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What Is The Best Pu Erh Tea

What Makes Pu Er A Unique Tea Experience

Puerh Tea Top Buys!

Pu Er is a unique tea experience because it has a long history in Chinese tea culture, as well as an interesting taste that goes beyond just sweet and bitter.

Pu Er tea is produced in Yunnan province, China. Its the most expensive type of tea on earth with prices ranging around $1,600 per kilo for the highest quality to more than $600 for the lowest quality.

Its best served at room temperature using ceramic cups that are warmed before pouring. The drinker should look for three characteristics: fragrance, sweetness and bitterness.

Benefits And 5 Most Famous Pu Erh Tea Brands In The World

Unlike most teas we know and love, Pu Erh tea is quite different in property compared to the regular tea we usually buy every now and then. With an earthly but fresh flavor, Pu Erh tea has become one of the most relaxing teas acknowledged by tea enthusiasts around the globe. Taking part in the indulgence of this tea is like taking part of an ancient tea culture that has shaped the tea industry forever.

Unlike most teas, Pu Erh tea is tea that has actually been allowed to grow into a tree instead of just a bush and has been left to ferment!

This process has been part of ancient china and has been something most enjoyed by royalty because of the tedious and lengthy process of manufacturing this tea making it exquisite and mostly unavailable to most people. Just like most of the tea around the world, it all originated in ancient China.

Fermentation takes process as the leaves are left to enhance in flavor. This process takes 20-25 years. 20-25 years! Can you imagine that long of a process just to produce tea?

Originating in the Yunnan province, fermentation and oxidation was what they were known for. It takes quite a lot of patience to wait 20-25 years for a finished product which was why the supply was low but the demand was high and this pushed the Chinese to innovation.

Ma Hei Xi Shuang Ban Na

Ma Hei belongs to one of the most famous tea mountains in the area of Yiwu, among these mountains, Ma Hei is also famed for having the most elegant Charm in Yiwu Pu-erh teas. The reason for the reputation of Pu-erh in the market is mainly due to Ma Hei tea, especially when it comes to the field of raw Pu-erh.

Features: the remarkable feature of Ma Hei Pu-erh tea is its caramel notes, for some people, it is to be known as honey flavor. Sometimes, its difficult to distinguish the taste from the teas, but Ma Hei tea is definitely the easiest one to catch its characteristics. The overall impression of Ma Hei tea is sweet, low astringency, caramel notes with long-lasting huigan. Once you have some experience with Ma Hei tea, it would be so easier for you to distinguish it from Yiwu tea, just as easy as making bean curd mixed with chopped green onion.

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Determining A Good Quality Pu

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on February 11, 2019

Pu-erh is a very unique tea type. For many, its either you like it or you dont, and there is no in-between. It is a dark, very robust tea that has often gone through years of fermentation and births a flavor that is unusual to many.

For some, pu-erh is just not for them, no matter how many top-shelf cakes they have tried. If trying pu-erh for the first time we always recommend trying a quality sample. Otherwise, you may end up with a ruined pu-erh that will make you never want to experiment with the stuff again.

What Does Raw Pu

Pu Erh Tea Raw Loose Leaf Pu

Raw puerh can sometimes have a bitter flavor, but it finishes with a pleasant sweetness. The flavor of mature puerh is often earthy, and it is never bitter. The flavor will be determined by a wide variety of elements, including the leaf material, the maturing circumstances, the type of bacteria and fungus that will grow, the storage conditions, and the brewing procedures.

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What Are Different Types Of Puerh Tea

Ripe puerh is available in loose leaf style and in different compressed forms such as bricks, mushrooms, cakes and others. Raw pu erh is compressed into cakes and bricks too and is often available in chunks torn from a single tea cake or a brick.

Puerh can be made from plantations, tea bushes or wild trees. Some wild trees may be over a few hundred years old.

What Does Puer Tea Taste Like

Pu erh tea is a type of tea comes from the tea plant Camellia Sinensis Assamica. These rare, ancient trees are only found in the Yunnan province of southwest China.

Puer tea has a distinct, complex flavor profile thats layered with earthy and woodsy notes, as opposed to citrus or mint.

It also has a rich, smooth texture that provides a cozy cup of tea perfect for sipping during colder times and rainy days.

Another unique characteristic of puer tea is that its fermented in different ways and for various lengths of time. This creates unique flavors individual to each batch of tea, similar to the terroir of fine wine.

The flavors change as time passes, often getting smoother and sweeter with age. This is why many puer tea drinkers prefer to keep several varieties on hand. Each cup tastes different every time you brew one.

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What Is Raw Pu

There are two main varieties of pu-erh tea ripe and raw.

Ripe pu-erh tea is the least expensive variety. This tea is made by fermenting the loose leaves for several months and then pressing them into shape .

Raw pu-erh tea is more expensive. To make raw pu-erh, the steps to make ripe pu-erh are reversed. The fresh tea leaves are pressed first, and then fermented usually for years (

The Physical Forms Of Aged Tea

What is PU-ERH TEA?

Aged teas come in several physical forms, from loose tea to to large, tightly compressed bricks. Generally, it will be shaped in one of the following ways:

  • Tuocha – The tuocha is a very common form for shou-style Pu Erh and is the shape of our 2012 Menghai.
  • Bingcha – most Raw Pu Erh will be shaped into a cake with the distinctive depression in the center where the knot from the shaping fabric was pressed. The bingcha is an ideal form for aging Raw Pu Erh and is compressed enough to shape the tea but not so tightly as to prevent exposure to the elements during aging.
  • Zhuancha – rectangular bricks are also popular forms for aged tea.

You may also see tea compressed into everything from a mushroom to a bird!

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Wan Gong Xi Shuang Ban Na

Wan Gong has been gradually known to people over the past few years. As a secret for many years, this place has escaped the most maniacal harvesting, making its able to retain its ancient charm. Besides, Wan Gong was also the center of the ancient Man Sa tea region.

Features: bright golden liquor, with soft and full-bodied taste, it gives a very unique charm of aroma from the primary forests. This tea has a satisfying sweetness & huigan that will stay in your mouth for a long time.

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The Differences Between Raw And Ripe Pu

The differences between sheng and shou pu-erh teas lie in the history, processing method, price, taste, and appearance.

  • HistorySheng pu-erh tea originated from Yunnan more than a thousand years ago, while shou pu-erh tea has a much shorter history it was first made back in the 1970s, still in Yunnan, in an attempt to make a cheaper and shorter version of sheng pu-erh tea.
  • Processing methodSheng pu-erh teas process is similar to green tea withering, pan-frying, rolling, drying but is then compressed, often into cakes or discs. After compressing, it is carefully stored and aged for future consumption. This process may take years, with the rarest sheng pu-erh teas being fermented for up to 30 years for the highest quality. Meanwhile, shou pu-erh tea is fermented before compression. To accelerate the fermenting process, after drying, shou pu-erh undergoes the wet piling process for 1.5 months before compressed into the forms of shou pu-erh tea we know now.
  • PriceBecause of the accelerated fermenting process, shou pu-erh is cheaper and can be consumed shortly after production. Meanwhile, the price of sheng pu-erh increases as the tea ages the older the tea, the higher the price.
  • AppearanceSheng pu-erh tea leaf looks light green, while shou pu-erh leaf looks darker because of the fermentation process. After brewing, sheng pu-erh tea appears light and yellow lighter than shou pu-erh, which appears dark and clear red in the cup.
  • Cleanses The Body Of Toxins And Free Radicals

    2020 Top Grade Cooked Pu Erh Tea Chinese Puerh Ripe Puer 200g Puer ...

    Pu-erh tea has oxidative properties that increase the level of oxygen in the blood, thereby enhancing circulation. By delivering more oxygen to essential organs in the body such as brain, it helps to speed up recovery and combat illnesses such as migraines and headaches.

    In China, pu-erh tea is used to aid stomach and spleen in flushing toxins from the body. This tea has simple sugars that help spleen eliminate free radicals and cleanse blood.

    Therefore, drinking a cup or two of pu-erh tea on a daily basis can help to cleanse your body and enable internal organs to perform their functions optimally.

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    Teavivre Menghai Buds Palace Best Unique Aromatic Pu

    Teavivre is a renowned tea company that produces some of the best teas on the market. They have everything aligned, from the quality to the prices there is something for every tea enthusiast. The same applies to their rich and versatile Pu-Erh selection. Weve decided to go with this exceptional Menghai ripened Pu-Erh tea.

    It is one of their best-selling and best-reviewed teas. The origin of this tea is the Bulang Mountain in the Chinese Yunnan Province. The leaves for the Menghai Pu-Erh are selected from the oldest tea trees located at the highest altitude. The tea was picked and harvested in the spring of 2012, left to mature for several years and was produced in 2016. The sun-dried, matured leaves are compressed into a cake shape where it is easy to see the colors of the leaves from red and brown colors to astonishing golden tips.

    Overall, the tea has a unique flavor and aroma the initial taste is rather sweet and mellow. However, it quickly develops into a soft, smooth flavor that has a hint of lotus and the aroma of roasted fruits.

    The liquor is full-bodied, and the aroma well-rounded. The more aged this tea is, the complex its flavor becomes, which is rather amazing. Depending on the length of the infusion, it can change in color, flavor, and aroma. Overall, the flavor is simply irresistible, completely lingering and unforgettable. If you want to buy this heaven in a cup, you will have to pay $42.90 USD for 357g of tea.

    Caffeine Content Of Pu

    Due to the long fermentation process, pu-erh tea tends to have higher caffeine content than other tea types. One cup of pu-erh tea can contain 30-100 mg of caffeine still lower than a cup of coffee .

    How about ripe and raw pu-erh tea? Is it true that ripe pu-erh tea contains lower caffeine? The answer is false ripe pu-erh tea contains higher caffeine than raw pu-erh tea because of the microbial fermentation happening in the wet piling process. A study in 2011 shows that ripe pu-erh tea contains 60-70 milligrams of caffeine per 8oz, while raw pu-erh tea only contains 30-45 milligrams of caffeine per 8oz. However, both numbers are still lower than the caffeine content of coffee 95-200 milligrams per 8oz!

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    Uncover Aged Flavor With The Best Pu

    Pu-erh tea is a famous Chinese tea known for its unique aging process. Like fine wines, these teas get better with age. They develop rich, full-bodied flavors that have crisp notes and hints of sweetness. The longer they are aged, they deeper their flavors become.

    The aging process also helps to enhance the health benefits of pu-erh tea. These benefits include accelerated weight loss and improved immune performance.

    Find out what makes pu-erh tea so unique and discover the best varieties. Unwrap a pu-erh tea cake and discover a world of flavor fit to please even the pickiest tea connoisseur. Looking for robust and varied flavor? Check out our collection of the best pu-erh teas right here.

    The Reason Why Most Of Pu

    What is PU-ERH TEA? – The Basics

    In China, they use 1 Jin more often than 1kg. This is the standard weight unit in their country. 1 Jin is 500g in China. If 357g pu-erh tea cake is stuck 7 pieces, the total weight is 2499g. In Chinese weighing unit, it is about 5 Jin which is very good round number. That is why pu-erh tea cake is called qi zi bing cha in Chinese. That means 7 pieces of pu-erh tea cake.

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    What Is Puerh Tea

    Puerh is a special type of Chinese tea from Yunnan province. It belongs to the category of fermented teas, usually called dark tea or black tea in China. It can be naturally fermented over time or by using a special pilling technique to accelerate the aging process. This technique makes puerh suitable for drinking right after its made. Those two types are called raw and ripe puerh or sheng pu erh and shou pu erh. Both of them contain different beneficial fungi and bacteria and may offer many health benefits. However, they influence the flavor too.

    In Chinese language, what we call black tea is actually red tea or hong cha, and what we call dark tea is black tea or hei cha.

    How Are They Similar

    Both oolong and pu-erh tea can be loosely considered to be black teas, since they are both oxidized. They can both be a little expensive because they are unique teas and a lot of processing is needed to make them ready for sale.

    These teas are both oxidized, although the process for oolong tea is shorter and less intense. Most puer is fully oxidized, just like black tea.

    Oolong and Pu-erh are specialty teas, and not the kind of tea regular people in the western world tend to drink daily. They are highly beneficial for your health and have similar health benefits, since both are made from the same tea plant.

    Both teas tend to cost more than a standard green or black tea you can find at any supermarket. Of course, there are cheap versions which use the name oolong or puer but are in fact not using the traditional processes to make the final product.

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    Mandala Tea Old Tea Nugget Best Affordable High

    Mandala Tea is an American tea company that imports the best Chinese tea. It is focused on making exceptional tea available to people around the world. Their Old Tea Nugget Pu-Erh is just one of the few best-selling teas. This particular Pu-Erh has been picked in 2008 and processed into a ripened tea in 2011. It is an exceptional variety of tea, consisting of nuggets that make this Pu-Erh brick a complete joy to drink. Depending on the length of the infusion, this tea can develop several types of flavors and aroma. However, it is rather delicate and gentle on the palate.

    Overall, this Pu-Erh has a purple-brown brew, and it is considered to be a vintage tea. It has an earthy flavor, that is reminiscent of autumn, leaves and forest soil. It is rather evoking of wonderful memories and is very cozy. The tea is also very smooth, has a full-bodied liquor and a powdery texture.

    The finish is minty and very fresh however, the minty hints disappear after several further brews. The tea is very light, not overpowering and very forgiving, which is great for those who are discovering Pu-Erh tea. When it comes to buying, Mandala Tea is currently having a sale, so you can get 250g of this wonderful tea for only $5.00 USD. This is an excellent deal, so make sure not to miss it.

    Ancient Tea In Modern Times

    Best Pu

    Modern medicine has been developed over the years to counter the ailments that have been affecting us for centuries and centuries but what if we could simply shift the spectrum to preventing these ailments altogether through a healthy lifestyle? Modern medicine is absolutely necessary to cure certain ailments but not a lot of attention has been given to preventing these ailments in the first place.

    Tea is only a fraction of possible solutions to make your body healthier and your life happier. A healthy diet is not something most people are used to because of cultural influence and also personal preference and this is why it takes a brave soul to make a change in their day to day choices of what food to do and what actions to take to make themselves a better person.

    Tea is an ancient beverage that was made popular to royalty for a reason. Not just because of the culture and tradition surrounding it but also because of the positive effects this tea has on our health and wellbeing. Although a luxury during early times, tea in the modern times can be widely appreciated by the masses without having to be of a certain status to afford this beverage.

    Things have definitely changed and as modernization has brought us to realize the importance of keeping a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle and not just living life without a care in the world.

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