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Where To Buy Tea Lights

Reason : Deal Shopping

Impulse buy tea lights for markets / wood turning

Another bonus that comes with going the online route is that you can compare prices much easier than in brick and mortar stores. All you need to do is throw up a couple tabs and search a few different retailers websites.

Many online retailers, especially candle retailers also offer online only deals that you can get from their websites or newsletters.

In general, I also find that online prices tend to be a bit cheaper than in most stores.

Cheap Candles At Aldi

Aldi is the go-to when it comes to cheap candles, and now they have dupes of one of our favourites Yankee candle.

The glass jar candles are inspired by seasonal scents and the smells of fresh baking. They come in four different options: Starlight, Cinnamon Sparkle, Summer Sands, Twilight, Orange Spice.

Your home deserves a touch of sophistication, and our popular fragranced candles and reed diffusers are the ideal way to add a welcoming aroma and elegant touch. Aldi says, As theyre available in your local Aldi all year round, you dont need to save them for a special occasion either!

The candles range from £2.99 to £3.29, depending on size. Compared to the price tag on original Yankee Candles, these are certainly a winner!

Fans of Jo Malone candles will also love Aldis Hotel Collection. Coming in either see-through or opaque glass jars, theyre packaged similarly to the designer candles and have inspired scents.

They were first launched in March 2017 as a special buy for Mothers Day, but proved so popular that the brand have decided to make them a permanent addition to their homeware offering.

They come in Pomegranate, Lime & Basil, Blackberry & Bay, Oud & Bergamont, Honey & Nectarine, Honey, Plum & Tonka Bean and Velvety Rose.

For a cheap candle option thats a little more unique, Aldi also have the Scentcerity collection. Packaged in sweet primary coloured wrapping, golden lettering and curly fonts, theyre the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom.

What Our Customers Say

I just got my order in the mail today:) I ordered as gifts for Christmas and was so surprised to see she had expressed shipped the order! They are an amazing price and the scents are unique and smell so good. Im a huge soy candle fan so I know they will melt just awesome. My only regret is I wish I had ordered some for myself!

Laura Goodwin Memramcook, NB

I was gifted a white peach and patchouli candle a few weeks ago and just lit it for the first time. It is of excellent quality and smells lovely! The smell is strong, but not overpowering. I burned it for a few hours and the smell lasted for a few more after it was out. I cant wait to try some of the other scents, but I have a feeling this one will be a favourite.

Lindsey Alexander Saint John, NB

Where to buy candles in Canada.

In Canada and the United States, we have plenty of shopping options at our disposal. Especially when it comes to buying candles. Whether youre looking for a gift, or want something for yourself to make your home smell amazing, there are thousands of options on the table. All things arent equal though, and this includes both your shopping experience and the quality of candles.

Reputation & Reviews are the new sniff test.

Since you cant rely on your trusty nose to let you know if the candles smell as good as they look, people are relying on the feedback of others more than ever. Look for good reviews where people specifically call out how good something smells!

Get to know your candle company.

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Who Created The Early Wicked Candles

Wicked candles were associated with the Egyptians in 3,000 B.C., who made torches using a pithy core of reeds soaked in animal fat. Their creation was also influenced by ancient Romans as they developed the wicked candle by dipping rolled papyrus repeatedly in melted tallow or beeswax. At that time, these candles were necessary to keep their homes warm, to celebrate religious ceremonies, and to aid travellers at night. However, there is evidence that earlier civilizations developed wicked candles using wax made from plants and insects. The method and materials used seem to vary with every civilization. The early Chinese candles, for example, were known to have been moulded in paper tubes using rolled rice for the wick and indigenous insects instead of wax. Either way, all are crafted with a similar purpose.

Canada’s #1 Turkish Market Online : Buy 60pcs bulk LED Flameless Tea light ...

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The Cheapest Places To Buy Yankee Candles Online

Yankee candles may make the perfect Christmas gift, but theyre also perfect for year-round thanks to the huge range of seasonal scents that will leave yours and your loved ones homes smelling exquisite.

These candles come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny tea lights to large jars, which means theres a design for every room in your home. Now, will it be sea breeze, Christmas tree, or soft cotton?

Despite their delicious scents, there is a clear problem with buying Yankee candles over other scented candle brands, and it comes down to price.

Because there are so many types of candle out there, and so many retailers, the price of Yankees best-selling candles can vary considerably, and theyre not always affordable.

To help you ensure youre never spending more than you should have to on your favorite Yankee candle, weve put together a list of the cheapest places to buy Yankee candles online.

// As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some links will result in us receiving a commission on purchases which help us run this website, thank you! It doesnt affect the price you pay.

Moving Forward To 19th Century Advances

Candle making continued to evolve during the 1850s as James Young, a pioneering chemist, used distilled paraffin from coal and oil shales to lessen the expenses on wax without compromising a high-performing burn. In a few decades, stearic acid was added to increase the durability and shelf life of candles. Despite its significant improvements, the candle-making industry declined rapidly after the invention of the incandescent light bulb and kerosene lamp during 1879.

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Making A Comeback In The 20th Century

The popularity of candles was reignited during the first half of the 20th century when the development of cleaner burning ingredients such as soy, palm, and flax-seed oil reinvented the purpose of candles. The 1990s witnessed the rise of scented candles, turning them into a staple decoration in homes, and they were famously used to set the mood in celebrations. Candles were suddenly seen in a new light as an emergence of different sizes, shapes, and colours hooked the market. They generated more and more fans all over the world as the use of candles leaned more towards luxury rather than a commodity. Beyond lighting up a room and casting a warm glow, they also serve to soothe the senses, cast a relaxing ambience, spark romance, honour ceremonies, and act as an accent in home decor. While they are no longer used as a primary source of light, candles remain indispensable today.

Reason : Hard To Find Candles And Large Selection

CLAY POT with TEA LIGHTS Room Heating | 4HR DIY Test

Some candle companies dont even have physical locations these days. Rent on physical locations will eat into their profits and so some choose to only sell online. This is the case for brands that have already made a name for themselves as well.

When it comes to new candle brands, this is even more prevalent. The startup cost and risk is just too high for the new brands and so they will just set up on online shop, or sell their products through Etsy instead.

With large online retailers like Amazon, you also have a nearly endless amount of selection when it comes to candles. Add to that, the endless user reviews that you can find for products listed, and you have a place where you can shop easily with the peace of mind in reading other user reviews before purchasing.

There are also great options online for those looking for rare or discontinued candles as well!

Believe it or not, Ebay actually has a ton of sellers that offer rare or discontinued candles from brands such as Bath and Body Works or the Huntington Home candles from Aldi. Ive also seen past years models of candles as well. Collectors rejoice!

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Cheap Candles At Home Bargains

Home Bargains have just released a new cheap candle collection! Their Wickford & Co candles have always been a huge success, mirroring the scents and packaging of more expensive brands but often for more than half the original cost.

The bargain stores latest venture are these Crackle Wick candles, which have been compared to Yankee candle. Although theyre not yet available to buy online, we know that plenty of Home Bargains stores will have these lush candles in stock for incredible prices.

Fans have already shouted about them on social media, with one commenting, They are incredible, they do crackle and smell amazing all the way down to the end, I am hooked and will never buy any other candles but these.

Another said, Coming from someone who would only buy Yankee candles these far exceed those at a fraction of the price never buy Yankee anymore.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees : Where To Buy The Perfect Fake Fir

Admittedly the Primark candles packaging is very different, but it might even be preferable to some people. The large Tobacco & Amber candle is £4 and burns for up to 50 hours, while the Diptyque does burn for 10 hours more but it is more than 10 times the price. Both have herby and woody notes and evoke a warming atmosphere for the colder months.

Primark also has plenty of other cheap candle options, as well as stocking unique glass holders for some of the best candles out there.

Have you tried any of these cheap candle brands? Let us know in the comments!

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The Best Places To Buy Candles Online

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I find myself shopping for candles online more and more for many reasons.

The first and most obvious reason is the convenience, as Im sure you have guessed. However, thats not the only one.

Well be going over those reasons, as well as the best places for buying candles online in this post. We hope this can be help you out in your search for great candles!

Reason : The Convenience : Buy Set of 3pcs Flameless Smokeless LED ...

With most of us having Amazon Prime memberships nowadays, getting everything we can from one place with fast, free shipping is a huge relief. But even if you arent an Amazon person, shopping online is still incredibly convenient since you dont have to leave the comfort of your own home to do it.

More and more online shopping websites nowadays are getting better at offering cheap or free shipping rates which takes down that initial barrier to shopping online.

Its also great when you have a favorite candle that you find yourself re-buying, over and over. By shopping online you can quickly re-order when your candles are about to burn out.

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Cheap Candles At Wilko

Wilko also stock some of the best cheap candles and even better, you can buy them online! Wilko Premium candles are classic dupes of The White Company and Jo Malone, with scents including Pink Pepper & Black Rose, Fresh Basil & Garden Mint, Wild Rhubarb & Pink Grapefruit.

Available for between £4 to £5 and complete with similar packaging to the more expensive versions, theyre a must have!

Wilko also stock their own brands of tin candles, for a more unique feel. These ones come in vibrant scents, ideal for welcoming in the warmer weather. Theres the Green Fig & Orange Blossom tin candle, along with Mandarin & Ginger.


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