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Where To Buy Jasmine Tea

To How Brew The Perfect Jasmine Tea

Andrew’s Own Jasmine Infused Organic Green Tea 90 pack
  • Weigh out 2.5-3g loose tea
  • Pour over 250ml hot water at 100 degrees
  • Brew for one minute
  • Enjoy!
  • About Extract Tea

    We searched far and wide for a range of whole-leaf teas made with the same passion, ethical values and artisan craftsmanship that we bring to coffee. In the end, we decided to make our own.

    Extract Tea is ethically sourced from the world’s finest tea gardens. Plucked and processed by hand, then skilfully blended and packed as loose leaf or biodegradable pyramid bags. Even better, every cup of Extract Tea supports our GroundsUp charity collective, helping community projects here in the UK.

    I’m ordering Extract Tea organic Jasmine Tea for home. How often should I order tea?

    Here’s a quick guide to help make sure you never run out of tea again

    • Three cups per day – one pouch every month
    • Two cups per day – one pouch every six weeks
    • One cup per day – one pouch every three months
    • Three cups a week – one pouch every six months

    Jasmine Herbal Tea For Improved Digestion

    Jasmine Herbal Tea benefits have long been popular in Chinese restaurants. This is because of its antispasmodic properties, which can relieve indigestion and stomach cramps.

    Some home remedies use Jasmine Flowers for the prevention of gastric ulcers, too, as well as to ease harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal system. We all know is that its an excellent choice before a meal.

    It could get even better, though, if you add Green Tea leaves. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, USA, have the answers.

    They discovered that EGCG might help with colitis, an inflammatory disorder that disrupts digestive health. The same would likely apply to White Jasmine Tea due to the fact it contains even more EGCG than Green Tea.

    How Is This Loose Leaf Tea Made

    Jasmine tea is a Chinese speciality that is enjoyed all over the world. Typically, Jasmine tea is green-or white tea-based, naturally infused with jasmine buds and Jasmine flower petals. At The Tea Makers of London, we work closely with some of the best Tea Farmers and producers globally, regularly visiting local tea producers, their plantations and production facilities to ensure that the teas we provide are of the utmost quality.

    Each premium tea in our Jasmine Tea range is sourced from Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province in China’s southeast. With its subtropical climate, short dry winters and high rainfall, the area has historically proved ideal for growing jasmine plants and the tea bush, Camellia sinensis. Jasmine was originally planted in the third century and has been blended with green tea leaves since the Song dynasty era .

    In spring, the finest tea leaves are carefully plucked and dried to prevent oxidation, then stored away until summer’s Jasmine flower harvest, when they are carefully layered with the new blooms. Left for several hours, the essential oils of the Jasmine slowly seep into the tea leaves, mixing the natural flavours and aromas of both before the tea is gently heated to remove any residual moisture. This process is repeated up to seven times to ensure that the tea leaves take on a strong fragrance. This infusion method referred to by tea professionals as ‘scenting’ is an intricate process that requires many years of experience to perfect.

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    Stash Tea Jasmine Blossom Green Tea

    Stash Tea Jasmine Blossom Green Tea is a solid choice if you are looking for a tea that goes down well any time of day but is especially enjoyable at the end of a long day. We really like that it has a smooth, subtle flavor to help you relax gently.

    This kosher-certified blend is made from top quality Chinese tea scented with jasmine blossoms. The scentings take place in machines that ensure both temperature and humidity are kept at optimal levels. After up to seven scentings, most of the blossoms are removed, and the tea packaged to retain full flavor.

    We think avid tea drinkers will appreciate having this bulk supply of 100 individually foil-wrapped jasmine tea bags. Their wrapping ensures no flavor is lost, so you can go through the pack as quickly or slowly as you wish without having to frequently reorder your favorite tea.

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    Prime Jasmine Tea Benefits

    Where can I buy the best jasmine tea?

    Jasmine tea provides dual benefits to tea drinkers. The tea base and scent of the jasmine blossoms offer individual benefits and boost the immune system. Jasmine tea has a calming and relaxing effect due to the presence of the l-theanine compound in its tea base. It is also known to improve alertness and digestion. Another prominent jasmine tea benefit is its high antioxidant content which maintains cellular health. The polyphenols in the tea also enhance skin health.

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    The Tao Of Tea Hand Rolled Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

    This is another jasmine green tea that comes in hand rolled pearls. It is a loose leaf tea, but easier to manage than a leafy tea. The green tea is heat infused with jasmine blossoms for a smooth jasmine flavor.

    The hand rolled pearls of this tea are made by local growers and packaged with care. By producing the tea in lower quantities, better quality is ensured.


    • Has a smooth jasmine flavor


    • The jasmine taste can be stronger

    Teavivre Premium Best Dragon Pearls Jasmine Green Tea

    Also produced in Fuding City, Fujian Province, this tea is an award winner, gaining 2 stars at the 2017 Great Taste Awards. The judges comment on this tea was as follows:

    Lovely quality of leaf. A peachy-pink infusion with beautiful clarity. There is delicate, bright jasmine here, with a very pleasant sweetness.

    The scenting process is repeated with fresh flowers a total of six times. This is an excellent and well-balanced jasmine tea that is perfect for everyday use. Take your time to read about the story of the farmer who produces this tea, and take in the interesting details given about the place in which the tea is produced.

    Metropolitan Tea Company is a wholesale tea company, providing exceptional and high-quality loose-leaf or bagged tea. Their Jasmine Gold Dragon tea is probably one of the best jasmine teas you will try. It comes in the loose-leaf form the leaves are deep green to brown color, and the aroma of the brew is very strong.

    However, the overall flavor is exquisite, very pleasant and delicate. This Jasmine tea has green tea for the base, however, it is very subtle and jasmine is definitely the dominant scent and aroma. The tea itself is very inviting, and unlike the previous one, has no trace of astringency. It also has a sweet aftertaste and a strong umami flavor, which is characteristic of the Japanese and Chinese jasmine teas.

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    The History Of Jasmine Tea

    The jasmine bush that provides the intoxicating, fragrant flowers for jasmine tea is not actually indigenous to China, but it is believed that it has long been grown in the country after being brought from Persia from as long ago as the Period of Disunity . The town of Changle and its surrounding area is known for its production of jasmine flowers, with bushes planted in abundance throughout the area.

    In the centuries following, jasmine tea became a speciality of the northern Fujian Province, likely from around the Ming Dynasty , a time in which a wide range of scented teas, made from fragrant flower blossoms, were enjoyed across China, such as chrysanthemum, gardenia, osmanthus, rose and magnolia. Jasmine tea grew to such a level of renown that early Chinese tea masters were often responsible for experimenting with and mastering the process of producing the tea.

    Jasmine scented tea became especially prized by emperors and was offered as a gift to dignitaries visiting China, which, combined with the movement of other Chinese goods across the early trade routes, increased the international awareness of the tea. This widespread awareness also became the inspiration for certain scented teas favoured by Russians and peoples of the Near East.

    While there are many varieties of jasmine plant, it is Arabian jasmine that is used in jasmine tea to give the drink its wonderful floral aroma.

    Jasmine Green Tea Org Cylinder 100g

    Andrew’s Own Jasmine Infused Organic Green Tea 90 pack

    Loose Leaf

    This award-winning Jasmine Green Tea is a soft, uplifting tea which has proven health benefits. Enjoy Jasmine Tea properties with this amazing beverage, an ideal energy booster for those on the go. This tea is a First Grade, Spring Flush Green Tea that has been carefully picked in the prestigious…

    Jasmine Green Tea Organic 500g

    Loose Leaf Bulk 500g

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    The History Of The Dragon Pearl Tea

    As per Chinese mythology, a young girl from a village near Fuzhou, Fujian Province, sought the help of a mystical dragon in curing her seriously ailing brother. The dragon is believed to have soared high up into the sky and developed a beautiful pearl on his chest. A droplet of water fell from this pearl and gave rise to a tea bush. The girl tended to this miraculous bush, picked its leaves, dried them with jasmine flowers, and shaped them into dragon pearls. Tea brewed from these pearls cured her brother and originated the tradition of drinking Jasmine green tea throughout the region.

    How Is Jasmine Pearl Tea Made

    Traditionally, real jasmine blossoms are added to quality Chinese green tea while tea leaves are still drying and easily absorb natural flowers flavor. After a few hours, the jasmine flowers are removed and replaced with fresh ones. The process might be repeated up to 7 times. Then, the tea leaves are rolled into tiny balls, preserving the scents inside. The process is laborious and time-consuming, but the result is definitely worth it. Delicate jasmine flowers do not possess the strength of flavored teas. The idea is that the floral component should not dominate but rather subtly complement the vegetal green tea flavor in your cup.

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    Stash Tea Jasmine Blossom Loose Leaf Tea

    Stash Tea provides a tasty loose leaf tea that can be made in any manner. This tea is delicious hot or iced as the jasmine blossoms give it a smooth flavor to cover the bitter green tea taste.

    This tea is certified organic and blended in Oregon. All ingredients are non-GMO verified and are a certified B-Corp company.


    • A non-GMO, organic, and certified B-Corp partner.
    • Tastes just as well iced or hot.
    • The tea both tastes and smells pleasant.


    • The loose leaf option can be a bigger hassle than bagged tea.

    How To Make Exotically Scented Jasmine Tea At Home

    Buy Premium Jasmine Green tea Online from Goodwyn  Goodwyn Tea

    Jasmine tea is an exotically scented, sensually delicious, but simple tea to make at home. Save money & tea like royalty with this DIY preparation.

    There are three potential areas of any given store that capture my attention more than others the nursery/florist areas, bulk herbs , and the tea aisle. The first because, well, plants and flowers. The second because I am an herbalist and a home cook I am always out of something. And finally, the tea aisle While it is true that I make most of our teas the allure of the array of teas in their sleek, quasi-vintage packaging is very real to me. Occasionally, I indulge in one of these selections. Jasmine Tea has been a particular favorite. But, lo and behold jasmine tea can be replicated at home too.

    And I have done just that. I guess I need to set my sights on a new tea crush.

    Jasmine tea tastes of exoticness something I am squarely not with my blue jeans and dishwater blonde hair. It is a tea that suggests sensual longing glances, and the tender brush of a secret lovers skin . It is just a tantalizing tea.

    This sweetly, sensually scented tea is a perfect complement to hours spent luxuriously reading a book or planning romantic trip. Or, if youre like me, simply to celebrate the fact that you made it another day without face planting in the muddy pastures.

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    Where To Buy Jasmine Tea

    If youve been wondering where to buy jasmine tea, youve come to the right place. We directly source our jasmine tea from family tea farms in PingLin, Taiwan. Here, the tea leaves are grown at high altitudes, in nutrient-rich soil, and in a clean environment thats perfect for growing tea. Each leaf is handpicked and treated with meticulous care by our farmers.

    Jasmine Tea Side Effects

    There are few known health concerns when it comes to Jasmine Flower Tea. The caffeine in real Tea varieties, on the other hand, has some risks associated with them.

    There have been reports, for instance, of it causing headaches, insomnia, irritability, diarrhoea and heartburn. Furthermore, when applied topically, there is a small chance it might cause skin irritation.

    Although these symptoms are unlikely, its important to at least be aware of them before brewing up. If you experience any of these side effects, we recommend seeking medical consultation.

    First and foremost, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Compare care about the welfare of its customers. We are here only to show, not endorse, any of the Jasmine Tea benefits youve read.

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    Is Jasmine Tea A Diuretic

    Is Jasmine Tea a diuretic? Lets first start by understanding what this means. The phrase Diuretic refers to promoting the formation of urine.

    This, in essence, enables someone to excrete excess water in several ways. .

    As strange as it sounds, it has its benefits, including helping people with high blood pressure, heart failure, swollen tissues and kidney disease.

    Jasmine Flowers by themselves have little capacity to expel urine other than the obvious way of keeping you hydrated. White and Green Tea leaves, on the other hand, do.

    This is because of their caffeine content, although you might be better off choosing a more caffeinated infusion such as Black Tea. Why not browse our selection of Black Tea products and find one that suits your needs?

    How To Brew Jasmine Tea

    Twinings Tea Tasters – Jasmine Green Tea

    Whether you want to use the loose leaves or try a tea bag infusion, the standard process is the same.

    The standard process is as follows:

  • Boil some freshly poured cold water
  • Place the tea leaves in a tea strainer
  • Pour the hot water over the leaves
  • Steep the tea for the appropriate amount of time
  • Strain the tea
  • Add a dash of milk to taste, sweeten if required
  • Sit back and enjoy!
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    How Its Made And Packaged

    Jasmine tea is, in fact, called Chinese jasmine tea. The tea plant, the Camellia Sinensis, is grown by Chinese tea growers who work on the jasmine field in the early spring and ensure quality products from each harvest.

    The jasmine plant is finally ready to be handpicked in the summer season, typically during the day when the buds are closed. If you visit a tea harvesting site, you will notice the flower opens up at night and will be able to smell the aroma you find in your tea cup.

    You can buy jasmine tea in a few forms: loose tea leaves, individual tea bags, jasmine pearls which are hand rolled.

    Pearls have the richest and strongest flavor. They also take a lot more time to brew carefully. If youre alone and just need a quick pick-me-up, loose tea leaves are great. Meanwhile, tea bags are convenient as they come in an easy mesh filter bag thats easy to use and dispose of.

    Jasmine Tea Bags Benefits

    This beverage contains the likes of Vitamins A, B, C and D, manganese, calcium, zinc, theanine, potassium and magnesium.

    These properties – accompanied by many more – can serve your health and wellbeing in countless ways. Most notably, they combat free radicals in the body, ultimately Jasmine Tea Benefits reducing the risk of developing heart disease, type-2 diabetes and even, potentially, cancer.

    Additional info4.8Independent Feedback59

  • Excellent quality. We will re-order when we need to do so.

    Review byTrusted Customer

  • Nice tea in a lovely packet

    Review byTrusted Customer

    Posted on2021-05-03

  • Absolutely tasteless. Almost odorless. This is not a tea, but the remains of dust from the big bags. Compare the scent of any of the cheapest sachets and feel the difference.

    Review byTrusted Customer

  • No nasty taste here just clean jasmine tea

    Review byElizabeth Suddrey

  • I like it very much. The tea is tasty with a good flavour.

    Review byTrusted Customer

  • Delicately scented and brews quickly. Very nice jasmine tea.

    Review bySarah Tastsidis

  • These are my staple jasmine tea bags. Very nice full flavour.

    Review byTrusted Customer

  • Beautiful flavour, quite a relaxing calming cuppa, will buy again!

    Review byTracy-Jane King

    Posted on2020-09-19

  • I use this for a pot of tea – I don’t know why – it just tastes different. A sit down in the afternoon with a pot of this & all’s right with the world.

    Review byGwen Holmes

    Posted on2020-08-06

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    Improve Functional Activities Of Brain

    The small amount of caffeine found in jasmine tea packs quite the punch. There is around 15-60mg of caffeine in this tea and it helps to accelerate the nervous system which can boost brain power and quickly deliver messages and signals between your brain and your body. While speeding up your nervous system may not sound like something you need fear not. Jasmine tea also invites the brain to fire off plenty of dopamine and serotonin which are the happy chemicals.

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    How To Choose Best Jasmine Tea

    Jasmine leaf tea #1032 1/2lb

    There are many options for buying jasmine tea, both online and in person. Large online retailers have many types of jasmine tea available for sale. On these sites, you can read through buyer reviews to get a better sense of the quality of what you are purchasing. Other online marketplaces give you the possibility of buying directly from sellers in China. If you find a variety you particularly like, buying in bulk is a great option to ensure you have a steady supply of your favorite jasmine tea.

    There are also a good range of online shops that specialize in importing teas, and these have a wide selection of teas for you to explore. For example, the companies Cup & Leaf and Tea Forte offer jasmine tea from the Fujian province. The Full Leaf Tea Co. offers certified organic jasmine tea, while The London Tea Merchant sells a jasmine tea that is both organic and fair trade.

    If you enjoy shopping locally and being able to look at what you are buying, you can try searching online for tea shops near me. Then you can pay a visit to your local tea shop. Specialist tea shops should be able to offer you advice on the different types of jasmine tea they have available. Some tea shops allow you to smell the different fragrances of the teas they have for sale, and others even offer tasting options.

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