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What Is The Ati Teas Test

What Is A Good Teas Score What Is A Teas Passing Score


What is considered a good score on the ATI TEAS VI exam will vary from school to school. Some schools will require a minimum total score for acceptance. Other schools may require specific minimum scores in each content area. Some schools do not even have specific minimum scores.

As such, it is critical for the test-taker to confirm the minimum TEAS scores required for those schools they apply to.

Although each school’s admission criteria are likely to differ, most schools set the admission score bar at least 65% to 75%.

Utilize Teas Test Prep Resources

No matter how confident you feel going into the exam, test prep resources can help. The Rasmussen University Library and Learning Services team has compiled several excellent TEAS test resources that can be incredibly useful when preparing.

While it may cost a little extra to access test prep materials from ATI, itâs not a bad idea to take a TEAS practice test at the very beginning of your studying. This will give you a better idea of which areas youll need to focus on most in the weeks to come. Once youve pinpointed your focus areas, its time to hit the books. The more you review the material, the more prepared youll be on exam day.

As you close in on the date of your scheduled exam, consider retaking the TEAS practice test on the ATI website one last time. This will benchmark your improvement and highlight any final areas of difficulty that need extra attention before exam day.

1. What is the ATI TEAS?

The ATI TEAS is a required test for applying to the registered nursing program andthe practical nursing program. The ATI TEAS measures basic essential skills inthe academic content domains of Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English andlanguage usage.

2. How do I prepare for the ATI TEAS?

Applicants can prepare for the ATI TEAS with several resources including theOfficial ATI TEAS study manual which is available to purchase ata bookstore or online.

3. What do I need to know about the ATI TEAS?

5. What do I have to make on the ATI TEAS?

Ati Teas Practice Tests Version 6

This book blatantly lies to your face.

It says that the book is created for the new exam, but nothing except the cover has been updated and its still the same book that was made for the TEAS 5.

The book also has a ridiculous amount of mistakes in the math and science section, and often the answer key doesnt match up with the questions.

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Dont Fear The Teas Test: 5 Common Questions Answered

For many considering nursing school, there is one hurdle standing in the way: the TEAS test. If youre the type to get a little nervous about tests, then its understandable if you have some questions youre seeking answers for.

What is the TEAS test? Whats on the TEAS test? How do you prepare for the TEAS test?

Were here to help! In this article, well answer all of these common questions and more. Knowing this information upfront will help you feel confident and ready to conquer the TEAS exam.

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Study Guides And Textbooks

Pin on TEAS Test Study Guide

If it has been a while since you took math, science, and English courses, you could check out some textbooks from the CNM library and review. There are also great online textbooks for chemistry, biology, elementary and intermediate algebra available through Openstax.org. Openstax resources are free.

These exams are designed to test high school proficiencies. There are study guides for the exam. You can check the CNM library to see if it has preparation materials, or visit a local bookstore or online retailer to purchase your own study guide.

CNM libraries have purchased some study guides. Please note, these guides will only work on a CNM computer.

To access these off campus, please do the following:

  • Enter your CNM log in and password
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    Ati Teas English And Language Usage Tips

    • The ATI TEAS English and Language Usage section is 28 minutes long and contains 28 questions. Expect questions on grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
    • In this section, certain questions will take longer to answer than others. For example, it might be quicker to resolve simple spelling mistakes, and take you longer to assemble proper grammar for a passage.
    • Review grammar rules! Make sure you know the names of the various grammar terms, and what they mean
    • Be able to identify different parts of speech
    • Context clues are your friend in this section. If you are not sure about the meaning of the word, use context clues and process of elimination.
    • Understand word structure! Learn the meaning of common prefixes and suffixes.
    • Know the rules of punctuation.
    • Bottom line, dont assume that you dont need to prepare for this section. You havent seen most of these rules since elementary school. Check out these English language practice tests to get an idea of where you really stand.

    Good luck! We hope that my test tips and pointers are helpful. Take a look at this premium preparation pack which includes full length online practice tests, extra questions for each section, detailed answers, study guides and tips. We know you will ace the test!

    This article was contributed by Jennifer Feldman. She is a speech and language expert and blogger at TestPrep-online. She specializes in writing about test preparation.

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    Take A Diagnostic Ati Teas Practice Test Test

    Before anything else, its essential first to know how to use a diagnostic practice test. A diagnostic TEAS practice test determines your strengths and weaknesses, so you know which areas you need to spend more time studying. Its best first to assess your current knowledge level, so you know how to strategize your test preparation methods.

    You can start by taking a free ATI TEAS practice test that gives an overview of your test resultsthe more comprehensive, the better. This way, you can quickly determine your weakest areas based on your test scores.

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    Test Remotely With Our Proctored Solution: Teas At Ati

    Proctored and administered by ATI Nursing, the TEAS at ATI is being used by admissions programs for a secure, online testing solution to assess students academic preparedness. And it ensures nursing programs can continue to admit qualified candidates into their program – no matter the circumstance.


    • Students will register through ATIs online registration system for TEAS at ATI. The remote proctored and in-person versions of the exam consist of the same content.
    • ATI offers TEAS at ATI exams multiple times a day, nearly every day of the week.
    • Following registration, TEAS at ATI test takers will receive testing information and details from ATI Communications.
    • On test day, students will follow proper instructions to access their secure exam.
    • Dedicated support is available to assist students with questions prior to, during and following the exam.
    • The TEAS at ATI is monitored by dedicated and trained ATI proctors, who are supported by the Proctorio secure proctoring platform.
    • Following the exam, students will have the ability to submit their test score to your institution.

    Follow This Advice When Taking The Teas Test

    • Do not cram just before the test.
    • Plan your route ahead of time so that you can arrive early. This ensures that you are in the right mindset.
    • Get at least 8 hours of sleep on the night before the exam.
    • Ensure that you eat a healthy breakfast and that youre properly hydrated.
    • Read the instructions carefully.
    • Read each question at least twice. A mistake that we see a lot of students make is trying to rush through questions. There is plenty of time to carefully read every question so dont rush.
    • If you dont know the answer, skip the question and come back to it later. Dont spend too much time on a single question. There will be some questions that you dont know the answer to. A big mistake is wasting too much time on those questions.
    • Dont try to keep a mental record of how youre performing. Just answer each question and then move on.

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    How Is The Teas Test Scored

    You will receive individual scores for each subject area as well as an overall composite score.

    The scores are calculated by taking the number of questions you answered correctly divided by the total number of questions, this applies to both the subject area scores and the total overall composite score.

    Can I Retake The Ati Teas

    Yes. However every program has different restrictions on how many times you can take it and how long you need to wait in between taking it.

    Some schools allow up to 3 retakes while others only allow for one test attempt and some schools will make you wait 30-45 days before you can retest.

    The best thing you can do is to check with the program you are applying to and see what their requirements and restrictions are and plan accordingly.

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    Ati Teas Exam City Tech Nursing Preparation

    So, make sure that you read through the entire document carefully. You should not make too many mistakes when you take the As in On the Form. It is better to read more carefully the last few paragraphs. Because of the high probability of mistakes, you should be careful about the As in A in Form. It can be said that the Atia Test is the most reliable and effective test for you. The Atia Test can give you a good result by correct As in the form. When you take the In As in Form and do the As In Form, the Atio Test is very easy. The As in In Form is simple and quick. Since you can get the As Inform in the Form, you will get a better result. You can read more about the As In In Form in the book if you are interested. Your As in As In Form is also very simple. With the As In As In Form and the Atio In Form, you can get more accurate results by reading the entire document. Killer method Killing methods are one of the ways that you get better results.

    Here Is What Else You Get:

    Ati Teas 6 Test Outline [Infographic]
    • 5 Full-length ATI TEAS VI practice tests for all 4 subject areas that look just like the exam you will take.
    • 2,280+ ATI TEAS VI practice questions.
    • In-depth answer explanations for each question so you will never feel lost or left behind even if you have been out of school for years.
    • Two convenient ways to study go at your own pace viewing the answer explanations along the way or launch life-like exams that mimic the real testing experience.
    • Detailed score reports that show you exactly what you need to focus on to quickly improve your score.
    • Immediate access on any device.

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    Take The Teas Test Early

    Even if youre not quite ready to apply for nursing school, it can be helpful to take the TEAS test at the very beginning of your undergraduate studies during your first year of college. This will help you get familiar with the exam content and format so youre better prepared the next time you take itwhen youre actually applying for nursing school.

    Why Is The Teas Exam Hard

    Some people find the TEAS exam to be difficult because they struggle to perform well on standardized tests. Others have difficulty with the breadth of the subject matter. In general, the TEAS test is difficult because nursing school is competitive. The difficulty of the tests allows schools to select students to have the best chances to succeed academically. Nursing school is hard. This test is one of the first steps of the nursing school process, so its no surprise that it would be one of the many difficult hoops that future nurses will have to jump through to secure their place as healthcare professionals.

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    Teas Math 36 Questions In 54 Minutes

    Youll have 32 scored TEAS Math questions and 4 unscored questions. TEAS scores depend on two general areas. A TEAS Math passing score is about 70%.

    Numbers and algebra 23 scored questions

    • Operations with Numbers and Fractions
    • Rational Numbers

    Measurement and data 9 scored questions

    • Data, Statistics, and Variables
    • Conversions and the Metric System
    • Charts, Graphs, & Tables

    In general, a passing score on this section requires working with word problems, knowing a few formulas like the back of your hand, and doing TEAS math practice question drills so that you can be ready for test day.

    Youll want to do drills with PEMDAS questions , and converting decimals, fractions, and percentages. Its also a great idea to practice solving algebra questions with one variable, especially with negative numbers and fractions.

    Teas English 28 Questions In 28 Minutes


    Youll have 24 questions that are scored and 4 questions that are not scored. A TEAS English passing score is around 70%. The TEAS English section pulls questions from 3 main concepts:

    Conventions of English

    • Medical Terminology and Word Parts
    • Word Meaning and Context Clues

    The TEAS English section is the very last section youll take, so youll likely be tired by the time you get to it. Its also the fastest: you only have a minute per question. Students with higher TEAS scores in this section make sure to study compound, complex, and simple sentences pronoun-antecedent agreement, and medical terminology.

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    Ati Teas Testing Dates At Ventura College

    Date TBD TBD

    Note:ATI TEAS testing is also available directly from ATI . Visit for information regarding current fees and scheduling. Please be aware that ATI charges a fee to have TEAS results sent electronically to Ventura College.

    When do I have to take the ATI TEAS and send results to Ventura College?

    The applicant must turn in Application and be declared eligible for ATI TEAS testing at Ventura College by the nursing counselors before the applicant can reserve a seat for ATI TEAS testing at Ventura College. Applicants to the Ventura College nursing program are required to take the ATI TEAS prior to October 1 for the September 15 application deadline and prior to April 1 for the March 15 application deadline.

    If taking the ATI TEAS test at Ventura College, results are available to the School of Nursing immediately after the testing.

    ATI TEAS test results taken at all other locations must be sent via the ATI website to Ventura College prior to:

    • Fall – October 1
    • Spring – April 1

    How do I reserve a date to take the ATI TEAS at Ventura College?

    Send reservation request to using your my.vcccd.edu e-mail.

    Include the following information:

    • Phone number
    • Student 900 ID number

    What if I require special testing accommodations for the ATI TEAS based on a diagnosed disability?

    Accommodations for testing may be available to students with disabilities. Students requiring special testing accommodations for diagnosed disabilities must:

    What Is The Ati Teas

    The ATI TEAS is designed to specifically assess a students preparedness to enter the health science field. Most likely, youve been asked to take the TEAS as part of your basic admissions requirements for your nursing or allied health program. Thats because studies show a consistent link between a students performance on the TEAS and future academic success.

    The ATI TEAS exam consists of 170 questions, 20 of which are unscored pretest items. Questions are designed to test the basic academic skills you will need to perform in class in the areas of:

    • Reading

    If you have any questions about the TEAS or this process, please contact Theodore Mullen at or 251-405-7051.

    ** Payment Disclaimer ** Please read!!

    Spots will only be available to students on a First Paid, First Served basis. Because we have limited spots available for each testing date, we only reserve spots for the students who have REGISTERED AND PAID for the TEAS. Due to a high volume of students who need to take the test, we remove students for non-payment every Monday, so we recommend making your payment as soon as you sign up to take the TEAS.

    Please check the list weekly for openings.

    Learning Assistance Center

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    Teas Reading 53 Questions In 64 Minutes

    Youll have 47 scored questions with 6 unscored questions for a total of 53 TEAS Reading questions. You wont know for sure which questions are not scored. Your TEAS score will depend on 3 main types of Reading questions.

    A TEAS Reading passing score is around 75%. Most schools have specific requirements for scores, so be sure to check with your program.

    Key ideas and details 22 scored questions

    • Topic, Main Idea, and Supporting Details
    • Summaries

    Integration of knowledge and ideas 11 scored questions

    • Types of Sources
    • Logical Conclusions, Inferences, and Predictions
    • Evaluating & Integrating Sources
    • Evaluating Themes and Arguments

    For Reading, the hard part of the TEAS test for many students includes working with long passages, logical conclusions, and the time pressure of this section. To get a passing score on this section, its a good idea to plan for three types of questions.

    First, youll have questions that require understanding the overall big picture of a passage. Youll need strategies to find the answer quickly so that you dont get overwhelmed by a giant passage.

    Second, youll have questions that focus on specific words or details. Many times, you dont need to read the full passage. Instead, you can use specific strategies for specific question types.

    Third, youll have questions that require you to use different sources, charts, and graphs. Memorizing types of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources can help you with these TEAS test Reading questions.


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