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Yogi Lemon Ginger Tea Benefits

Unexpected Health Benefits Of Yogi Tea

Immune Booster: 2 Minute Lemon Ginger Tea

Yogi tea is a traditional drink that is often served by yoga practitioners at the spa or meditation yoga. This traditional tea drink is basically a tea with a mixture of various spices, so it warms and nourishes the body. Yogi tea has become part of Ayurveda or yoga practice, especially since the content of the spices in it can give healing effect. Now, not only the yogis who can enjoy this spice tea.

With the ingredients of spices in it, yogi tea has several health benefits, such as detoxification, digestion, relaxation of muscles and body, and also as a healer and traditional medicine. Yogi tea itself was introduced from North India and America in 1960. This tea is usually served after the practice of yoga so it can calm and improve health. This tea is also known by the name of chai in America. Tea yogi is also much preferred because of the aroma of spices and health benefits of yogi tea very much.

Nutritional content of Yogi tea!

The Yogi tea contains a natural nutritional content consisting of Indian root sarsaparilla, cinnamon bark, ginger, licorice root, burdock root, dandelion root, cardamom pod, cloves, black pepper, and more. This mixture is also naturally free of caffeine and contains most of the organic material.

Health benefits of Yogi tea!

  • Kombucha Green Tea
  • Goji Berry Green Tea
  • Phellodendron Skin
  • Other health benefits of Yogi tea based on the ingredients:

  • Clove has antiseptic properties that are useful for overcoming sore throat and cough.

    How To Prepare Lemon Ginger Tea

    You can find lemon ginger tea at many grocery stores. Most often, you can prepare it from tea bags or from tea mixes. However, if youâd like to get the maximum benefit and flavor, you can prepare your own lemon ginger tea using these fresh ingredients and this method:

    • 1-inch length of fresh ginger
    • 4 cups boiling water
    • Slice a 1-inch length of fresh ginger, as finely as you can. Alternatively, you can also grate the ginger.
    • Add the ginger to boiling water. Allow it to boil for 20 minutes.
    • Slice 1 lemon into fine slices. Reserve a few lemon slices to use as a garnish.
    • Add the lemon slices, and allow the mix to simmer for another 5 minutes.
    • Strain and drink this tea throughout the day. Garnish each cup with one of the reserved lemon slices. Itâs great hot or cold!

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    Lemon Ginger Tea: 5 Reasons Why You Should Drink It

    Are you searching for a way to give your immune system a boost? How about a drink that can relieve stress? Well, if you’re holding a cup of lemon ginger tea in your hand, then you’re on the right track!

    Sweet, spicy and one of the best drinks to have during the winter, this tea is power-packed with some incredible health and body care benefits too!

    And here’s how to make your own Fresh Ginger-Lemon Tea

    Let’s see how:

    It Boosts Your Immune System: On top of the list of benefits of lemon ginger tea is its ability to strengthen your immunity. This is due to the presence of high levels of anti-oxidants in ginger. Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C which can heal wounds and preserve the strength of bones and teeth.

    In the onset of cold and flu, the tea can act as an effective antibiotic. The bioflavonoids that lemons contain help to prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading.

    The anti-oxidants in the lemons help in reducing inflammation and arthritis symptoms. The powerful antioxidants can reduce free radicals in the body. Ginger also increases blood circulation in the body that is vital for optimum health.

    It Brings Instant Relief From Nausea and Indigestion: Vomiting and nausea usually occur as symptoms of a body disorder. Lemon ginger tea provides the best relief mechanism.

    Moreover, if you have a motion sickness tendency, you can drink a cup of this tea prior to travel to prevent nausea.

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    The Suppression Of Allergic Reactions

    The rich supply of flavonoids of lemon ginger produces anti-histamine response that makes it remarkably effective in the suppression and cure of allergic reactions that include skin bumps, itching, and sneezing.

    Oral consumption of the tea or topical application to the affected area has proven to be equally effective.

    Sweet Ginger Citrus Turmeric Vitality Tea : Yogi Tea

    Support your well-being with Yogi Sweet Ginger Citrus Turmeric Vitality tea. Turmeric, traditionally used in Ayurveda for its abundant health-promoting qualities, pairs with citrusy Lemongrass and Lemon Peel, while warming Ginger adds notes of invigorating spice to this bright and delightful herbal tea. Enjoy a deliciously intriguing cup of Yogi Sweet Ginger Citrus Turmeric Vitality tea any time of day to support your overall health and well-being.*

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    Green Tea Ginger Lemon

    A walk in green nature, fresh air, gentle exercise. Natural colours, fragrances and sounds. These are the things this tea evokes, while the combination of green tea and ginger gives us fresh internal impetus. With its balance of lemon and herbs, this composition tastes pleasantly fresh and not too spicy.

    The tea for everyone in need of gentle refreshment.

    Sit cross-legged with your spine straight and bring your forearms parallel to the ground. Make fists of your hands and stretch your thumb straight up. Make the arms stiff from the shoulders to the tip of the thumb. Shake your whole body vigorously for 3 minutes. The breath is flowing automatically. Keep focus on the tip of the nose.

    Blood Purification And Detoxification

    Lemon and ginger tea is known for its amazing properties of blood purification and acts as a detox. It aids in filtering out antigens, foreign bodies and toxins from the blood.

    The potent antioxidant properties of the tea convert the poisonous free radicals into harmless components that can be easily flushed out of the body through excretion. The tea also creates a barrier against oxidative damage inflicted by free radicals and detoxifies the blood with utmost effectiveness.

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    Potential Risks Of Yogi Green Tea

    It should be safe for you to consume up to 8 cups of green tea per day. But it might useful to consider the following before preparing or consuming Yogi’s Green Tea Super Antioxidant blend:

    Esophageal Cancer

    Research has demonstrated a link between the consumption of hot tea and an increased risk of esophageal cancer, suggesting that high-temperature beverages may cause cell injury and could lead to cancer. The risk comes from the temperature of the beverage, and not the contents of green tea itself.

    Pregnancy Concerns

    You should limit your caffeine intake to no more than about 300 milligrams per day during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. This is because caffeine passes into breast milk and can possibly affect a breastfeeding infant. Green tea has the potential to increase the risk of birth defects related to folic acid deficiency.

    Medication Interference

    If you are taking medications for high blood pressure or heart conditions, you may want to avoid green tea. In large amounts, green tea may reduce the effectiveness of the beta blockernadolol, a drug commonly used to treat conditions related to high blood pressure and heart conditions.

    Grape seed extract may be unsafe in the case of a bleeding disorder, an upcoming surgery, or if you take blood thinners, such as aspirin or warfarin.

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    The Benefits Of Yogi Tea

    Ginger, honey, lemon and garlic, a powerful combination: Strengthen your immunity to the maximum!

    Yogi Tea is a tea brand that makes a variety of green and herbal teas for overall health and well-being. There are many types of Yogi Tea green teas, all of which have significant health benefits and are rich in antioxidants. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, green tea helps prevent atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and liver disease and to aid in weight loss. Yogi Tea also makes several herbal teas, all of which offer many healthy, healing properties.

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    Potential Health Benefits Of Yogi Green Tea

    Green tea contains polyphenols, a family of organic compounds that may have some health-promoting properties.

    Grape seed extract, another ingredient found in Yogi’s Green Tea Super Antioxidant blend, contains flavonoids, a class of polyphenol that has been shown to have antioxidant effects and other protective properties.

    Reduced Risk ofHeart Disease

    Research on animals suggests that drinking tea may have some health benefits, mainly due to its high polyphenol content. While human studies have yet to prove it conclusively, they show promise. Observational research shows that daily consumption of 2-3 cups of tea may reduce risk of heart disease and stroke.

    Also, flavonoids found in tea might help keep blood vessel lining smooth and elastic. A study found that regular consumption of green and oolong tea over the course of a year reduced the risk of developing hypertension.

    Research has also found that green tea extracts resulted in slightly lower blood pressure in obese and overweight adults. But, due to the small number of participants in the study, more studies are necessary to verify its results.

    Increased Alertness

    Green tea contains caffeine, and consuming caffeinated beverages through the day seems to help maintain your alertness.

    Reduced Risk of Cancerous Cell Growth

    The polyphenols present in green tea, especially epigallocatechin gallate and epigallocatechin :

    Reduced Breakdown of Collagen

    Benefits Of Drinking Lemon

    1 ).

    Drinking an herbal tonic, like lemon-ginger tea, could be a soothing bedtime ritual to help put the day behind you.

    Lemon-ginger tea is exactly what it sounds like: a gentle herbal infusion of fresh lemon and ginger with a bit of sweetener like honey or agave nectar, if you so choose.

    You might be wondering if lemon-ginger tea has any unique health benefits. While it may not make you sleepy, it might help you wind down and relax and provide other benefits.

    This article examines 7 benefits of bedtime lemon-ginger tea and explains how to make it.

    2 ).

    Ginger is a root long used in alternative and folk medicine for its ability to alleviate the delayed emptying of your stomach.

    Whats more, lemon contains a plant compound called limonene that aids digestion by helping move food along your digestive tract potentially easing the uncomfortable feeling of fullness .

    While the amount of limonene in a given cup of lemon-ginger tea will vary, you might find that the combination of lemon, ginger, and water in lemon-ginger tea calms indigestion.


    Both lemon and ginger contain plant compounds that may help soothe minor bellyaches brought on by indigestion.

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    Yogi Lemon Ginger Sun Tea Is A Refreshing And Easy

    While many Yogi teas are purposefully blended with warming herbs and ingredients that are traditionally enjoyed in the winter, their delicious benefits can also be enjoyed in warmer months.

    Ginger is one such ingredient thats perfect for enjoying year-round. In cooler months, Ginger can help promote warmth and support digestion and circulatory function. When the weather warms up in the Spring and Summer months, Gingers warming properties help to support the skin by opening up circulation and promoting perspiration helping the body to keep cool. Cooling herbs like Peppermint Leaf and Lemongrass help to balance Gingers heat, and provide deliciously complex flavor to blends like Yogi Lemon Ginger tea.

    Preparing Yogi sun tea is one delicious way to enjoy the benefits of Ginger in warmer months. This easy-to-prepare drink is a refreshing pick-me-up that can be enjoyed on its own, or paired with fresh, seasonal fruits and herbs.

    How Do We Prepare Lemon Ginger Tea

    Yogi Tea, Organic Green Tea, Lemon Ginger, 16 Tea Bags, 1.12 oz (32 g ...

    Using green tea as a base, finely chop the ginger root and infuse it boiling water for twenty minutes. This helps in transferring the active ingredients into the liquid.

    Adding two tablespoons of lemon juice and agave or stevia into the mix helps in both sweetening the tea as well as countering the spicy effects of the ginger.

    It can be served either hot or cold as the revitalizing effects are the same.

    Lemon ginger tea can be very refreshing to drink with its medicine like qualities.

    Moreover, a few recent studies suggest that it can help to stop blood clotting and lower cholesterol levels. This can prevent cardio-vascular diseases and strokes from taking place.

    If you feel tense or worn out, the drink can also be an effective stress reliever. The strong aroma, spicy and refreshing taste and calming effects provide you relief and relaxation of your body and mind.

    Try it out today and feel healthy and energetic!

    And if you love this lemon ginger tea, be sure to check out these other tasty and healthy beverages:

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