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What Does Matcha Tea Do For You

Is Matcha Good Or Bad For Weight Loss

MATCHA GREEN TEA! What it is, and how to make it! Healthy, great caffeine option!

A question remains: Can matcha help you lose weight?

The truth is there’s no miracle drug or tea to get rid of excess pounds. If you want to lose a significant amount of weight, youve got to adopt a healthier diet and become more physically active.

The fact that one cup of matcha is extremely low in calories helps. You can drink several cups of this beverage without packing on the pounds, making it a great alternative to caloric, sugary sodas and fruit juices. It can also help keep you well-hydrated which is helpful for weight loss.

Detox Tea Strengthens Your Immune System

Before you decide to take detox tea, think of what a combination of green tea and herb can do to your health. Or if you still don’t know, then try it and wait for the results. You are taking these ingredients in a balanced combination to help in boosting your body’s detoxification and cleansing process.

And when your body is detoxified, your immune system can regain its strength to fight various diseases. Your body cells depend heavily on detox tea to function actively and be more active. Detox cleansing strengthens every immune system in your body, leaving you in a much healthier state.

It Can Help Promote Better Sleep

When taken in moderation and at the right times, even with caffeine, Matcha can help you sleep.

With L-theanine, Matcha stimulates the production of “calming” neurotransmitters that enhance concentration and mood. It also promotes sleep by reducing “excitatory” neurotransmitters that contribute to stress and anxiety.

It also lowers blood pressure and resting heart rate.

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It Can Be More Filling Than A Cup Of Coffee Or Brewed Tea

Matcha powder has a strong, earthy taste, so it’s most often whisked and served with milk or a non-dairy alternative, like almond or oat milk. Because of the added calories from the milk, the drink tends to be as satiating as your average espresso-based latte.

But note that “some coffee shops and restaurants might use a mix that has sugar and/or powdered milk to balance out the earthy flavor, which makes it less healthy than straight-up matcha powder,” says Gorham. Ask your barista if they use actual matcha powder or a pre-made mix and if the latter, what’s in it. “Non-dairy milks might be sweetened too, so just be conscious of how much sugar you’re consuming, as that can overpower its benefits,” Gorham adds.

Matcha And Weight Loss

Just in! The new Matcha BIO. Do you know what Matcha is ...

Catechins in matcha are also linked to weight loss and body fat reduction. They boost metabolism and increase the amount of fat and calories burnt during exercise. Matcha nutritional supplements are also a great post-workout choice because they help to speed up recovery after high-intensity workouts.

The benefits of matcha green tea dont stop there. Since matcha green tea leaves are shaded before harvesting, they have a concentrated amount of chlorophyll which works as a natural detox, helping remove heavy metals and harmful toxins from the body. Matchas nutrition promotes cleaner and healthier skin, helps prevent wrinkles, and has even been tried in acne treatments.

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It’ll Help You Stay Awake

Since matcha is more concentrated than tea, it contains up to three times the amount of caffeine. That’s almost as much as a cup of coffee, so look for types that are clearly labeled “caffeine free” if you plan on drinking it before bed. However, the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans does suggest having 300 to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day to slow cognitive decline, boost memory and improve energy. So for those who aren’t as sensitive, drink up.

Does Matcha Taste Like Grass

Premium matcha tea can have a sweet, grassy flavor. People often describe it with some type of vegetal taste, mixed with an umami, or savory effect on the palate.

If you have a great quality, then it shouldnt require any added sweetener. But if youre stuck with a bitter, lower grade, then it may be wise using sweetener to bring out as much of that grassy taste as possible. Then you can invest in a truly premium quality of this unique tea.

Side note: Make sure that youre drinking 100% stone-ground matcha tea, without any added ingredients. That way you know exactly the taste and quality of the actual powder. Otherwise, you wont have the greatest context about identifying quality, or learning to appreciate this ancient tea.

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How Do I Prepare A Cup Of Matcha

Matcha green tea is considered a whole food product – the special Matcha tea leaves are dried and ground into a powder. This is a powder that dissolves into liquid. Although Matcha is a distant relative to traditional steeped green tea leaves this is a completely different food. With Matcha you are drinking a whole food that is packed with so many vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and even amino acids that it could literally sustain your body energetically and nutritionally for hours at a time. Matcha, which means “powdered tea”, is made from aged green tea leaves which are then harvested, steamed and dried. They are later ground into a fine bright green powder, known as Matcha.

Matcha Tea Helps You Keep A Healthy Weight

WHAT IS MATCHA? | Everything you need to know about Green Tea Matcha

We all need a little extra encouragement when it comes to dieting! If youre trying to lose weight, this tea may be able to help you by increasing your metabolism. The amino acid EGCG is the main metabolism booster in matcha, and it increases the production of leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full. Experts suggest drinking one to three cups a day along with a healthy diet to maximize your weight loss.

It also helps you to burn fat. If you exercise right after your cup of tea, you could burn up to 25% more fat than you would have burned otherwise!

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Reasons Your Teeth And Body Love Matcha Green Tea

Ive said it over and over againI am a huge fan of high-quality teas like matcha. But Im often asked a couple of questions, like:

  • What does matcha or any other kind of tea have to do with dental health?
  • How do I know Im getting a high-quality tea when I buy?

Well, one Harvard study makes a very convincing argument for drinking a lot of matcha. Their 2011 review of green teas from the Camellia sinesis plant, including matcha, concludes by saying:

The present article suggests that there is an explicit association between the consumption of green tea and oral health. It is also evident that green tea products have been used for preventing and treating several oral and periodontal diseases. Drinking green tea at meals and breaks is a relatively easy habit to maintain and drinking green tea as frequently as possible may help to maintain a healthy mouth.

Lets take a look at how this works. Ill also tell you about how to choose the best matcha tea and fill you in on my favorite brand.

Ask the Dentist is supported by readers. If you use one of the links below and buy something, Ask the Dentist makes a little bit of money at no additional cost to you. I rigorously research, test, and use thousands of products every year, but recommend only a small fraction of these. I only promote products that I truly feel will be valuable to you in improving your oral health.

Can Help Prevent Prostate Cancer In Men

Doctors say that prostate cancer begins when some cells in your prostate become abnormal. The nutrients in Yodha Matcha helps protect these cells

Studies have found out that EGCG represses the transcription of the androgen receptor gene, and thereby inhibits the effect of that androgen on prostate cancer.

Polyphenols in Yodha Matcha inhibit prostate carcinogenesis in transgenic adenocarcinoma of the prostate.

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Common Questions About Matcha

Matcha is rising in popularity! Its trending into every age group and most every country. Now that it has left the shores of Japan, more people are asking what makes it different from regular green tea, or how they can begin incorporating it into their day.

This special type of green tea has a superior versatility. With a couple good pointers, youll be on your way to preparing it in no time! Below is a list of the biggest questions you may be wondering.

Detox Tea Helps In Mental Alertness

Is There Caffeine In Matcha, Do You Need To Worry

Detox tea contains active components such as green tea and matcha, which combine with ginger to cleanse the body system. This combination removes toxins and works in reducing body inflammation. Once you get rid of the toxins with the help of detox tea, you will feel light and revitalized again.

The revitalization will improve the well-being of your brain, making it more alert and focused. When you consume detox tea, feelings such as tiredness and changes in mood will be a case in the past. After consuming detox tea, you will also become more mindful of your environment.

Green tea also contains essential elements such as theanine and catechins, which are neuroprotectors and are great for improving mental health.

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Detox Tea Improves Breath

When your digestive system functions well, it’s able to remove some of the toxic substances causing bad breath. But remember that during and immediately after consuming detox drinks, your breath may get worse. This is because your body is certainly adjusting to the changes and releasing toxins. You’ll see the benefits after that.

The Best Matcha Tastes Great

Green is the embodiment of health, but just because matcha looks healthy doesnt mean it has to taste like grass!Some teas require sugar, milk and lemon to make them drinkable, but the best matcha tea is wonderful on its own. Ceremonial matcha has a delicious vegetal flavor that is complemented by savory umami notes and tastes great both hot and over ice. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a delicious cup of matcha green tea.

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Drinking Green Tea May Promote Healthier Cholesterol Levels

EGCG strikes again: Science hasn’t exactly concluded why, but a 2016 review of studies suggests that thanks to this compound, consuming green tearegularly can result in a significantreduction in bad cholesterol .LDL is the type of cholesterol that leads to a buildup of fatty acids in the arteries, which some experts say increases your risk for heart attack and stroke.

Matcha More Things To Note

What Is Matcha Tea Powder?
  • Even a simple stir fry, oatmeal, dip or ice cream is better with matcha added in because of its umami flavor.
  • Matcha is high in caffeine so consume it wisely.
  • Matcha is much better without adding dairy-based milk because that appears to lower its antioxidant benefits.

Matcha is one of the most versatile flavors out there and adds a pleasant flavor to pretty much anything it goes into, Zumpano says. That means you can add its health benefits daily to your diet in so many ways.

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Helps Pituitary Gland Functions

The pituitary gland is a piece of your endocrine system.Its primary role is to inject hormones directly into your bloodstream. It can affect other organs and glands, especially your thyroid.

With theanine helping regulate the release of hormones, drinking matcha benefits the pituitary system.

Maticha can aid in your body’s hormone-balancing processes.

Is Matcha Good For Weight Loss

There is no quick fix when it comes to weight loss, but matcha is a great addition to a comprehensive weight-loss program. The reason for this stems from the nutrients packed inside each leaf.

For one, matcha has been shown to improve your metabolism and burn fat. That means that it tackles the issue of weight from both sides, giving you a natural boost in your fight against unwanted pounds, naturally encouraging higher energy levels, while also triggering that hard-to-access fat metabolism

As far as other options for weight loss, most are supplements which youve likely seen carry negative side effects. Since many of those shortcuts are new, synthetic, and untested, you should think of matcha as a natural way of improving your weight. If you are interested in weight loss, rest assured that matcha doesnt use any dangerous mechanisms to burn fat. It wont raise your blood pressure or cortisol, which are two things you want to avoid when trying to lose weight safely and keep it off. Besides, matcha green tea has origins more than 1,000 years old, our bodies have developed alongside green teas valuable benefits.

In fact, matcha’s effectiveness has been professionally documented. There was a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that showed matcha increases thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the rate at which the body burns calories.

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Who Should Avoid Drinking Matcha Tea

Pregnant women and children should avoid drinking matcha tea. Also, always consult your doctor before drinking matcha tea for weight loss. He/She will be able to give you an expert opinion depending on your medical conditions, medical history, age, weight, current medications, etc.

Now, you know all about matcha tea for weight loss. But what good it is if all its goodness just gets oxidized? Yes, matcha tea is prone to quick oxidation, and hence, you must know the right way to store it.

Matcha Tea Helps You Maintain Healthy Skin

What is matcha and how do you use it? Matcha, a vibrant ...

You already know that when your skin looks great, you feel great. You can find endless lists of foods NOT to eat in order to have healthy skin, but matcha is on the list of the best foods for better skin. In a study published by the Medical College of Georgia, the EGCG found in green tea rejuvenated surface skin cells that would otherwise die. This is why some people use it directly on their faces! This rejuvenating power could keep your skin looking freshand possibly younger!

Some researchers believe that it can even fight off skin cancer. The National Cancer Institute says that the antioxidant powers found in tea are part of the reason this may be true. Catechins such as EGCG are a type of polyphenol, which may help protect your skin from potentially cancer-causing UVB radiation.

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How Can You Make Matcha At Home

You don’t have to go to your nearest coffeeshop to get matcha. In fact, you can make a version at home with minimal kitchen gadgets. “Traditionally, Japanese people use a bamboo whisk and ladle to make matcha tea. If you don’t have it, you can use a spoon,” Miyashita says. Here’s how:

  • Heat 2 or 3 oz of water to 176°F. If you don’t have a thermometer handy, you can eyeball it by checking on the size of the bubbles. Look for medium rising bubblesa string of bubbles is too hot.
  • 2. Place 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of matcha into a cup and add a splash of hot water.

    3. Mix thoroughly with a spoon to remove lumps of matcha.If you have a bamboo whisk, mix matcha with it until frothy. Now that you have your concentrated matcha, you can either fill the glass up the rest of the way with water or milk.

    How Do You Make Matcha Taste Better

    Heres a simple recipe to enjoy matcha as part of a delicious smoothie. Once youve selected a premium quality matcha powder, follow these simple steps:

  • In your mixing container, add 1 cup of room temperature water.
  • Open your tin of matcha and scoop 1tsp. Drop it into the water.
  • Quarter 1 frozen banana for easy blending, and add.
  • Add 1tsp of chia or hemp seeds to taste.
  • For added nootropic energy, add 1-2tsp of organic MCT oil.
  • Blend, and enjoy!
  • This is one, simple recipe that anyone can easily follow. Youre also free to adjust to taste or add your preference of fruit and other additives. And makes for a very creamy, subtly sweet and superbly earthy recipe. Whats your favorite?

    Side Note: Remember, avoid cows milk if youre drinking matcha for health benefits. Thats because of the protein content the casein protein in cow’s milk has been proven to inhibit the antioxidants in matcha.

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    What Makes Matcha An Aphrodisiac

    The reason that this particular tea is great for sex drive is that of the vasodilation content. This is a natural process that relaxes the walls of the blood vessels, enlarging their diameter and improving circulation and reducing blood pressure. As you probably know, the sex organs are highly susceptible to increased blood flow. When circulation improves, men can experience longer-lasting and harder erections! As for women, it can also help balance estrogen levels for women, particularly helpful for women in menopause, and increase sexual interest.

    Can Help Relieve Common Illnesses

    How to Make Traditional Matcha Easy Way to Make Matcha Green Tea

    Studies show that this can give relief with sore throats and also help improve immunity against common colds.

    A warm matcha drink will help soothe your sore throat, but its natural antioxidants will also help boost your wary immune system.

    Catechins in Matcha not only help to prevent colds but also to reduce inflammations.

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    Doesn’t Damage Your Kidneys

    When taken in moderation, regular drinking of Matcha will not have any adverse effects on your body’s filtration system.

    Because Matcha has nutrients that help protect cells from damage, it is advantageous to every organ in your body.

    Plus, when you mainline Matcha in your diet, and avoid other junk beverages altogether, keep your kidneys healthy.


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