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Where To Buy Rock Sugar For Tea

How Is Rock Sugar Made

Making the BEST Brown Sugar Bubble Tea – The Alley’s Deerioca Puff

The process is called crystallization and supersaturation. The sugar and water are combined. Then water is slowly evaporated into a gas. What is left behind are the sugar crystals. Its cheaper to make beet sugar than cane sugar. Beet sugar involves only a one-step process whereas cane sugar involves a two-step process

Now here is an interesting bucket list place to visit. The Chen Yew Heng Candy Factory in Singapore uses the process described above today. Visiting a factory that uses ancient ways to create a modern product. That produce helps to create a sweeter tea both hot and iced.

Good Place To Order German Rock Sugar

Any recommendations? Quality, price, cheap shipping all considerations.


I would check a bulk store, like nutters or bulk barn first before ordering online. I usually find the best deal in the bulk stores that sell baking ingredients.

What is German Rock Sugar?? I usually sweeten with raw natural cane sugar, myself.

this is where I get mine from. Its the best sweetener for teas

While this looks like a good place Teavana actually works out to cheaper. If you buy the three pound jar it is less than $17. If you buy it by the pound its more expensive. Hard to believe that Teavana is cheaper on anything but they are, at least in store. I noticed on the website its more expensive than they were in store.

I got mine at Teavana & barely paid anything for it.

Adagio is good, especially if you have points to spare.

Be careful! I have found some sites that say they are selling German rock sugar or amber sugar, and all it is, is plain rock sugar like sugar candy. German rock sugar should be beet sugar that is relatively unprocessed and unbleached. I bought mine at Teavana and havent found it cheaper, only more expensive, which kind of blew my mind. I bought the big glass jar.

Is Rock Sugar Good For You

Rock sugar is unrefined raw sugar, but still sugar. There are health benefits to sugar when used in moderation. Rock sugar for tea is unrefined compared to its counterpart table sugar. This makes it the top choice amongst tea drinkers.

Soothe sore throat/cough Drinking a cup of tea sweetened with raw cane sugar can soothe a sore throat or calm a cough. Simply enjoy your cup of tea and allow the sugar to coat the throat and soothe the irritation.

  • Digestion Raw cane sugar can stimulate your digestion. In some countries, it is customary to offer guests some rock candy. The candy is to be held in the mouth to suck on to help increase digestion after a heavy meal.
  • Mid-Day Energy If you need that little pick-up during the day add a few rock crystals to your tea. This will give you the pick-up you will need.
  • Culinary Use of course, the culinary benefits of rock sugar, the long shelf life, and unique taste. Rock sugar goes well with sweets and desserts as its not overpowering in flavor
  • Sugar has a long pantry life. Sugar does not really go bad unless exposed to the element water. Keep your sugar in a secure container and enjoy its long shelf life. Rock sugar also is resilient against humidity.

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What Is Rock Sugar

No matter what we call it: German, Belgium, Chinese, or Misri its all the same thing. Some are yellow, white, or amber. All are raw can sugar that has crystallized to form crystals that vary in size from small to as large as an inch wide.

Rock sugar is not common granulated sugar. Rock sugar is made from beet sugar or sugar cane Its raw and yes, naturally shaped like rocks or crystals. I find rock sugar pretty as it can almost sparkle as the crystal formations melt into my tea.

While its main use would be for tea, raw cane sugar has other uses. Unrefined sugar is also used in soups and candy. This is because it is less sweet than regular white sugar. The taste is mild or bland making it a perfect accompaniment to tea. You taste the tea, not the sweetener.

How Much Rock Sugar Should You Use In Tea

Little Prayer Tea Sugar

Because Rock Sugar for tea dissolves slowly, less is needed to sweeten your cup than regular sugar. By dissolving slowly, the rock sugar allows your tea to be sweetened evenly with each sip. Simply drop a few Belgian Rock Sugar crystals in your tea and allow them to dissolve while your tea steeps.

INGREDIENTS: Beet Sugar, Caramel Color.

Really like Belgian Rock Sugar. It gently sweetens with out overpowering.

The belgian rock suger is good and service is great

I am enjoying the rock sugar and the service of receiving the product was great. Could not ask for a better place and products. Keep on sending me products you have. Id like to buy some other items!!!


I prefer Rock Sugar over white sugar Amy day

larger size

I am not a big coffee or tea drinker but when I do I like to have more control of the sugar.Belgium rock sugar disposes their sweetness gradually which is what I like.There is also something natural about it’s sweetness. It does not over power the drink.The size you offer on you web site does not last long enough size wise. You should off 2 or 3 teavanna used to.

satisfied customer

Hi Teryl, Thank you for your input! We have heard this request from other customers as well, and are pleased to let you know we now offer it in 8oz pouches as well! Enjoy!

Belgian Rock Sugar

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very good and oh so close

Like so many others, I was looking for the old Teavana blend. I’m not getting strong enough spices, but when I throw in my own cinnamon chips and cloves, brings it a tad up a bit. Will be buying this again

Thank you Rhonda for your review! For a spicier palate, some people blend in a little Masala Chai to add more clove and cinnamon bark flavor. We will send you a sample to try! Let us know what you think –


Great, but out of 4 teas that I tried this is the only one with real flavor. Others were bland, and ironically decaf. Need to offer this taste with a decaf option. This company was recommended as a Teavana substitute, not even close. Still looking for Teavana like products.

Hi Christine – Correct, rooibos is a naturally caffeine-free tea. For a more robust flavor, add a few more minutes to the steep time or add another 1/2 teaspoon of rooibos tea. Rooibos won’t get more astringent or bitter the longer it’s infused in hot water it will just get stronger and more flavorful. The Ginger Turmeric is a tisane, so try adding more tea and time to your steep for that one as well If you are looking for a stronger flavor.

OMG! Finally!

Thank you Zane for your loving review! We love the excitement you have found in our tea. Appreciate you!


Hi Amanda,

What Is East Frisian Tea

East Frisian Tea is more of a ceremony than the tea itself. This is a German ceremony. The ceremony uses German rock sugar. The tea is served in the manner of rock sugar in the bottom of the cup, topped with tea, then some will add a little cream. Dont stir!

You dont stir this first cup of tea but start by siping the cream. That cream meets with the tea and at the bottom is the sweetness of the slowly dissolving German rock sugar. After the first cup is gone, fill it up again and now you are free to stir your tea and enjoy.

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Rock Sugar For Tea: Everything You Need To Know For A Perfect Cup Of Tea

Oh, how sweet it is. Raw cane sugar alone is very sweet. Take that sugar and add it to your favorite cup of tea. Game changer! It will change the taste and mouthfeel of your tea. While raw cane sugar for tea does not abruptly change the taste, it compliments the tea. Unrefined sugar is one of the best sugars to use for tea. Did you know that raw cane sugar has health benefits? This article will teach you everything you need to know for the perfect cup of tea. The cup of tea you are going to enjoy!

Reviews For Amber Rock Sugar

How to Make MILK TEA ROCK SALT & CHEESE Flavor at HOME | Easy to find Ingredients and Tasty!
  • Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a wonderful sweetener! I really enjoy it in my tea.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    nancy faith July 26, 2018

    This is my go-to sugar. Since Teavana closed I had been on the hunt for a sugar from beets . this fit the big and we are pleased to have our rock sugar container filled again for all our teas

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Edeltraud Clark

    Always had this rock sugar at home in Germany .Brings back good memories. Love your product!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Odella Dianne Hagan December 7, 2018

    This sugar has a wonderful rich taste that is perfect for tea and coffee. The beet sugar is hard to find now, so Im so happy to have found this site!

  • Rated 5 out of 5


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    New To Rock Sugar And Want To Learn More

    Alright, Im back with another question . Ive been doing some research on the different ways we can go about sweetening our tea, and the concept of rock sugar keeps on coming up. Many tea companies are selling it . I just had a few questions for those of you who have tried it.1) Do you feel it makes a difference in terms of taste? side by side with regular sugar, do you feel you could tell the difference? more importantly, do you feel the change is worth it? 2) Where do you get yours from and why? would you get it from somewhere else?3) Is it true that you typically use less of it than ordinary sugar?Thanks guys Im so new to all of this and this is such a great community!

    1. In my opinion, it does taste different than other types of sugar/sweeteners. Generally, rock sugar is suppose to sweeten without adding additional taste, ie- honey adds sweetness but also has a honey taste to it, etc. The change is only worth it based on your preferences. You would have to try it to see if you like it. I use brown rock sugar for some things, white sugar for others, brown sugar for others, etc.2. My most recent batch of rock sugar came from Teavana because I bought it when it was on sale. You can try looking at bulk ingredient stores.3. This really depends on your preferences again. I would suggest that rock sugar tastes different than white sugar, but the differences are subtle to me.

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    Belgian Rock Sugar

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    What’s Included In Assorted Sugar Sticks Pricing

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