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How To Order Kung Fu Tea

Suitable Teas For Kung Fu Brewing

How To Order at Kung Fu Tea

From left to right: Green tea , Yellow tea , Oolong tea and Black tea

Usually, mostly oolong, or pu erh and a few black teas are prepared in the king fu way in China. This is because these particular teas are known to taste better when used in the ceremony. Other teas can be brewed in this manner, but kung fu tea extends beyond just tea tasting. It is also the performance of the art and connecting with ones body and mind. As more practitioners of the art can afford good tea than ever before, the art of steeping tea properly is flourishing and much experimentation and development is happening with brewing green and white teas also in the kung fu way.

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Step 1: Download The App

Search for the Kung Fu Tea App in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store . Download and launch!

Step 3: Link payment

Step 2: Create an Account

Step 4: Visit & Order!

*Turn on Location Services on your device and the closest locations ready to take the app will be listed under Locations!*

Presenting The Tea Leaves

The tea will normally be kept in a sealed jar that compliments the ceremony. In beginning the ceremony, a special spoon is used by the artist to gently pull the tea leaves from within the jar. The leaves are then placed on a plate and then presented for each of the guests to view. By observing and enjoying the aroma of the dry leaves, the guests can appreciate the tea more fully.

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Store Confusion With Certain Drink Toppings

I love this app. I achieved black belt status waaay faster than I should have. My only frustration with the app has to do with when I order certain drinks that come with default toppings. For example, when I order mango slush which comes with mango jelly by default, some stores will include the jelly while others dont. In the app, the toppings section offers a no mango jelly option but no option to specify that I do want the mango jelly. It would be nice to have a notes/comments option to make sure that our orders are consistent from each location.

Relationship To Martial Arts

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The term, Kung fu, reminds most people who hear it of the fighting martial arts sport. However, the most basic meaning of the words is related to the Chinese words for art, skill, and effort. Therefore, in the context of tea preparation, Kung fu means brewing tea with more effort and dedication so that a perfect cup of tea is created in a more artistic way.

Like Kung Fu as a type of Martial Arts, kung fu tea also focuses on the spirit and ideology behind it, which is how to become a better moral person. This can be reached consciousness in movement and focusing oneself only on the brewing of tea. This process is for you to become aware of the tea energy, or cha qi so that the tea is properly experienced. In addition to the aroma, taste, and appearance of the tea, it should also affect ones mind and body.

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So How Did Kung Fu Tea Become A Thing

In 2009, entrepreneurs Michael, Allen, and Ray were walking around Flushing, Queens after returning from a trip to Taiwan. They were in search of their favorite childhood drink: bubble tea. After looking around, they found a local tea spot, ordered, and sat down to discuss new business ideas. Mid-conversation, the three of them immediately put their drinks down in confusion the beverage was a mediocre knockoff and not the bubble tea they had come to love in Taiwan. As they observed the long line of thirsty customers, they looked at each other and thats when Michael, Allen, and Ray discovered their new venture.

Sean was quite happy with his own bubble tea chain in Taiwan when his three friends gave him a call. They knew Sean had a knack for making an exceptional cup of bubble tea. Hours passed as Michael, Allen, and Ray attempted to get Sean on board with this new idea though impressed by the groups passion and proposal to share bubble tea with the rest of the world, Sean had to weigh the risks. Days passed before Sean finally gave his friends a call back, but the three of them were beyond ecstatic to hear Sean accepting the offer on the other side of the line. He was ready to join the team.

If we wanted to be successful I couldnt be afraid of starting again. I had to be FEARLESS!

We grew up drinking bubble tea, we know what AUTHENTIC flavor is.

Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices

Kung Fu Tea is a franchise specializing in making various teas and is also known as Americas largest bubble tea brand. Founded in Queens, New York, on April 30, 2010, Kung Fu Tea has been growing ever since with more than 250 locations across the United States. The menu includes various teas and hot beverages like seasonal specials, espressos, classic hot teas, and so on. Kung Fu Tea makes tasty teas, and they provide the best quality service that customers will appreciate.

Below is a list of the latest Kung Fu Tea menu prices.

Classic Kung Fu Black Tea


Classic Kung Fu Green Tea


Classic Kung Fu Oolong Tea


Classic Kung Fu Honey Tea


Classic Winter Melon Green Tea


Classic Hot Kung Fu Black Tea


Classic Hot Kung Fu Green Tea


Classic Hot Kung Fu Oolong Tea


Classic Hot Kung Fu Honey Tea


Classic Hot Winter Melon Tea


Classic Hot Winter Melon Green Tea


Classic Hot Honey Black Tea


Classic Hot Longan Jujube Tea


Pumpkin Hot Oolong Milk Tea


Kung Fu Green Milk Tea


Winter Melon Milk Green Tea


Hot Kung Fu Milk Tea


Hot Kung Fu Green Milk Tea


Hot Honey Green Milk Tea


Hot Honey Oolong Milk Tea


Hot Winter Melon Milk Green Tea


Passion Fruit Green Tea Punch


Strawberry Lemon Green Tea Punch


Hot Red Bean Milk Strike


Hot Herbal Jelly Milk Strike


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Kung Fu Tea Sales Pop Despite Boba Shortage

Among the many supply chain challenges of the pandemic, one such commodity experiencing a shortage is bobathe tapioca pearls that are the main ingredient in bubble tea. A closer look at consumer transaction data for large national chain Kung Fu Tea reflects that demand for bubble tea has been rising during the pandemic, but so far does not indicate that the boba shortage is affecting the companys sales or customer counts, likely due to the company having warehouses on both the East Coast and West Coast.

Kung Fu Tea weekly customers have doubled since last year

The number of customers at Kung Fu Tea has been on the rise in 2021. Between the first week of January 2021 and the first week of June 2021, the number of customers increased 52 percent. Compared to the first week of June 2020, the number of customers at Kung Fu Tea the first week of June 2021 has more than doubled.

Kung Fu Tea saw its biggest spike in customers the week of April 26, 2021, with a 33 percent week-over-week increase in customers. This is likely a result of the companys National Bubble Tea Day promotion, which gave app users who bought a drink on April 30 a $4 coupon to use the following week. Customers can purchase Kung Fu Tea at one of its brick-and-mortar stores, through the Kung Fu Tea app, or through several meal delivery apps. However, sales from meal delivery services are not included in the figure above.

Sales per customer also increased during the pandemic

Scraping Away The Bubbles

Top 5 Drinks to Buy at Kung Fu Tea | Best Bubble Boba Tea 2018, What to Order Bubble Tea

Use the lid of your teapot to carefully scrape the bubbles away, and then replace the teapot lid. All of your movements should be gentle as if you were a spring breeze carefully stroking the face of a loved one. Do not worry if a slight amount of foam is deposited on the edge of the teapot. This is a natural occurrence due to the tea leaves coming in to direct contact with the hot water.

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Adding The Tea Leaves

Fill up the teapot so it is about 4/5 full of tea leaves when you are preparing Dancong or Da Hong Pao teas. This might seem like too much, but unlike Tieguanyin oolong tea, the Da Hong Pao tea leaves arent quite as tightly packed and will, therefore, take up a large amount of space when they have become dry. For most other teas, around 8 grams are sufficient for brewing.

Know Someone Who Loves Bubble Tea Send A Digital Drink Gift Card

With the Kung Fu Tea app you can send your friends and family Digital Drink Gift Cards straight from your phone. Just make sure you have a valid debit or credit card account linked to the app before you send out a gift card! $10 minimum required for all digital drink gift cards. The recipient must also have a Kung Fu Tea app account to redeem the gift card.

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Heating Of The Teapot

An attractive purple Yixing clay teapot will often be used during the ceremony. This type of teapot was originally invented by a famous 17th Century potter, Shi Da Bin. It is recommended that the teapot is heated over glowing hot charcoal whenever possible.

The artist will pour the hot water onto the outside of the teapot and then on the inside and inside the bowl itself in a circular motion to clean and preheat everything. Pour from no higher than 2-3 inches above the pot to avoid cooling the water. Turn the cups in the hot water behind the teapot using two fingers. It is recommended that you touch only the outside walls of each cup as touching or holding the inside of a cup is seen as a possible mistake. Discard the water completely when youre done.

Tools And Equipment For Kung Fu Tea

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A complete Chinese tea ceremony set will consist of these accessories:

  • A teapot
  • A fairness pitcher.
  • A strainer or filter.
  • 6 aroma cups.
  • 6 teacups.
  • 1 tea pets.
  • A small tea cloth.
  • A tea brush.
  • A set of tea accessories which include the following items:
  • a tea leaf strainer.
  • Cha ze. (a small teaspoon use to removed the older leaves from the teapot. Kung fu teapots will often have a small opening for this.
  • Teacup tweezers.
  • A needle.

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