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Where To Buy Oolong Tea Weight Loss

How To Prepare Oolong Tea

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We recommend using loose leaf teas rather than tea bags when brewing oolong tea. Loose teas contain the entire leaf and more release flavor more efficiently when steeped.

Oolong tea bags are often lower quality since they contain broken leaves and dust of the tea leaves. Use high quality loose leaf oolong tea whenever possible for the best flavor and to maximize the tea drinking experience.

Organic teas are also an ideal choice since the flavor is not altered by the addition fo fertilizers and other chemicals. Organic oolong tea is also non-GMO making it a great choice for your health. There are also kosher options available for people who are looking for an approved option for tea time.

Start with 3 grams or 2 teaspoons of loose leaf oolong tea for every 8 ounces of water to brew the perfect cup of flavor and aroma. Oolong teas are best prepared with hot water, not boiling water. Aim to prepare oolong tea using water with temperature between 200 and 205 F.

If you do not have a temperature controlled tea kettle, bring water to a boil on the stove. Remove from heat and let the water cool for 2 minutes before adding the tea leaves.

Oolong tea leaves should steep for 2 to 3 minutes. High quality oolong tea leaves can be resteeped several times. In general, the same oolong tea leaves can be used 3 to 5 times each.

What Are Oolong Tea Benefits

Oolong tea is a great way to enhance your healthy lifestyle and is a great beverage to start your day with. This tea is great for health benefits, few of oolong tea benefits are mentioned below:

  • Oolong tea is an excellent type of tea that derives its roots from Chinese traditions. It is obtained from Camellia Sinensis, similar from which black and green tea leaves are obtained.
  • The major difference between different types of tea lies in the method of processing. Oolong tea holds a number of medicinal benefits and has an authentic flavor and aroma.
  • The color and taste of the oolong tea are due to the partial oxidation of its leaves.
  • Oolong tea is a good choice when it comes to health benefits including mental strength enhancement, controlling blood sugar levels. Similarly, it also aids in weight loss. Above all, the Best Oolong tea in India from Teafloor can bring great changes to your health.
  • In addition, Oolong teas and their different blends are extremely popular among tea lovers.

How to prepare Oolong tea

If you want to know how to prepare oolong tea, you need to look at the below-mentioned steps. Oolong tea is really easy to prepare:

  • Firstly, add tea leaves to the boiling water and after three to five minutes and let it steep for some time.
  • After that, use a strainer and filter the contents.
  • Similarly, you can also use an infuser for this purpose.
  • On the other hand, it is better to let the tea steep for a better taste.

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Best Brands Of Oolong Tea

So, now that you have some idea about the health benefits of oolong tea, let us discuss some of the most popular brands of oolong tea which will help you decide which one is the most suitable for you. Although Chinese oolong tea is considered an all-time favourite among health-conscious people, there are various other types of oolong tea growing in different regions of the world that are equally beneficial.

Bigelow Chinese Oolong Tea

The delicious and aromatic taste of this Chinese oolong tea lives up to the expectation of the tea lovers. It reflects an earthy taste because the leaves are only partially fermented. A cup of Bigelows oolong tea is the perfect beverage to kick start the day and it can also be enjoyed with meals or served to guests.

Foojoy Wuyi Mt. Oolong Tea

The tea leaves used in papering the tea are handpicked from the mountains of the Fujian Province the hub of the finest quality oolong tea. This tea reflects a sumptuous taste and it is ideal for weight loss.

Twinings China Oolong Tea

Twinings is a world-famous tea brand that has been in business since 1706 and the oolong tea from Twinings lives up to its reputation for quality. This is the perfect brand of oolong tea to stock in your home. You can bask in the subtle and refreshing taste of Twinings China Oolong tea in the evening when your body and mind craves a dose of rejuvenation.

All Natural Vintage Wuyi Oolong Tea

Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea Iron Goddess of Mercy

Ceylon Organic Oolong Tea

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Tea

Pin on Naturally Daily  Infographics

Dr Oz shared some great ideas to help you take off the pounds, including the Garcinia Cambogia supplement, Vaser Shape treatment and Pine Nuts. But what if you could drink your way to a slimmer figure with Dr Oz weight loss tea? Find out the benefits of White Tea Vs Oolong Tea Vs Yerba Mate. They can help you slim down all day long.

Dr Oz weight loss tea reviews explained what types of teas can help you lose weight: white tea vs oolong tea vs yerba mate tea and best times to drink each.

Weve known for hundreds of years that tea has health benefits, but its not always thought of as a weapon for weight loss. Just ask Cassandra from Dr Ozs audience, who said that she wants to get rid of her muffin top, and had never thought about tea. Dr Oz told her she might want to give it a try.

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Promotes Healthy Digestion And Boost Metabolism

If you are suffering from acid reflux, inflammation, and ulcers, drinking this tea will help offer relief. Its oxidized nature enables it to improve the digestive system, which in turn helps to solve most of these problems.

There are other Oolong tea benefits, including giving you a calming, relaxing effect, helping with weight loss, fighting acne, improving brain health, and reversing the signs of aging.

With that in mind, we can now discuss the top 10 best oolong tea brands on the market at the moment

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Brand Credibility And Safety

This aspect doesnt only go with Oolong tea, but with every edible/drinkable product out there. Three important aspects that you must look for is the credibility of manufacturers, transparency of nutritional value, and appropriate certification and approvals. Thus, do look if your Oolong tea brand has third party standard labels, such as the FDA, Certified Organic, and NSF.

Best Oolong Tea In India

Update Oolong Tea Easy Weight Loss!

Oolong teas are simple links between black and green teas and hold benefits combined from both. Oolong teas have become popular in the last few decades because of the numerous oolong tea benefits linked with them.

If you want to buy the best oolong tea in India, buy it from Teafloortoday. There are different kinds of healthy teas available online. In the same way, consumers can get to choose the variety of their choice as per their preference.

Teafloor is an online tea store that has the most natural, organic, and healthy teas. In other words, you can finally make your choice and buy the best oolong tea. In addition to simple teas, quality tea blends and products are available.

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What Weight Loss Supplements Are The Best

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How Does Oolong Tea Promote Weight Loss

One might wonder what is so unique about Oolong tea that makes it useful for weight management. The answers lie in the overall composition of oolong tea and the various useful compounds present in it.

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The two main ways to reduce food-related body weight are increase energy expenditure and inhibit the absorption of nutrients, including fat and carbohydrates and oolong tea helps in both the ways.

Oolong tea is full of antioxidants and hence it helps in boosting up the metabolism rate by up to ten per cent which leads to more burning of calories.

These antioxidants also help in burning fat more effectively and strengthen the overall immune system. Oolong tea is also known to have a significant amount of caffeine that works effectively with the EGCGs to help in burning of overall fat.

Another important effect of oolong tea is in reducing overall cravings by maintaining blood sugar levels. The polymerized polyphenols present in oolong tea also help in increasing the overall metabolic rate and hence promote weight loss. Polyphenols also help in reducing overall absorption of fat in the body and lowers cholesterol levels. This is because the polyphenol molecule activates the enzyme lipase which is responsible for lowering LDL cholesterol.

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Vahdam Oolong Tea Leaves From Himalayas

This is a high-grown oolong tea loose leaf that is grown in plantations in India. It is one of the most effective detox loose tea and thus ideal for people who want to cleanse their digestive system. With a rich flavor and great aroma, this tea can be taken by everyone.

It is semi-fermented and has a lot of anti-oxidants, which makes it excellent for people who want to lose weight.

This tea is well-packed to keep its flavor and taste intact. Vahdam packages it in a vacuum sealed pack and also provide an extra 2-seal zipper bag with an aluminum lining where you pour the leaves to keep them from getting into contact with air and moisture.

Benefits of using this tea

  • It has a fresh and aromatic smell, which enhances your drinking experience
  • It is sourced directly from plantations in Himalayan mountains, and thus has a fresh taste
  • This tea is ideal for weight loss especially for people on a strict diet
  • Comes with 100% money back guarantee if you dont like this tea
  • You can reuse the tea leaves severally


  • This is not an organic tea but regular tea
  • It contains caffeine

It Really Has To Do With Caffeine

Where To Buy Oolong Tea Weight Loss

In the most basic sense, the caffeine in tea speeds up the amount of energy your body burns. This is why people get a boost of energy when they drink anything with caffeine in it. Since your body is burning more energy, it is burning more calories and this is why you lose 8 lbs in a year while drinking tea.

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Coffee Bean Directs Sechung Oolong Tea

The Sechung Oolong Tea by Coffee Bean Direct is carefully harvested and derived from the southern Mountain of the Chinese province of Fujian. It is among a few slightly oxidized tea, therefore, has a strong aroma and fruity taste.

The Coffee Bean Direct firmly believes that tea bags are unable to deliver the true essence and expeirnc3 of Oolong tea consequently, Sechung tea is only available in loose tea form. If consumed regularly, Sechung Oolong Tea can cure eczema, prevent type 2 diabetes, and aid with weight loss. And the best part is Se Chung Oolong Tea is absolutely free form artificial flavors, or additive such as sweeteners.


  • Not so strong taste.

Vahdam Himalayan Oolong Tea Bags

If you are looking for the best oolong tea bags for weight loss , I suggest Vahdam Himalayan Oolong Tea Bags. Vahdam Himalayan Oolong Tea Bags are handpicked from high elevation tea estates in the Himalayas. Not only are these the best oolong tea bags for weight loss, but it is also an ethical company that provides fair wages and does not negatively affect the environment.

Vahdam Tea is certified climate-neutral and plastic neutral, and 1% of their revenue is redirected towards the education of their tea growers children.

Not only are Vahdam Oolong Tea Bags the best quality oolong tea for weight loss, but they are a sustainable brand that you can be happy you purchased from.

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Why Is Oolong Tea Good For Weight Loss

Oolong tea is a great home remedy for weight loss for many reasons.

The first reason that drinking oolong tea for weight loss is a good idea is that the polyphenol compounds present in oolong tea are effective in controlling the bodys metabolism, by activating certain enzymes that trigger the functions of the fat cells found in the body.

In 2014, an animal study published in The Journal of Nutrition reported that polyphenols obtained from green, oolong, or black tea helped to increase fat and weight loss, even with a high-sugar diet. One of the polyphenols known as catechins has been shown to prevent your metabolism from slowing down while you lose weight, an effect with negates the stalling of weight loss that occurs naturally.

As stated in a review article that was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2013, this effect of oolong tea makes it slightly easier to keep losing weight and maintain weight loss.

Furthermore, in a study published in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine in February 2009, the consumption of oolong tea for six weeks assisted participants in decreasing both their body fat and overall weight. As stated by the study,

Oolong tea could decrease body fat content and reduce body weight through improving lipid metabolism. Chronic consumption of oolong tea may prevent against obesity.


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