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Where To Buy Bulk Tea

Know How Much Tea You Need

Buy Wholesale tea | Bulk loose leaf Tea Supplier

Although it does sound tempting, buying too much tea at once is not a good idea. Although tea doesnt have a strict expiry date, it can deteriorate quite fast. Generally, if you keep them in the original packaging , keep them away from mold, light, heat, humidity and air, they will stay fresh from 6 to 48 months Each and every type is different and some may lose freshness much faster. Green tea is usually the best in the first 6 months, while black tea can be delicious even after 2-3 years. Next, some teas are big and some are small. Some tea blends contain large pieces of freeze-dried fruits that reduce the total volume, but not the weight. You may need to use more than one spoon for brewing the best cup, thus using up leaves much faster than some other types.

Bulk Wholesale Tea Supplier

Searching for the right wholesale tea business can be a tricky task. It is very important for the tea leaf supplier to be authentic. The wholesale tea distributor should be able to provide only the best quality tea leaves for your private label tea. Teafloor is one of the best wholesale loose leaf tea suppliers in India. Our tea leaves are of premium quality and brew only the most aromatic and flavourful cups. We source our teas directly from certified gardens that cultivate the teas in optimum conditions. Our wholesale tea business services vary from white labelling to customization of blends and drop shipping. Therefore, if youre looking for an genuine wholesale tea business to purchase loose leaf tea for wholesale, then Teafloor is the answer.

Organic Cocoa & Coconut

Bounty bar in a cup. Peruvian cocoa shells paired with premium creamy coconut is the perfect bounty bar in a cup and…. it’s all natural and healthy. Ingredients: Organic cocoa shells, desiccated coconut, black tea, cocoa powder, natural coconut flavour. Steeping instructions: Add 2-3 tsp per 250ml to hot water or milk and steep for 3 minutes. Strain and serve hot or place in the fridge and serve chilled or…

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Organic Burdock Root Cut

The flavour of Burdock Root is both earthy and sweet. It is quite a heavy tea so we recommend using 1 teaspoon per cup. It is said to be high in antioxidants that protects the cells in the body from damage due to free radicals. Antioxidants can also help to reduce inflammation. This dark root may also treat skin issues including acne and eczema when applied topically to the skin. Origin:Albania Serving Suggestions: Add…


Organic Lemongrass & Ginger Tea

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Enjoy your day the organic way, with this naturally caffeine-free tisane blend. Legend has it that the news of Lemongrass started spreading in 1905. Native to South Asia, South-East Asia, and Australia, Lemongrass boasts a naturally citrusy flavour with a hint of lemon mint. Ginger has a rich history of over 5,000 years, and when mixed with Lemongrass, its been found to aid digestion and ease inflammation. This smooth, soothing…


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Organic Body And Colon Cleanse

A real cleanse that is like no other. Packed full of beneficial vitamins this tea is naturopathically approved to assist the body with cleansing toxins and helping you look slimmer by reducing bloating while also tasting delicious. This blend creates a sweet and complex palate like no other spicy and sweet from Cinnamon, berry notes from Honeybush, anise-sweetness from Licorice Root and roasty coffee undertones from Dandelion Root. Not to mention it looks beautiful, decorated…


Read The Full Description And Ingredients List

Never judge a tea by appearance only. Descriptions are important, and so is the ingredients list. Sometimes, it may even be lifesaving. If you are allergic to nuts and unknowingly buy a tea with walnuts simply because you couldnt see any on the photo, this could have a serious impact on your health. Furthermore, some ingredients may interact with medicine, such as St. Johnt Wort.

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Organic Caramel Masala Chai

This is our signature Masala chai blend. We start with the base notes: premium organic Assam black tea, sourced from the best plantations in India. We mix the leaves with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and star anise, then infuse with toffee-ish caramel. The end result? A spicy, creamy chai with just the right amount of sweetness. In fact you shouldnt need to add additional honey: the natural caramel gives…


Organic Dark Roast Oolong

Bulk Tea Dyed Paper | Tutorial

Buy Roasted Oolong in Bulk Are you looking for somewhere to buy quality roasted oolong online in bulk? If so, Teavision , has you covered. You can purchase any amount from 1kg to 40+ kgs to ensure that you have enough quality roasted oolong to suit your needs. Whether you want a large stash for yourself or want to ensure you have a large enough supply…


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Australian Alpine Green Tea

Packed full of spring goodness, this rare tea is exclusively sold to Teavision and the remaining harvest is auctioned off on the Japanese market for extremely high prices. This mountainous grown green tea has notes of sweet and earthy grass, strong umami, nori and hints of chestnuts with a creamy texture and balanced astringency. Grown and processed using the same age old techniques first perfected in Japan this tea is bought…

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Loose Leaf Organic Tea & Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bags For Hotels And Catering

Our luxury loose leaf organic teas are greatly appreciated at hotels, especially with room service. We offer biodegradable filter brew bags for easy service. A wide range of organic tea blends & herbal teas to choose from some to helps your guests get a good night sleep, and some to give them a boost for those productive mornings.

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What To Look For When Buying Tea Online

When cutting through the digital clutter of online tea stores, it helps to have some guidelines. Here are mine.

Beware the chains. I don’t need to name names, but you know the ones I’m talking about. You see them in malls and major tourist shopping districts. They carry more chocolate chai or lavender-lemongrass blends than straight tea. By and large, these chains just don’t carry quality tea. They buy leaves in vast quantities through middlemen brokers, then add so many spices and herbs to their blends that it’s often impossible to taste the tea underneath . The straight tea these chains do sell tends not to be particularly great, either. Better than teabags to be sure, but hardly first-rate stuff. You can do better.

Instead, think small. My favorite tea shops don’t have huge selections. That’s because the teas they sell have been picked out by the owner or some stake-holding staff member who’s visited individual tea farms. Some of the best tea in the world is sold entirely through personal deals and never makes it to wholesale accounts.

When reading product descriptions, look for detailed descriptions of farmers’ methods for growing and processing their tea, evidence that company buyers have seen the tea fields with their own eyes and have a good relationship with their farmers.

Organic Jasmine Green Tea Special Grade

Where to Buy Bulk &  Private Label Tea? 5 Top Companies ...

Teavision: Your Choice for a Jasmine Tea Supplier At Teavision , our jasmine tea is the perfect pairing of jasmine flowers with green tea leaves. This classic combination can be bought in bulk from Teavision at wholesale prices. Our expert team have the knowledge and skills that help them to understand what goes into a great cup of tea. Working with our reputable jasmine tea suppliers…


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Tea Specialist Training & Consulting For Montreal Canada

Do you or your staff need training in order to serve your Montreal customers better? Don’t know which teas best compliment your menu? No worries! We can train you or your staff on serving technique, health properties, flavour profiles, anything and everything you need to know in order to succeed in your business and serve the best cup of tea and of course keep your customers coming back for more.

Purchase Bulk Loose Leaf Tea For Wholesale From Teafloor

We at Teafloor, personally ensure that goodness is delivered in every cup. We have a lovingly crafted tea selection and wholesale tea bags that let you purchase loose leaf tea for Wholesale from a vast catalogue. Teafloor is a tea wholesale supplier platform devoted to selling only the lushest and best tea in India and everywhere around the world. As wholesale loose leaf tea suppliers, we make sure that our teas are procured from diverse tea producing regions of India, and homespun to suit you and your customers palate.

Each tea that we sell as tea leaf suppliers has been carefully chosen on the merits of taste, authenticity and fair trade. Teafloor wholesale program is crafted to help you begin your journey with tea with only the best of wholesale tea distributors. Take your pick from our array of services at highly discounted rates from only the top tea manufacturers in Delhi. Lets deliver freshness to every tea lover together.


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Contact Your Wholesale Tea Experts At Art Of Tea Today

For over two decades, Art of Tea has provided our wholesale partners with the utmost attention and care, ensuring that each and every one of them has the finest quality tea on the planet. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale partner of Art of Tea, dont hesitate to apply today. Make Art of Tea your partner and we promise youll taste the difference!

Organic Chun Mee Green Tea

ð?MY BULK TEA HAUL ð?µ || Healthy On A Budget ||

Chinese Chun Mee is sometimes known as Precious Eyebrows Tea. Its an unfermented green tea, originally grown in Jiangxi province, but these days you can find it all over China. Chun Mee leaves are generally hand-rolled and pan-fried, which gives them their distinctive eyebrow shape . The flavour is a little sharper than other green teas: bright, toasty and slightly tangy, with a lingering sweetness…


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Why Choose Starwest Teas

Superior Quality: Supplying premium quality teas since 1975, Starwest is committed to stringent quality control inspection procedures. Quality is achieved through superior cultivation, testing and processing. We have developed an unrivaled network of carefully selected growers, including Certified Organic and Fair Trade farmers from all over the world. This global partnership is our strength, uniqueness in the industry, and our key to unmatched quality and consistency.

Certified Organic: Our Certified Organic Teas are grown in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program and Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International .

Fair Trade: Our Fair Trade Certified Teas are certified by Fair Trade USA, an independent non-profit organization that monitors and certifies Fair Trade products in the U.S. This certification guarantees you are receiving a superior quality Fair Trade product. Fair Trade Certification raises income and living standards for tea farmers overseas, while helping to protect the environment by investing in their farms and communities. The Fair Trade Certified label you will see on our products guarantees you are receiving a superior quality product, farmers and workers received a fair price for their product, and eco-friendly practices were used in crop production.

Collection: Loose Leaf Tea

Experience premium loose leaf tea with our handcrafted signature blends and single-estate full leaf teas. Our selection of organic leaf tea supports traditional harvesting methods and skilled tea masters while offering fresh flavor and natural health benefits. Whether you need a kick to get you going in the morning or just a small escape, theres a handcrafted tea here for you.

  • Black Tea Club – Quarterly Box
    Regular price
  • Boulder Blues Iced Tea Pouches $3.50 – $25.95
  • Flat Belly Hibiscus Cucumber, Organic $4.00 – $44.95
  • Flat Belly Hibiscus Cucumber, Organic Iced Tea Pouches $4.50 – $33.95
  • Ginger Peach Iced Tea Pouches $3.50 – $29.95

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Organic Keemun Black Tea

Keemun has long been cherished as one of the finest black teas on the planet, grown at low temperatures with high humidity in Chinas Anhui and Jiangxi provinces. Youve probably enjoyed a lot of Keemun in your life already, seeing as its a key ingredient in many English Breakfast blends. Keemun is adored for its distinct floral flavour and aroma, with deliciously fruity undertones complemented by hints of orchid, pine,…


Become A Wholesale Tea Partner

Wholesale Customized Bulk Small Tea Tins

Art of Tea is an innovative, hand-crafted premium tea importer and blender for those who are looking for a delicious, restorative, and ritual experience for their customers. We hand blend and custom craft a wide selection of award-winning and organic loose leaf, bagged, and iced teas in Los Angeles, California. We work closely with all of our wholesale partners to create tea programs that complement their menus, educate their staff, and delight their customers. We believe that we are here to impact as many lives as we can through tea.

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Competitive Wholesale Pricing For Tea Organic Tea Japanese Matcha Superfoods Spices & Botanicals For Montreal & Canada

At Puretea we work hard on our tea supply chain to bring you competitive wholesale pricing for bulk tea, Organic Teas, organic Herbs and organic Spices. Our prices are often equal to the non-organic products carried by other wholesalers in Montreal & Canada. We also partnered with a Japanese tea farm for our Japanese Matcha, Japanese Green tea, Japanese Hojicha & Japanese matcha Genmaicha. We will be carrying different Japanese Matchas, like organic matcha, Ceremonial matcha, culinary matcha & matcha latte blends. Our high grade Japanese Matcha is bright green colour with a smooth taste.

Save By Buying Bulk Tea

Thanks to the internet, you have a galaxy of appealing wholesale tea, private label programs, and varieties to explore. No matter what type of tea you need, buying in bulk is sure to reduce the price tagboth for the price of the product and the shipping costs.

If you want to support local farmers and passionate tea growers, your first stop should be an online tea seller. These tea companies work directly with various farms in a diverse range of regions, allowing them to bring a wide variety of products to discerning customers and provide exceptional private label teas.

If you dont know where to start on your own tea brand or are simply looking for something new and exciting, theres a whole world of high-quality, online tea sellers waiting just for you and your business.

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Organic Black Tea Ctc

“CTC” means “crush, tear, curl”, describing how the tea is processed. Historically, the CTC process developed in India during the 1930s and spread throughout the globe. Today, it is the most popular form of black tea with its teabag friendly size, robust flavour and quick brew. Sourced from origin this Indian black tea is perfect for a strong-bodied cuppa or mixed with spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and clove to create your very…


Information For Our Wholesale Clients

How I Mix Bulk Herbs Into Tea

Our wholesale clients include hotels, restaurants, retail/grocery outlets, and coffee bars/cafes. Minimums apply.

Tea Pouches

We recognize that whole leaf loose tea provides an optimal tea service in terms of taste profile, finish, and clarity. To provide a service that captures all of the benefits of whole leaf loose tea, with the convenience of a standard tea bag, we are distinguished in offering our unique tea pouch line. Our pre-portioned whole leaf pouch allows the best of both worlds. Sensual translucent fabric pouches are packed with the identical whole leaf teas that we offer in our loose-leaf tea line.

Our pouches are designed to accommodate a 12 oz. – 14 oz. brew. These pouches are packaged into foil over-wraps for guaranteed freshness and shelf-life longevity.

As one opens each sealed packet, a combination of the appealing aroma and unique pouch design creates a significant impression upon your guests..

Tea selections available are: Organic Breakfast, Organic Darjeeling Choice Estate, Vanilla Bean, Orange Jasmine, Earl Gold, Earl Gold Decaf, Green Tea Tropical, Marrakesh Mint, Organic Spring Jasmine, Hojicha, Ginger Twist, Chamomile Citrus, African Nectar and Organic Mint Melange. All pouches are available in boxes of 100 count.

Loose Leaf Tea

Our expansive range of teas are available in one pound bags packaged in triple-ply foil. Each bag has a re-sealable pressure-zip closure and will maintain a nine-month shelf life.

Presentation Book

Display Rack

Tea Top

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Where To Buy Amazing Tea Online

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So you’ve fallen in love with tea. You’ve learned how to tell your high mountain oolongs from your shade-grown gyokuro. Now you’re ready to buy some tea of your own.

Whenever I buy tea these days, I think back to a story from Verdant Tea‘s David Duckler:

When I was studying tea, one tea master forced me to drink only the foulest, lowest grade tea he had until I could describe and appreciate its flavor, aroma, and texture. Only then was I allowed to drink the “superior” tea. If someone brings you an ordinary tea bag and you can’t find anything good in it, that’s your fault, not the tea’s fault.

It’s a good reminder for tea lovers to not take themselves, or their tea, too seriously. Judging is easy. Appreciating is hard. And even seasoned experts have something to learn from tasting teas across a wide range of quality.

But when you want the good stuff, and you’re willing to pay for it, you deserve to actually get it. This post is here to help you sort through the many, many tea sources out there to find one right for you.

But specialty tea is a niche market, and a good shop is hard to find, even in big cities like New York. So us tea-loving folk have to take to the internet to find our tea. Start searching for sources and you’ll get flooded by options at all kinds of price points, along with crowdsourced websites full of reviews.* Who’s trustworthy? What tea is really worth the cost? It’s often impossible to tell until it’s too late.


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