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Jade Leaf Organic Matcha Latte Mix

An Overview On Matcha Powders

Jade Leaf Matcha – Quick & Easy Cafe Style Matcha Latte At Home

Matcha tea has come into the mainstream in recent years, and it is touted for its health benefits. The tea leaves are harvested and then ground down into a bright green powder. They can be dissolved and whisked into hot water or cold milk. Unlike regular tea leaves that are brewed, matcha powder retains more of its nutritional value matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than traditional brewed green teas.

The finest matcha is cultivated in Japan, and it is also used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. The green tea bushes there are kept in the shade, which increases the chlorophyll content and nutrient production. Once tea leaves are picked and the veins and stems removed, granite stones are used to grind them into superfine powder.

Matcha comes in different grades, and the highest have the brightest colors, best smells and most distinct flavors. This is the grade used for tea ceremonies. The next grade down is called Usucha, which is thinner and slightly bitter. Culinary-grade is less costly and is more versatile and widely used you can incorporate it in many different drinks and foods.

Helps In Boosting Brain Function

As per research, matcha helps in boosting brain function by improving attention, memory, and reaction time. These benefits are markedly due to the presence of naturally-occurring caffeine in matcha which is notably higher than that present in regular green tea.

However, matcha also contains an amino acid called L-theanine that works synergistically with caffeine and provides an alert calmness, and improves concentration.

L-theanine increases alpha-wave production in the brain that makes one relax, have mental clarity, and enter into a meditative state of mind.

Additionally, when you eat cane sugar the body produces a hormone called serotonin that boosts the mood. Apart from that, it also helps manage stress by providing you with the energy to deal with it.

The Matcha Powder Buying Guide

  • Not sure how to get started with matcha powder? First, use a tea strainer to sift the powder into a bowl to avoid clumps. This will aid in easier dissolution into your tea.
  • Matcha powder needs to be mixed with warm or hot water, and whisks work best when it comes to stirring everything together.
  • The tea will get foamy once it is ready to consume. Thats the right time to pour it into a cup to drink.
  • Add your favorite milk to make a quick and delicious latte, hot or cold.
  • Matcha tea has next to zero calories, so its a great pick-me-up regardless of what youve eaten during the day.
  • You might have to get used to the taste of matcha to see if you want to drink it regularly. Different versions have varying colors, aromas, flavors and textures. Sample a few to see which one pleases your palate.

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About Jade Leaf Organic Matcha Latte Mix

Jade Leaf organic matcha latte mix is ceremonial grade matcha and 100% USDA Organic. It contains organic Japanese green tea powder and unrefined organic cane sugar without any other additive or artificial ingredients.

So, it is basically matcha sweetened with cane sugar. In addition to that, it is gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

Moreover, it has a lightly sweet and delicious taste and mixes easily. Apart from this, it has 40 calories per serving and 3% dietary fiber.

The Jade Leaf matcha latte mix is lab-tested in the US to meet the required standards

Talking about its packaging, it is such that the matcha latte mix doesnt get affected by sunlight and air. However, it is best to refrigerate the matcha latte mix in a sealed container for long-lasting freshness.

Additionally, when it comes to the caffeine content, Jade Leaf organic matcha latte mix contains 20-30mg caffeine per serving. This is 1/3 of a cup of coffee.

Jade Leaf matcha is made from the green tea leaves cultivated in Japans Uji and Kagoshima regions.

They use traditional as well as modern-day techniques of tea farming so that the tea leaves have the best flavor and the maximum number of nutrients in them.

With shade-growing and selective picking, this stone-ground matcha has an amazing flavor and texture with all the nutrients intact.

The credit for the matchas high-quality and unbeatable taste goes to Jade leafs tea masters who have more than 100 years of combined experience.

Jade Leaf Matcha Latte Mix

Jade Leaf Matcha, Organic Japanese Matcha Latte Mix, Powdered Tea, 3.5 ...

Jade Leaf Matcha belongs to Kizuna Tea Collective. It is a network of tea farms located in the top tea-growing regions of Japan and has been into the cultivation of the best quality matcha.

They have been delivering it to the domestic market of Japan since 1858. Though Kizuna has its headquarters in Kyoto, it started out catering to the needs of the US market in 2014 under the brand name Jade Leaf.

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Gives An Energy Boost

The L-theanine and caffeine in matcha are also helpful in providing stable and clean energy minus the caffeine crash and jitters associated with coffee. In addition, your body processes cane sugar just like sugar from foods like fruits, grains, and dairy.

The cane sugar is broken down into simple sugars glucose and fructose out of which glucose is used up the body for energy. The excess glucose is stored in fat cells for later use so that your body can function without requiring you to eat too often.

Overall, Jade Leaf organic matcha latte mix gives you long-lasting energy that will take you through your day at work.

Jade Leaf Organic Sweetened Matcha Latte Mix 35 Oz

  • Made with premium organic matcha sourced directly from Japanese partner farms
  • Lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar
  • Simple preparation just add water and dairy or plant-based milk
  • Mixes easily in hot and iced preparations
  • Makes approximately 12 fl. oz. servings

Customer questions about this product

How should I store this matcha?
It is recommended to store this matcha out of direct sunlight, between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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