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Which Brand Of Rooibos Tea Is Best

Organic Rooibos Tea Refill

Vusi’s brand of rooibos tea

Home is where the heart is. For rooibos that means the spectacular wilderness of the Cederberg Mountains outside Cape Town, South Africa. Its the only place on the planet where rooibos grows and the centre of our universe. Our rooibos is 100% organic, packed with antioxidants and essential minerals. It is naturally caffeine-free so you can enjoy it morning, noon and night. 100% Organic. Fully compostable.

Rooibos Tea Organic Tagless Teabags By Rooibos Rocks

Rooibos Rocks was founded by a UK couple who fell in love with the caffeine-free beverage in South Africa during their honeymoon. With passion and love, the family-owned business started to pack the finest tea leaves from the region of Cederberg, the only place where rooibos is grown.

Packed in airtight foil pouches, this pack of rooibos tea is as fresh as it is from the mountainous farm in Cederberg. Youll want to brew yourself a cup of organically farmed rooibos tea to aid your detox program. Its high level of antioxidants will help in keeping your cells safe from free radicals.

The tea leaves are certified organic by USDA as they are harvested from farms practicing sustainable agriculture. There is no sugar added and you dont need to worry about calories either. The tea is best served hot or cold and is a great alternative to coffee.


  • No sugar, preservatives, and additives.


What Does Roibos Tea Taste Like

In terms of taste Rooibos is blessed with a naturally sweet flavor, much reminding one of caramel and a bit of milk. Its one of the teas that is great without sugar, and also one of the teas that does take milk.

Its really one of the reasons its so well liked, and why you find it in many sleepy time teas. The beautiful flavor makes you want to continue drinking the tea, and also relaxes the body and the mind. Much like lavender actually, since its a very soothing taste and smell.

In my opinion the best Rooibos tea is the one mixed in with a bit of caramel bits, and then with a tiny drop of milk added for extra creaminess.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Rooibos

Rooibos or red bush is not a true tea as it does not come from the Camellia sinensis plant. Instead, rooibos is harvested in summer and early autumn from a shrub-like plant called Aspalathus linearis which is native to the South African Cedarberg Mountains . Rooibos was known to be drank in the 1700s and was known as a medicinal plant as far back as 1932.

Rooibos is naturally caffeine free and as well as drinking it as a black tea, rooibos can be used in many recipes as a substitute for water or milk it is even fine for using in savory dishes such as casseroles where it not only adds flavor but also tenderizes meat. Dried fruit for baking can be soaked overnight in rooibos so that you do not need to add any sugar when cooking.

How To Choose The Most Popular Red Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea

The three most crucial criteria to consider are price, quality, and popularity.Price is an obvious factor to consider, as you want to ensure it is acceptable for your needs.Quality should also be examined because buying a low-quality goods will not help you achieve your main aim of obtaining the best product.Finally, while not as obvious as price or quality, popularity can be just as significant as both when it comes to attracting new customers.

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Top Rooibos Tea Brands

There are a lot of different brand choices out there, but weve narrowed down five of the best pure rooibos tea options in the review list below. Weve tried to get a good variation of choices, as the type you go for will ultimately end up depending on your own personal choices. For instance, you might prefer organic herbal tea bags over loose-leaf, or you might want some extra flavors to help balance the bitterness. Whatever you get, make sure that it comes from South Africa to guarantee authenticity.

Anyway, we wont go on. Here are some of the best rooibos tea brand choices you can get today.

Lv Organic Vanilla Rooibos Tea

  • Amount: 3.5 oz
  • Type: organic herbal loose leaf tea blend with rooibos

Løv Organic Vanilla Rooibos Tea comes in a nice looking reusable tin, which is both convenient and friendly to the environment.

The taste of this organic loose leaf tea is a combination of earthy rooibos flavor combined with a pleasant vanilla aroma. Its a real treat to your tastebuds!

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Things To Look For While Buying Rooibos

Red or Green Rooibos?

Rooibos leaves are of two main types, namely, green and red. Although both of them come from red rooibos bush, their production methods cause the difference.

Red bush is oxidized to harvest rich maroon colored leaves. On the other hand, the green bush is not oxidised therefore, it does not achieve the reddish tint.

If you are a fan of oxidized leaves, then go for the red one, or else the green leaves will fit your needs well.

Loose Leaf or Tea Bag?

We would recommend you to opt for loose leaf rooibos tea, so that you can taste the freshest flavours. In case you are planning to buy this dink for travel purposes, buy the teabag version as it is portable and easy-to-make.

Flavour Profile

According to the rooibos tea reviews, the flavor mostly depends on the length of oxidation. The flavors of red variety include woody, smoky, and sweet flavor profiles. Often they also have the essence of caramel, honey, vanilla, and geranium.

The green variety, on the other hand, features crisp and grassy flavor profiles. They are much lighter and full-bodied compared to the red variety.

Using Rooibos Tea To Lose Weight

South Africa rooibos tea gets unique regional status

Can rooibos tea really help me lose weight?

Rooibos tea is naturally sweet and is also a low-calorie drink, while its antioxidants help balance blood sugar levels, making it an ideal weight loss drink.

It also has ingredients that help reduce stress, which is linked to increased hunger and fat storage.

More reason to get one of our top picks for the best rooibos tea brand.

I recently also found this amazing rooibos tea weight loss program, its perfect for beginners with many recipes for brewing the perfect rooibos tea.

You can learn more here

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What Is Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is grown solely in South Africa and is most commonly known as red tea or red bush tea. When Rooibos tea leaves are oxidized, they have an attractive red infusion color which is caffeine-free and filled with antioxidants. Overall, Rooibos Tea’s unique brew provides a woody and earthy taste with a hint of sweetness, offering you a unique and flavorful experience. Like black tea, Rooibos tea is often enjoyed either on its own or mixed with milk and sugar. It also can be enjoyed as Rooibos iced tea, espresso, lattes, or cappuccino. As a tea, Rooibos contains a generous amount of copper, fluoride, and potent antioxidants, making it beneficial for consumption.

Laager South African Rooibos Tea

Laager South African Rooibos Tea

Laager Rooibos tea has the natural sweet taste and it is also low in tannins.

It has the rich hearty flavor which keeps you refreshing at any time.

This tea doesn’t contain additives, colorants or preservatives and it is 100 percent natural.

It has different benefits for health, and it not only hydrates your body but also is great for boosting your immune system.

Many people have caffeine intolerance, and it is suitable for them too.

It is also a good bedtime beverage.

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Cederberg Tea Company Red Rooibos

Cederberg Tea Companys Red Rooibos tea is of the red varietal.

This means it will have a dark reddish brown tint and a smooth, fruity, and sweet taste.

This red rooibos tea is award winning! It received 2nd place in the rooibos tea category at the Global Tea Championship in 2019.

This red rooibos tea is not only GMO free, organic and sustainably harvested, it is also certified Kosher and its teabags are naturally whitened with oxygen. This makes the tea bags completely recyclable.

Cederberg Tea Company produces their tea on a small boutique sized farm in South Africa ensuring the quality of the tea is high.

Because it is carefully and specifically batched, this tea comes only in a 100w size pack, but at a great price point.

These tea bags are also wrapped within the box to preserve taste and freshness.

Due to its prestige, quality and price point, Cederbergs Red Rooibos tea is one of the best brands on the market.

How To Choose The Rooibos Tea Usda Organic

Top 100+ Rooibos Tea Brands South Africa

Is finding an excellent rooibos tea usda organic a stressful experience? Have you ever been unsure what model to buy when considering the purchase of rooibos tea usda organic in general?

Knowing youre not alone is sometimes all you need. There are many people who have difficulty finding the perfect rooibos tea usda organic for themselves. This is why we are here to help!

You have obviously come to this page to learn more about Cheap rooibos tea usda organic Reviews. There is a lot of information out there, so to make an informed decision, find a reputable source with a variety of options before committing.

The information you seek can come from many sources buying guides, ratings websites, word-of-mouth recommendations, online forums where users give their personal experiences, independent product reviews found throughout the internet, and even YouTube channels. The best products can only be found through thorough research.

Right? But isnt it not always easy to do that? Therefore, we have taken the time to compile a list of the top rooibos tea usda organic products on the market, for your benefit, so that you dont need to worry.

What led us to compile this list? Why did we make this buying guide?

  • Firstly, we used our algorithms to gather the information about the products that were available from reliable sources.
  • To validate all collected information, both Artificial Intelligence and large data volumes were used.

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Rooibos Vs Chamomile Tea

Both are herbal teas with the stress relieving and relaxing properties. So, there are different tea brands which contain both rooibos and chamomile as a blend to make it even better tasting and healthy. Chamomile contains the dried chamomile flowers. The chamomile has yellowish orange color, and it is considered tisane or herbal. Chamomile has floral sweetness, which means it is another kind of sweet tasting tea.

How To Find The Best Organic Rooibos Tea Brands In The Uk

Drinking our fair share of brews over the last 40 years, we have discovered a few things about what makes a really good Rooibos and how to determine if you are buying the freshest and best tea brands online or from any health food or fine food store. This amazing herbal tisane is now more popular than ever, but how do you actually know the difference between the quality of the teas you buy?

Global Rooibos market trends, how it affects you?

Rooibos used to be available only in South Africa or through selected health food outlets in Europe and the USA. Times have changed, and increased demand coupled with years of decreased production due to drought has meant that entire crops are now regularly all sold to big tea trading houses before they are even harvested!

As an example, we had an issue in 2016 when with limited stock availability we sold out and were out of stock for a few months – not ideal . But then again it is a commodity, and like all crops, we are still at the hands-off mother nature and the incredibly hard work of local farmers. As a result, we had to wait until the next year’s new harvest was ready from our Rooibos farm, Wiedouw in the southern Cape.

So, what really sets a good Rooibos apart – why it’s so much more than just another ‘herbal tea’ and why it’s not just another commodity traded at the worlds tea markets, and all teas like wines are not made equal…

Why buy anyone Rooibos tea brand over any other in the UK?

3 Responses

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Rooibos Tea And Skincare

The antioxidants contained in rooibos arent just useful when consumed. When incorporated into skincare formulations and applied directly to the skin, these antioxidants are incredibly useful.

Antioxidants are most widely used to combat signs of aging in a variety of ways. antioxidants contained in rooibos are antibacterial, and anti-viral in nature making them useful for treating skin symptoms associated with acne and breakouts.

As mentioned earlier on, antioxidants are useful for combating free radicals, which are responsible for many signs of aging most notably an increase in wrinkles. Of course, with its appealing aromatic combination consisting of woody and lingering floral notes, its also amazing when used as the key fragrant component in formulations.

The dried rooibos tea leaves are a great ingredient for exfoliating the skin. The roughness of the woody leaves make for a natural and biodegradable alternative to microbeads with the woody, fragrant aroma of rooibos.

How To Choose The Right Rooibos Tea For Consumption

Rooibos tea prices double due to drought | Money Talks

Not all rooibos tea that comes in packs are the same. When choosing rooibos tea, youll want to be diligent and avoid making a decision based on price alone. Here are some of the factors that youll want to consider.

  • Organic Considering that rooibos tea is a beverage suitable for daily consumption, youll want to ensure no pesticide or harmful chemicals build up in your body. Ensure that the rooibos tea is sourced from organically grown Aspalathus linearis plant and bears the USDA organic logo.
  • Processing The aroma and beneficial properties of rooibos tea depend on how the tea leaves are processed in the facility. Ensure that the manufacturer adheres to strict quality control, such as steam sterilization to prevent microbial contamination.
  • Loose leaves or teabag This is entirely up to your personal preference. Tea bags are convenient and some argue that loose leaves are of better quality.

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Rooibos Rocks Organic Teabags

  • Amount: 100 tea bags
  • Type: pure organic rooibos teabags

Rooibos Rocks is a South African family business. Their rooibos tea is sustainably farmed and they are committed to protecting the biodiversity and preserving the countys scarce water resources.

This organic rooibos tea comes in 100 unbleached and tagless tea bags. The bags are wrapped in 20 foil pouches to keep them fresh. Rooibos Rocks tea is of superior quality in every aspect and you can get it at a reasonable price!

Rooibos Tea And Weight Loss

Rooibos is calorie free, with a naturally sweet taste making it a perfect addition to a weight loss diet. It has been associated chemically with weight loss, as a result of the polyphenols it contains which have been linked to combating obesity. Test tube studies have concluded that rooibos tea may be able to speed up theweight loss process by increasing levels of leptin, which can help regulate the bodys metabolism.

In addition,rooibos is said to be able to suppress the stress hormone cortisol, which can cause hunger spikes and changes in your metabolisms activity,halt the formation of new fat cells and encourage a quicker fat metabolism.

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The Republic Of Tea Republic Red Chai

  • Amount: 36 tea bags
  • Type: organic herbal tea blend with rooibos

California based tea company, The Republic of Tea, offers a nice variety of tea products. Their Republic Red Chai is one of my favorite products. It contains rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, cardamom seeds, Chinese star anise, cloves, and black pepper.

This tea blend has a powerful combination of healthy ingredients and I like to drink it before going to sleep. None of the ingredients contain any caffeine. You can brew it with hot water or milk and the taste is delicious!

What Choices Of Rooibos Tea Do I Have

7 Best Rooibos Tea Brands You Can Buy And Their Detailed Reviews ...

You can get Rooibos Tea in bags, as loose leaves, green or fermented, organic or normal. And all these options contain the antioxidants and flavonoids unique to Rooibos.

Thanks to its growing popularity, a whole range of spin-off Rooibos products are available. You get iced rooibos tea, Rooibos tea capsules, Red tea lattes, Red Bush espresso and Rooibos flavored with everything from apple and cinnamon, to Hoodia , to lemon, to caramel, to Rooibos chai.

But for this review I want to focus on 100% pure Rooibos brands. They yield the benefits that altered, blended and flavored products may lack.

Choosing the best value and quality Rooibos online

I grew up drinking Rooibos and, quite honestly, there is not much difference in quality and taste between the well known brands. But there is a difference in price.

I was pleased to see that online, the price between green rooibos and organic rooibos is negligible . This is not so in stores, where green rooibos costs double that of organic. And organic costs about a third more than regular, non organic.

When you buy loose leaf rooibos you will notice differences in the grade and taste. And then only if you buy a cheaper, lesser known brand. This is because when the rooibos tea bush is harvested, both the stems and leaves are cut. Lower grade products will contain more stems and twigs than higher grade brands. And so that will, of course, affect taste.

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Nigiro Tender Mint Rooibos

  • Amount: 3.5 oz
  • Type: organic herbal loose leaf tea blend with rooibos

Nigiro is a company that only uses products of the highest quality standards farmed with traditional methods. Their Tender Mint Rooibos is an interesting mix of green rooibos and peppermint leaves and flowers.

Green rooibos is dried quickly after harvesting to prevent the oxidation. This tea has a nice and refreshing taste and it also makes an excellent ice-tea.


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