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What Is The Best Earl Grey Tea

Best Cheap Earl Grey Tea: Taylors Of Harrogate Earl Grey Tea

What is Earl Grey Tea ? Why do they add Bergamot ?

Taylors of Harrogate is a renowned tea producer and has a rich experience of more than a century when it comes to tea making and blending. Their flagship tea earl grey Taylors of Harrogate does not disappoint.

It is one of the most consumed teas across many homes due to its accessibility and reasonable price. It also packs all the health benefits derived from earl grey tea. These include being an energy booster and fighting depression as well as anxiety.

The tea is made with light teas from Indonesia and the Blue Mountains high-altitude tea in southern India. It also comprises the perfect blend of quality black tea from China, citrus flavor, and bergamot oils for the ultimate aroma and flavor.

The bergamot oils and citrus flavor are blended with the black tea carefully to ensure the earl grey tea offers you a full-bodied aroma when consuming it. However, the bergamot essence is not as strong as the citrus flavor.

Although the flavor is well-balanced, you will only taste more citrus than the bergamot flavor. However, this is not a big flaw as some users like it this way. When you order this package, you will get 50 tea bags, which you can use for weeks before ordering another package.

What We Dont Like

  • Tea bags are not wrapped individually
  • Weak bergamot flavor

Types Of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea may be especially popular because it tastes great hot or cold and tends to have a highly approachable flavor.

This tea blend is most commonly made from black tea and then flavored with bergamot oil, which lends the floral, citrus-y taste that makes Earl Grey tea very drinkable. Bergamot is an aromatic citrus fruit that grows naturally in the Mediterranean.

That said, theres a surprising amount of variation underneath the umbrella of Earl Grey.

In addition to bergamot, Earl Grey might also be flavored with everything from rose petals or lavender to blue cornflowers. Sometimes, tea makers will even flavor a green or white tea with bergamot oil and dub that brew an Earl Grey.

Here are some of the most common variations on Earl Grey :

  • Earl Green, which is a green tea thats flavored with bergamot
  • Earl Grey Oolong, which is oolong tea combined with bergamot oil
  • French Earl Grey, which includes rose petals or lavender flowers
  • Lady Grey, which blends Earl Grey tea with the blossoms of blue cornflowers
  • Red Earl Grey , which mixes rooibos tea with bergamot flavor
  • Russian Earl Grey, which mixes pieces of citrus peel directly into Earl Grey tea

Earl Grey is also a popular base for drinks such as the London Fog and the Creamy Earl Grey Coconut Rum Punch.

Harney & Son Fine Tea Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea

If you love Harney & Sons special blend of Earl Grey tea but cant stomach the caffeine, you will definitely come to love this decaffeinated drink.

This tea blend features decaf Ceylon and natural bergamot extract. The hint of bergamot is strong enough for you to taste it, but still light enough to not overpower the flavors of the tea.

While most decaffeinated tea has a unique decaf taste to it, this tea blend from Harney & Son tastes just like regular non-caffeinated tea. Once brewed, this tea will exude a pleasant and enticing aroma that promises a robust and flavorful cup of tea.

Furthermore, the tea is properly sealed in foil lined pouches. Thanks to this, you will be able to experience the perfect freshness of the tea blend as if it had just been made yesterday.

Key Features:

Being one of the most famous tea brand, Taylor Of Harrogate boasts a premium quality tea blend that is hard to rival with due to its high-grade quality product that always comes at a reasonable price.

Whats so special about this tea? Well, to begin with, this product boasts an elegance fragrance that will awaken your senses and stimulate your taste buds. Its unique twist of Sicilian citrus with delicate tea from Indonesia and India will ensure that you fall in love with the tea.

Key Features:

Moreover, the freshness of the tea blend is out of this world. Individually wrapped in a separate package, the flavors of the tea are correctly preserved so that you can fully enjoy the tea flavors.

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Everything You Need To Know For The Best Earl Grey Tea

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Earl Grey tea is the most popular flavored tea internationally. Not sure which brand to choose? Here are the best Earl Grey brands and why they are so special.

Earl Grey tea has a delicious citrusy aroma. This classic signature blend is perfect for an afternoon tea – preferably with scones.

I confess that for a long time, I never liked Earl Grey. Every blend I tried tasted like drinking perfume. Am I alone here?! Always willing to try a new tea, I never gave up. I finally came across an Earl Grey that I liked, a full-bodied black tea with a light citrus note. It was absolutely delicious!

I had to find out why. What made this one stand out from all the other Earl Greys Ive tried? Why was this tea so superior?

Harney & Sons Organic Earl Grey Tea

Best Earl Grey Tea For The Money  Reviews and Buying ...

Were starting out our list with our personal favorite type of Earl Grey, and thats from Harney & Sons.

Simply put, this blend is our favorite because it tastes excellent. That classic flavor comes from black tea mixed with bergamot . This tea is actually quite sweet, despite the fact that they use no added sweetener! We know that taste is subjective, but we dont think youll be disappointed with this natural, flavorful tea.

We also like that this product stays true to history. Earl Grey was originally a gift from China to the British Prime Minister. Harney & Sons uses black teas from China mixed with natural oil of bergamot.

This is also great value. You get 50 tea bags for a fair price. Tea bags are great because they are one of the most efficient ways to drink tea. They contain broken tea leaves, which infuse your water faster than loose tea.

All of these factors come together to make this our top overall pick!


  • Might be too sweet for some.
  • Tea bags might not be your ideal consumption method.

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The History Of Earl Grey Tea

Before we dive into our latest recommendations, heres a bit of history about this type of tea: Traditionally speaking, Earl Grey is made from a black tea blend including oil of bergamot.

Its roots in England go back hundreds of years, and is believed to be named after Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, this fellow right here who looks like hes reaching into his coat for a pistol:

New year, new Earl Grey and weve got a great list of choices for you.

Hopefully hes just reaching for a flask of some hot tea.

In any case, there are conflicting origin stories of this tea, with one saying that the Earl received the blend as a gift from somebody from China who was grateful to him for saving their son.

Jacksons of Piccadilly, a teahouse dating back to 1815, claim themselves as the origin of this blend of tea.

Regardless of where it came from, its here now and thats what matters, right?

How To Get Your Earl Grey Tea Right

Elizabeth displays annoyance when her boyfriend adds milk to her Earl Grey in the film Prozac Nation as if its a brazen faux pas.

A professional tea buyer judges the quality of the tea by brewing it in a bowl before spooning it into his mouth. He then sucks air through it to feel the essence of the tea leaves.

We have a host of contemporary Earl Greys to satiate your palateranging from the spicy and rich to the cerebrally smoky to in-yer-face.

Therefore, if your choice of black tea is a full-bodied one, go for a base tea from Ceylon, Kenya, or Assam. Alternatively, if you prefer a milder variety, a base tea from Darjeeling or Nilgiri will suit you better.

Lastly, if your preference is a smooth black tea flavor, got for Earl Grey with a Keemun or Yunnan base.

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Enjoy Your Earl Grey Tea

Now that you know what the best Earl Grey choices are, its time to get out there and find your favorite!

Whether you go for loose leaf or prefer a tea bag, you really cant go wrong with your selection, especially if you opt for organic and natural choices.

From Lady Grey through to Russian Earl Grey tea and beyond, theres a whole world waiting for you.

Do you think that something is missing from our list of best Earl Grey teas? Get in touch, let us know and well update our article.

What We Looked For When Ranking Teas

How to Make the PERFECT Cup of Tea (and who was EARL GREY, anyway?)

Taste: As with most of these tests, taste was the most important factor we considered when choosing our teas. For this test, we looked for a balance of black tea and citrus notes the strength of the tea and any bitterness in the mix was also considered during the tasting.Price: All in all, a good cup of earl grey should not cost all that much. We looked for brands that gave you plenty of tea bags without breaking the budget. All but one of the brands we tested provided 20 bags for less than $5.

Caffeine Content: Most black teas contain a decent amount of caffeine, though not nearly as much as the average cup of coffee. When choosing brands, we made sure to look out for a decaffeinated brand tea enthusiasts could enjoy.

Additional Features: In addition to the above considerations, we also looked into whether a brand contained organic ingredients. We also tried to choose brands that were available nationwide, either online or in stores.

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What Kind Of Flavor Do You Like

Theres no single best flavor of Earl Grey tea: its all down to your individual preferences.

Just like most things, itll take a bit of trial and error for you to find your favorite, but you can narrow things down a little bit at the beginning.

You can opt for sharper or smoother flavors, with various levels of citrus and floral notes.

Read the reviews and product descriptions to get a better idea of taste before you buy.

What Makes A Tea Earl Grey

If youve just started to dig deeper into the tea world, this is may be something new to you.

Early Grey is not a plant that tea farmers grow but rather a blend that manufacturers make once they being processing the tealeaves.

Most often, this tea is made from black tea leaves, although white earl grey teas and green earl grey teas do exist, but what is the ingredient that defines this particular blend from others?

The bergamot.

This small, citrus fruit is somewhere between a lemon, an orange and a grapefruit. It isnt sour, nor it is sweet, and the flesh is yellow just like a lemon with a green peel like a lime.

Some manufacturers will also blend in fruity and floral flavors, so you will probably encounter quite a variation as you search.

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Tealyra Classic Black Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea

It might come as a surprise to many people that Earl Grey tea can also be used for baking. However, if used correctly, this tea blend can be used to whip up desserts such as Earl Grey Chiffon Cake, Earl Grey Tea Cake, or Earl Grey Shortbread.

This tea blend from Tealyra is a perfect combination of black tea leaves, bergamot extracts, organic cornflowers, natural flavors, and a hint of French vanilla. The whole cumulation boasts a unique yet powerful flavor of Earl Grey.Furthermore, this robust Earl Grey tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine. This means that it can give you the energy boost you need to stay sharp and focus without experiencing caffeine crash.

Key Features:

Best Overall: Runner Up: Vahdam Earl Grey Tea Leaves

Who Was Earl Grey: The Curious History of Earl Grey Tea

Despite being edged out by our #1 choice, the Vahdam Earl Grey Tea Leaves is an exceptional tea. The only reason that made this tea not take the overall choice is because you will have to pack the tea in the included zipper bags after opening the sealed package. However, we still felt it should be featured on our list.

The Indian earl grey tea is blended with bergamot oil to produce a floral and citrusy brew. The tea has a beautiful aroma and clear citrusy notes, making it a good option both for iced and hot drinks.

With a myriad of distinctive flavors, this brew is a favorite for most tea drinkers. This tea may be weaker compared to other teas. You cannot taste the aroma in its flavor even though it has a strong floral fragrance.

Also, even though the pack has a resealable design for ensuring freshness throughout your use, you may have a difficult time resealing it after opening the pack. However, each pack comes with enough tea leaves to prepare over 200 cups of citrusy tea.

On the other hand, the organic use of ingredients appeals to most drinkers as the tea doesnt contain artificial ingredients. It also helps Vahdam produce natural teas that offer a wholesome tea experience to tea lovers.

  • Ideal for hot and iced drinks
  • Can be taken without adding any sweeteners

What We Dont Like

  • You may experience problems resealing the pack
  • Users required to pack the tea in zipper bags
  • Floral lacks flavor depth

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With Specialist Advice From Tea And Lifestyle Blogger Rachael Kinsella

Rachael has been a writer, editor and marketing communications specialist for some 18 years, writing about all things tea and lifestyle for her blog “Tea with Rachael” for over a decade. She loves tea and enjoys trying different types of tea, as well as pairing teas with food and fun things to see and do.

Keep up-to-date with all things tea and lifestyle-related on Rachael’s blog, , and and discover some new tea blends that might just become your new favourite!

Finding The Right Fit For You

The point to remember is that there is no gold standard for Earl Grey.

This is why there is quite so much discrepancy from one tea label to another. Thus, don’t give up on this tea just because you have had one or two disappointing experiences.

Instead, experiment as much as you can with Earl Grey teas.

Of course, this can be a rather time-consuming and expensive endeavor. So, you can go ahead and read reviews of the top teas instead.

Before doing so, though, you should make a note of what flavors you are looking for with your Earl Grey.

For instance, do you prefer a full-or are you body tea or are you someone who enjoys a milder cup, perhaps with a hint of floral notes or sweetness? As for the citrus flavor, do you prefer something with a fruitier taste or a sharper fragrance profile. Once you have narrowed your preferences down, you will find it far easier to find a quality Earl Grey. In short, pick something that tantalizes your senses.

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Different Types Of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is one of the most popular teas in the West. This black tea with hints of citrus is a perfect introduction to tea. It is great served hot or cold, and pairs well with food. Thats why it is a favorite for afternoon tea and preferred by many tea drinkers throughout the world. Explore its history and the great variety of Earl Grey available.

Earl Grey is a black tea, so it usually has a bold flavor. Unlike orange pekoe , Earl Grey has a citrusy flavor.

Earl Greys citrusy taste is due to the addition of natural or synthetic bergamot oil. The bergamot orange is a type of aromatic citrus fruit that is usually grown in the Mediterranean. Bergamot oil is extracted from the skin of the bergamot fruit.

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The Bottom Line On Earl Grey Tea

The Best Earl Grey Tea Cake | Earl Grey Tea Chocolate Cake | How To Make Earl Grey Cake

Earl Grey tea is one of the most popular teas around, and for good reason: a cup of earl grey is bold, flavorful, and endlessly drinkable. It provides an energy boost thanks to the caffeine thats found naturally in black tea, and it may offer additional wellness benefits.

To find the best Earl Grey tea for you, look for products that are made from high-quality black tea and real oil of bergamot. After that, it mostly comes down to personal taste preferences.

Theres a huge range of Earl Grey teas and flavorings to choose from, so theres no time to waste: Its time to start sipping your way through the world of Earl Grey!

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Are There More Earl Grey Tea Flavors

Surprised to see so many Earl Grey tea flavors? There is more. Every tea scented with bergamot orange essential oil is technically an earl grey tea. On the other hand, there is not one single tea blend in this world scented with bergamot essential oil that would have any other name except earl grey or grey tea. Whichever earl grey tea you choose, you can rest assured it will have at least light bergamot note.

Learn more about earl grey tea:


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