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Where To Buy Tea Party Hats

Modern Tea Party Attire

Tea Party Hat

Though standards have definitely changed, hats at tea are still a must and are perfect for any tea party. There are dozens of different styles when it comes to the best tea party hat. For those that are attending tea out of doors, larger hats with wide brims are perfect, such as hats for the Kentucky derby – think floppy sun hat but with a bit of an elegant touch. Decorative accents like flowers are welcomed on all tea party hats as well as ribbons and other delicate and lady-like embellishments. Think of tea as the time to make the most of all things girly and to find a fascinator that is going to get attention and be dainty and delicate at the same time.

Tea Party Hats Replacing Wedding Veils

Brides are often seen wearing Tea party hats at their weddings. This is soon becoming a frequent replacement. Mostly the situations where brides or bridesmaid wear a modern wedding dress instead of traditional gowns. Beautiful butterfly fascinators are stylish, and fitting design is quite apt for such a tea party.

Fancy Hats For High Tea Party At Various Occasions

Women have started to wear fascinator hats at various tea party occasions. Whether you are going to an evening party or a wedding tea party, hats are becoming a popular accessory among adult women. Modern and fashionable women like to wear unusual designs such as large flowers, birds nests, birds, butterflies and feathers.

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Tea Hat Or Fascinator

Ivory Derby Hat Tea Party Hat Formal Hat Chruch Hat

One was certainly not considered dressed without something on the head. Hairdressing meant dressing the hair: an elaborate evening coiffure was not complete without jewels, flowers or feathers among the curls. A lady always wears a hat when she goes out in the daytime, and without fail for dress-up occasions, such as weddings, funerals or other religious services, and formal luncheons and teas.

Miss Manners, June 16, 1985

Taking it from the top, one of the prized possessions of an afternoon tea goer is a fabulous tea hat or fascinator. What differentiates the two is that fascinators have a small base, about 4 inches max. Accessorizing with a tea hat or fascinator adds a flair and glamour to your afternoon tea look to signal a special occasion. Tea friends also delight in exclaiming over the many creative designs and colors of each others tea hats at afternoon tea.

FIND IT: Some tearooms have eclectic tea hat collections that you can try on and borrow during your teatime. If youre not comfortable sharing hats, you can find tea hats and fascinators at discount department stores like Burlington or on . If you prefer to patronize local businesses, Etsy has several American hat makers to browse. Also Google your local milliners and check out their online shops, like Atlanta-based Angela Kang Cole and Elena Wittman, Los Angeles-based Debra Shirley or NYC-based Christine A. Moore.

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Types Of Hats For A Tea Party

Tea hats can vary from large and extravagant to small and delicate depending on time of day and setting. Those parties that are held out of doors generally call for more whimsical looks with hats that feature delicate flowers and ribbons while high tea may require hats that are more sophisticated. Appropriate tea party dresses and hats will vary depending on where you are attending tea, you will need to adapt your fascinator to fit the place where you are having tea and the time of day that you are taking tea.

Formal Tea Party Attire

At a formal tea party, the dress code will be more similar to afternoon tea than to high tea. An elegant tea length dress with a fascinator is the perfect look. Similarly to afternoon tea, a structured pillbox hat, a hat with decorative feathers or flowers, or something similar is ideal. Additionally, at formal tea parties, modesty is key. Be sure to bring a shawl or light sweater to cover your arms and avoid short dresses.

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Fascinators Or Hats As Party Favors

As an alternative to renting hats and fascinators, we also offer headwear as party favors. Your guests get to keep the hats as a memento of your event.These are real hats and fascinators you can choose one style, in one or more colors, or a potpourri of several styles.We will work within your budget. Please ask us about options and volume discount.

High Tea Party Hats & Dress Code

DIY Tea Party with Socraftastic! #17NailedIt

Although many people believe high tea is a formal setting, it actually is a more casual type of tea party. High tea got its name due to the fact that it was usually eaten at a dinner table, as opposed to a coffee table, which sits lower to the ground. At high tea, a nice sundress and a more casual, yet elegant fascinator. Smaller sized fascinators, such as a headband, also are appropriate for a high tea party./p>

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Afternoon Tea Hats & Dress Code

Afternoon tea, the more popular tea party event, is known to be a slightly more formal event – however, it is important to note that modern day afternoon tea parties are still somewhat casual. Therefore, when attending afternoon tea, dressing a step up from what you would wear to high tea is ideal. Light and bright-colored fascinators with elegant adornments such as feathers, flowers or bows are great for afternoon tea. A nice wide brimmed hat is also a great option for an afternoon tea that is taking place outside. For indoor afternoon tea parties, structured pill box hats and those that mimic that style of mens hats are also attractive. Structured hats that are small are perfect for tea time and are great for those that want something that is going to be interesting and that can stand up to more decoration and more detailed extras.

For the rest of your ensemble, classic afternoon tea looks include semi-formal tea-length dresses, jumpsuits, or nice sundresses in light colors. Textured or printed fabrics will also separate an afternoon look from a nighttime look.

Style And Save On Our Amazing Selection Of Straw Hats

Top off your party-ready look! A must-have addition to costume accessories or party favors, our straw hats come in a myriad of styles, all at a price that’ll make you want to throw your cap into the air with glee. Heads up and straw hats on to mark the celebration!

We’ve got your key to sun protection and adventure! A staple of summer, straw hats are wow-worthy because they’re not only lightweight and provide shade but they also take almost any party look from blah to bold. Perfect for outdoor fun, shop this superb selection of straw hats and you’re bound to find the perfect topper for your event’s theme. Luau or safari hats? You’ll love our styles. Patriotic picks? We’ve got a couple to choose from. Sun hats? Check! Everything from retro-rad skimmer hats to the classic rootin’ tootin’ cowboy hats ready and waiting for you right here. You’ll be made in the shade with straw hats as fun and festive as this!

If this wasn’t enough to get you happy dancing, cheering or a combination of both, our classic party headwear is great for a variety of uses too. Set ’em around the celebration space as party decorations that guests can wear and share. To spruce up tablescapes, you can leave one at each place setting as festive party favors during luaus, holiday celebrations and birthday bashes. Additionally, our straw hats act as the perfect finishing touch to your carefully crafted Halloween costume. The options are practically endless! Hip-hip-hooray for straw hats!

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The Joys Of Dressing For Afternoon Tea

Getting yourself ready for an afternoon tea is part of the excitement. We love taking the time to lay out clothes, shoes and accessories that complement the ambiance of a particular afternoon tea venue or tea party theme. One of the greater pleasures in life is discovering that special piece after searching online, in boutiques or thrift stores, to complete the look. We hope you will have many stylish afternoon teas in your future. Please tag us on social media so we can admire your afternoon tea fashion creations, and share our favorites.


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