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How To Make Lipton Matcha Green Tea

Tea All The Time + A New Matcha Green Tea From Lipton

How To Make Matcha Green Tea

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Its 43 and raining in Charlotte as I write this. Im set up at my desk this afternoon wearing a hoodie and slippers and drinking a mug of Liptons new Matcha green teawith a space heater right next to me. Most of you know that Im a big tea drinker and I have my mom to thank for that. I dont think a day goes by that I dont drink a cup of tea and that turns into 3-4 once the temperatures drop. I love having something warm to hold and sip on.

My favorite times of day to drink tea are early in the morning before I have my coffee, immediately after lunch and anytime in the afternoon and before bed. Early morning I like to drink a detox tea, after lunch I like a ginger tea to help with digestion, afternoons call for a caffeinated option like green tea, black tea or Matcha tea and evenings are for an herbal relaxation blend.

I have a new tea to add to my collection . I just learned that Lipton is now making a new Magnificent Matcha Green Tea.

Its available for purchase at your local Walmart or online at I picked up two boxes of it while I was there on Saturday stocking up on things for the house.

Liptons Matcha Green Tea is available in three flavors Pure, Mint and Ginger and at under $3 per box with 15 tea bags in each box, its a great value. Its also worth noting that the ginger and mint blends have no added flavors, the ingredients are just green tea, Matcha and ginger root or real peppermint and spearmint leaves.

Lipton Green Tea With Spice

  • Boil up to 1 gallon of water with the spice you want, ensure you allow the water to boil to the level you want to the strength of the spice to be
  • Then sieve the spice from the water and pour the boiled water into a heatproof pitcher
  • Add 2 to 4 bags of Lipton Green Tea into the pitcher and cover it
  • Allow the tea to brew for 1 1 ½ minute or longer depending on how strong you the tea to be
  • Then pour the tea into a mug and enjoy your cup of healthy Green Tea with spice

P.S. If you discovered your own way to make the green tea taste better, do not forget to share the recipe in the comment box below.

Prepare Green Tea Leaves And Tools

Widely available in loose leaf tea, tea bag and powder forms, this is a versatile tea. You’ll need to start by selecting not only your preferred type of green tea, but also which form you want to use for brewing.

If you want to prepare green tea using green tea bags, simply follow the instructions on the label. If you want to brew green tea using loose tea leaves or pearls, use a tea strainer, tea infuser, or tea ball to contain the leaves. Whatever form of tea you use, make sure to purchase high quality tea leaves for the best flavor. it’s also important to use the right amount of tea leaves for the best flavor. Aim to use 1 teaspoon of loose leaves for every eight ounce cup of water.

For the best results, we recommend using a separate teapot specifically for brewing green tea. While not entirely necessary, this helps to prevent flavor contaminations from other herbal blends and preserves the distinct green tea flavor profile. Use glass, ceramic, clay, porcelain or stainless steel teapots for brewing â avoid plastic and aluminum since they can alter flavors.

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How Can I Mix And Matcha

Like coffee, though, Matcha improves everything from smoothies to cakes, puddings and porridgeâitâs even been used in facemasks! Matcha recipes are on the rise – what canât this superfood do? Lipton Green Tea with Pure Matcha comes in Ginger or Mint flavors, or you can keep it Classic. Mix up your routine and find the best Matcha tea for you.

Here are our top Matcha remixes:

How To Make Green Tea

You will love the new Lipton Matcha Green Teas! Check it ...
  • Boil the drinking water and allow to cool slightly for 2-3 mins, this slightly cooler water will get the best out of your delicate tea leaves.
  • Pour the water onto the teabag to release its delicious aroma.
  • Leave the teabag to infuse for up to 3 minutes. If you like a stronger taste you can brew a little longer but watch out, over brewing can cause bitterness.
  • Remove the teabag and enjoy your deliciously refreshing Lipton Green Tea!
  • Top tip: allow to cool and add ice to enjoy a DIY Lipton Iced Green Tea on a hot day!

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    Iced Matcha Latte + Matcha Iced Tea

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    Make the best Iced Matcha Latte at home! 3 ingredients and 5 minutes is all it takes to make the perfect green tea latte! Plus instructions on how to make plain matcha iced tea!

    I absolutely love going to my neighborhood coffee shop for a creamy iced matcha latte. Aside from being a yummy sweet treat to indulge in it also gives me an opportunity to unwind, destress and smell the roses for a bit.

    Then when I started making matcha lattes and matcha iced tea at home, I was shocked by how a mixing few simple ingredients together could result drinks that taste exactly like the ones I enjoy from the cafe for a fraction of the price. Lets hear it for homemade!

    So lets take a closer look at matcha and, in the process, make a delicious iced matcha latte AND a cold, refreshing matcha iced tea!

    From Leaf To Bag: How Is Matcha Made

    What makes Matcha unique isnât its roots but its route from leaf to bag.

    Though the bright green Matcha powder may look out of this world, Matcha is actually a type of green tea. Like most tea, Matcha comes from the camellia sinensis plant but unlike its sun-seeking sisters, Matcha loves shade.

    Most Matcha is grown in Uji, a small Japanese city just southeast of Kyoto. A few weeks before the harvest, Matcha plants are given covers to shield them from the sun for at least three weeks. But make no mistake, these arenât just chic sunshades: the shade is added in pursuit of boosting Matchaâs chlorophyll levels, turning leaves a lush dark green and making the resulting tea irresistibly umami.

    Matcha pickers are, well, picky: only the youngest and greenest leaves make the cut. But even these lucky leaves are put through their paces before they can call themselves tencha. Dried, de-veined and de-stemmed, theyâre graded by look, feel and smell. The things graders are looking for in a great Matcha are:

    • Bright color
    • Smooth, long finish
    • Sweet aftertaste

    Though all Matcha is equally deliciousâof course weâd say thatâgrades help you decide how to use your Matcha. The 3 main Matcha grades are:

  • Ceremonial: best quality, delicate flavor, used in tea ceremonies. This high-grade Matcha usually comes from the first harvest, when the leaves are most tender.
  • Premium: high quality, strong flavor, best for everyday brewing or cold drinks like Matcha ice tea or Matcha smoothies.
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    How To Prepare Lipton Green Tea Bags

    Lipton Inexperienced Tea is without doubt one of the oldest and trusted inexperienced tea manufacturers obtainable in the marketplace.

    The custom of consuming inexperienced tea originated in China. Inexperienced tea is obtained from the Camellia sinensisplant.

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    It accommodates epigallocatechin gallate , an antioxidant that helps stop weight problems, protects the center, reduces the danger of sort 2diabetes, and fights sure cancers .

    However does Lipton inexperienced tea match the well being advantages of pure inexperienced tea? Does it style good? Learn this submit for an eye-opening, unbiased overview on Lipton Inexperienced Tea. Lets start!

    Changing Up The Flavors

    Recipe for Lipton Juicy Mango Matcha Smoothie

    What’s great about this latte is you can totally change the flavors based on the spices you enjoy! Here are some other fun flavors to try with your latte:

    • Pumpkin Pie: instead of ginger and cinnamon, use pumpkin pie spice!
    • French Vanilla: swap the spices for vanilla extract for vanilla bean paste.
    • Rose: pick up some rose nectar and add 2 tablespoons of that instead of the spices.
    • Lemon Ginger: add two tablespoons of lemon juice and remove the cinnamon

    And really the list goes on! I hope you enjoy making this soothing latte it’s an awesome alternative if you don’t have matcha on hand and still gives you that antioxidant and energizing boost!

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    Matcha Green Tea Latte

    Matcha is a finely ground powdered form of green tea that is packed with more antioxidants than steeped green tea. Those antioxidants, also known as polyphenols, are anti-aging and have been shown to protect against chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and they may even boost metabolism!Matcha has half of the caffeine found in a cup of coffee and contains the amino acid L-Theanine to help balance out the jitteriness caffeine typically causes. Swap out your morning cup of joe for a matcha green tea latte. Matcha Green Tea Latte, 1 serving1 Lipton® Magnificent Matcha Green Tea with Pure Matcha Tea bag1 cup milk of choice, frothed1/2 cup water1 tsp. vanilla extract1 Tbsp. agave nectarAdd boiling water to tea bag and brew for two minutes. Add milk, vanilla and agave. To frothed milk, pour milk into a small microwavable jar with lid. Screw on the lid and shake vigorously until milk has frothed and doubled in size, about 60 seconds. Take off the lid and microwave for 30 seconds. Pour the warmed milk into your tea as the froth begins to pour out of the jar you can create designs that will hold on the top of your latte. Be Well,For a printable version of this recipe, click here: Matcha Green Tea LattePin this recipe here:

    Verdict: Matcha Latte Taste Test

    Iced Matcha Latte benefits the mind, body, and soul. The kick of zen energy from matcha will enliven the most stir-crazed of spirits, and the potent antioxidants will keep health moving in the right direction during rough times.

    Ultimately, this iced matcha latte recipe is empowering because it can be enjoyed whether daily, or every now and then. Remember, to get it right it does help to have the right tools.

    Checkout all Matcha Tools if you need to see a helpful utensil or beautiful ceramic tumbler to help you prepare an iced matcha latte the right way!

    -Team Matcha Kari

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    Can You Put A Tea Bag In Cold Water

    The math: She recommends using between one and two teaspoons of tea leaves for every cup of water and four to five teaspoons for a liter carafe or bottle. The same goes for making cold -brewed iced tea with tea bags. Putting one tea bag in a whole liter-sized pitcher of water and letting it sit overnight isnt enough.

    Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte Stuff You Need:

    Lipton Magnificent Matcha Green Tea Bags, Mint 15 ct (Pack ...

    PS. What was life before Amazon? I dont even remember. Did you guys know about Prime Now? I cant even. The other day I had something delivered to our studio in less than one hour and I opened the package and looked at Jenna and said: WERE LIVING IN THE FUTURE.

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    What Is Matcha Tea Side Effects

    Possible side effects of matcha Matcha doesnt appear to cause significant side effects when consumed in moderation, but high doses providing large amounts of caffeine may cause headaches, diarrhea, insomnia, and irritability.

    Making Your Iced Green Tea Recipe

  • Boil four cups of water in a kettle and leave for a few minutes so the temperature naturally drops slightly.
  • Add 3 to 5 green teabags to a heat-proof pitcher and pour in the water.
  • Leave to brew for 1 to 5 minutes.
  • Remove teabags and add a little sugar if desired.
  • Stir in six cups of ice cubes until melted, or use four cups of cold water
  • Add freshly sliced lemon to taste. Keep refrigerated and drink within 24 hours.

    To give your brew an even more refreshing taste, try throwing a handful of mint leaves into your pitcher before pouring in the water.

    Feeling fruity? Add slices of pineapple, peach or guava to the pitcher before the water. And when youâve finished, be sure to enjoy the tangy marinated fruit at the bottom of your glass! If you’re looking for more inspiration, why not check out our strawberry iced tea recipe. Or try making our party favorite iced raspberry green tea.


    Thereâs a famous quote about life being an experiment â and we couldnât agree more. So why not try some other flavors for your iced tea? You could even combine different Lipton® infusions like Purple Acai and Blueberry Green Tea. Go on, live a little.

    So if the sunâs out and thereâs a clear blue sky, then itâs green iced tea time. And when you serve up this deliciously refreshing brew, youâll be everyoneâs favorite person.

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    Matcha: The Best Green Tea Smoothie Using Matcha

    Anyone can enjoy this matcha tea smoothie recipe! Its adaptable, easily interchangeable with your preferred ingredients, and can be multiplied to make more than one serving.

    Best of all, you dont have to be focused only on weight loss to enjoy a green tea matcha smoothie. Its a nutrifying drink for anyone, but it does happen to be a convenient way to boost an existing daily smoothie routine, and even possibly to optimize your metabolism and energy expenditure as well.

    Ultimately, we say yes to the extra kick of caffeine, and the calming, focusing amino acids in matcha which make it a unique coffee replacement and an ideal ingredient in protein drinks and virtually any smoothie. Thats just scratching the surface of the benefits of matcha.


    Matcha Tea Is Believed To Help Us Find Our Focus

    How to make matcha green tea without tea sets!

    Earlier this month we told you about Liptons Magnificent Matcha Green Tea and how Legend has it that Buddhist monks used Matcha to enhance their focus for long hours of meditation, and to be alert and present in the moment.

    Now Im going to tell you what it tastes like, because I understand that with a name like Magnificent Matcha you might be a little concerned. Is it bitter? Is it strong? Is it too Matcha? No. It isnt any of those things. Liptons Magnificent Matcha blended with Green Tea delivers the smooth, earthy taste of matcha and the goodness of green tea with no aftertaste. You can even enjoy it hot OR cold! AND, in one of the three flavors: Pure, Mint, or Ginger.

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    Is There A Difference Between Green Tea And Matcha

    Matcha Is Healthier Than Regular Green Tea Matcha is a special, powerful form of green tea. It comes from the same plant but is grown and prepared very differently. Since the leaves are ground into powder, you end up consuming the whole leaf. For this reason, matcha may have even more benefits than regular green tea.

    Where To Get Matcha For Smoothies

    While you may find a decent quality of matcha at your local Asian market, be cautious that the options available are in fact from Japan . Matcha is a labor of love that only Japan can do best, so be cautious of low price points which sacrifice one or all of authenticity, quality, and health properties.

    • 1-2 Ice Cubes for desired consistency

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    Are Green Tea Lattes Healthy

    Green tea is a very healthy drink and it’s easy to make a healthy green tea latte! The thing you need to watch out for are green tea lattes that are made with a pre-made green tea mix. Those mixes are usually filled with sugar and other additives that you don’t want. This one is 6 simple ingredients and you still get all the amazing health benefits of green tea!

    Prepare And Heat Water


    Brewing a delectable cup of green tea starts with using the right water. We recommend avoiding tap water and hard water because it is treated with chemicals that can alter the delicate flavor profile of green tea. Instead, use filtered water, spring water, or purified water to get the best flavor.

    Green tea flavor compounds are sensitive to high water temperatures and should be brewed using water at lower temperatures rather than boiling water. That means that unlike black tea, if you steep your green tea in water that is too hot, you’ll get an astringency that results in bitter, unpleasant flavor. Instead, aim to steep your green tea in water that is 175 to 185 F, which is the right temperature range for green tea. The ideal temperature will vary slightly when it comes to rare or expensive green teas so make sure to follow the guidelines or your specific green tea type.

    For the most accurate results, you can use a tea kettle with a built in temperature gauge or a thermometer. Alternatively, you can boil water on the stovetop, remove from heat and allow the hot water to sit for about 45 to 60 seconds for the perfect cup.

    If you are at sea level, you may need to let the water cool a bit longer. That’s because the boiling point of water is 212 F at sea level and only 200.1 F at 6,600 feet. Again, you may prefer to use a thermometer for precise results otherwise, be patient and tweak your green tea recipe to suit your situation.

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