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At Home Chai Tea Latte

How To Make A Chai Tea Latte:

How To Make A Starbucks Chai Tea Latte At Home // by a barista

Ok, I know I just said not to call it chai tea because thats redundant, but the most searched term online to make a chai latte includes the word tea, so I want to be sure its clear what Im making for you!

  • Gather your ingredients: a can of coconut milk, some water, honey for sweetness, and all of your spices and black tea.
  • In a small saucepan, combine the coconut milk, water, honey, and spices. Whisk vigorously while turning the heat to medium. The honey wont dissolve until the mixture is warm. Keep whisking occasionally until the mixture just begins to bubble.
  • Remove the mixture from the heat, and then stir in the tea leaves. Cover the pot with a lid, and let the tea leaves steep for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, strain the mixture into 2 cups. Taste, and add any additional honey, if desired.
  • If you love the flavor of chai, you should serve this with my chewy chai cookie bars. That would be a little too sweet for breakfast, but very welcome for tea in the afternoon.

    How To Make A Chai Latte From Scratch

    This comforting tea is very simple to make right at home. Simply steep the black tea with spices and cinnamon. Once cooled, pour in your favorite milk and a touch of sugar for sweetness.

  • Contain the spices: In a metal tea ball or a tea filter bag, add the fresh ginger, cardamom, and cloves. This will help keep them together when steeping.
  • Boil the water: In a small saucepan, bring 2 cups of water to a boil using high heat. Once its boiling, remove it from the heat.
  • Steep the ingredients: To the hot water, add the black tea bag, cinnamon stick, and the ginger, cardamom, and cloves in the teabag. Stir together and let it steep for 5 minutes.
  • Assemble the chai latte: After the tea is steeped, remove the ingredients and stir in the milk. You can also use an immersion blender or stick blender to froth the milk while its hot. Serve hot or over ice with a dash of ground cinnamon.
  • Chai Tea Latte Calories

    The calories in a chai tea latte depend on which type of milk you use and how sweet you like your drink.

    For instance, a grande Starbucks chai tea latte made from whole milk has 270 calories .

    One of the reasons I like to make mine at home is because you can vary the sweetness as well as which type of milk you use which directly affects the chai tea latte calories.

    My recipe only has 79 calories and tastes just as delicious!

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    Easy Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Recipe With Tea Bag

    Enjoy an easy vanilla chai tea latte recipe with tea bag in about 15 minutes. This recipe is so easy and quick, and youll save a lot of calories.

    Fancy coffee house drinks are a bit of a weakness for me. A few years ago, I would get a cup one or more times a week when I was out. If I was out without kids, you could almost guarantee that Id be stopping at the locally owned coffee shop in town before I headed to the store.

    As much as I love my drinks, I couldnt keep buying them. They are expensive, and they are full of calories and sugar. Ive been making my own skinny versions at home, and the taste is amazing.

    You guys loved the pumpkin spice latte without coffee recipe that I posted last month, so today Im bringing you this skinny vanilla chai tea latte recipe.

    I wanted a recipe that was fairly easy, quick, and didnt require any special equipment . After playing with the ingredients for a little bit, I think Ive found just the right recipe.

    Like most of my recipes, Ill give you a few options of ingredients to use. You can use your favorite milk and sweetener.

    Want a decaf drink to enjoy after the kids go to bed? You can easily make this a decaf drink with a decaf tea so you wont be up all night.

    Trust me, you will never miss the calories or carbs in this easy vanilla chai tea latte recipe with tea bag!

    What Spices Are In Chai

    How to Make the Perfect Chai Latte at Home (That

    Chai Tea is made out of a blend of black tea, ginger and a few other warming spices with high nutrients.

    • Cardamom kinda tastes like cinnamon but with a musky smoky note
    • Cinnamon for sweetness and overall immune health
    • Ginger for a spicier note to the chai and aids in gut health and immune health
    • Fennel gives a gentle anise or licorice note
    • Black Peppercorns gives the chai a spicy hint
    • Star Anise can give a deeper licorice flavor, I love the smell of star anise
    • Cloves high in antioxidants and helps regulate blood sugar levels

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    What Is A Chai Tea Latte Made Of

    Starbucks and other coffee houses use a mix of chai concentrate and milk. Chai concentrate is made by combining black tea with spices, usually ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and peppercorns, along with some form of sweetener.

    If you want to give this a try and make an authentic cup of Indian Masala Chai, go check out this recipe.

    The Ultimate Homemade Chai Tea Latte Recipe

    Want to make the most delicious homemade chai tea latte? This simple chai tea latte recipe is better than Starbucks or the boxed mixes from the grocery store. Made with pantry ingredients, like black tea and warming spices to create a homemade chai tea concentrate, and frothy milk . This homemade drink has a rich and warming chai flavor with the perfect touch of natural sweetness from the maple syrup.

    I know we are still overly obsessed with our homemade pumpkin spice latte and rightfully so. A homemade pumpkin spice latte is clearly the drink thats meant to be enjoyed multiple times during the fall season, and beyond!

    Im not asking you to abandon the pumpkin spice latte today, rather, maybe add some variety to your coffee routine? Think of this recipe as a delicious change to keep things from getting boring . Trust me, friend, I know youre going to love filling your favorite mug with warm chai spices, black tea, and perfectly frothy milk.

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    What Kind Of Milk Can I Use To Make A Chai Tea Latte

    You can use any kind of milk you like in a chai tea latte. The higher the fat content in milk, the more froth you will get. I was trying to recreate the same drink I ordered at Starbucks for this recipe, so that is why I chose skim milk.

    I would tell anyone trying this for the first time to use the milk they enjoy the most. You can always try it other ways, but start off with the milk you would normally drink. I use an electric milk frother to make the process easy. The one I use comes with different attachments you can use in the mixer. Depending on how you like your milk frothed will determine which attachment to use.

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    What Is Chai Tea

    How to Make a Dirty Chai Latte at Home! Only 5 Ingredients!

    The weak tea that North Americans typically drink has the colour of dirty dishwater, almost no flavour, and no need for sugar . It is nothing close to the version drunk by millions of Indians.

    Indian tea, also known as chai, is rich and milky, deeply coloured, steaming hot, and boldly flavourful with a definite need for sugar to offset the toasty bitterness.

    The word chai just means tea. Chai = tea.

    If you ask for chai tea in India, youre asking for tea tea and your dorky adorableness will get laughed at a little bit.

    Masala chai, on the other hand, is what youre probably aiming for its the spiced version. Masala = spices.

    Despite what Starbucks would have you believe, real chai doesnt start with a syrup and its not super heavily spiced. If you visit India, youll see chai-wallas on every corner, calling out chai! chai! chai! and pouring steaming tea from a height , allowing it to cool a bit as it streams into little metal cups.

    Whenever my husbands parents visit, his mom makes me a steaming cup of her most delicious homemade Indian chai every morning. I start looking forward to it before I even go to bed at night. It is the tastiest tea you have ever tasted and I could drink a hundred cups a day.

    Granted, she really likes my tea, too, so I have a theory that it just tastes better when someone else makes it for you, with love.

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    A Few Questions Answered

    Should you use ground or whole spices?

    Traditionally, whole spices are simmered in the pot. But Im keeping this recipe simple with ground spices for those who dont have direct access to the latter. Fret not though, because the results are still a deliciously spice latte!

    How do I make a dirty chai latte?

    As you let the black tea simmer with the milk in the pot, brew 2 shots of espresso. Then pour one shot into each mug. Once youve finished making the chai latte, pour it over the espresso shots and give it a stir before drinking.

    How do I make an iced chai latte?

    If its a warm day and youd like a refreshing iced chai, all you need to do is prep two cups with ice cubes. After youve made the recipe as is, just pour the chai latte over the ice and give it a stir.

    So To Make A Pitcher I Boiled 8 Cups Of Water On The Stove Top And Added 8 Chai Tea Bags

    How to make iced chai tea latte. The coffee chains dont want you to know just how easy it is to make. Just scoop 4 perfect spoons (approx. Hands down use the tazo chai classic tea!

    You can make your own homemade masala chai tea with black tea and spices. I poured the cool chai tea mix into a pitcher and put in the fridge overnight. So, the latte version may not exactly be super healthy, but its not a big splurge either.

    Add 4 pumps of chai concentrate directly into the cup Whats more, powdered chai latte mix makes a terrific mason jar gift. 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk.

    Yes, and making hot masala chai latte during rainy days are the best. Steep the tea bags, chai spices and maple syrup for 30 minutes. Just fill a jar up with the chai latte blend and perhaps decorate it with a ribbon and label.

    Most importantly, be sure to include an instruction tag with directions on how to make a cup full of chai latte using the mix. Combine the honey and water in a small glass container. Instead of feeling deprived of a delicious chai latte, i make my own homemade version, and they are excellent.

    How to make iced chai latte the bulk of this iced chai latte recipe is actually just making the chai concentrate , which can be made 2 weeks ahead of time. Stir to mix and let sit overnight. It is a little weaker in taste so you would need to double strength your tea before adding milk to it.

    Starbucks Iced Chai Latte Recipe in 2020 Chai latte

    Iced Chai in 2020 Chai tea latte recipe

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    What Is The Best Way To Froth Milk For A Latte

    There are numerous tools on the market that can be used to froth milk for lattes, cappuccinos and other coffee and tea drinks. Here are a couple of my favorites:

    • Nespresso Aeroccinno Milk Frother: this is a very convenient tool to have on hand if you enjoy making your own lattes, cappuccinos and other drinks that call for frothed milk. It is very quick, gets the milk hot and frothy in just a minute.
    • Blendtec Designer Series Blender: using your blender is a quick and simple way to froth milk. Note if youre frothing hot milk, make sure the lid is vented with a towel over the top to help steam escape. Use my discount code DELIGHTFULEMADE to get a 20% discount on any Blendtec blender purchase.

    Brewing Chai Tea Bags

    Chai Tea Latte Recipe
  • 1Bring 34 cup of water to a boil. Fill a kettle or saucepan with water that hasnt been boiled before and set it on the stove. Using fresh water gives your tea the best flavor. Then, turn the burner to high so the water comes to a boil.XResearch source
  • If you prefer, heat the water in an electric kettle.
  • 2Put 1 chai tea bag in a mug and pour in the boiling water. Open 1 chai tea bag and put it in a large serving mug. Carefully pour 34 cup of the boiling water into the mug so the tea bag is saturated.XResearch source
  • Try your favorite variety of storebought chai tea bags. You could use decaffeinated, chai green tea, or herbal chai tea, for instance.
  • 3Steep the tea for 4 to 6 minutes before you remove the bag. Stir the tea occasionally to distribute the chai tea seasonings in the water and set a timer for at least 4 minutes. The longer you steep the tea, the more flavorful the chai will be. Remove the tea bag once the tea has brewed as long as you like.XResearch source
  • For even stronger chai tea, leave the tea to steep for up to 10 minutes.
  • 4Stir in the honey and sugar. Pour in 1 1/2 teaspoons of honey along with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Stir the sweeteners well so they dissolve into the tea. Then, taste the tea and add more honey or sugar if you want the tea even sweeter.XResearch source
  • You could substitute agave, stevia, or low-calorie sweetener for the honey and sugar.
  • Add any of the following:

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    Spice Up Your Day With Chai Tea

    This exquisitely spicy yet creamy beverage can be consumed either hot or cold, making it a great recipe for year-round consumption. The blend of peppery and piquant spices make enjoying this cuppa tea a diversion from the classic sharp or floral flavors of teas such as green tea and jasmine tea.

    With health benefits including increased immune system strength, alleviation of aches and pains and increased focus and attention, masala chai helps you stay healthy without sacrificing taste. Savor the flavors and breathe in the zesty aroma of masala chai while drinking to your health.

    The Best Tea For Chai Latte

    Loose-leaf black tea is best for brewing chai for lattes. Ideally, it is made with an Assam or Ceylon tea, but English Breakfast or other black tea blends work wonderfully too. Loose-leaf tea is generally of a higher quality than bags, with large pieces and less dust, which can lead to bitter or tannic tea. Since we have to strain out the spices before making our chai latte anyway, bagged tea would be no time-saver here.

    That being said, if bagged black tea is all you have on hand or is one you particularly love, then by all means, use it! Youll want six bags for each batch of chai.

    recipesTea 101Reading Time:

    Some things are harder than theylook. Take, for example, the perfect tea latte. Even if youre a wiz with thecoffee equivalent, making a mouthwatering tea version can be tricky whats the best tea? The right amount of loose leaf?The perfect steep time?

    Guess no more. Were here to show you just how it should be done. Craving an iced latte instead? We got you. Head over to our Iced Latte post for insider tips on the best brews and techniques for the ice cold version.

    Ready for something warm and insanely satisfying? Read on to find out how to make a tea latte at home.

    The best teas for a tea latte:

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    Saving Money On Chai Tea Lattes

    So, how much money does this hack save you? If you made a 12-ounce chai tea latte at home itd cost you around $1.20 in ingredients , plus the cost of the frother. So, for option A youd breakeven after making 5 chai tea lattes at home, and for option B youd break even after 15 lattes.

    If you have three chai tea lattes a week from Starbucks during fall and winter, either at home option would save you over $150!

    Whats An Iced Chai Latte

    How to Make A Starbucks Chai Tea Latte from Home l By an Ex Barista

    A chai latte is a Western invention: it takes traditional masala chai, the milky spiced tea from India, and combines it with frothy steamed milk of a latte. The iced version serves it over ice, and skips the frothy topping. This drink was popularized by Starbucks in the 1990s. Many coffeehouse versions of a chai latte have little left of the traditional Indian inspiration: theyre often too sweet and overly spiced.

    The recipe for our iced chai latte is gently spiced and subtly sweet. It combines our chai spices with milk and ice for a refreshingly cool latte thats just sweet enough.

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    Does The Starbucks Chai Tea Latte Contain Syrup

    Regular chai tea latte does not contain syrup. It is usually chai tea concentrate and milk.

    The syrup is an additive such as vanilla syrup in vanilla chai tea latte, or you can have a classic syrup added to your drink. I would, however, say that the chai concentrate is usually presweetened with cane sugar or honey.


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