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Where To Buy Bigelow Tea

Make Your Own Custom Flavours

Bigelow Sweet Dreams Tea

Bigelow teas come in dozens of different varieties, but sometimes there’s just a really specific flavour you can’t find. We recommend customers look into Torani Syrups and Torani Sugar Free Syrups , with over 100 flavours in all there are almost limitless possibilities for tea and flavouring combinations.

On qualifying orders, use the coupon 10OFF150 during checkout for 10% off orders over $150.

We commonly see aromatic syrups like vanilla, orgeat , toasted marshmallow and butter-rum used in black teas. With green and white teas, tropical flavours like coconut, mango, guava, lychee and hibiscus are popular.

Almost any fruit-flavoured syrup tends to go well with herbal teas and don’t add any caffeine.

Buying Bigelow%20tea From Amazon

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Do Bigelow Teas Contain Any Nuts

While Bigelow has nut-flavoured teas, Bigelow claims that there are no traces of nuts or oils derived from nuts of any kind in their teas . For those with severe allergies, we recommend contacting Bigelow Tea directly at their company website.

BuyCoffeeCanada’s facility does carry products that contain nuts however, and there may be traces of nuts on the outside of the packages.

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