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Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

Three Choose Your Brewing Tools

Twinings Earl Grey Tea

When choosing a brewing device, there are a few factors to think about.


This applies to the capacity of the vessel and the size of the leaves. Think about how many cups of tea youll need and how much room the leaves require. Not just to fit in the teapot but to expand, circulate, and brew. Also, consider how easy it is to store the device and how heavy it will be to pick up and use.


Theres a large range of brewing vessels to choose from. And each has its pros and cons. When selecting a teapot, think about the durability, toxin leaching potential, heat retention, and heat resistance of the material.


Modern, traditional, and downright crazy. Teapots and infusers come in all shapes and sizes. But its not all about the looks. There are a few design features to consider when choosing a brewing device. For example, whether it has a built-in strainer. Or, if youll need a separate strainer. Also, think about the shape, spout, handle, and lid.


Incorporating all the above, think about how practical the brewing device is. Will it pour easily, or spill everywhere? Built-in infusers are great. But, how easy is it to get to? And will it be easy to clean and reuse? Finally, do you need this for everyday use or special occasions only?

Types of Teapot

Traditional Ceramic

This style of brewing vessel typically comes with a large infusing basket. Try to avoid teapots that come with hidden plastic in the handle, lid, or plunger.

Cast Iron

Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

Savor the light and refreshing taste of our ultra premium Earl Grey tea. This blend unites the finest, full-bodied black teas from China and India, creating an exceptionally rich beverage, fermented to perfection, with a touch of citrusy bergamot oil from Italy. While Earl Grey possesses the delicacy and nuance of flavor to be enjoyed on its own, it is also beautifully accentuated with a slice of lemon and pairs well with a buttery morning pastry. Our Earl Grey tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, on its own or with a splash of milk and honey. FGO sells 4oz and 16oz bags filled with certified organic, loose China Black Tea*, Organic Assam Tea* and organic bergamot oil.

  • LOOSE LEAF TEA – Our loose, organic tea allows you to customize each cup according to your sipping preference.
  • ECO-CONSCIOUS – No unnecessary waste from bags or strings. Just organic loose leaf tea, ready to enjoy!
  • CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC & NON-GMO – All our products are certified USDA Organic and certified Non-GMO. Look for the USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project seals on our products!
  • LOVE IT OR WE BUY IT – We don’t think you should pay for products that you don’t love. If you aren’t enjoying our products, simply let us know and we will refund your order – its as easy as that!

Six Steep Your Earl Grey Tea Leaves

Make sure that the tea leaves are completely covered with water. Then, let it brew for between three and five minutes.

Again, how long to steep Earl Grey depends on the tea base.

As a side note. You can usually re-steep the loose leaves several times.

So, over the next few hours, you can play around with the nuances and new flavours that reveal themselves with each brewing.

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Is It Time To Ditch The Tea Bag

So there you have it!

A simple guide on how to make the perfect cup of loose leaf tea.

Plus a few reasons why loose leaf Earl Grey reigns supreme.

And while theres an enormous range of tasty bagged Earl Grey, youll soon discover that loose leaf is worth a try.

And if youre still undecided, spend some time playing around with the options. Youre sure to find a brewing style that youll love!

What To Consider When Making Loose Leaf Tea

Twinings Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea 125g

While Im sure youre eager to get started. There are a few things to consider before you pop that kettle on.

Tea Base

Earl Grey is primarily blended using black tea. But sometimes green, white, or herbal tea leaves are used instead.The tea base will determine the brewing time, temperature, and even which vessel you should use.

Tea Grade

Just like the type of tea, the grade may have a bearing on the brewing method you choose. Lower-quality teas are often broken or smaller than higher-quality leaves. As a result, youll need to consider which vessel will best hold and filter your chosen tea. No one wants tea leaves in their teeth.

Tea Ratio

The good thing about loose-leaf over bagged tea is that youre in control. You can check the box for guidelines. But ultimately, it comes down to preference, the vessel size, and the number of cups youll need.

Water Temperature

The ideal temperature depends on the tea base. Some Earl Grey blends can burn if the water is too hot. While others will remain weak and tasteless if not brewed at the correct temperature.

Steep Time

The amount of time you brew your Earl Grey is another important factor. Think about the prep time, how well the vessel retains heat, and how strong you like your cup of Earl Grey.

Brewing Method

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What Does Earl Grey Taste Like

Earl Grey is deep, rich, strong, but refreshing and citrusy. It leaves a feeling of a lighter tea. Earl Grey scented with real bergamot essential oil will have a more aromatic, fresher and more relaxing scent. Scent may seem overpowering if you are not used to scented teas or to bergamot. Earl Grey will also have a strong, rich, malty or lightly smoky black tea note emerging from the background.

Today, its likely that every Earl Grey will have a slightly different flavor, as tea companies will use different black teas and different amounts of essential oil or flavorings.

Ahmad English Tea No 1 Tea Review

I have the Ahmad Twelve Teas box, containing the bestselling teas from Ahmad Tea London. So, its no surprise that the ever-popular English Tea No. 1 blend would be included.

Im reviewing the teabag version, although there is a loose leaf option available to buy if you want to boost the quality a little bit.

This tea won a Great Taste Award in the UK in 2017, so I set about to review it and find out if it was truly deserving! Keep reading to find out what it tastes like, how to brew it, and where to buy it.

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How To Brew English Black Tea

After a little experimenting, I settled on brewing for 3 minutes to drink black or 5 minutes to drink with milk. Having tried this tea both ways, Im going to recommend brewing for 5 minutes and adding milk.

The creaminess of milk really masks the slight bitterness without crushing the warm swirling depth of the full-bodied tea.

Eat anything you want with this tea. I can confirm that it goes down a treat with all kinds of pastries, cakes and yummy things that we probably shouldnt be eating

The Most Important Factors To Consider

How to Make the PERFECT Cup of Tea (and who was EARL GREY, anyway?)


There are a wide range of green teas when you head to the store or buy it online. Some green tea comes in tea bags, others feature loose tea leaves, and others still offer finely ground powder . While some people swear by tea made with an infuser , some people might prefer the simplicity and “goof-proof” nature of green tea bags. And others still might prefer matcha powder. As you shop for green tea, you’ll usually find it in three forms: loose, sachets, and bags. Tea bags are considered the lowest quality while loose tea is considered the best.


Green tea can have a wide flavor profile and that is based on how it’s made. However, on the whole, green tea shouldn’t be overly bitter. This is usually caused by brewing it too long or at too high a temperature.

Caffeine Content

While tea in general has less caffeine than coffee, it does contain some caffeine. Usually it will have about a third of the amount of caffeine that you would normally get in a six-ounce cup of coffee.


If you’re buying green tea bags or sachets, the total quantity will be listed on the packaging. But if you’re shopping for loose tea, you’ll usually find a minimum of two or four ounces for median-priced tea and one ounce for premium loose green tea.

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Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea Tesco

Earl Grey is the product of two different ingredients: Loose Black Tea and Bergamot oil. Black Tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is the same as Green, White and Oolong. The difference between each type of so-called real Tea happens at the factory whereby Black Tea leaves undergo the most oxidation.

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Earl Grey Special Tea. Quality Assam black tea with bergamot flavour. Traditional British tea at its very best. Whole leaf with lots of rounded flavour, no bitterness. … The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company Ltd. Unit 23 Ffrwdgrech Industrial Estate, Brecon, Powys LD3 8LA. Tel: +44 1874. TESCO has introduced a major change to one of its services, which could help shoppers save a fortune. By Mared Gruffydd 09:54, Fri, Jul. … 10x5x5 white shipping boxes. golden tee go corona edition kalaraq quori fall guys unknown file version home depot tax exempt address rough trade fanfiction amazon basics vinyl coated hand weight.

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How Is Earl Grey Made

Every Earl Grey tea contains two key ingredientsa black tea base and a bergamot orange essential oil. However, it can be made in different ways. The traditional Earl Grey tea always contains black tea base. It can be blended with one or more black teas, usually stronger malty Assam types, floral and muscatel Darjeeling or rich Chinese Keemun. Traditionally, black tea leaves are infused with bergamot orange essential oil. Today, Earl Grey is not always scentedit can be flavored too.

Black tea is a fully oxidized tea type. After harvesting, tea leaves are withered, rolled, oxidized and fired. Oxidation is a process that changes the chemical composition, color and flavor of the tea leaves. Thats why black tea is dark red or orange, while green tea is green or yellow. Once the leaves are finished, they are scented with bergamot oil, or blended with other tea leaves and then scented.

Did you know that you can make your own Earl Grey tea by scenting black tea leaves with food grade organic bergamot essential oil? Be careful though, not all essential oils are safe.

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Why Ahmad Tea London

I like the transparency that I get from this brand. There arent many simple teabag brands that give you an idea of where their tea is from. Ahmad Tea London declare that English Tea No. 1 is a blend of 3 different teas:

  • High-grown Ceylon tea brisk and bright.
  • Assam tea from India malty and full-bodied.
  • Kenyan tea warm, hearty and makes a great tea body.

They also add a hint of bergamot that went completely over my head when tasting this tea, so dont be alarmed if you cant taste any bergamot either.

The quality is meh. Its what youd expect to find in a teabag.

Reducing Stress And Anxiety

Pure Leaf Loose Leaf Tea Earl Grey 125g

Bergamot is one of the best essential oils for reducing psychological stress and anxiety. Studies showed that inhaling diluted bergamot essential oil may significantly help you relax. Although it may seem strange, black tea has a calming property too. It come from an amino acid L-theanine that may help lower cortisol levels and provide relaxation.

If you are looking to benefit from bergamot essential oil, always choose Earl Grey tea that has been scented with the real oil, rather than flavored. How can you know? Put some tea leaves onto the paper and check a few minutes later. Teas scented with bergamot oil is likely to leave a light greasy mark.

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Collection: Earl Grey Tea Loose Leaf

There are nearly as many legends surrounding Earl Grey tea as there are varieties. Our favorite is the version in which the recipe was given to the Second Earl of Grey in the 1830s by a Chinese Mandarin whose life had been saved by a British Diplomat. But don’t hold us to this!

Instead, buy Earl Grey tea from our online tea shop. Steep up a fresh cup of one of our Earl Grey loose leaf tea varieties and experience the warmth and richness of this robust blend.

Our Commitment To People + Planet

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Know Your Tea Better.

Black Teas are a rich source of antioxidants called ‘Polyphenols’. These help in reducing cell damage and help in boosting overall immunity. The ‘flavonoids’ present in Black tea boost heart health by reducing bad cholesterol , triglyceride levels etc, reduce high blood pressure. Black Tea also helps promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut and helps strengthen the body’s immunity. Black tea helps also improves focus and memory. You can read of the health benefits of tea here.

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Organic Earl Grey Black Tea

This organic, Fair Trade Certified version of the classic Earl Grey does not disappoint. It has a correct balance of flavoring which results in a piquant and refreshing true Earl Grey organic black tea taste. Made fashionable by the Prime Minister of England Earl Grey , Earl Grey tea is traditionally a blend of organic Chinese tea flavored with the oil from the Asian citrus fruit, bergamot. Now, some of the best bergamot in the world hails from Italy, where the botanical was transplanted generations ago. For our organic Earl Grey Black Tea we blend the oil from an Italian grown bergamot with a bolder organic black tea from India for an Earl Grey lover’s delight!

Ingredients: organic Indian black tea and organic bergamot flavor

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Top 5 Best Earl Grey Tea Review in 2022

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Shop Earl Grey LooseLeaf White Tea special offer, 49% discount at, Organic Green Decaf Tea 1.73, Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Tree Organic Moringa Superfood Tea, Mango.

6 best Earl Grey teas to buy online. We feature only the best tea brands and earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Earl Grey Darjeeling Green Tea. An impeccable blend of fresh green teas from Darjeeling, with the uplifting notes of Bergamot Oil. Our take of the original English cuppa with a blend of the best green teas sourced from the.

Because of the blends popularity, every tea brand has their own take on this classic black tea blend. It actually shocked me how different each one of these Earlgreyteas tasted! There’s no standard for making Earlgreytea, so there are lighter or stronger blends of Earlgreytea.

A wonderfully soothing bedtime loose tea Early 19th century England marks the origin of Earl Grey tea, a uniquely refreshing and aromatic tea created from the oil of bergamot infused in black tea. Bergamot has a pleasant citrus flavor derived from the bergamot tree yielding orange oils, both smoky and distinctive.

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Two Measure Your Loose Leaf Earl Grey

If you dont own a tea scoop, start with one teaspoon of Earl Grey for every 250ml of water.

So thats two teaspoons of tea leaves when using a teapot with a 500ml capacity.

Of course, some of this will need to be done by intuition.

For instance, 650ml teapots will need around two and a half teaspoons.

But ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

The better experienced you get, the more you can play around with the tea to water ratio.

How To Brew Earl Grey

To brew the best cup of Earl Grey tea always use fresh spring water. Earl Grey is available in tea bags and loose leaf style. To enjoy the best possible aromatic citrus flavor, opt for loose leaf tea. Bring water to a boil and let it cool down for only a few seconds. Add one teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of water into a teapot or a strainer. Add hot water and steep for 3-5 minutes. Do not over-brew this tea as it may become bitter. It goes well with honey, milk and sugar.

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Customer Notice: For the lastest stock and other information please click here before ordering.

Shop Earl Grey LooseLeaf White Tea special offer, 49% discount at, Organic Green Decaf Tea 1.73, Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Tree Organic Moringa Superfood Tea, Mango.

Ringtons Northumbrian Gold Blend Loose Tea 250g. £3.00. Ringtons Traditional Valley View Loose Tea 250g. £2.65. Ringtons Breakfast Loose Tea 250g. £3.00. Ringtons English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea 250g. £3.20. Here at Ringtons, we are pleased to offer a wide selection of premium-quality loose teas, available in a variety of blends and flavours. Relax and Rejuvenate with Decaf Earl Grey Loose Leaf Black Tea. A full flavor cup of tea tending bright with excellent Earl Grey notes of natural oil from bergamot an Italian citrus. Discover over 120 different varieties of premium looseleaf teas. Checkout today and enjoy Fast Delivery at Good Life Tea!.

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Stash Tea Decaf Earl Grey Tea Tea Bags in Foil. 6. Choice Organic Earl Grey Black Tea. 7. Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Earl Grey, 16-Ounce Bag. 8. Organic Earl Grey De La Crème, Loose. Earl Grey Special Tea. Quality Assam black tea with bergamot flavour. Traditional British tea at its very best. Whole leaf with lots of rounded flavour, no bitterness. … The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company Ltd. Unit 23 Ffrwdgrech Industrial Estate, Brecon, Powys LD3 8LA. Tel: +44 1874.


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