And After Results

Iaso Tea has mostly received positive reviews, see Iaso Tea before and after results, testimonials, blog posts, and online articles. Many people who leave reviews on Iaso Tea claim that it helped them lose weight and that they were able to lose a considerable amount of weight while using it.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

The Detox Part May Not Be All Its Hyped Up To Be

Pin on Iaso

First of all, we should start by saying that this doesnt mean that the detox part of the tea doesnt work. However, it doesnt work the way most people would think or how the company would like you to believe. If we go back to what we stated before about eating healthy and exercising consistently, that pertains to the detox benefit of this tea as well. If you are working out and eating healthy, then Iaso Tea might be able to provide some needed detoxifying benefit.

Iaso Tea claims to flush the harmful toxins out from the upper and lower intestines to provide several different benefits. However, the human body has its own ability to breakdown and remove these toxins from namely the liver, kidneys, and skin. This leads us to believe that the detox properties of this tea dont do as much for our bodys as we may think, but the benefits still wont hurt.

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Lose Weight And Detoxify Naturally With Iaso Tea

Posted by Lucy Wyndham | Oct 12, 2017 | Health & Well-Being | 1 |

Are you overweight or feel physically and mentally drained? Besides exercise being extremely important, you need to look at your diet. If youre looking to boost your health while using a herbal slimming supplement, Iaso tea could be the solution for you.

So What Were My Mothers Results With This Product Did She Lose Any Pounds

Here is what my mother experienced while drinking this product compared to the claims:

  • She did feel like she was detoxing because she ran to the bathroom a lot more often. This product does have an ingredient that works like a laxative.
  • Energy-wise, she did feel more of it, especially after drinking it during breakfast.
  • For anti aging, she did claim to feel and see smoother skin . Some of the herbs inside the bag are supposed to help circulate and freshen the blood.

But did she lose any pounds!?

Unfortunately no. This is the one major area that didnt meet the demand for her.

From the moment she told me about this product to her consistently drinking it everyday for over 2 months, I did not notice any difference in the way she looked. She also confirmed that nothing changed and the scale said the same thing.

Usually detox products like this one are supposed to help you drop several pounds. If theres better digestion and better circulation, theres supposed to be better metabolism, and that in theory is supposed to make you lose weight, but it did not happen here.

I also went to see if other people experienced the same thing. On Amazon, a lot of people who tried the Iaso beverage also confirmed the benefits my mother had, but also said that there was very little and even no weight loss after trying it.

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Review Of Iaso Tea Cost

Considering the total amount of tea you can prepare with the five-pack and the recommended dose, you pay $54.95 for about an 11-day supply. This represents an approximate investment of less than $5 per day. It does not sound too bad if you compare it to what you may spend on coffee or other drinks. This price is for individual customers to use the product.

It should be noted that you need to drink Iaso Tea long term before getting significant body weight loss and detoxification results.

The other option is to become a retailer of TLC products to make a profit through multi-level marketing. This is the TLC Life Changer program. It allows you to purchase the product in bulk as a distributor and get wholesale prices. As a member of this program you would purchase either the Business Starter Kit or International Life Changer Kit .

Where to buy Iaso Tea: You can also purchase at retail prices online via Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and others, which may offer the products at a higher or lower price than the company website. At some places, and on the TLC website, you can purchase Iaso Tea kits.

Claim : Mental Clarity

Iaso tea review – One Week Update | Tonia Kay

As with boost energy, the phrase mental clarity is vague and undefined and could mean virtually anything to anyone.

It would be helpful if Total Life Changes was specific and defined exactly what mental clarity means.

Otherwise, this is just another suggestive ambiguous marketing gibberish left open to individual interpretation.

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Iaso Tea Ingredients: What Are They

The Iaso Tea ingredients include nine herbs and spices such as:

Today it is used as a diuretic that can assist in Iaso Teas primary purpose and weight loss secret, which is cleansing your body system. By utilizing and combining all of the teas nine natural herbs, the ingredients work to cleanse the digestive tract every time you consume it, which results in the body detoxing. As a result, your body gets healthier, and when combined with healthy eating and exercising consistently, you have a greater potential to lose weight. The Iaso tea company TLC also has several other products that you can be used to help you in your weight loss journey such as their Nutraburst product.

What Is Iaso Tea Answered

Are you wondering, What is Iaso Tea? This is a herbal tea believed to help those on a weight loss journey and aid digestion.

Iaso tea is popular in the supplement market manufactured by Total Life Changes and Dr. Bill Miller.

Iaso teas Original and Instant have different ingredients, but both of them can help with your bodys detoxification and weight management. Not only does it help you achieve healthy weight loss, but it also provides essential nutrients to promote all-around wellness.

TLC markets Iaso Tea as a supplement to weight loss and is only effective when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Also, keep in mind that weight loss differs from person to person what works for other people may not work for you.

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How To Use Iaso Tea

For you to get desired results, you have to use this tea the right way. Ideally, the user should ensure that they drink about 8 ounces of this tea before taking lunch and dinner. In fact, it is recommendable to take an additional 4 ounces before taking a snack in the evening. This will go a long way in ensuring that you reduce your weight effectively.

For you to attain the desired weight loss results

  • First bring 4 cups of pure water and then boil it. Avoid boiling your water using a microwave. Instead, consider the natural heating methods.
  • Once the water has boiled, add two teabags of this tea to the water. Cover it and then allow the tea bags to soak for about 8 hours.
  • Once 8 hours are over, you can now add 12 cups of water onto the cold tea to attain one gallon. For optimal results, ensure that you keep the tea bags inside the liquid.

There are some users who choose to drink the tea gradually throughout the day. This method can still help you reduce your weight in the long run. What matters here is consistency, as it will determine if you will get the desired weight loss results or not. However, if you are capable of taking about 12 ounces of this tea daily, you will get all the benefits that are offered by this tea. These benefits are

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Ingredients Whats In The Tea Blend


The blend includes Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, chamomile, Althea officinalis, holy thistle, blessed thistle, ginger, and myrrh. Each one provides a unique property to the tea to support your health goals. All of them have scientific evidence to support making the tea a part of your healthy lifestyle. Taken you have a powerful weapon against weight gain.

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Details On The Iaso Tea Ingredients


An older study published in the journal Metabolism stated: enhanced thermogenesis and reduced feelings of hunger with ginger consumption, suggest a potential role of ginger in weight management.

Another study published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition noted that ginger could also improve cholesterol levels.

Persimmon Leaves

Persimmon leaves are high in many nutrients such as Vitamin C, amino acids, carotenoids, flavonoids, tannins, rutin, and choline. It also contains significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, titanium, and manganese. According to research published in the journal Clinical Nutrition Research, fruit intake had a significantly positive correlation with body weight and BMI.

Holy Thistle

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, holy thistle is thought to help remedy a host of ailments. It has been utilized as a medicinal herb for over 2000 years.

Malva Leaves

Malva Leaves or mallow has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. In fact, it has been utilized in China for over 5 millennia. Today Malva is used to soothe the throat and rejuvenate the skin.

Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle is traditionally used to stimulate the bodys removal of gastric acid.




According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, chamomile is used as a dietary supplement. It has been known to cause a calming effect, so its commonly added to nighttime teas.

Possible Iaso Tea Side Effects

Even though there are no definitive studies on the subject, regular Iaso tea intake may result in the following:

  • Frequent urination: Since Iaso Tea can act as a natural diuretic, it can increase your urination frequency. It can also dehydrate, with possible diarrhea and bowel movement issues.
  • Nausea: This could be attributed to a person radically altering their diet and lifestyle. It is typical to have these side effects at first, but you should seek medical advice if they persist.
  • Irregular bowel movement, bloating, and diarrhea: As mentioned earlier, the ingredients found in Iaso Tea have laxative and diuretic properties, leading to frequent bowel movements, discomfort in the stomach area, and diarrhea. If side effects occur, you need to discuss Iaso Tea consumption with your doctor.

It may take a while for the possible side effects of this tea to appear. In terms of bowel movement or urination, it can start working within a few hours after consumption for some people, while most people report noticing effects after one to two months of continuous use.

You may also be interested in our jujube tea explainer.

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Claim : Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Days

This claim is deceptive and begs the question: 5 pounds of EXACTLY WHAT in 5 days?

Its physiologically implausible that you could shed five pounds of STORED BODY FAT in five days.

Short of running a marathon every day for five days, lopping off a limb, or having liposuction, its unrealistic to think youll lose that much body fat in such a short period of time.

However, because the product ingredients have diuretic and laxative effects, youre likely going to spend more time getting acquainted with your toilet.

Bottom line: while you might lose weight on the bathroom scale, it will likely be water and fecal weight rather than stored body fat.

How To Use It

  • To make a batch of Iaso Tea, bring a quart of water to a rolling boil.
  • Then add two teabags and cover for two minutes.
  • Now remove it from the heat and let it steep for 4-8 hours.
  • Combine the steeped tea with 3 quarts of cold water to make a gallon of tea.
  • Place this in the refrigerator.
  • Drink an 8 oz glass of Iaso Tea with lunch and dinner.
  • If you have an evening snack, take another half a cup.

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Is Fruit Punch Instant Iaso Tea Missing Ingredient

TLC describes their Fruit Punch instant tea has having a “spirited, fruity flavor.” However, there are no flavoring agents listed in the ingredients section.

The ingredients listed at the time of updating this article are the exact same ingredients as in Iaso Instant Tea.

We’re concerned that TLC is failing to publish ingredient information about flavoring agents used in this formulation, which would be a consumer safety issue. Some consumers have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients, which is why it’s so important for every ingredient to be listed.

We urge TLC to clarify this ingredient issue, and to add any flavoring agents to this product page if there are any missing.

Whats Up With The Iaso Tea Weight Loss Hype

Weight loss teas work by stimulating fat burning hormones through the body while delivering a heavy payload of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Not surprisingly, weight loss teas dont burn any fat themselves instead theyre just the catalyst. Iaso Tea in particular is taking the world by storm and In this article, were going to cover why.

Is Iaso Tea Natural?

Iaso Tea was created by the multi-level marketing company Total Life Changes with the goal of taking over the weight loss tea market. And theyre doing a fantastic job. While the word multi-level marketing itself strikes fear into the hearts of many it doesnt necessarily mean that the products are bad. In fact, Iaso tea for weight loss is turning out to be one of the most powerful new teas in 2020.

The tea helps stimulate fat loss, lowers body-wide inflammation, and is a combination of several ultra healthy ingredients such as Holy thistle, Myrrh, Persimmon Leaves, giner, Marsh Mallow, Malva Leaves, Chamomile, Blessed Thistle and Papaya.

Overall Iaso tea is making waves by focusing on combining several healthy ingredients that have a proven track record of working. This is an important point because most hyped up teas try to introduce some newly discovered flower into the game, only for researchers to find out that the product theyre introducing doesnt work.

Iaso Tea With Hemp

Iaso Tea Used for Detox

Iaso Tea Weight Loss

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Iaso Tea Customer Reviews & Results

Iaso Tea reviews are mixed some say it helped them lose weight, while others claim it did nothing. Also on Amazon, Iaso Tea reviews are mixed : 665 global ratings, 66% of customers gave the tea a five-star review, while 15% gave it only a one or two-star review.

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Results You Can Expect With Iaso Tea

iaso instant weight loss tea

Claims of miraculous weight loss and other health benefits made by the manufacturers of Iaso Tea are simply too good to be true.

If you start drinking Iaso Tea, you can expect a small, short-term weight loss from its diuretic properties, which will promote the loss of water weight.

However, this weight loss is all water, not fat, and will likely be regained once you stop drinking Iaso Tea.

Drinking two glasses of regular tea per day is a good way to increase your fluid and antioxidant consumption, which is important for a healthy lifestyle.

However, in the case of Iaso Tea, this may be offset by its diuretic properties and tendency to induce diarrhea and cause dehydration.

Achieving and maintaining significant weight loss is only possible through creating a calorie deficit.

Making small, sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle is the best way to achieve thisnot an expensive weight-loss tea.

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Harriet is an award-winning Dietitian who is registered with the British Dietetic Association and Health and Care Professions Council . She runs her own business, Surrey Dietitian, which provides private dietetic consultations and consultancy services .

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