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Which Green Tea Is Healthiest

Speeds Up Weight Loss

Healthy ways to drink Green tea

Green tea extract is famous in the weight loss industry. These highly concentrated forms of green tea are sold as weight loss aids that help people shed pounds faster.

Green tea catechins increase energy levels, speed up metabolism, and improve liver function. By speeding up metabolic rate, your body burns fat stores faster, meaning you lose weight faster. Essentially, green tea accelerates fat oxidation. These tea catechins also support the liver in breaking down fats into energy, which may help boost athletic performance and endurance .

It’s important to note that research shows that green tea tends to work better for some ethnicities. People of Asian descent have demonstrated better results when it comes to green tea and weight loss acceleration.

The impact of green tea on metabolism can also be weakened when it is combined with caffeine. Researchers recommend consuming less than 300 milligrams of caffeine to preserve the weight loss effects of green tea. Green tea is an excellent weight loss aid when used as a replacement for sugary sodas, regardless of ethnic background.

Is Chinese Or Japanese Green Tea Healthier

Health Benefits: Japanese Green Tea Has More Antioxidants One of the primary health benefits attributed to green tea is its high concentration of immune-enhancing antioxidants. Japanese green tea contains more antioxidants than Chinese green tea, with 60% antioxidants compared with Chinese green teas 12-16 percent.

Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea has been shown to have a variety of health benefits. It supports cardiovascular health by decreasing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. Its been shown to boost the working-memory area of the brain.

Green tea contains catechins, antioxidants that fight cancer and overall prevent cell damage. Theanine, an element found in green tea, can provide a calming effect.

These are only a few of the health benefits of green tea. Regular use of green tea lowers the overall risk of mortality in women.

Finally, here are some tips to get the most benefit and enjoyment from green tea:

Steeping green tea If you decided to enjoy green tea in a teabag, avoid using boiling water, as it can damage the naturally occurring antioxidants.

Storage Store your green tea products in well-sealed, dark containers, as they will lose their aromatic oils with exposure to the light and air. Consider enjoying your cup of steeped tea with a slice of lemon. The vitamin C helps your body absorb beneficial catechins.

In the end, the choice is yours whether to go with tea bags, liquid extracts or powdered green tea. Forget an apple a day, use green tea every day to keep the doctor away!

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What Does Green Tea Do For You

Green Tea is the best beverage to have to avoid diabetes and lower your heart disease risk. You may also lose weight more manageable, especially when you are obese and have lots of pounds to lose.

Green Tea can also improve your skin appearance and have hydrating effects on your body. It helps you fight against chronic inflammation and keeps the water balance to the positive side.

What’s The Difference Between Matcha And Green Tea

Top 10 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Matcha and green tea are both made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. However, there are some key differences.

  • Matcha is ground into a fine powder, whereas with regular green tea the leaves are left whole.
  • Matcha plants are kept in complete shade two weeks before harvesting, whereas regular green tea plants are exposed to sunlight.
  • Matcha leaves are steamed after harvesting, whereas green tea leaves are not.
  • Matcha tea uses the whole leaf, whereas with regular green tea the stems and veins are removed.
  • Matcha contains higher levels of the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate .
  • Matcha contains higher concentrations of amino acids like L-theanine and L-arginine.
  • Matcha contains more caffeine.

Plus, matcha tea powder can be added to food bars and baked goods.

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Advice To Avoid When Consuming Green Tea

It may seem weird, but some people drink Green Tea in temperatures over 90 degrees Celsius. Make sure you drink Green Tea warmed in lower temperatures so that you keep all nutrients active, and you dont face the danger of internal burns in your mouth and esophagus that may lead to cancer creation over time.

Furthermore, it could be a good idea to prepare your Tea using pure fountain water and not tap water. Fountain water has fewer salts inside and helps catechins and polyphenols to stay active for a more significant time in your hot cup of Tea.

Finally, some of the drugs and substances you should avoid taking with Green Tea are:

  • Alcohol
  • Stimulant drugs
  • Herbal supplements that affect blood clotting

Tea Forte Gyokuro Green Tea

Price: Varies

Gyokuro, meaning jade dew, hails from the Uji district of Honshu, Japan, and is considered one of the countrys premier teas.

Its no wonder this is a highly sought tea from Japan. Twenty days of shading by bamboo prior to harvesting increases the tea plants chlorophyll content, resulting in dark green leaves and more antioxidants for your health. If you can get your hands on these teabags , you should steep for two to four minutes to produce a pale green color and a sweet and balanced flavor.

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Green Tea Side Effects

While there are benefits to drinking a steaming cup of green tea, excessive consumption can pose a risk to people with certain conditions and sensitivities. Here are the green tea side effects to watch out for:

According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report, 80% of peoples total water intake comes from drinking water and beverages . However, green tea is a natural diuretica substance that stimulates the increased production of urinewhich means drinking too much green tea can lead to dehydration, causing headaches, fatigue, and further health issues.

The polyphenols in tea are considered to be significant inhibitors of iron absorption, and one study found that consuming excessive amounts of green tea may lead to iron deficiency.

Antioxidants May Lower The Risk Of Some Cancers

Green Tea Health Benefits

Cancer is caused by uncontrolled growth of cells. Its one of the worlds leading causes of death.

Research has shown that oxidative damage can lead to chronic inflammation, which can lead to chronic diseases, including cancers. Antioxidants can help protect against oxidative damage .

Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants.

Research has linked green tea compounds with a reduced risk of cancer, including the following studies:

  • Breast cancer. A comprehensive review of observational studies found that women who drank the most green tea had an approximately 2030% lower risk of developing breast cancer, one of the most common cancers in women (
  • 23 ).

Many observational studies indicate that green tea drinkers are less likely to develop several types of cancer, but more high quality research is needed to confirm these effects .

To get the most health benefits, avoid adding milk to your tea. Some studies suggest it can reduce the antioxidant value in some teas .


Green tea has powerful antioxidants that may protect against cancer. Multiple studies show that green tea drinkers have a lower risk of various types of cancer.

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What About Black Teas

Black tea offers many of the same benefits as green tea, which makes sense when you consider theyre made from the same plant leaves.

So why are they different? Leaves used to make black tea are allowed to age and oxidize, turning them brown or black. Green tea leaves are processed earlier when theyre still green. Hence, the name.

Black tea generally has more caffeine than green tea, too a key selection factor if youre concerned about limiting your caffeine intake, notes Czerwony.

Peppermint Tea Is Associated With A Healthy Digestive System

Like ginger, peppermint is known for promoting healthy digestion. Peppermint herbal tea can be a great option to help support digestion, says Al Bochi. Peppermint contains a compound called menthol that can help relax the intestinal tract and help relieve bloating.

Some studies in animal models have shown that peppermint can specifically help relax gastrointestinal tissues, a review notes. Another review found that peppermint oil is a safe and effective short-term treatment for irritable bowel syndrome , though its worth noting that peppermint oil is more highly concentrated than peppermint tea.

Other research, published in February 2019 in the journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences, shows that peppermint could ease chest pain and help people with esophagus disorders better swallow their food, potentially by helping relax smooth muscle located in the lower esophagus.

Because peppermint tea doesnt contain any caffeine, its also a great option for a soothing drink before bed.

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/17having Green Tea Empty Stomach

Since green tea recharges and detoxifies the system, some people think having green tea first thing in the morning is a safe bet. That is not entirely true. After hours of fasting, you should be having something light and soothing that wakes up your metabolism. Green tea contains strong antioxidants and strong polyphenols which can increase the production of stomach acid and disturb the digestion. It is ideal if you have it between meals or post having food.

Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight And Lower Your Risk Of Becoming Obese

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Given that green tea can boost the metabolic rate in the short term, it makes sense that it could help you lose weight. Several studies show that green tea leads to decreases in body fat, especially in the abdominal area .

One of these studies was a randomized controlled trial in 240 men and women that went on for 12 weeks. In this study, the green tea group had significant decreases in body fat percentage, body weight, waist circumference and abdominal fat .

However, some studies don’t show a statistically significant increases in weight loss with green tea, so this needs to be taken with a grain of salt .

Bottom Line: Some studies show that green tea leads to increased weight loss. It is particularly effective at reducing the dangerous abdominal fat.

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Health Benefits Green Tea Is The Healthiest Drink On The Planet

In Shizuoka Prefecture, where green tea has grown from twelve centuries, the rate of cancer is very low, even for Japanese standards. Residents of the prefecture drink about 10 small cups per day and infuse tea leaves once instead of making multiple infusions with the same tea leaves as the other Japanese. Diana Rosen Book of green tea.

When speaking of the influence of the green tea on the human body we should pay attention to its content and its impact on us. Many studies are made on green tea, many more shall be done, but the following ingredients are proven to have direct benefit to human health.

Stimulants caffeine, theophylline, theobromine. We should note that the caffeine content in a cup of tea in times less than a cup of coffee, and in combination with theophylline and theobromine has a healthy effect on cardiac and central nervous system. Another important substance that calms the nervous system found in green tea is the amino acid L Theanine. L Theanine helps to increase concentration ability.

Green tea contains natural antioxidants called polyphenols. It is believed that they are the strongest natural antioxidant . In the human body polyphenols speed up metabolism and helps the liver to function better. They help lowering the blood sugar, and thereby prevent diabetes.

There are medical studies that prove that green tea helps with high blood pressure because it suppresses the action of the enzyme causing hypertension.


But First: What To Know About Toxic Teas

It turns out some teas contain toxins, such as epichlorohydrin, a plastic that helps to keep tea bags from breaking. Other toxins found in tea include arsenic, lead, cadmium, endosulfan, fluoride, PET plastic, tannins, and other known carcinogens. Certain toxins may also show up in plastic or paper tea bags, such as the cornstarch product polylactic acid and polypropylene.

Most of these pose little risk, unless youre drinking teas on a daily basis. For example: The Environmental Protection Agency says drinking water with high levels of epichlorohydrin over a long period of time could cause stomach problems and an increased risk of cancer. For perspective: The EPA. allows up to 20 parts per million in drinking water, and tea bags may include 50 parts per billion.

Nonetheless, it is possible to avoid toxins altogether. And that starts with buying the right tea.

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Uncle Lees Tea Best For Whole Leaf

Uncle Lees Tea is sourced from the Fujian Province in China. It is the second product grown at a high elevation on this list. A single box of Uncle Lees tea consists of 100 tea bags inside, all individually wrapped. It is also ECOCERT, France certified.

Ingredients include organic green tea leaf, organic lemon peel, organic West Indian lemongrass leaf, and organic lemon myrtle leaf oil on gum Arabic. All these unique flavors come together to create a balance of crisp texture and bittersweet flavors.

The tea bags contain whole tea leaves, making it a premium brand on our list.

If youve been on the lookout for organic whole leaf green tea, then this is it. Though wed also categorize it as one of the most flavorful teas on our list. With its flavorful ingredients of lemongrass and lemon peel, you can add more diversity to your tea collection.

Quantity: 40 or 100 tea bag options

Faqs For Green Tea Health Benefits

Fat-Burning Recipe: Spiced Green Tea Smoothie | Health

Q: How does green tea increase your metabolism?

A: Results from a small study out of the University of Geneva in Switzerland support the claim that green tea does, indeed, boost your metabolism. The researchers found that green tea has thermogenic, or fat-burning properties.

Thermogenesis refers to the energy expended during the process of eating, digesting, and absorbing the nutrients in food. In short, taking green tea supplements helps you burn more calories while you eat.

Q: How much green tea should I take to lose weight?

A: In the above-mentioned study, participants took 50 mg of caffeine per day in the form of a green tea supplement. A control group took 50 mg of caffeine sourced from other substances. Researchers found that caffeine from an alternate source did not produce the same result as caffeine from green tea.

So, how do you figure out how much green tea to take per day in order to equal 50 mg of caffeine? When deciding upon a supplement, check the bottle for specifics related to quantity of green tea.

You would need to take approximately 780 mg of green tea extract daily to ensure youre getting 50 mg of caffeine per day, or as an equivalent, drink 2- 8 oz. cups of green tea per day.

Q: What other health benefits does green tea have?

In terms of skin cancer, specifically, the antioxidants in green tea are believed to protect skin from UV damage.

Q: What are the mental health benefits of green tea?

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Helps Promote Weight Loss

This tea may boost the metabolic rate in the short term, thus helping you with your weight loss plan. Several studies also indicate that drinking several cups of unsweetened version daily could increase weight loss. It is beneficial in reducing your belly fat. Does that sound interesting? It is a simple tip to reduce your stubborn belly fat without exercise and treatment.

So You Feel Like Turning Japanese

Like the 80s English band, The Vapors, you might feel like turning Japanese, but of course you cant. You might not be able to move to Japan or even buy sushi where you live. But you could have your own amazing miniature Japanese doll house! This one is sold as a kit from Billy, a Japanese dollhouse company.

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Best Decaf: Celestial Seasonings Decaf Green Tea

  • White tea blend to avoid bitterness

  • Mild flavor

  • No strings on tea bags

When it comes to caffeinated beverages, green tea is fairly low on the list. An 8-ounce cup contains about 30 milligrams of caffeine. For comparison, the same size cup of coffee packs in 95 milligrams, while black tea hovers around 50 milligrams. But even though theres not a lot of caffeine in green tea to start with, you may still be looking for a decaffeinated green tea. Thats where the Celestial Seasonings Decaf Green Tea comes in.

The brand combines green tea and white tea leaves for a smoother, mellower taste. The gentle flavor and lack of caffeine make it a great option right before bed. On the flip side, however, some customers wish the beverage had a slightly stronger flavor. The tea bags are sold in 40-count boxes, and there’s a K-Cup version available for those who want their tea fast.

Form: Tea bags and K-Cups | Caffeine: 0 milligrams | Steep Time: 2 minutes | Ingredients: Decaffeinated green tea, decaffeinated white tea, and ascorbic acid

  • Can make hot or iced tea

  • Expensive per serving

  • Designed for small servings

Pique is an innovator in the tea world, creating travel-friendly tea crystals that are soluble in both hot and cold water. Each box of Organic Jasmine Green Tea contains 14 individual packets that you can mix with hot water or pour right into bottled water and shake for iced tea, making it ideal for anyone consistently on the go.

How Much Caffeine Should You Have A Day

Explore the world of green tea to enjoy its taste and ...

Most healthy adults can safely consume up to 400 mg of caffeine each day, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says,while pregnant women should consume less than 200 mg per day.

Rather than deferring to broad guidelines that apply to everyone, Moreno explains that the amount of caffeine you take in each day should really depend on your tolerance and metabolism. If youre feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping after consuming coffee, it may be wise to cut back a bit, whereas others can consume higher amounts of caffeine without problems. If you do decide to cut back, be sure to do so gradually to try to avoid headaches and other withdrawal symptoms. Its also a good idea to speak with a physician if you have any questions or concerns about caffeine intake.

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