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Where To Buy Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea: Why You Should Be Drinking This Sri Lanka Tea

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If youre a fan of bold, exotic teas, then Ceylon tea is well worth trying out. Its a type of black tea that comes from Sri Lanka, and youre probably not that familiar with it.

Its not as popular as Darjeeling black tea, but it has a unique flavor profile that you should check out if you like more robust, full-bodied teas.

The History Of Ceylon Tea

Unless youve recently brushed up on your South Asian history, you might not know that Sri Lanka was called Ceylon until 1972.

Originally a British colony, the country cultivated tea throughout the twentieth century.

The tea became a household name, and tea drinkers couldnt get enough of it. In fact, in 1965, the country became the worlds largest exporter of tea.

While the country changed its name, the tea didnt. It had built up a brand as Ceylon tea, so the name stayed.

To this day, tea remains one of Sri Lankas largest exports, and Ceylon tea can still be found around the world.

More About This Product

Per 100ml Brewed Black Tea *

* Based on a black tea brewed with 200ml water for 3 minutes.

Brew for three minutes for a bright, refreshing cup. Leave it a little longer for a bolder taste. Add a splash of milk or simply drink it as it comes.

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What Is Ceylon Tea

According to the Sri Lanka Tea Boards website, Ceylon tea actually has a legal definition!

For a tea to be pure Ceylon, it has to be completely grown and manufactured within Sri Lanka, meet standards set forth by the Sri Lanka Tea Board, and consist of only pure Ceylon tea .

The tea is made by withering, rolling, aerating, and drying the leaves. This is similar to how oolong tea is made. Like oolong, Ceylon tea is generally bold and flavorful.

Ceylon tea can be found in black and green varieties. The black is by far the more popular one, and if youve ever consumed Ceylon tea, were willing to bet it was black.

Black Ceylon tea typically has notes of chocolate and spice. However, depending on where the tea is grown and produced, it may have hints of citrus or even wood.

Ceylon tea is noteworthy for its large amount of variety, and that translates to tasting notes as well.

Green Ceylon tea is a more recent development in Sri Lankan tea production. However, its still an authentic form of genuine Ceylon tea.

Green Ceylon can be nuttier and maltier than its black counterpart.

Many sources also list white Ceylon tea as a variety, but the Sri Lanka Tea Board does not list any white varieties, and interestingly, many of the popular white Ceylon options do not actually use the specific phrase Ceylon tea.

Tea with the phrase Ceylon tea must meet the Tea Board requirements and be authentic, so were inclined to believe white Ceylon tea is probably blended or inauthentic.

The Tea Centres Ceylon Tea Collection

Ahmad Ceylon Tea

You can rest assured that The Tea Centres Ceylon loose leaf teas are ethically sourced from sustainable tea-growing estates in Sri Lanka. Were proud to source our Ceylon loose leaves from Kelani Valley Plantations, who were named the first ethical tea brand in the entire world! Their community-based and sustainable approach means that every cup of Tea Centre Ceylon tea is contributing to both people and the planet. Find out more about our partnership with Kelani Valley Plantations here.

As you have seen above, we offer a curated collection of premium Ceylon tea and tea blends for you to enjoy. A Ceylon cuppa is the ideal morning wake-up brew or afternoon pick-me-up. There is a perfect Ceylon blend for every taste thanks to the variety of strengths and flavours available in our curated collection. Include a cup of Ceylon in your daily tea ritual and let the world wash away.

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Why Ceylon Tea Is The Best

Ceylon tea is the tea come from Sri Lanka. The island is formerly known as “Ceylon”. As a result, most of the products from Sri Lanka branded as Ceylon. For example, Ceylon Tea.

Ceylon tea is a very popular tea because of its unique taste and unique characteristics in each verity.

However, Tea is a very tasty and healthy beverage. Drinking tea has so many health benefits.

Most Importantly, research shows drinking Ceylontea have a much lower risk of several serious diseases.

Black tea is the top seller of Ceylon tea due to its nourishing properties, from increasing energy levels to boosting metabolism levels.

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Does Ceylon Tea Have Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant found in around 60 plants. Most famous, perhaps, is Fresh Coffee. Is Ceylon Black Tea caffeinated as well? Any so-called real Tea from the Camellia sinensis plant contains caffeine, be it Black, Green, White or Oolong. The difference between each variety happens at the factory, whereby the processing of the leaves changes the amount within. Ceylon Black Tea caffeine is the highest as it undergoes the most oxidation. You can expect around 45-mg per 8-oz cup. Then there is Oolong, which has approximately 35-37-mg, Green Tea with 30-mg and Ceylon White Tea with 15-mg. Yet, it prompts another question: can you have Ceylon Tea during pregnancy? Is it safe, or should it be avoided at all costs?

Ceylon Black Tea Regions

Types of Ceylon Tea | Best Ceylon Tea to Drink – teakruthi.com

Originating from four main regions in the country, namely Uda Watte, Ran Watte, Yata Watte and Meda Watte, Ceylon tea is unlike any other. With tea carpeted mountains covering acres of lush land, each leaf is carefully and delicately hand-plucked to ensure the finest quality of tea. Tea from each terroir tastes uniquely different, due to the soil, climate and elevation levels.

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How To Make Ceylon Black Tea

To brew the perfect cup of Ceylon black tea, boil fresh water to a temperature of 95ºC. Do not use re-boiled water. Add a teaspoon of your favourite Zesta black tea or drop a single teabag into your cup. Pour the boiled water into the cup and let it steep for 3-5 minutes. Strain the leaves out or throw the bag. Add sugar and/or milk depending on your preference.

Anverally & Sons Pvt Ltd

Every day thousands of people in over thirty two countries enjoy the flavours of the tea we produce. Over 100 years ago, the company that was eventually to become Anverally & sons Ltd., was founded by a man with a vision. This man was my great great grandfather Mr. Anverally. His vision was to establish the island of Sri Lanka as a major exporter of some of the finest pure teas to the rest of the world.

A century later, his vision has been made a reality by his successors. Today Anverally and Sons Ltd., is still very much a family concern and exports some of the finest teas in the world to 32 countries in Europe, Asia, CIS States, and the Middle East. With close connections to a number of plantation companies and tea estates around the island, Anverally & Sons have some of the most experienced tea tasters, vital for the important process of blending that makes Ceylon Tea so famous around the world today.

We do provide private labels and bulk tea to buyers, we have always matched the right quality which our customers required. We do the packaging, graphic design for your requirement. We have been supplying Ceylon Tea for buyers since 1890.

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Health Benefits Of Ceylon Tea

What Is Ceylon Tea? Benefits, Brands &  Where To Buy

Simply by the virtue of Ceylon tea being a tea, the Sri Lankan brew is naturally good for you. Tea is full of antioxidants and nutrients that have a huge range of benefits.

It can boost your immune system and reduce depression. Its also been shown to cut the risk of having a stroke by 21%.

These are just a few of the many health benefits that tea has to offer.

In terms of nutrients, tea contains a plethora, including vitamin B1 , vitamin B2 , potassium, calcium, and even fluoride.

So drinking Ceylon tea is a delicious way of getting tons of healthy nutrients.

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Ceylon Cinnamon Vs Cassia Cinnamon

The different types of cinnamon are a reference to the specific tree that the spice comes from.

  • Celyon cinnamon comes from the species Cinnamomum vernum.
  • Cassia cinnamon is from Cinnamomum cassia

Ceylon cinnamon is considered to be the most legitimate form, but most of the cinnamon in stores is Cassia cinnamon or a combination of the two.

Thankfully, most pure Ceylon cinnamon products will state this, as it is a key selling point.

Appearance and Taste

Powdered cinnamon often looks the same regardless of the type. But, you can easily see the difference in rolls of cinnamon bark.

  • Cassia cinnamon has discreet rolls that are easy to see.
  • Ceylon cinnamon tends to consist of many individual layers, which often fill the entire space.

There is also a taste difference between the two.

Ceylon cinnamon tends to have a more subtle flavor, which makes it especially useful in baking and as an ingredient for healthy smoothies. Likewise, its easy to see how this type of cinnamon would go great in keto desserts and similar recipes.

Health Differences

Both types of cinnamon contain the compound coumarin. But, it is much more prevalent in Cassia cinnamon.

Coumarin doesnt offer any significant nutritional benefits. Instead, it is a blood thinner.

Coumarin can also cause liver damage if youre consuming a significant amount .

Where Does Ceylon Tea Come From

Tea Estates cover an estimated 4% of Sri Lankas landmass. Such is their abundance that the country has become known as the Island of Tea. Growing areas find themselves primarily on flat plains, particularly in the south. In other regions, mountains rise to heights of up to 2,400 metres above sea level. It is here, connoisseurs say, that that most-prized Tea comes from.

Overall, around one million people – nearly 5% of the population – work in the industry. They harvest and process the leaves between June and August in the east and from early-February to mid-March in the west. Ceylon Tea characteristics differ significantly depending on its origins. The primary districts are Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Uva, Dimbula and Ruhunu / Ratnapura.

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Why Is It Called Ceylon Tea

The word Ceylon is a remnant of the British Empire. The country attained independence from its former colonial overseers in 1948, although it didnt change its name to Sri Lanka until 1972. The government was then faced with a potentially dire logistical issue: Ceylon Tea, as it was still known, was popular worldwide. Could the nation risk changing the name of the product, too?

Sri Lanka decided to maintain the phrasing associated with what had become an economic staple. They hoped that, in doing so, it would avoid the fate of falling into obscurity. It worked. Few people today know this infusion as Sri Lanka Tea, however accurate it might be. They instead use the term, Ceylon Tea. But where is Ceylon Tea from, exactly? Which regions grow it?

Ceylon Tea Benefits And Side Effects

How To Brew Ceylon Black Tea

Is Ceylon Tea good for you? You can count on it. Its constituents go further to support the immune system, aid digestion and even relieve mild anxiety. Additionally, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it can enhance cognitive function. The research concluded that those who drank 6-10 cups a day had a 63% lower chance of dementia.

Then there is its ability to promote weight loss. This happens because it boosts the metabolism of fat cells, enabling the body to burn fat quicker and more efficiently. The result is a greater capacity to drop pounds while exercising. And if that wasnt enough, a US-Swedish collaborative study has found that it maintains healthy teeth by suppressing bacteria in the mouth. It couldnt be better.

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Best Ceylon Cinnamon Brands And Products

If youre going to buy Ceylon cinnamon, then one of the very best choices is Organic Wise Ceylon Cinnamon.

This brand is currently a best seller on Amazon, with universally positive reviews.

As users point out, the flavor is somewhat different than regular cinnamon from the store and that difference can take some adjusting to. However, this is the case for any brand of Ceylon cinnamon and becoming accustomed to the flavor is important if you want to use this type of cinnamon for health benefits.

Another great thing is that the cinnamon is organic.

Thats perfect if youre trying to reduce the chemicals involved in the food that you eat.

There are many other popular options out there. A second one that I recommend is Frontier Natural Products Cinnamon.

This is another organic brand that also does well in terms of reviews. Its also a good option if you are looking for a smaller container of cinnamon to get you started.

Frontier also offers sticks of Ceylon cinnamon and these may be a good choice if you prefer your cinnamon in that form.

There arent nearly as many reviews for the sticks of cinnamon on Amazon but that is hardly surprising. Realistically, relatively few people buy cinnamon sticks when compared to powdered cinnamon.

Finally, there are some good options for where to buy Ceylon cinnamon supplements too. Personally, I recommend sticking with actual cinnamon if you can, as whole foods tend to promote healthier habits than supplements.

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How To Buy Wholesale Pure Ceylon Tea At Hellens Tea

Our pricing for our wholesale tea is very competitive, we only offer the finest teas. Therefore, please do not ask us to send inferior tea at a lower price.

Let us first start by welcoming you to Hellens tea. Your chicer in our company is a major step forward for your company to become a retailer of Sri Lanka Finest Gourmet Ceylon teas.

We have a great Wholesale range of Ceylon teas including pure Ceylon Black Tea, Green tea, White tea, herbal tea, Organic tea, CTC Black Tea, etc.

Further, we are a modern progressive company that fair trade wholesale selling above profit.

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