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How To Make Matcha Tea Without Whisk

How To Store A Chasen

How to Make Matcha Without a Whisk

If you want to use the chasen for a long time, you have to store it the right way. Consider the following points.

  • Don’t store the chasen with the strings facing down, and don’t let it touch the surface.
  • Its best to use a chasen holder to retain the shape. If you dont have a holder, make sure to let the strings always face up.
  • Keep in mind that the strings will lose shape with time. But if you take care of the chasen properly, it can last for about two years depending on how frequently you use it, the quality, and craftsmanship.

    Make Use Of A Milk Frother

    Yes, you listened to right you can utilize a milk frother to blend your matcha powder. If you are making use of a portable frother, after that all you require to do is to include matcha as well as water to a mug and afterwards put your frother. Contrasted to a mixer, a portable frother is hassle-free to take a trip with as well as it suggests that you can make a mug of matcha environment-friendly tea also beyond your house. If you are making use of an electrical milk frother, after that you can water as well as matcha straight to it as well as change it on as you generally do to froth milk. Put the last beverage right into your mug to appreciate.

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    Get some high-grade matcha powder today as well as utilize any one of those hacks to appreciate your matcha!

    For a genuine matcha experience, you might wish to explore a ritualistic matcha starter package, which comes full with all the devices you require.

    We Explain The Different Ways To Make Your Matcha Tea With Or Without A Bamboo Whisk

    There are different ways to prepare your matcha whether you bought a bamboo whisk or the tea on its own. The key difference is that the bamboo whisk really assists in mixing the matcha thoroughly to deliver a smoother tea.

    Preparing matcha with no bamboo whisk

    1. Place 1/4 teaspoon of matcha into a cup and add a splash of hot water

    2. Using your spoon mix thoroughly to remove any lumps of matcha i usually use the sides of the tea cup to assist with this

    3. Top up with more hot water for a hot drink or iced water and ice for an iced matcha tea. Enjoy!

    Preparing matcha with a bamboo whisk

    1. Place 1 level scoop of matcha into the bottom of a wide tea cup or bowl and break up the powder using the ends of the whisk

    2. Add a small dash of hot water & whisk thoroughly in a W motion for about 5 seconds until the matcha is well mixed.

    3. Top up with more hot water for a hot drink or iced water and ice for an iced matcha tea. Enjoy!

    For more matcha recipes

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    Some Well Being Advantages Of Matcha Tea

    Matcha Tea is an ideal selection for a wholesome way of life. A few of the well being advantages of Matcha Tea are as follows

    • A cup of matcha tea may give you many occasions the antioxidant as a standard inexperienced tea which is great in your organs as antioxidants take away dangerous toxins from the blood.
    • This tea offers you with 50 occasions extra iron than inexperienced tea, making it a superb different to common inexperienced tea. Thats how matcha tea is useful in your physique.
    • Matcha tea offers you 30 occasions extra Vitamin C than infused inexperienced tea. Getting the pure Vitamin C with this a lot quantity and fewer time is a good way to get extra vitality.
    • A cup of matcha tea has 35mg of caffeine, and in case you are actually into caffeine, this tea presents an ideal answer for you.

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    The Purpose Of Traditional Matcha Whisk And Why You Need It

    How To Make Matcha Tea Without Whisk

    A traditional Japanese matcha tea whisk called a chasen is essential in preparing matcha. It’s handcrafted traditionally from a single piece of bamboo and comes in various string counts and thicknesses.

    The whisks purpose is to make the matcha uniformly consistent. And thats because the powder usually clumps as water is added. So without a traditional whisk, you wont get the delicate mixture and the right amount of foam you need.

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    Buy A Matcha Flask To Keep Your Matcha Hot On The Go

    Instead of investing in a bamboo whisk, I originally bought a matcha flask . I thought it was the better investment its a whisk and a travel tea mug all in one!

    The way it works is pretty simple add your 1/2 tsp of matcha to 80 ml of water and shake. Its easier to shake than the mason jar method, and you can actually put warm water in it with any risk.

    Once its well mixed, open it up to add more water or even milk to turn it into a matcha latte. Its ready to go with you on your daily adventure.

    What I love about the matcha flask as a matcha whisk alternative is that its perfect to use to make matcha to-go. The matcha flask keeps your matcha warm and you can constantly whisk it so you dont end up with any bits at the bottom.

    Like I said, I got the matcha flask from T2 or Davids Tea also sells a Matcha-on-the-go bundle.

    Hey Wait A Minute I Don’t Have A Whisk

    For some reason, you can’t even find your manual whisk in the kitchen. You have already tried using a spoon, but the powder doesn’t dissolve as well. It would be best if you had a whisk, but you don’t have it.

    Don’t worry. We have different tips and things to use for you to get your drink fix, even though you don’t have a whisk.

  • A fork
  • Whatever you can beat with a whisk, you can beat with a fork. Even go as far as using two forks back to back for a “fork whisk” situation.

    2. Mason Jar

    Put all of your latte ingredients inside the mason jar and “shake it as you mean it.” You’ll know its ready when your Matcha powder completely dissolves in the liquid just like when you whisk it.

    3. A blender

    A blender is a whisk on steroids. Even though it can remove the Zen-ish satisfaction of bamboo whisking, it does the job. If anything, you can close your eyes and hum to the sound of the blender’s motor a la meditation.

    4. A water bottle

    No whisk, no mason jar? – No problemo. Just find your favorite water bottle and put in all the ingredients. Shake, shake, shake your way to a tea-filled day.

    5. A portable electric whisk that you purposely bought for Matcha, so you don’t have to look for the kitchen whisk all the time

    Make sure you don’t forget to put our electric whisk in your next check-out. It is a handheld portable electric whisk that can even help you froth your latte.

    Not only does it whisk your Matcha, but you can be creative with it and add texture to your drink.

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    How To Make Matcha Without A Whisk

    While a bamboo chasen is your best option for achieving those matcha flavors and textures, dont worry if you dont have one on hand.

    Here at Tenzo Tea, we believe the flavors and benefits of matcha should be available to anyone who wants them, which is why were sharing some of our top alternative options for making your next matcha at home without the whisk.

    Why Metal Matcha Whisk Can Be A Problem

    How To Make Matcha Green Tea Without Bamboo Whisk

    As you probably know, matcha is made of green tea leaves grounded on stone, making it finely ground powder. But as said earlier, when milk or water is added, it tends to clump. So a chasen will make the matcha froth, but not a standard metal whisk.

    Besides, the metal whisk can scratch the bottom of your whisk bowl! For example, the chasen has numerous prongs compared to a standard basking whisk. And that helps to separate and suspend the matcha fast and without clumping.

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    Some Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea

    Matcha Tea is a perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle. Some of the health benefits of Matcha Tea are as follows

    • A cup of matcha tea can give you several times the antioxidant as a traditional green tea which is excellent for your organs as antioxidants remove harmful toxins from the blood.
    • This tea provides you with 50 times more iron than green tea, making it an excellent alternative to regular green tea. Thats how matcha tea is beneficial for your body.
    • Matcha tea gives you 30 times more Vitamin C than infused green tea. Getting the natural Vitamin C with this much amount and less time is a great way to get more energy.
    • A cup of matcha tea has 35mg of caffeine, and if you are really into caffeine, this tea offers a perfect solution for you.

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    Why Do People Make Matcha With A Bamboo Whisk

    The traditional bamboo matcha whisk, or chasen whisk, is a specially handcrafted tool made from bamboo with multiple delicate prongs. But why is a special tool like this required to prepare matcha?

    For two reasons. Firstly, because matcha powder does not dissolve in water and secondly because it is so finely ground that it clumps together to form lumpy bits when it comes into contact with water. Matcha should be smooth with no lumps or bits.

    That is where whisking comes into play! The gentle whisking motion of the chasen whisk, together with its fine-combed prongs helps to ensure the clumpy matcha bits are perfectly blended in to the water and frothed into a uniform consistency that makes for a smooth, sweet and refined vegetal taste.

    While not essential to making matcha at home, it is preferred if you want to get the ideal matcha drink!

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    Whats The Difference Between Ceremonial And Culinary Grade Matcha

    Ceremonial and culinary grade matcha are both made from powdered green tea, but there are are a few important differences. Ceremonial grade matcha is designed to be enjoyed on its own, and has a more nuanced flavor. Culinary grade matcha is designed to be used in smoothies, lattes, and baked goods, and has a bolder flavor that stands up well to the addition of other ingredients.

    How To Make Matcha Tea Without Whisk

    How To Make Matcha Tea Without Whisk Ultimate Guide 2021
  • 7 minute read
  • Matcha green tea is a cell reinforcement force to be reckoned with so obviously, the advantages are moving us to drink more matcha. In any case, it tends to be somewhat interesting to make matcha green tea on the off chance that you dont have a chasen. I will show you a simple method for making matcha tea without a bamboo whisk.

    I dont wish to decrease the lovely Japanese Tea service or Way of Tea. I essentially need to urge you to make matcha green tea regardless of whether you have the conventional devices. Why? Since drinking matcha tea resembles drinking green lunch times ten! Its the ideal regular caffeinated drink.

    Matcha is a sort of green tea that comes from the camellia sinensis plant and is gathered when it is youthful. Dissimilar to conventional teas, which are arranged by means of the soaking strategy, matcha tea is ground into a fine powder and afterward blended straightforwardly into the heated water or different fixings.

    This guarantees that your matcha tea keeps up with a greater amount of its fundamental supplements and cancer prevention agents that settle on it such an extraordinary decision for your general wellbeing and health.

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    Use A Mason Jar/bottle

    This is the most common way I make my matcha when Im on the go or just dont have a whisk on hand.

    All you need are a jar or bottle, matcha, water and a little bit of muscles! Put all the items in the bottle, seal, and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE !

    I do this more for cold brew matcha, however you can definitely prepare hot matcha with this shake method, too.

    If you can, I recommend sifting your matcha into the bottle before shaking as that will really help you get rid of clumps. You can also find shaker bottles that were specifically designed to make matcha for sale.

    So Does A Bamboo Whisk Beat Them All

    At the end of the day these bamboo whisk alternatives faired pretty well against the traditional method of making matcha. I think it really depends on what kind of matcha youre interested in drinking. Nothing beat using a bamboo whisk to make matcha the traditional way.

    So Id say that if youre using a regular whisk and trying to make traditional matcha, a bamboo whisk is a worthwhile investment.

    But, if you, youre interested in making a latte, an iced matcha drink, or taking your matcha to-go then the milk frother, mason jar, or matcha flask actually did a better job.

    Love Matcha?

    Decorate your home with a

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    What Is Matcha Green Tea

    Matcha green tea is a very fine powder tea. The tea leaves are crushed between two millstones after being rolled and dried.

    The amazing green color comes from the tea plants, which are covered a few weeks before harvest. The tea plants reduced light exposure increases chlorophyll production to carry out photosynthesis.

    Matcha is the only tea whose entire leaf is absorbed by the water.

    Why You Need A Whisk To Make Matcha Tea

    How to make a perfect matcha latte WITHOUT a whisk – Jade Leaf Matcha

    Matcha is different from its variants as it comes in a powder form. The trouble begins when you realize that this powder does not dissolve in water directly. Thats why the solution here is to suspend the matcha particles in water.

    Traditional Japanese people used a bamboo whisk or chasen to suspend the matcha powder in the beverage. This whisk results in a thick foam formation above the tea which indicates the particles of tea are thoroughly suspended.

    Thats why if you dont have matcha, you have to use different tools to suspend the tea particles in the mixture.

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    Matcha As An Ingredient

    Cafe Grade Gotcha matcha, or ingredient grade, is used in cooking and drink making recipes. It is stronger in taste and will hold up to sweeteners and other ingredients. Experiment with adding cafe grade matcha to yogurt shakes, milk drinks and cocktails. Use a blender for mixing with things like yogurt and ice cream. Use an electric whisk for milk drinks and cocktails. Find these and more easy and fun matcha recipes here.

    Bamboo Whisk Alternatives To Make Matcha

    The reality is if you arent interested in making matcha the traditional way, theres no need to buy a bamboo whisk to make matcha. These are my top 5 household items that you can use as matcha whisk alternatives.

    Some methods work better than others, but its all about what you have or need at home. Most of these matcha whisk alternatives can be used for more than just making matcha and are easily accessible.

    Build & Track Your Tea Journey

    Refine your tea palette with my Tea Tasting Journal to record and take notes on every new tea you try.

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    How To Use A Matcha Whisk

    Once you purchase a matcha whisk, the first thing you need to do is open the bamboo prongs. When you receive the whisk, the prongs will be tightly curled and twisted. Soak the bamboo matcha whisk in warm water to open up the prongs.

    To make a delicious cup of matcha green tea, add matcha powder to a wide brimmed tea bowl. You can use a matcha bowl or any other large bowl you have on hand. Add in water between 150 and 170 F and begin whisking.

    Don’t touch the prongs of the bamboo whisk to the bottom of the cup. The whisk is delicate and rough contact with the bottom of the cup can cause breakage.

    Instead, begin by gently stirring with the whisk at an angle. Next, suspend the whisk vertically in the liquid and whisk in a vigorous zigzag motion.

    Caring For Your Matcha Whisk

    How To Make Matcha Tea Without Whisk

    Rinse your bamboo whisk after each use using clean, cold water. You can use a gentle brush to remove any spots or clumps on the prongs. Don’t use soap or harsh detergents as they can strip the natural oils of the bamboo. They can also leave behind a residue that will alter the flavor of your matcha tea.

    Dry the bamboo whisk completely after each use. The best way to dry the whisk is to use a bamboo whisk holder. If you don’t have a whisk holder, you can lay the whisk on a few paper towels to dry.

    Store your bamboo whisk in a cool, dry place. Don’t store the bamboo whisk on wet surfaces as it may develop mold. The best place to store a bamboo whisk is in a whisk holder known as a Kuse Naoshi. You can also store it in a plastic container to keep the prongs dry and protect its shape.

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