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Keurig K Latte Single Serve K-cup Pod Coffee Maker

Enjoy A Creamy Latte Made With The Klatte Coffee & Latte Maker

REVIEW Keurig K-Cafe Essentials Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Latte Maker & Cappuccino Maker

Youve brewed a rich shot of concentrated coffee and added your finely-frothed fresh milk. Now comes the moment youve been waiting for: Enjoy!

You can sip your latte just as it is but now is also the perfect opportunity to get a little creative. Stock your coffee corner with a bottle of chocolate syrup or some shakers filled with cinnamon or cocoa powder for even more flavour options to go along with your versatile coffee and latte maker. Invite some friends over and make them each a latte to-order, home coffee bar style!

Whether youre spending time with friends and family or enjoying a quiet moment of relaxation, the versatile Keurig® KLatte coffee and latte maker makes it easy to learn how to make a latte at home. Just brew, froth, enjoy!

Get your KLatte Coffee and Latte Maker online or at one of our coffee maker retailers, so you can brew, froth, and enjoy lattes in your coffee corner without delay!

Create Creamy Frothed Milk For Your Latte

So, youve brewed a concentrated coffee shot with your coffee and latte maker and youre ready to move on to the next step in the latte-making process. That means its time to froth!

Creating creamy frothed milk is easy and convenient with the KLatte coffee and latte maker. Its milk frother will create luxurious foam in a snap. And you dont have to stop at regular milk. The delicate flavours of almond or soy beverages are excellent alternatives that can be used with the frother. It will even froth low-fat skim milk! All you have to do to complete your latte is pour the warmed milk into your freshly-prepared coffee shot. Then spoon the foam over the top for a wonderfully creamy latte.

The Keurig® KLatte milk frother has been specially designed to be easy to clean, so youll want to use it all the time. Not only that, the frother base flips up so that you can get some precious extra counter space when its not in use!

Brew Fresh Coffee With The Klatte Coffee & Latte Maker

As with our other Keurig® coffee makers, the first easy step that goes into creating amazing beverages with the KLatte Single Serve Coffee and Latte Maker is: Brew!

The versatile Keurig® KLatte coffee and latte maker works with any KCup® pod, so the skys the limit when it comes to brewing up something wonderful! If youd prefer to keep things simple, just select the beverage of your choice and hit brew using the easy-to-use button controls. Youll have a fresh beverage in no time. The KLatte coffee and latte maker brews 177, 237, and 296 ml cup sizes, so you can enjoy a quick hot cocoa or a leisurely cup of tea from your home coffee bar.

If youd like to make your own latte, youll want to press the SHOT button. The coffee and latte maker will then deliver a concentrated shot of your brew of choice into your cup. This concentrated coffee is perfect for lattes because its intensity provides the ideal contrast against creamy frothed milk. Making your favourite specialty beverages at home has never been easier !

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