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Where Can I Buy Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

Southern Breeze To The Rescue

Southern Breeze Piña Colada Sweet Tea Recipe

The one thing I dont miss anymore is sweet tea. I tried Southern Breeze sweet tea which is PRE-sweetened individual tea bags so you dont have to do any of the work . My taste buds immediately thought of my Moms famous southern sweet tea. Besides being so darn convenient, they are very very tasty and I cant tell they only have 1 gram of TOTAL carbs per tea bag. This is something I can enjoy every day, and sometimes I do just that.

Southern Breeze cold brew is easy to make too! Just pour 8oz of water over 1 tea bag, let steep for 5 minutes, toss out the tea bag and pour over ice!

Its a great feeling you get when you are sitting on your porch while you and your mason jar are sweating. Their ice cold sweet tea refreshes you to the max when you are practically dripping in sweat. Problem solveduntil it turns into winter, which is why I have made the perfect hot tea recipe for you.

steeping the pumpkin pie spice in a tea filter

What Happens If Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Original Family Size Tea Bags Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

  • Find Best Match: By default, your shopper will use their best judgement to pick a replacement for your item.
  • Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
  • Don’t Replace: For items you’d rather not replace, choose “Don’t replace” to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

Does Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Participate In Black Friday

When Black Friday shopping season comes, retailers will drop rates on a substantial quantity of their existing stock to the most affordable rate of the year. Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is one of those retailers in the biggest blowout sale day of the year. Each year, the retailer offers pre-Black Friday and Black Friday deals, and great Cyber Monday bargains as well.

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Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Summary

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Can You Tell Me How Much It Costs For Shipping When Ordering From Your Online Shop

Easy Sweet Tea with Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

For Standard Delivery:

  • Orders up to $34.99 – based on actual shipping rates from UPS and USPS. This is calculated based on recipients address and order value.
  • Orders over $35.00 – FREE Shipping with code SWEETTEA at check-out.
  • For Alaska and Hawaii – Add $7.95
  • Our shipping & handling charges cover the expenses we incur to process, pack, and ship your order.

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About Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

One of the great things about Southern Breeze is that the sweetener is already inside the family sized tea bag. There is no measuring and no recipe. The tea us quick and easy to make which means this one of a kind tea is perfect right out of the box. You simply brew the tea just you have always done, let it steep for five minutes and then you are ready to drink. Plus all of the tea tags have different sweet tea quotes!

Southern Breeze is real tea that you brew fresh. There are real tealeaves in the tea bags rather than some imitation or powder. It tastes like fresh sweet tea with the perfect balance of tea & sweetness. However, you can drink it all you want because there are no calories.

Can I Make Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Using Cold Water Or Can I Make Sun Tea

For the best tasting sweet tea, we always recommended following the brewing instructions located on the back of our package. Brew it up hot, steep 2 family size tea bags 3-5 minutes, chill, and serve! Or, if youre using Cold Brew sweet tea, brew 1 tea bag in 8 oz. of cold water and steep for 5 minutes!

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Why Can’t The Promotion Code Work

The most possible causes for Southern Breeze Sweet Tea promotion code not working include: there are exceptions to this rule, the code might have deactivated, the code can not be passed or may only be used once. Its also likely that your order did not reach the threshold of using the promotion code.

Family Size Sweet Tea

How to Make Southern Sweet Tea!

Our family size tea bags make 1 quart of sweet tea with all the flavor and none of the calories. By pre-sweetening our specially blended tea, we make it easy for you to brew up a pitcher and enjoy guilt-free sweet tea. No need to measure sugar or add any sweetener, its already in the bag. Its everything Southern sweet tea should be with zero calories.

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Affordability Of This Product

You know Im a budgeter, and I dont like to pay too much for anything. I did receive this sweet tea for free. However, right after I received it, I looked up the prices on their website and they are TOTALLY affordable and actually on the cheaper side in my opinion. They sell individual boxes for $3.75 and each box has 20 individual tea bags.

They also sell family-size tea bags which have 16 big tea bags for $3.95! That is like super affordable guys. This is pretty much the same price you would be charged at a grocery store.

What Happens When You Drink Too Much Sweet Tea

Though moderate intake is healthy for most people, drinking too much could lead to negative side effects, such as anxiety, headaches, digestive issues, and disrupted sleep patterns. Most people can drink 34 cups of tea daily without adverse effects, but some may experience side effects at lower doses.

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Great For The Keto Diet

I really love this product. It is calorie free, very low carb, easy to make in 5 minutes, and only contains 1g of carbs per tea bag. The tea bags are single serve so I can make it and take it on the go.

The only way I would like it better is if instead of being sweetened with sucralose, it was sweetened with monk fruit extract or stevia. I like using natural sweeteners in most of my recipes. I did ask them about this and they said that there was always an aftertaste when sweetened with anything else, which is understandable. Stevia does tend to have an aftertaste and their tea wouldnt be as good with an aftertaste, thats for sure!

Of course, you could just brew regular tea and add stevia, but brewing and sweetening all in one step is more convenient and you dont have to buy sweetener in order to have your sweet tea.

Is sucralose okay for keto?

YES! For some reason, sucralose has been getting a bad rep in the keto community. It has no calories and no carbs, and its impact on blood sugar is very low.

I dont mind eating or drinking products with sucralose, ESPECIALLY if it is only 1 gram of carbs, come on guys. One gram is so minimal and if you are worried about it, make sure you are tracking it in your carbs for the day. Sucralose is perfectly safe and since it doesnt spike blood sugar, it will NOT kick you out of ketosis .

Where Can You Buy Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

Easy Sweet Tea with Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

Currently, you can buy their Cold Brew Sweet Tea Bags on their site. They sell individual tea bags and family size tea bags. Their flavors are original, peach, half & half, and raspberry. My personal favorite is peach. They are also in a few stores, just use their store locator and find a store near you!

FREE SHIPPING is available on all first-time purchases with their promo code: SOUTHERNBREEZE

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Do You Have A Return Policy

Your satisfaction is crucial to us here at Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, in the unlikely event your product arrives damaged or if you have any other issues or concerns, please contact our customer service representative within 30 days of receiving.


For more details on shipping and handling, or our return policy, visit our shipping policy.

Win A Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Prize Pack Here

One lucky reader of The Divine Miss Mommy will win a Southern Breeze Sweet Tea prize pack which includes a box of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea to sample, along with a Southern Breeze Sweet Tea mason jar & straw.

To enter, comment below and tell me what you love about Sweet Tea or share memory of being together with family or friends and drinking Sweet Tea. US only. 18 & older. Giveaway ends 7/25/14.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea.

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Single Serve Cold Brew Sweet Tea

Our new Cold Brew Sweet Tea delivers the Southern sweet tea taste you love without the hassle of boiling water. Its sweet tea perfection in a pre-sweetened bag that you cold-water brew, steep, chill and enjoy. Simply place a tea bag in water and in 5 minutes you have fresh brewed sweet tea a bold taste thats fast, easy and delicious. Our new tea bags are single serve, so you dont have to make a whole pitcher when you crave one glass of zero-calorie deliciousness. Each tea bag is individually wrapped so you can take them to go and brew wherever your heart desires.

Can Tea Mold Make You Sick

How I Make Southern Sweet Iced Tea (Please READ the description box for important safety info!)

In respect to this, can Tea mold make you sick? Yes, some molds cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. And a few molds, in the right conditions, produce mycotoxins, poisonous substances that can make you sick. But in some children, it might cause an allergic reaction or respiratory problems.

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Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Free Shipping Policy

When a certain amount is reached at Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, your standard shipping orders at won’t require you to pay a shipping cost. This free shipping offer combining the Southern Breeze Sweet Tea coupons will be able to help you save more shopping budget. Coupert is always your sincere helper of shopping and saving at

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Adds Three New Flavors To Cold Brew Lineup

About the New Flavors

  • Blackberry Cold Brew Sweet Tea: A splash of fruity indulgence! Made with real tea leaves, it has just the right amount of sweetness, making the juicy blackberries stand out.
  • Mango Cold Brew Sweet Tea: Bursting with juicy mango, this sweet tea is jam-packed with tangy and topical flavors and made with real tea leaves.
  • Mint Cold Brew Sweet: Sweet and refreshing, made with real tea leaves, peppermint, and spearmint leaves. Its a cool breeze on a summer day.

Southern Breeze Cold Brew Sweet Tea is made with real tea leaves in a pre-sweetened, single-serve bag, providing consumers the crisp and refreshing taste of fresh-brewed tea in a quick and convenient package.

Were excited to announce our newest cold brew flavors on National Sweet Tea Day, said Tina Niszczak, Director of eCommerce at Harris Tea Company. Our new cold brew teas are guilt-free, sweet and full of flavor! What makes this day even more special is our fan base choose these flavors in an open poll last year and were thrilled to finally bring them to life. Theyre the perfect addition to our current cold brew family!

The new flavors join Southern Breezes current Cold Brew Lineup of: Original, Peach, Raspberry and Half & Half. The new flavors are available for pre-order at Each box of Southern Breeze Cold Brew contains 20 tea bags that are individually wrapped in foil for freshness and is convenient for taking on-the-go for work or play.

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Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Return Policy

If the product customer choose is not suitable, will be happy to refund or exchange it for customer. As long as the mail is returned according to the address provided by Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, be sure to attach a small note to the package. will process customer’s request as soon as receive the mail. Be sure to include customer’s order number of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea and the pre-provided option “Redeem or Refund”.

Easy Sweet Tea With Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

DIY Iced Tea Bar

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. All opinions expressed are my own.

My husband loves sweet tea. The only problem is I tend to mess it up every time that I try to make it. Somewhere between the brewing and the steeping and the sugar addition I have a cooking meltdown. Hes always said that sweet tea is the one thing that I cant make. And hes been rightuntil now. Ive finally found a sweet tea that even I cant complicateSouthern Breeze Sweet Tea.

So what makes this sweet tea so simple? The sweetener is INSIDE the tea bag! This eliminates a step for cooks like me that cant figure out the right amount of sugar to add to my tea. Inside each tea bag is a combination of Splenda and real tea leaves that can satisfy any southerners craving for sweet tea- even my husbands!

Even though brewing tea may be easy, Southern Breeze makes it mindless by providing step-by-step brewing instructions on the back of the box. I boiled two quarts of water, transferred the water to a large jug, and then placed two tea bags in the water to steep. After about five minutes, I removed the tea bags .

After a few hours in the refrigerator, the tea was ready to be placed over ice and enjoyed! And, if youre an avid sweet tea drinker, then youll notice that I was able to skip the adding sugar step.

Learn more about Southern Breeze Sweet Tea on , , and .

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea.

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Why Do Southerners Drink Sweet Tea

Desperate Times, Sweet Tea When Prohibition took effect in the South, tea drinking became more popular. In fact, tea was often served with alcohol before the great dry-out. All those beautiful crystal glasses formerly filled with stiff drinks couldnt go to waste, so sweet tea soothed the South through to the end.

Why Do We Use Sucralose To Presweeten Our Southern Breeze Products

Sucralose is the best-tasting, cleanest profile that allows us to get that Southern Sweet level of sweetness. Other sweeteners do not have a clean taste does not deliver the high level of sweetness that makes Southern Breeze sweet with zero sugar, zero calories, and zero guilt. We use pure sucralose with no fillers in all of our Southern Breeze products.

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My Super Sweet Autumn Recipe

This recipe is really simple, almost too simple. I, of course, made it using a cold brew bag from Southern Breeze, but this is actually a recipe for a hot sweet tea. Now that fall is entering and old man winter will be here soon, I wanted to think of a way to use my cold brew sweet tea bags even though it will be freezing outside. Since it is now October and pumpkins are in the air , I wanted to make a pumpkin spice tea that was easy for you to make too! This is my pumpkin spiced sweet tea recipe. It is an individual serving, but I am sure you can double or quadruple for multiple people.

Here is what I used:

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Shopping Tips

Southern Sweet Tea
  • The customer can subscribe to Southern Breeze Sweet Tea to become a member and get a discount when you buy products at first time.
  • Customers can also search according to, then can find more useful discounts for
  • always provide special discount pages for Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. Customers can arrange their time reasonably and save reservation expenses by using coupons.
  • will launch various promotions on to help customers quickly understand their promotional information.
  • Customers can also become a member of and provide an email address. will send customers the latest events and promotions via email. In this way, customers can purchase the required goods in time.

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Did You Say Zero Calorie Sweet Tea With Sweetness In The Bag Please Explain

What you will find inside a box of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is 16 family size tea bags or 20 single-serve cold-brew tea bags. BUT these arent any ordinary tea bags zero calorie sweetener has already been added to every tea bag! So, theres no need for measuring sugar, we have taken care of it for you!

Are The Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Promotion Code Verified

CouponAnnie has a load of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea bargains and coupons coming from various sources. When you see a promotion code has a “Verified” label on it, that means our team has tested the code on to ensure it really works. As of now, Southern Breeze Sweet Tea offers 0 verified bargains and promotion codes altogether.

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