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Venus Comfortglide White Tea Review

The Women’s Razor Buying Guide

Costco Women’s Razors – Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea | Extra Smooth Sensitive
  • Storing your razor in the shower is not the best practice. Instead, keep your razor in a clean, dry location, such as your bathroom vanity. Additionally, if your razor comes with a carrying case, youll need to make sure the blades have completely dried out before you store them in the case. Otherwise, they are at risk of rusting and growing bacteria.
  • If youre using a razor with blade refills, change the blades anytime you notice rust or you find the razor is dull or tugging on your skin.
  • For the best shave, use warm water and a shaving gel or cream. Try pulling your skin tight and applying a little pressure as you run the razor across your skin. Rinse your skin afterward with warm water and apply a moisturizing lotion to rehydrate the skin.
  • You may also want to exfoliate your skin before you shave to remove any dead skin cells that could clog up your razor. To do this you could use a loofah or an exfoliating body scrub with a washcloth.
  • While you may not find any satisfaction or money-back guarantees with disposable razors, you will find them with electric razors. If the razor doesnt work as described, contact the company for a replacement or refund.
  • The cost of womens razors varies greatly depending upon the area of the body the razor is designed for, whether or not the razor is disposable and if the razor is battery operated. Youll find the Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea Womens Razor at the lowest end of the price scale.

An Overview On Women’s Razors

The human body has five million hair follicles. Thats a lot of shaving, which means a quality razor is a must! With so many different types of womens razors on the market, it can be hard to choose one. Here are a few tips to help you find the razor that will best meet your needs.

Consider how often you travel before picking a razor. Women who take a lot of business trips or vacations to see family and friends regularly would do well with a smaller and more portable razor. Consider a razor that is compact and disposable, so you can toss it once the trip comes to an end.

Look for a razor with stainless steel blades that provide a close shave. Blades that are curved and come with skin guards are ideal, as they work with your body and help protect against skin irritation. There are also electric models, which have floating foil heads to shave any shorter hairs that arent cut by the bigger blades.

Check for a moisture strip next. Keeping your skin hydrated is important and many models have moisture ribbons or strips above and below the razor blades. Often these ribbons contain all-natural ingredients that are known to hydrate and soothe the skin, such as shea butter, aloe and vitamin E.

Kesan Cukuran Menggunakan Gillette Venus Comfortglide White Tea


REMINDER: YMMV. Kesan-kesan di atas bergantung kepada jenis kulit , bentuk badan, ketebalan dan kepanjangan bulu pengguna, arah bulu tumbuh, tekanan yang diguna masa mencukur, allergic reaction, etc. Jadi apa yang aku rasa okey lepas guna pencukur ni, tak semestinya orang lain akan rasa benda sama. Haa saja bagitau.

ANOTHER REMINDER: Gel bar pencukur Gilette Comfortglide ni mengandungi minyak botanikal. Kalau ada bahan yang boleh buatkan anda alergik, seeloknya elakkan guna. Mana la ada orang yang tak boleh go dengan avokado ke kan.

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Gillette Venus Comfortglide Razor Womens White Tea Scent Handle + 2 Refill

Razor, White Tea, Comfortglide, 3 Blades

1 razor. 2 cartridges. Seamless glide, revealing smooth skin. 3 Blades. Flexible gel bars. My skin. My way. Packaging made with up to 85% recycled fibers. FSC: Mix – Packaging from responsible sources. Handle made with up to 30% recycled plastic. Sustainably sourced fibers. Terracycle: Visit terracycle/Gillette to recycle used blades, razor, and packaging. Cartridge made in Poland. Handle made in Mexico.


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