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Best Gifts For Tea Drinkers

Christmas Gifts For Tea Lovers

Gifts for Coffee and Tea Lovers

Glass Tea Cups

A handcrafted set of glasses perfect for tea time. Theyre crafted with a beautiful butterfly and rose detailing. The same design can be seen on their lids and spoons. The set comes in an elegantly designed gift box. This makes them a great gift for any occasion too.

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The Art and Craft of Tea

A gift for the avid tea lover. Its got stunning photography and insights into the history of tea. This book is also a great start for anyone thinking of diving into the world of teas. For the more advanced hobbyist, itll keep them busy and can keep their interest.

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Ippodo Matcha Rich Ummon-no-mukashi

For anyone wondering what the name means, its green tea. However, this blend isnt just like your average blend. This ones spent over a millennium in cultivation. The company that provides these, Ippodo, has been in the green-tea business for 300 years. They sell high-end tea for the connoisseur that likes to take their teas a lot more seriously.

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Tea Kettle

Ergonomically designed to make pouring hot tea safe and easy. This kettle also boils water faster than most and boasts a whistle loud enough to be heard throughout the entire house. When your waters ready, youll know.

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Stelton Theo Tea Mug With Coaster

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Every Brit loves a good old-fashioned cup of tea, so you cant go far wrong with a tea-based treat this Christmas.

Whether youre buying for someone who cant start the day without a builders brew or someone who likes to dabble in finer flavours, theres a present to suit every tea lover in your life and every budget.

Gifts for tea drinkers dont need to be boring either. From lavish hampers to exquisite cups that make every tea break an occasion, weve included a range of thoughtful, useful ideas that would suit everyone from your mum to your childs teacher.

What Makes Our 2022 List Of Gifts For Tea Lovers The Best Ever

We believe these items are the best because weve personally laid down our own money and tested them ourselves. We dont accept any freebies for our gift guides. Everything on this list is something that we really love.

We try to find a good balance between big box stores and small businesses, including diverse companies. This includes products from BIPOC-owned companies, woman-owned companies, and LGBTQ+-owned companies. Happy shopping!

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Gifts For Tea Lovers : Unique Tea Gift Ideas

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No, you dont have to be a proper Brit to enjoy a nice cup of tea every day. As a tea lover myself, I down close to six cups of it a day, whether it be my morning dandelion tea, midmorning Irish breakfast tea, spearmint tea with lunch or sleep-inducing tea before bed. I simply cannot get enough of it.

The beauty of tea is that there are so many flavors and combinations, making gifting for tea lovers truly endless. Below, weve rounded up the best options to bring some extra warmth to any tea lovers day.

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Public Goods Black Tea Concentrate

Gift Ideas For Tea Drinkers

We get it: Not everyone wants to wait for that perfect brew, especially when it comes to iced tea. But you dont have to sacrifice flavor for instant gratification, which is what makes Public Goods organic cold-brewed concentrate one of the top gifts for tea lovers who want to quench their thirst with quality, stat. One part concentrate is good for seven parts water, so a little will go a long way but get you there fast. Bonus points go to the gender-neutral design, which also makes it a great gift for men.

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The 10 Best Gifts For Iced Tea Lovers

Give the tea lover in your life the ultimate summer adventure with a Sips by Box subscription gift card. They’ll discover new teas from all over the world and be delighted all summer long with personalized tea samplers picked just for them.

These peachy teas have been handpicked to make you feel like you’re strolling through a lush orchard dotted with peaches on a breezy summer afternoon. When you’re craving a lazy summer day, sip on a juicy glass of fresh peach tea!

Take your iced tea game to the next level with this lovely iridescent iced tea carafe. Perfect for serving a refreshing summer afternoon beverage, this carafe has a rose gold lid with a built-in filter for easy tea pouring, convenient for cold-brewing tea directly inside this pitcher.

A matcha made in heaven for tea lovers, this collection brings a boost of energy and flavor to your days with a balanced mix of classic ceremonial grade matcha powder to fun, sweet flavors of high-quality matcha. Summer Tea Tip: pour matcha and lemonade over ice for a refreshing treat!

Give your tea lover a soothing spa experience with this relaxing bath kit. This gift set has everything they’ll need to take a luxurious tea bath infused with a calming blend of nourishing botanicals. Plus, it’ll make their bathroom smell lovely!

Best For Matcha Lovers: Ippodo Tea Basic Matcha Kit

Courtesy of Ippodo Tea

  • Great for those new to matcha

  • Comes in presentable box

  • All the essential tools you need

  • Horai is brand’s mid-tier matcha

For the coffeehouse matcha drinker who wants to take that obsession home, consider the Ippodo Tea Basic Matcha Kit. Included are a bamboo matcha scoop, matcha whisk, whisk stand, a sifter for the ultrafine tea powder, and 20 grams of Horai, a light and sweet matcha that the brand recommends for beginners. Ippodo Tea sells matcha kits with more items included, like the Essential Kit and Deluxe Kit, at higher price points.

Matcha Capacity: 20 grams | Sourcing: Kyoto, Japan | Box Size: 8.5 x 2.7 x 6.1 inches

“I get a lot of questions like, ‘How do I make matcha at home?’ ‘Do I need special toolsa bowl, a whisk?’ When it comes down to it, you can make matcha in a protein shaker if you want. If you do have all the tools, take a small bowl, use slightly less than boiling water, and move a bamboo whisk back and forth in a W-motion until you get frothy bubbles at the top. Then, youre good to go.” Michelle Puyane, co-founder of Chalait, New York City

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Best For The Traveler: Palais Des Ths Around The World Set


  • Packaged in a beautiful box

  • Wide variety of teas

  • No decaf options

Ten single estate teas from France-based Palais des Thés bring a taste of around-the-world travel into the teacup. Discover the nuances of Darjeelings delicate peach undertones and robust Assam black teaboth from India, showing the range of terroirs effects on tea leaves where climate, soil, and growing conditions impact the final cuppa.

Form: Loose leaf | Size: Box includes 10 tubes with 2 ounces of tea each | Origin: Varies by tea

“The variety of teas included in this set makes it an amazing gift option, and it covers your bases if you don’t know the recipient’s favorite type of tea. Not to mention that it’s already packaged in a pretty and presentable gift box.” Derek Rose, Coffee and Tea Expert for The Spruce Eats

Old Bag Tea Bag Saucer

4 Cool Gadgets for Tea Lovers | HGTV

Heres affordable and practical tea accessory for the tea lover in your life with a sense of humor. This classy Juliet Reeves design is made of clay with turquoise lettering and a gold leaf trim.

This deluxe sampler pack includes 25 tea drops in five flavors including: Refreshing Citrus Ginger, Calming Rose Earl Grey and Heart-Healthy Matcha Green Tea.

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Best For Boba Drinkers: The Boba Book: Bubble Tea And Beyond

Courtesy of Walmart

  • Some readers dislike asides about the authors

  • More recipes than info

Boba teas popularity isnt just about the tapioca boba pearls. As any boba-head will tell you, the devil is in the details of individually brewing quality loose leaf tea as evidenced at San Francisco local chain Boba Guys, where their Tea People loose leaf tea yields a good cup of tea with boba. Boba Guys founders Andrea Chau and Bin Chens book, The Boba Book: Bubble Tea and Beyond, brings their boutique approach home.

Page Count: 224 pages | 2020 | Format: Hardcover and Kindle

Gifts For Iced Tea Lovers

Hario Ka-Ku Cold Brew Tea Bottle

Just like how cold brew coffee is made, some bottles work great for brewing iced tea. These dont need you to boil any water beforehand. Hario is known for making some of the best tea brewing appliances. The bottle has a plastic body with a tightly sealed lid, making it convenient for trips and picnics. It also conveniently sits sideways in the fridge to save space.

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You cant pass these up. Look no further than the novelty ice cube tray. Lovers of iced tea always need a few ice cubes to mix with their drink, so why not make things interesting? The internet always has plenty of options for novelty ice cube trays, all creative and goofy.

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An Iced Tea Pitcher

There are plenty of ways to brew tea. You can have it hot or cold, but for fans of iced tea, a pitcher is a must. You can get a simple glass pitcher with a stainless steel lid or even go for something more complex like an iced tea maker. Either way, theyre great for showing off an iced tea with a lot of color.

Get one from Walmart.

Gravity Loose Leaf Tea Maker

Cookie Tea Oven Gift Set

For ice tea drinkers with a sweet tooth, this dessert tea gift will bring the enticing scent of freshly baked cookies to your glass of sweet tea. This set comes in adorable packaging and is full of a variety of cookie teas, from chocolatey black teas to nutty herbal teas.

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Try one of these gifts to bring out your dads softer side.

  • 5,618Days celebrated

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Tea Is My Friend Art Print

by EncoreDesignStudios

There is so much to love about this minimalistic art print by EncoreDesignStudios! The color is vibrant, the design is simple and sleek, and the wide range of available sizes mean you can find one to perfectly fit any room!

Now that youve found the perfect gift for the tea enthusiast in your life, why not take a break and treat yourself to a perfect cup of the good stuff. After all, as Bindi Irwin notes: Tea makes everything better.

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Tea Gifts For The Perfect Cup

Christmas Gifts for the Coffee and Tea Drinker

Think Americas a coffee country? Think again. A few hundred years ago, our boiling point was a tax on tea, leading to an epically salty brew in the Boston Harbor. Today, were a lot more tolerant of taxation, but our love affair with this comforting coffee alternative remains a point of passion. Thats probably why there are so many gifts for tea lovers just waiting to be purchased, packaged, and presented to the people in your life who most appreciate the drink.

Tea accessories are a genteel theme for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, but they also make A-plus thank-you gifts, hostess gifts, and housewarming presents. And while pals who imbibe in other beverages may appreciate gifts for wine lovers or gifts for coffee lovers, tea-totalers know nothing hits the palate quite like a good cup of tea.

The best gifts for tea lovers start with the leavesloose or baggedbut dont stop there. From tea gift sets, tools, and accessories to tea gift baskets and gadgets, these gift ideas will spark a smile and maybe even a tea-hee of amusement.

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Best Gifts For Iced Tea Lovers

It’s summertime, and the sippin’s easy. And what’s a better accessory to summer lounging than a cool glass of iced tea? If you’re looking for a warm-weather tea gift, Sips by has the best summer iced teas, teaware and accessories, and tea gift sets for the iced tea lover in your life.

Read on to discover the best summertime tea gifts from tropical tea blends to novel teaware, weve got something for every tea enthusiast on your list!

Sips by is a personalized tea discovery subscription. Each month, we match tea drinkers across the U.S. with delicious teas from over 150 global tea brands that were sure theyll love. Members receive 4 teas chosen just for them in every box. Learn more about our tea subscription service.

Homeries Premium 80 Tea Bag Assortment Gift Box Set

This is a tea gift that keeps giving. Not only does it come with 80 bags of tea to sample and savor, but the refillable bamboo box serves as a reusable tea chest for years to come. The Homeries Premium 80 Tea Bag Assortment Gift Box Set includes over 30 unique flavors of tea from three different popular brands with both popular flavors like green tea and earl gray and exotic flavors like pomegranate raspberry and detox with adaptogenic herbs. The bamboo tea chest is sturdy and elegant and has eight different compartments.

Editors’ Recommendations

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A Smart Mug That Keeps Tea Hot

There’s nothing more disappointing than a cup of tea gone cold. With the Ember Mug 2, that will never happen to your loved one again. This smart mug keeps the drink inside nice and hot at temperatures ranging from 120°F to 145°F. The temperature is set in an easy-to-use app. The mug itself can keep drinks hot for about an hour and a half on its own, but with the electric heated coaster that plugs into the wall, the drink will stay hot as long as it’s plugged in.

Amazing Holiday Gifts For Bookish Tea Drinkers

Best Tea Subscription Box of 2021 – Kat’s Holiday Gift Guide w/ a giveaway (shhh)

There are few things that got together as well as books and tea. Theres something idyllic about the imagery of being snuggled up with a good book and a steaming mug . Bonus points for a rainy day.

Actually, I am tardy to the tea party. I never cared for tea, mostly because Im southern and thats always meant sweet iced tea in my world. However, when I got one of those adult jobs that required lots of meetings, I realized how much coffee is a part of work culture. Since I never liked coffee either, I decided to give hot tea a try.

Suddenly, I could join the cluster around the refreshment table and joke about how I couldnt function without my steaming cup of brain fuel. I found the perfect combo for me earl grey with almond milk and honey and began to consume it religiously each morning. Now its a ritual of mine and the day doesnt seem properly started without it.

I know what youre thinking. Mikkaka is writing another post about herself. Well, youre not wrong. If you dont know any bookish tea lovers, I am drinking my daily tea while writing this Book Riot post and I enjoy receiving presents.

Seriously, though, I know Im not the only book nerd who feels like an Austen heroine when reading over tea. The gifts on this list are sure to delight all of the sophisticated bibliophiles on your holiday shopping list. Happy gifting!

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Best Glass Tea Cups: Bodum Pavina Double Wall 12

Courtesy of Wayfair

  • Lets you see tea color

  • Glass stays cool to touch

  • No handles

  • Narrow base

Part of the joy of tea drinking is to see the color of the brewed tea and glass cups give a glimpse of whats inside. Bodum Pavina double-walled glass cups stay cool to the touch while keeping your tea hot. Made of borosilicate glass that does not become cloudy over time, these dishwasher-safe glass cups come two per pack and are available in a 12-ounce size too, ideal for a single brew of tea in the cup with an infuser for loose tea or tea bags.

Capacity: 2.5, 8, 12, or 15 ounces | Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.6 inches | Weight: 9.6 ounces | Material: Borosilicate glass and silicone

Loose Leaf Sample Set

A 10 loose leaf tea sampler kit is a fantastic way to get a taste of homemade and handcrafted herbal, green, and black teas.

There are many health benefits to drinking tea. From lowering your cholesterol to managing your weight, the advantages are legion. Brew and enjoy a fresh cup with the included infuser.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful mug? And it comes with a matching spoon! Beautiful colors and flowers embellish this need to have mug.

The ideal tea lover gift, this mug provides the most beautiful way to drink that first cup in the morning.

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