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How To Make Corn Silk Tea For Uti

How To Dry Corn Silk

How to make Corn Silk Tea – A recipe to fight bladder infections from Chef Ranveer Brar

If you go through as much corn as we do, there is no way to eat or drink all the fresh silk, so you can dry it to make corn silk tea later.

To preserve corn silk, pull the silk from the cob and separate if from the husk. Run your fingers through the silk a little to loosen it from being in one big clump.

Place the corn silk on a flat basket and set it out on the counter to dry. Depending on the weather this can take a few days.

Once all the water is gone from the silk and it feels slightly crispy, you can store it in a jar or paper bag. Corn silk keeps this way for about one year.

Corn Silk Tea For Nutrition

You need

Cornsilk, water, lemon, green tea leaves, and honey.


Take a cup of water and put to boil. Add corn silk to it and reduce it to a simmer. Turn off the flame and add 1 tsp green tea leaves and 1 tsp lemon juice.

Allow it to steel for 10 minutes. Strain and add some honey and drink every day.

Corn Silk Supplement Dosage

Considered safe, corn silk and its extracts may help you. But because of a lack of modern human studies, there isnt a specific dosage recommendation. Consider reading the product label and see what the recommended dosage is best for you follow that or check with your doctor. For beginners, try 1200 mg dose daily with water is a reasonable amount to start. Consult with a healthcare professional to tailor your dosage depending on the particular application.

D-Glucosamine: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage

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Herbs And Natural Supplements For Utis

If youre having frequent urination problems, chances are youve been on antibiotics very frequently. You may wonder what you can do to reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections.

There are several herbs for UTI, which not only improve the symptoms but also prevent infections. These herbal remedies are not expensive and have fewer side effects than conventional medicine.

However, it is always important to ask your doctor before starting any new treatment. Even natural supplements can interact with treatment taken by people with chronic diseases.

With this in mind, let us briefly review a few supplements to improve UTI issues:

For Ages Corn Silk Tea Has Been Used As A Naturally Potent Diuretic Agent Which Help To Flush Out Excess Water And Waste From The Body Thus Reducing The Inches Dramatically

How To Make Corn Silk Tea: Herbal Remedy With Benefits for ...

Eating hot roasted corn by the beach can be a cherished memory. But did you know that its silky cover has way more health benefits than the corn itself? You can use in your evening tea to benefit from the nutrients and antioxidants. It contains key nutrients like potassium, calcium and vitamins B2, C and K, among others.

Corn silk is a super diuretic agent

For ages, corn silk tea has been used as a naturally potent diuretic agent, which help to flush out excess water and waste from the body, thus reducing the inches dramatically. If you want to slim down in time for a big event, this is a super trick, which also reduces complications related to water retention. Diuretics help to get rid of several health hazards including congestive heart failure and kidney diseases in the long run.

Keep kidney stones at bay

Corn silk can increase urine flow and decrease the chances of sediment formation in kidneys, which otherwise can lead to kidney stone formation. However, this should be done under the proper guidance of a qualified doctor.

Regulates blood sugar levels

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Prevents Kidney Stone Formation

Corn silk, as a natural diuretic with its high potassium content, helps to increase urine production. Its consumption boosts the filtration rate and prevents chloride and sodium ions from being reabsorbed into the blood. Thus, it boosts functioning of the kidneys and reduces the chances of kidney stone formation.

Presenting Corn Silk Tea

Yes, the corn silk you would find at the top of your ear of corn. That is the same corn silk we are talking about. I dont believe there are many plants that were not created with a medicinal purpose. Corn silk is and has been used in a medicinal way.

The actual purpose of corn silk is that of the stigmas of female flowers. The silk is pollinated and carrys that pollination to a kernel. Each silk strand makes one kernel. The corn silk is tubular, pollen lands, and is carried down the tube and pollinates a kernel.

While research is limit, corn silk is natural corn fiber. This fiber is used in traditional Chinese and Native American medicine. Most of the time corn silk is used dried but can also be used fresh.


  • Kidney stones one of the first reasons I heard about corn silk tea was researching help with kidney stones.
  • Corn silk contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber


  • Can decrease potassium levels in the blood. If your levels are already low this can cause a real problem.
  • May cause rashes, itching, and allergic reactions if used topically. May also cause allergic reactions if drinking as tea.
  • High or low levels of blood pressure can be adversely affected by taking large amounts of corn silk.

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How To Make Corn Silk Alcohol Tincture

To make a tincture out of corn silk, all you need to do is:

  • Take a small jar and fill it about ¼ with chopped corn silk.
  • Fill the rest of it with vodka or any other high proof alcohol.
  • Cover the jar and let the two ingredients infuse for 4 to 6 weeks in a cool, dark place. Make sure that you shake it occasionally.
  • Strain and take about ¼ to ½ teaspoon a few times every day. You should reduce the dose for smaller children.
  • You can mix a spoonful of honey to make it taste better, especially if you are giving it to children.
  • You can store this corn silk alcohol for over a year as it has a long shelf life.

    Skin Lightening And Concealing Marks On The Skin

    Corn Silk Tea

    Powdered corn silk was used for makeup in the 1960s, but it did not last long because of the popularity of synthetic ingredients.

    Today, many people are beginning to use corn silk powder on their face to brighten their skin and reduce redness, and there is scientific evidence to prove that this really works.

    In a study done on 21 women for a period of 8 weeks in Korea whereby water-based corn silk extracts were applied on their faces. The concentration of the solution was 1.5%, and the changes seen after 8 weeks were noticeable. After 8 weeks, Korean scientists found out that corn silk had decreased production of melanin by 37.7%, and there were no signs of cell toxicity.

    In conclusion, they said that corn silk might be used as a de-pigmenting solution for suppressing skin hyperpigmentation. In other words, corn silk was found to promote a healthy skin tone and even out pigmentation.

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    Potential Risks Of Corn Silk Tea

    If you have an allergy to corn pollen or corn starch, corn silk may give you:

    • Rash

    Corn silk can also lower the amount of potassium in your blood. That might cause:

    • Rash
    • Itching
    • Allergies

    As with other teas, be careful not to add too much sugar to corn silk tea to keep the calorie and sugar content low. Too many calories and sugar can lead to things like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other ailments.

    Make sure not to go overboard with how much corn silk tea you have at a time. Large amounts of corn silk can be unsafe if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Too much corn silk can also affect how medicines work that you take for diabetes, high blood pressure or low blood pressure.

    To Make A Glycerin Tincture/glycerite:

    Another way to preserve fresh corn silk, is to use vegetable glycerin to make a tincture, instead of vodka.

    Glycerites are more suitable for children, pets, and those who wish to avoid alcohol.

    Using roughly two to three times the amount of glycerin than fresh corn silk, blend the two in a mini-food processor until thoroughly macerated. Pour into a jar, cap and store in a cool dark place, shaking daily.

    After two weeks, remove and strain your glycerite through a fine mesh sieve and/or several layers of cheesecloth. A suggested starting dose is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon, several times a day. Shelf life is about a year.

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    It Can Lower Blood Pressure

    For people suffering from high blood pressure, corn silk tea may offer a natural way of regulating it. A clinical study conducted on 40 individuals showed positive results in terms of lowering blood pressure. 20 people with hypertension issues and 20 who had no issues with blood pressure. The patients were administered extract of corn silk in varying doses.

    At the end of the trial period, individuals with high blood issues were found to have decreased their blood pressure. Also, it was seen that the higher corn silk doses, the higher the decline rate of blood pressure.

    Therefore, we can conclude that although corn silk tea cannot be used as a substitute for your blood pressure medications, people with hypertension can drink this tea to keep their blood pressure in check.

    What Is Corn Silk Tea

    Why And How to Make Corn Silk Tea

    Corn silk tea is a specialty tea made by steeping corn silk the delicate strands that are found on ears of corn. These wispy golden strands are usually ignored or discarded with the corn husk, but they can also be used to brew a powerful tea. Believed to have been first used by the Mayan and Aztec cultures, evidence points to this tea being in use for more than 6,000 years. Modern research has discovered that this corn silk does, in fact, contain a number of beneficial nutrients and the tea has very few negative side effects. Due to the simplicity of the ingredients, this tea is easy to make and can have a measurable impact on your health, thanks to its rich supply of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K, and other active ingredients.

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    Post By Vintage On May 28 2018 1: 1: 52 Gmt

    Im back to my old tricks again. Ive had a swollen-foot problem off-and-on ever since my accident. I believe one of my kidneys was damaged as a direct result of intentional neglect by a smug night nurse at the world class hospital where surgeons saved my life. Anyway,…my little kidney herbs had always served me well pre-accident, and I continue to use them. But the kidney assault four years ago in the hospital may have done something dire. This year, I found some organic instant coffee, with a German origin, and I limit myself to one cup a day . And last week when I found fresh corn, unshucked, at my grocery store, four ears for a dollar, I bought some. I made corn silk tea and drank it throughout the day yesterday. This morning, my swollen foot had improved,…still swollen, but better than Ive seen it for a week. I only used the corn silk from one ear. And now, Im going to make another batch a cup and a half of corn silk tea. Heres a photo of my lovely, sweet, ear of corn with the corn silk that I will steep for tea. Ill add a spoonful of raw honey.

    You Can Cure A Uti Or Cystitis Naturally With Corn Silk Tea

    YES CORN SILK TEA!!!! You know the silky stringy fibers that you discard when shucking corn!?!? Cornsilk can rid you of the pesky UTI for good!

    Corn silk has been used for hundreds of years to treat many diseases including inflammation of the genitourinary system , kidney stones, diabetes, high blood pressure and bedwetting.

    While corn silk has been used to treat many ailments, corn silk acts as a diuretic and can alter your blood sugar. Corn silk may also interact with several medications, THEREFORE EXERCISE CAUTION AND CONSULT A DOCTOR prior to use if diabetic or if you are currently taking any medications!! ALSO, if you happen to suffer from a corn allergy, are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, you most definitely do not want to try this remedy without consulting a physician!

    The key to conquering the UTI is to drink corn silk tea throughout the day. Any where from 4-5 cups per day. This especially works if you start drinking it immediately after you encounter your first symptoms. You want to nip this in the bud before it becomes too much of a burden!

    I always keep a bag of organic dehydrated corn silk on hand at all times, just in case me or any of my family members happen to have a UTI. I recommend that you use ORGANIC corn silk if possible.


    This has worked for me, my family and friends. It is tried and true!

    Let me know if it works for you!

    *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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    Might Aid Weight Loss

    Weight problems have become a health menace that affects many people these days. And although weight problems are caused by several factors including genetics, a lot of people experience weight gain due to excess water retention in the body, as well as toxic build-up in the digestive system.

    Considering that corn silk tea is a diuretic and thus can help you get rid of excess water, and also toxins from the body, we can say that this tea can help you shed weight caused by excess water in the body.

    There are scientific studies done on corn silk tea and how it can help with weight loss.

    One such study done by a Chinese pharmaceutical university and published in 2017 involved testing corn silk polysaccharides on rats with insulin resistance. It was found that this treatment significantly reduced weight loss, blood glucose, and insulin levels, and also improved glucose intolerance

    Therefore, by taking one or two cups of corn silk tea every day, you can benefit greatly in terms of weight loss. However, it should not be used solely as a solution to weight problems.

    In another Chinese study whereby rodents with type 2 diabetes were administered flavonoids from corn silk, it was revealed that the corn silk flavonoids significantly reduced weight loss, water consumptions, and reduced blood glucose concentration in the body.

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    Medications For High Blood Pressure Interacts With Corn Silk

    Benefits of Corn Silk Tea #kidneystone #uti #highblood

    Large amounts of corn silk seem to decrease blood pressure. Taking corn silk along with medications for high blood pressure might cause your blood pressure to go too low.Some medications for high blood pressure include captopril , enalapril , losartan , valsartan , diltiazem , Amlodipine , hydrochlorothiazide , furosemide , and many others.

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    Additional Herbs For Utis

    There are herbs, such as goldenseal and Oregon grape that do both needed jobs: they one, kill bacteria and strengthen the immune system and two, they also prevent the infectious E-Coli bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder and urethra, so they are rinsed off with urination.

    It makes sense that those who struggle with UTIs are probably only seeing the tip of the iceberg. This one symptom may be a red flag. What underlying issues in your body may also need to be addressed? Leaky gut and pathogen overgrowth are often the root cause.

    2018 Update I have now heard from so many of you! Thank you for emailing or commenting to let me know how much you like this remedy! I also have a family member who recently needed this remedy. She found complete relief the same day from her symptoms. These herbs really are powerful, wonderful and fast!

    Corn Silk Tea And Its Goodness

    There is constant research being conducted on corn silk tea and how it can benefit your health. If you are looking for a mild, natural remedy that helps in improving your health, this is an excellent option that you should definitely try out. It has a great taste and is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It also contains polyphenols that keep a wide range of diseases away. This makes corn silk tea a beneficial beverage, whether you are trying to treat a specific condition or simply want to improve your general overall health.

    According to researchers, corn silk has other benefits as well. It is found to be an effective natural treatment for conditions including disorders of the prostate, obesity, PMS and carpel tunnel syndrome. So, as you can see, drinking a cup or two of corn silk tea every day can have many wonderful effects on your body and give you many benefits.

    As with all natural remedies, it is important to consult a doctor before starting. It is vital to make sure that you are not taking any medications that have an adverse effect on your health when combined with a natural remedy. You should also make sure that you dont have any conditions that lead to further complications when you use remedies like corn silk tea. Whether you are taking corn silk tea to treat a medical condition or want to gain all the nutrients it has to offer, make sure that you discuss it with your health care provider beforehand.

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