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How To Score High On Teas Test

I Failed The Teas Test Now What

How to score a 95% on the Teas exam

By Will Erstad on 03/18/2019

Youve had your heart set on becoming a nurse for a while now and could just imagine how great it was going to be. You were going to be the ace of the nursing unit and beloved by patients and physicians alike as you high-five your way through the clinic.

Unfortunately, life has a tendency to throw a wrench into plans. And the name of todays wrench is the Test of Essential Academic Skills exam. Heres the good news: a low TEAS score doesnt mean youre completely out of luck. We gathered advice from Rasmussen College Nursing faculty and staff to help you plan out your potential next steps.

Take The Teas Test Early

Even if youre not quite ready to apply for nursing school, it can be helpful to take the TEAS test at the very beginning of your undergraduate studies during your first year of college. This will help you get familiar with the exam content and format so youre better prepared the next time you take itwhen youre actually applying for nursing school.

Your Teas Score Report

In addition to your score, the report will identify topics on which you missed questions, which you can use to plan your studying if you plan to take the TEAS again. According to ATI, approximately 40% of students have to take the TEAS more than once. Be aware that some schools with a cutoff score require applicants to achieve the minimum score within a certain number of test administrations. For example, a school may require applicants to obtain the minimum score by taking the TEAS no more than twice. In this case, if you did not achieve the cutoff score after taking the test twice but did get a score above the threshold the third time you took the test, your application would still not meet that schools criteria for admission.

Finally, just because a school gives a minimum score or scores for admission, that does not mean that every applicant who meets or exceeds that score is accepted. Other aspects of your application are generally considered as well. In the same way, a school that does not have a minimum TEAS score may nonetheless mostly accept students with high scores. Again, research the schools to which you are applying to find out what they seek in a successful candidate.

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How To Receive Teas Scores

The TEAS can be taken in either paper or electronic formats. Individuals who take the paper version will have to wait on results since its sent to ATI for scoring. However, students who take the electronic version will have immediate access to their score.

The bottom line is that students who take the paper version of the test will have an additional waiting time.

Once available, TEAS scores are released to the school of choice.

Can The Teas Test Be Retaken

TEAS Test Scores: What is a good TEAS Score?

Students who score below the minimum score and are not accepted into a nursing school are allowed to retake the exam. However, the testing fee will have to be paid again.

Every school has its own set of rules governing retakes though.

  • Some only allow one retake per year while others allow three.
  • Schools also have a waiting period requirement between each test. This is usually set at 30 days but could be longer. However, it is important that you give yourself time to study and strengthen the areas where you failed.

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How To Get Higher Teas Scores

Now that weve looked closely at the format of TEAS test scores, we can dive even deeper into acing this important test. As with all exams, preparation is the key to acing an exam so you have to make sure you take the right steps.

Lay Out a Study Plan

Start by answering some basic questions. Youll want at least six full weeks to study for the TEAS test. Here are the basics that youll need to do before setting up a study plan.

  • Take a TEAS practice test first so that you can determine what areas you are weakest in.
  • Determine the hours that you will be unavailable for study. For example, you wont be able to study during your work or school schedule.
  • Figure out what resources you will use to study.

A TEAS practice test will show you where to devote most of your studies. For instance, if you score lowest on the math section, then you know that you will need to dedicate more hours toward studying math.

You have two choices when it comes to study resources. You can either find all of the information yourself or invest in a TEAS prep course.

Whatever the case, creating a study plan removes a lot of stress from this time and will keep you on track.

Never Cram Studies

As mentioned in the previous section, students should give themselves at least six weeks of preparation in order to get the highest TEAS scores. Cramming studies into a short window is going to present a lot of stress to test takers and will ultimately lead to lower scores.

Invest in a TEAS Prep Course

Can I Cancel My Teas Exam

You should know what your test score will be. The key here is to know what you tested for on the exam. If you have the highest score on the exam in your test, then you may get lower scores in the test. If right here test for the same subject, then you can get both the highest and lowest grades. The main thing is to know, who you tested on the exam for. You need the highest score. If your exam is my company you need to have the highest grade. 6. Know Why You Tested For If your test is a success or failure, then you have to know why you tested for the exam for so long. The key part here is to get that. 7. Know What Your Test Score Will Be If the exam is a great success or failure with the same subject as the exam, you can also get the best grade. If the test score is bad, then you also need to know why.

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Preparing To Take The Teas

One of the biggest mistakes nursing school applicants make with regard to admissions exams is to not study. Really! Often students assume that because they recently graduated from a prior degree program or completed prerequisite courses, they will do fine. Regrettably, even applicants with high GPAs make this mistake.

For this reason, we encourage all ABSN track applicants to spend several weeks studying before sitting down to take the TEAS. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there to help you prepare, some of which are free. Whether you choose to pay for test prep materials or services is up to you however, in the event you do, its important to carefully evaluate your choice before opening your wallet. For example, if a TEAS test prep companys website is riddled with typos and spelling errors, you might want to look elsewhere reading and English language skills are both categories on the exam, after all!

One way to gauge whether you need to pay for resources is to take a free TEAS practice test. Currently, a number of test preparation companies offer free tests that mimic the format and question style of the TEAS. Make no mistake, these companies offer free TEAS practice tests as a way to sell you their test prep materials. Nonetheless, while you will likely find yourself on a few extra email lists, these free resources can give you a good idea of where you need to focus your efforts and how much you should study.

Introduction: What Is Teas And What Does It Measure


ATI is the company that, among other things, constructs and authors the Test of Essential Academic Skills . The TEAS measures and assesses a person’s ability to be academically prepared to enter and succeed in nursing school. The data from this test is highly useful and helpful to those considering entering a nursing school and it is also helpful to nursing programs who use TEAS scores as part of their admission criteria. People who are interested in embarking on a career in nursing want to be able to successfully graduate from a nursing school without failure and schools of nursing want to provide quality education to those who are able to succeed in and graduate from their school of nursing. This standardized test also gives test-takers valid and reliable data that reflects their strengths, their weaknesses, their areas that need improvement and remediation, and their readiness or the lack of readiness, to begin nursing school.

: ATI Nursing Education. Research Brief: Predicting RN Student Attrition using the TEAS V

TEAS is a predictor test that statistically predicts whether or not a person can pass and graduate from a school of nursing. This type of comprehensive test statistically measures the test takers knowledge in four academic areas or subjects which are:

*** While we provide this extensive study guide free of charge other professional guides and adaptations are available via . ***

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What Is The Teas Test

The TEAS test is a nursing entrance exam also used by allied health programs. Its usually one of the last steps before you submit your programs application to get into nursing school. You might also see it referred to the ATI TEAS, TEAS 6 or the TEAS VI. These are all the same exam.

Are you taking the TEAS exam in 2022? Find out about the new ATI TEAS 7 exam.

The TEAS test is a high-stakes, standardized admissions exam. A high-stakes exam means that you, the student, can face consequences if you dont do well. Which is why Ive dedicated my career to helping students like you never have to think about the TEAS again!

Not every nursing program requires that their students take the TEAS. Some require the HESI, the ACT, and many have GPA requirements. There are many paths to working in healthcare. But if your goal is to get into a nursing program that requires the TEAS test, its time to figure out how you can pass the test and achieve your goal!

The TEAS is used by nursing schools across the country, but youll want to check with your top programs to make sure they require it beforehand.

Youll want to check:

Your schools nursing program website should provide you with the majority of this information. You can also ask the admissions office for more details.

How To Prepare For The Teas Test So You Pass

Your TEAS score will make or break your application. Even if you have a great GPA, you still need a great TEAS score to get into nursing school.

Using reliable TEAS practice questions is a great way to help you see how to pass the TEAS test. Check out some of my best TEAS exam practice questions or read more:

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What’s On Your Teas Score Report

You’ll receive three different TEAS scores on your report:

  • Total Score: This is the score weighed for every section of the test.
  • Content Area Score: These will be individual scores for each section of the TEAS test.
  • Sub-Content Area Score: These are broken down even further to provide scores for every sub category.

Its important to note that the total score is not the average of all 4 sections. The score is weighed and will be calculated differently for each individual.

Note: The total and content area scores are equated which means they are adjusted to account for differences among the different test versions. Because these scores are “equated”, you can not calculate the total and content area scores from any scores on your score report .

Dont Fear The Teas Test: 5 Common Questions Answered

All about the ATI TEAS at NOVA

By on 05/25/2020

For many considering nursing school, there is one hurdle standing in the way: the TEAS test. If youre the type to get a little nervous about tests, then its understandable if you have some questions youre seeking answers for.

What is the TEAS test? Whats on the TEAS test? How do you prepare for the TEAS test?

Were here to help! In this article, well answer all of these common questions and more. Knowing this information upfront will help you feel confident and ready to conquer the TEAS exam.

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Ati Teas Test Exam Answers

I want to study a new teas. This is the reason why I am interested in studying teas and how to learn them. I am going to study a teas. But if you want to learn a new tea then you need a great library, books. If you are interested in learning new teas then you need new book. If you want to find out a new teaches then you need the books yourself. If you only know try here couple of books then then you need some books. If only a couple of teas then then you have to find out books. If the book that you need is a book then you need an expert library. There are plenty of books that you can find that will help you get the best price. You can find out books by reading books. If the books are a book then they are a good book. You can learn a lot of data and you can study teas and learn the teas as well.

Ati Teas Science Tips

  • The ATI TEAS Science section is 63 minutes long with 53 questions. It is one of the most difficult sections and has questions mainly on human anatomy, but also on scientific reasoning, and life and physical sciences.
  • The TEAS Science section differs from the rest of the sections because it requires a great deal of prior knowledge. Therefore, this section may require extra preparation. Factor this into your study time! To save time, check out this comprehensive science preparation pack.
  • Overall, you will be expected to have basic knowledge of various processes involved in chemistry, physics, biology and the natural world.
  • Make sure you know some quick facts about population growth and decline, and birth and fertility rates.
  • Most questions will focus on the bodys systems, anatomy, and physiology.
  • Brush up on your knowledge of the periodic table! If you are anything like me, you probably blocked that word from your memory.
  • Pay special careyou will be asked not only factual questions but also scientific reasoning questions. They might present you with an experiment, and ask for different interpretations and explanations.

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Teas Study Guide Customer Success Stories

This is the only study guide I used, and I got a 92. I recommend using the first practice test as a starting point to determine what you need to study, then spend some time studying before taking the second and third practice tests. I really liked that there were explanations for the correct answers. It worked really well for me and have already recommended it to several others.

So far it’s WAY better than the “official” study guide… which pretty much just tells you “your heart pumps blood… Google it” plus then you gotta spend like 100 dollars on 2 practice tests that you can only take once. Plus you can’t beat the free video reviews.

This product in its entirety really help me get the understanding I needed to achieve my goal in passing the Teas test. I’ve taken the test only once before and wish I had this book then. Thank you for the easy break down of study material and can’t wait to give you the passing results. I’m more confident than I was the first time and feel better prepared. I recommend this book to anyone needing to pass the teas test to get into your nursing program. There are also some good reviews from nursing students on you tube about this study guide. Good luck everyone.

Competitive Teas Test Scores


The Competitive score is a TEAS test score range from about 59% to 77%. At this level, students are expected to have a general understanding of the nursing field and be eligible to attend nursing schools or enter the workforce. However, you also need to absorb more advanced knowledge to improve your specialized ability.

Less competitive TEAS test scores

Less competitive scores are scores that fluctuate between 41.3% and 58.0%. This score indicates that you only have basic health sciences-associated knowledge. You still get the opportunity to apply to professional schools, but the probability of being accepted is less than other competitors. Therefore, adding knowledge and improving grades is the key to progress in this field.

Below average TEAS test scores

Below average scores are the lowest scores in the benchmark range, typically between 0.0% and 40.7%. This score demonstrates that you are not well prepared and have a limited amount of knowledge. At this point, applying to professional schools or medical work environments is not possible. You need to be more prepared in terms of knowledge, skills, and spirit to improve your score.

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What Does The Teas Exam Consist Of

One of the most important TEAS test tips we can give is to familiarize yourself with the exam format so you know what to expect on test day. Youll be glad to hear that the format of the TEAS exam is similar to other standardized tests youve likely taken in your life. According to the Assessment Technologies Institute , the TEAS test consists of 170 multiple-choice questions covering a variety of subjects to be answered in 209 minutes.

The bulk of what youll need to know for the TEAS test is tied to the foundational education subjects commonly found in high school curriculums. ATI shares that the test covers material that students are expected to have acquired from their secondary education in the following areas:

  • Reading:
  • Areas assessed include conventions of Standard English, knowledge of language and vocabulary acquisition.

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