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Where To Buy Dandelion Root Tea

What Exactly Is Dandelion Root

DANDELION ROOT TEA (both fresh & dried) for LIVER DETOX

Though the dandelion leaf is often prepared either in a salad mix, or sautéed, the dandelion root is usually powdered, sometimes roasted, and used as a substitute for coffee, or, in this case, as a delightfully smooth, healing tea. And, though both the leaf and the root are well known to assist with sweeping the liver clean, dandelion root has become more popular as a digestive aid. Dandelion root is currently being used to increase appetite, and increase the overall functionality of the digestive system.

Feel Good Organics: Raw Dandelion Roots 1 Pound

This is great high-quality brand of Dandelion Roots. This is a newer brand supplying Dandelion Roots, but it has quickly become my favorite. This is a one pound bag of roots that have been cut, sifter, and are ready to go.

These are certified organic and are sourced from Croatia. They are raw and not roasted, which I recommend to obtain the most health benefits.

Feel Good Organics offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with your order. I recently bought two of these bags of Dandelion Roots. I kept one bag for myself and gave the other to my friend who had asked me about Dandelion Root Tea. She was told by her vet to give this to her dog, Rocket, who was recently diagnosed with cancer!

I was really impressed with the tea I made with these roots, and my friend was blown away. She consumed the tea at the same time as her dog. She loved the fresh taste of the tea, and it gave Rocket energy and helped him live up to his name. They now consume it every day. This helped reinforce my recommendation of this brand.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Caffeine Free 16 Wrapped Tea Bags 85 Oz

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    Perishable items generally have shorter expiration dates. Although our warehouse is fully air-conditioned, these more fragile items are put in cold storage for maximum freshness.

    Our receiving department does its best to verify and then enter the correct expiration dates for all incoming products. However, discrepancies do occur from time to time. This being said, the exceptionally high turnover at iHerb ensures that our inventory is among the freshest in the industry.

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Taste Plant StoryHerbs That Work

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Where To Buy Dandelion Tea: Dandelion Leaf Tea

Dandelion Leaf Tea is a less popular version of dandelion tea. As a result, in can be fairly difficult to find as many options.

1.) Frontier Raw Dandelion Leaf

I always recommend purchasing raw or loose herbal tea ingredients over tea bags. Yes, working with raw or loose leaf is going to take you a little bit of extra time but, if you have a few minutes to spare, the resulting improvement of taste certainly makes it worth your while!

Loose ingredients usually require the extra step of crushing the plant , but there are several benefits that come along with this extra effort. Lets take a look at one of them as an example.

Raw ingredients are healthier and usually more fresh than tea bags. This is because they have not been as processed as some of the dandelion tea that has already been included into a tea bag by a manufacturer. I will tell you that you can truly taste the difference in the end result and you dont even have to have that experienced of tastebuds to be able to do so. Check it out for yourself!

I have included my favorite dandelion leaf brand below. This is my favorite way to make Dandelion Tea, and it is much more flavorful than the prepared tea bags. If I am going to serve this kind of tea to a larger group, I always use this particular kind its a real crowd pleaser .

2. ) Dandelion Leaf Tea

Ingredients In Our Raw Dandelion Root Tea

Butterfly Acres: Organic Dandelion Root Tea Review

Our Dandelion Root Tea is 100% organic and all-naturally flavored with Ceylon Cinnamon and Hibiscus which are not only delicious, they also promote stable blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Ceylon Cinnamon is coumarin-free and contains the antioxidant compounds found in green tea. Studies have found that hibiscus can support normal blood pressure maintenance.

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How To Make Dandelion Root Tea

If there is a dandelion plant growing in your garden, then you can use the raw roots to prepare the drink. Using a small shovel, pull out the plant and remove the root. Wash it thoroughly under cold running water to remove any dirt, pat dry with a towel, and chop it into smaller pieces. Follow the instructions given below to prepare 4 cups of fresh dandelion root tea.

  • Boil the water in a saucepan and add 2 tablespoons of the chopped roots
  • Simmer for about 1 minute and remove it from heat
  • Allow the mixture to steep for 40 minutes
  • Strain the mixture and sweeten it with honey or sugar

How To Prepare The Best Cup Of Dandelion Root Tea

  • Bring water to a boil.
  • Pour 6 oz/ 177 ml hot water over tea bag in a mug.
  • Steep tea for 3-6 minutes .
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy.
  • What Makes Kiss Me Organics Dandelion Root Tea The Best Choice

    Our Dandelion Root Tea is 100% Organic & Lab Tested For Quality Control

    Its raw, so you get ultimate nutrient absorption and its made with delicious Hibiscus and Ceylon Cinnamon. Our tea also comes with 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with this product you can return it at any time for a full refund.

    Whichever Dandelion Root Tea you decide to try, make sure its organic, raw, and lab-tested to ensure its free of harmful chemicals.

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    May Help Reduce Risk Of Obesity

    According to one study, dandelion exerts similar triglyceride-lowering and pancreatic lipase inhibitory effects to the weight loss drug Orlistat. Pancreatic lipase is the body’s primary way of absorbing fat, so reducing this enzyme may result in improved weight maintenance.

    Bonus: Dandelion tea can act as a coffee substitute. While dandelion tea is caffeine-free, it has a similar aroma and flavor to coffee . It’s a great natural alternative for those looking to reduce their coffee consumption.

    What Are The Side Effects Of Dandelion Tea

    ðTop 10 Dandelion Tea Benefits Dandelion Root Benefits 2020 Video

    Organic dandelion roots and leaves make for some excellent detox and weight-loss teas and are generally safe for consumption. However, dandelion allergies are also not entirely uncommon. If youre already allergic to chamomile, marigold, or similar plants, be cautious with dandelion tea. Detox teas that contain dandelion leaves can have adverse interactions with your medications. The diuretic properties of dandelion could make these medications leave your system sooner than youd want them to. So if youre on blood thinners or diabetes meds, consult your doctor.

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    Where To Buy Dandelion Tea: The Best

    First, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    This is a list of some of my favorite dandelion tea. By no means is it the ONLY high quality dandelion tea but I have researched it, consumed more than my fair share of it, and feel comfortable introducing it to the HTH readership!

    If you are unfamiliar with dandelion tea, you should check out my Dandelion Tea Ultimate Guide. When people ask Where to Buy Dandelion Tea, I always tell them that Online is a great place to start.

    I have done the hard work and tried AN ABSOLUTE TON of different types and brands of dandelion tea in my search to find the best. Taste is subjective, so I try to list the highest quality. I do my best to describe the flavor profile in the description. I have organized this list of Where to Buy Dandelion Tea into a few distinct sections:

    • Dandelion Root Tea
    • Dandelion Leaf & Root Tea

    Organic Sunny Dandelion Root

    • Product Description

        This mellow and rejuvenating blend highlights the toasty flavor of Dandelion Root, which is popular in many detox blends. It has been rounded out nicely with the addition of cocoa shell, roasted chicory and a touch of natural sweetness from orange peel and vanilla. It brews to a beautiful golden copper color.

        Stash Tea is certified organic by Quality Assurance International. QAI is a professional organic certification service that is internationally recognized. QAI’s program is designed to certify every step of the organic chain – from the land on which the product is grown, to the growers, to the post harvest facilities and the final processing and handling facilities. Such diligence provides assurance that the end product is indeed organic and that it complies with state, provincial, national and international organic standards. Products which carry the QAI certification seal convey the confidence of an unbroken “chain of custody” that all materials and processes have been individually certified as organic. Our Organic Chamomile is certified by the renowned Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture.

        IngredientsOrganic dandelion root, organic chicory root, organic cocoa shells*, organic orange peel, natural vanilla flavor

        *Contains trace amounts of caffeine

        Steeping Instructions3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit


        Tea Bag Packaging

    • 18 ct – 18 tea bags in a box
    • Case – six 18 ct boxes
  • Variant:18 ct tea bags
  • SKU:64523
  • unexpected love

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    Interesting Notes About Dandelion Leaf Tea

    Leaves, stems, flowers and roots are all edible, and all boast nutritional value. From a sautéed side dish, to an ingredient in salads, to wine, a caffeine-free coffee, and even part of a traditional British soft drink, dandelion obviously has not been overlooked throughout the history of civilization. As a medicinal plant, dandelion has been used for thousands of years, and history reports its use in treating a variety of mild to severe conditions. .

    What Makes Our Dandelion Root Tea The Best

    Dandelion Root Tea Detox Tea

    While there are countless brands of Dandelion Root Tea that claim to be the best, youll want to check their tests and certifications.

    Many of the Dandelion Root Teas available on the market are made from poor quality, non-organic root, roasted root, but ours is 100% certified RAW organic.

    A third-party lab tests all our Dandelion Root Tea for product quality and purity, so you can be sure youre not ingesting harmful chemicals.

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    Kiss Me Organics: Raw Dandelion Roots With Hibiscus

    I usually purchase loose tea, but when I need Dandelion Root tea bags, I primarily buy the Kiss Me Organics brand. This is one of the only high-quality brands that supplies raw Dandelion Root tea bags. Most other brands include roasted roots instead of raw.

    As stated above, I prefer raw because it has been shown to contain the most vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds. The roasting process causes the roots to lose some of their benefits. I included two links above, they are the same except the first option contains 20 bags and the second option contains 100 bags.

    Does Dandelion Tea Make You Sleepy

    Dandelion tea is not normally associated with inducing sleep , although many herbal tea advocates and naturopaths recommend drinking herbal tea before bed time. Dandelion tea has been shown to help cleanse the liver and may help to address hormonal imbalances that could prevent sleep. However, there is no evidence that it will induce sleep.

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    How To Prepare Roasted Dandelion Root Tea

    • Dry and roast the raw chopped root on medium heat in a pan or a baking oven at 150-200 degrees Celsius for 2 hours
    • Add 2 tablespoons of the roots in the water and boil for 5-10 minutes
    • Allow it to steep for 10 minutes to obtain a richer flavor
    • Strain the mixture
    • Add sugar or honey to enhance the taste

    Note: You need to make sure that pesticides are not used in those regions where the dandelion plants are being grown to avoid any serious health problems.

    Dandelion Plant

    It Can Act As A Natural Coffee Substitute

    Roasted Dandelion Root Tea & or Coffee Recipe | Dr Sebi Approved

    You may be able to find this product of pre-prepared dandelion root at your local health food stores, but you can also harvest and make it from your own non-insecticide-treated, lawn-variety dandelions.

    The roots of young dandelion plants are roasted to a dark brown color. Then, after steeping in hot water and straining, it can be enjoyed as a coffee substitute.

    recent Korean study suggests that dandelion could have similar effects on the body as the weight loss drug Orlistat, which works by inhibiting pancreatic lipase, an enzyme released during digestion to break down fat.

    Testing the impact of dandelion extract in mice revealed similar results, prompting researchers to recommend further study on the possible anti-obesity effects of dandelion.

    Recently, dandelion root has been studied for its cancer-fighting potential, and so far the results appear promising.

    A showed that it does the same to pancreatic cancer cells.

    While the anti-cancer effects of dandelion tea havent been tested, the potential is positive.

    Dandelion is considered safe for most people. However, some people may have an allergic reaction from touching or ingesting dandelion. Dandelion has also been found to interact with certain medications, including diuretics, lithium, and Cipro.

    If you are taking any prescription medications, consult your doctor before drinking dandelion tea.

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    Helps Reduce Water Weight

    One of the earliest recorded uses of dandelion tea is as a diuretic, helping the body eliminate excess body water through the kidneys and urine. This may be due to the plant’s high potassium content, which can signal the body to flush out sodium. Diuretics can be helpful for relieving fluid retention, PMS, and bloating.

    Dandelion Tea For Liver Detox Better Skin And Healthy Stomach

    By Christine Ruggeri, CHHC

    Most homeowners dont realize that the yellow weeds that pop up every spring, and must be kept at bay for months, are actually plants that have a number of powerful health benefits. In fact, humans have been using dandelions in food for much of recorded history, including dandelion tea.

    Dandelion root is used for the treatment of muscle aches, loss of appetite, upset stomach, intestinal gas, gallstones, joint pain, eczema and bruises. It also increases urine production and serves as a laxative to increase bowel movements.

    Some people use dandelion to treat infections, especially viral infections and even cancer. Its also used as a skin toner, blood tonic and digestive tonic.

    Meanwhile, dandelion greens can be chopped up and used as a garnish or an addition to a sauce, or they can be eaten raw or cooked to minimize their somewhat bitter flavor.

    You can also use the dandelion root, stems and flowers to make a delicious and super-healthy dandelion tea. Either way, you reap the benefits of this unexpected nutritional plant.

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    Origin: Pacific Northwest Usa

    The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most prolific and best tasting herbs in the United States. Sometimes referred to as Cascadia, this region includes the states of Oregon and Washington and is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Rocky Mountains the east. The various climatic regions create the perfect growing conditions for many different types of herbs. Environmentalism is prominent throughout the region resulting in a strong commitment to organic and sustainable farming, and home to one of the original organic certifying bodies, Oregon Tilth. In our efforts to source as many products as possible from right here in the USA, we are delighted to offer herbal teas from this region and plan to continue to increase our selection of domestically grown herbs over the next few years.

    What Does Dandelion Root Taste Like

    Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root ...

    A gorgeous yellow ochre, with a neutral scent, the pleasure of Buddha Teas Dandelion Root Tea begins with the eyes. If youve got a clear cup or pot in which to brew your tea, do it, because visually speaking, our Dandelion Leaf Tea is stunning. Youll be glad to know that unlike some super beneficial teas that may be somewhat off-putting taste-wise, this one isnt. Smooth, subtle, with just a hint of the bitter to let you know its working, adding a touch of honey may be a welcome addition for those you go for the sweet.

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    Where To Buy Dandelion Tea: Dandelion Root Tea

    Please note: This post contains affiliate links. An affiliate link means that we may earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase through our links.

    Dandelion Root Tea is the most popular form of dandelion tea. In fact, its popularity continues to grow each year and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular herbal teas on the market! It is made with dandelion roots, as you might have guessed from its name, and it is known for its dark appearance and bitter flavor.

    You can read more about dandelion root tea on my Dandelion Root Tea Guide!

    This is my favorite brand of raw dandelion roots because of several reasons. Feel Good Organics , a fairly new company, is also somewhat new to offering dandelion roots, but it has definitely earned this spot on my list.

    This is a 1 lb bag of roots, and they have been cut and are ready to go. I always suggesting going with pre-cut dandelion roots because it saves you time, which means you spend less time on the prep work and more time enjoying the resulting tea just like it should be!

    They are sourced from Croatia and are certified organic. They are raw and not roasted, which is the best way to receive the highest health benefits.

    2.) Traditional Medicinals: Roasted Dandelion Root

    This brand offers the best tasting roasted Dandelion Tea, in my opinion. It has somewhat of an earthy taste, without compromising on a smooth finish.


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