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Where To Sell Antique Silver Tea Set

We Offer The Best Prices For Antique Silver Items

Sterling Silver Miniature Tea Set from our antiques mall.

If you have antique silver items that you want to sell, look into our store. We are Trusted antique Buyers/Dealers in Florida, California, Texas, New York, Massachusetts and all over the USA. We offer the best prices for antique silver items. You can sell us items such as silver flatware, silver tea sets, silver bowls and antique silver trays etc and get cash that is reflective of the items true value.

When we get an item we determine its value based on factors such as age, craftsmanship etc. if you are wondering how to sell silver flatware, bowls or tea sets, our store is the best place for them. We will check the condition of the item and offer a fair price. If any of the items are broken,we will mend them, instead of using the silver for other purposes. You can be sure of getting your moneys worth by selling to us than any other resource.

Does The Tea Set Have Sentimental Value

The first thing is to decide is if you actually want to sell. Tea sets, and nearly all antique silverware, can easily be handed down from one generation to the next. Silverware is relatively durable, not like china and crystal that can become chipped or broken. However, it does take a great deal of upkeep in polishing. Nearly everyone has some antique silver or silver-plated items hidden away in their homes that may have been owned by a loved one many years ago. If you cant remember who used to own it, and if you think theres a good chance its valuable, then let our professional staff take a look and well give you an honest and fair analysis without any cost or obligation.

How To Sell Your Silver Tea Set

To sell your silver tea set there is one option that is sure to get you the best value possible, Burlingtons private buying service. We buy your silverware, and other antiques, and place them within our network. This means that your tea set will always fetch the best price it possibly can, without any annoying auction fees.

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Ready To Enter The World Of Antique Silver Buying And Selling

If youre ready to start collecting antique silver pieces or have a few youd like to part with, theres no time like the present. Silver is more popular now than ever, and with our leading appraisal experts and auctioneers by your side, theres never been a better time to start exploring this world.

We are the Trusted Antique Silver Buyers/Dealers in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire & New England Area. If you are looking to sell your Antique Silver and the options to liquidating it. Call us today !!!

WE BUY ALL TYPES OF ANTIQUES. Please fill out the request form below or call us at: 675 2549

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Identify Your Sterling Silver Flatware Or Tableware Pattern

Tips on How to Sell Your Antique Silver Tea Set

You have multiple online resources for identifying your sterling silver flatware or tableware. One of the best resources weve found is The Silver Queens sterling silver flatware identification page.

The page features more than 15 different manufacturers and displays photos of each of the types of patterns those manufacturers made.

Another option is to can reach out to a silver matching service, such as Replacements, Ltd., to identify the pattern for you. However, this might cost a small fee.

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We Pay Top Dollar When You Sell My Tea Sets

We dont just pay the value of silver, as the most trusted buyer, we will give you the most accurate value for your sterling silver tea and coffee sets. Sell Us Your Jewelry understands that some of your heirlooms have a sentimental value worth more than the material which its made of, which is why our team of sterling silver specialists are experts who have decades of experience in the art of antiquity and vintage luxury. At Sell Us Your Jewelry we will not only give you the highest value but we will also provide you with any details our experts find on your sterling silver.

Bundle Remaining Undamaged Items And Send To A Matching Service

If items didnt sell the first time around, you can always relist. However, you may find yourself wanting to get rid of your silver either because its taking up space or selling it is becoming too much work.

At this point, take any pieces that didnt sell along with the majority of your forks, knives, spoons, and other items and send them off to the silver matching service. Just be sure to confirm that their bid hasnt expired.

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Why Sell Silver Now

Most families have not used their flatware for holiday dinners for years. Cash out today and put the money to good use. If you are looking to sell your sterling silver, sterling silver flatware or sterling silver jewelry we will always pay the best price possible. The silver can also be tested by one of our experts to determine its content by using an acid test. Silver plate or electroplated silver has no resale value and the cost to refine it is too high, Sterling silver or pure silver is money in the bank and always can be sold.

Getting The Full Picture

We buy Sterling silver flatware, hollowware, tea sets and mo

We’re proud to represent Florida’s Antique Silver market with the high standards and care that we take in our work. While many Silver Buyers simply look at the silver value of your pieces, our considerations run much deeper. Some things we look at in appraising your collection is the History, Condition, Demand, and Manufacturer .

How can we help you discover what you’ve truly got?, we love to help people find the true value of their Antiques. Our appraisals are 100% accurate and we offer the very best price for any antiques that we purchase for Instant Cash.

Get your FREE verbal, no obligation appraisal!

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History And Description Of Tea Services

Silver tea sets, or services, are part of the past when afternoon high tea was offered as a small meal. If important guests were coming by, the silver tea set would be used. ‘High tea’ began in the early 17th century after Europeans observed the formal tea in the Far East, and the tradition grew by the middle of the 18th century with trade with India increasing access to tea. Often a strong oriental influence can be seen in European tea sets of this time period.

A true silver service sterling silver. At the bare minimum, these sets include the tea pot, sugar bowl and milk jug . Some sets include sugar tongs, teaspoons or even occasionally, cups, and saucers. The best, and most valuable, include a silver serving tray.

Silver Tea Set Buyers

Tea sets are some of the most common, and desired of the Antique Silver collectables. Silver Tea Sets started becoming common in the 18th century and often took the “bullet form” style. Antique Silver Tea Sets can have great value beyond their basic Silver Value as they can be beautifully decorative and add a wonderful elegance to any home.

Sell Your Gorgeous Silver Tea Set At A Nice Price To Antique Sellers

Are you having a vintage silver tea set that you would like to sell because you really have no use for it or simply cannot maintain it? Look into our store and get cash value that is a true reflection of its quality.

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Contact A Professional Silver Matching Service For A Bid

There are several silver matching services that will buy your pieces to sell to collectors. They include:

To receive bids, youll have to contact each company individually and fill out their online form that marks which pieces you have and how many of each. Then, you wait for a bid.

In our experience, Replacements, Ltd. was the first to reply and did so via email. Their bid offer came 48 hours after submission and offered $9 per demitasse spoon we asked them to price.

Its worth noting that the bid offer is contingent on each pieces condition. Additionally, some services will pay for shipping, but others expect you to cover the cost.

It then takes several weeks for the company to evaluate your silver before mailing you a check.

More importantly, items that dont make the cut are either discarded or shipped back to you at your own expense.

Because its costly to ship large amounts of metal, we emailed Replacements, Ltd. asking if an initial assessment of quality could be made by sending a picture, just to ensure items werent considered too scratched or worn to be considered up to par.

Eight days later, we still havent received a response. Additionally, neither Kovels nor the Antique Cupboard ever responded with a bid.

Coming in five days later, The Silver Queen sent a bid via snail mail for the entire bundle, but didnt break down their offer piece by piece.

At Sarasota Antique Buyers We Buy And Sell All Different Types Of Silver Tea Sets Including:

How To Sell Sterling Silver Coffee Tea Set / Amazon Com ...
  • 19th century sets
  • English tea sets
  • Tiffany, Whiting, Kirk, and Gorham

We offer several different types of liquidation services, including auctioning and consignment. How you wish to go about selling your antiques is completely up to you. Either way, we will be more than happy to walk you through the process and act as a guide for those who have never sold any vintage items before.

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Sell Or Consign Sterling Silver Tea Sets And Hollowware

Gray & Sons appreciates the elegance of antiquity, and therefore we are always looking to purchase pre-owned and used sterling silver tea sets and hollowware. We offer top dollar for classic brands such as Towle, International, Wallace, Reed and Barton, Gorham, Tiffany & Co. Christofle Paris, Georg Jensen, and many more makers of fine sterling silver products. Buy, sell or consign your beautiful sterling silver tea sets with Gray & Sons and watch us rejuvenate its prestige once more.

History Of Antique Silver Tea Sets

Before the 18th century, tea sets did not exist in the form anyone today would recognize. Up until then, tea was taken without cream or sugar, so there was no need for those serving pieces. Around 1790, the first silver tea set appeared on the scene, but this type of tea service did not become popular until the reign of Queen Victoria. The Queen was an avid tea drinker, mentioning it hundreds of times in her journal, and she also set the style for much of the world. It was during this era that the multi-piece silver tea set became popular.

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What Is Sdjb Paying Today For A Sterling Silver Tea Set That Weighs 950 Grams

If San Diego Jewelry Buyers were buying your tea set for its straight silver melt value, at todays market rate , we would pay $570.00 in cash. Keep in mind that this is for a damaged or unmarketable tea set that will be melted for its silver content only.

For silver tea sets that will be re-sold the pricing would start at a minimum of $570 and go well into the thousands of dollars for antique silver tea sets from Tiffany & Co., Georg Jensen, etc.

To sell silver hollowware and flatware in San Diego, call SDJB toll free at 800-557-9413.

Bakelite And Other Materials As Accents

Antique Silver, Towle Royal Windsor Sterling Silver Coffee & Tea Sets, Buy antique silver.

Some tea sets are constructed entirely of metal, but there are also many that feature other materials. This is especially true for handles or knobs, since these parts could be made separately and attached to the metal body later. One common material, especially for silver plated tea sets from the Art Deco period, is bakelite. This early plastic holds up well over time, and collectors find it appealing.

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What To Do If Your Flatware Or Tableware Is Silver

Unfortunately, the layer of silver plating is very thin, typically less than 0.1 micrometers thick, meaning that silver-plate has flatware intrinsic value. And, because the process of removing and replating flatware is so expensive, these pieces dont have any resale value either.

In short, enjoy it. Most silver-plate can last approximately 20 years depending on how well its cared for.

The Bottom Line: Patience And Research Can Multiply Your Sterling Silver Payout

Taking the time to learn about your sterling silver tableware might sound labor-intensive at first, but it means receiving three or more times the amount when you sell.

Its also important to remember that selling silver, even for its intrinsic value as metal, shouldnt be done in haste.

Do your research about the origins of your silver flatware and tableware, weigh the pros and cons of the various ways you can sell it and keep an eye on silver prices. View your silver as a sought-after commodity that you should sell to the highest bidder.

Based on our research, putting in the extra work means that you can earn three times as much selling your silver on the private market than you can by selling it to a pawn shop or cash-for-silver business.

Editors note: This article was originally written by Autumn Yates and published on Feb 20, 2017. It has been revised and updated by J.R. Duren on May 31, 2019.

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Condition Of Antique Silver Pieces

In the New York antique silver market, the condition of the piece greatly influences the value. While it would be nice to only have antiques in original condition, the very nature of antique silver involves many pieces that may be slightly tarnished or otherwise damaged. It is not necessary to polish your silver items before selling. We buy the silver as-is.

Check How Much Your Silver Sells For On Ebay

Your place to buy and sell all things handmade

Now that you know your flatware is sterling silver and have identified its pattern, you can accurately check how much it would sell for to collectors. There are two ways to sell, so youre going to check the going rates from each.

To make it easy to follow along, well use this International Sterling Queens Lace demitasse spoon as an example:

Visit eBay and enter the maker and pattern of your sterling silver. Before you get too excited at the listed prices that come up, remember that this only shows active auctions that no one has purchased yet!

Instead, look at the menu of filters on the left of the page. Under Show only, select the box that says Sold listings. This gives you a more accurate idea of how much your piece will sell for.

Completed listings for the International Sterling Queens Lace demitasse spoon show that it sells for anywhere between $1525.99 for an individual spoon.

An important note: Whole sets often sell for much more than individual pieces as sort of collectors starter kits. If you have multiple place settings, also search for your items with the word lot or filter results from highest price to lowest to get an idea of the worth of your whole bundle.

Since youre already on eBay, this is a good time to learn some other important information about your silver. Looking closely at the listing featured images are there any that look like professional?

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Example Values For Antique Tea Sets

Depending on its condition and other factors, an antique tea set can range in value from about $100 to several thousand. You can get a sense for your tea set’s value by comparing it to other similar tea sets that have sold. Here are some examples:

Auctions And Price Guides

Websites for international and local auction houses may list previous sale prices. Large auction houses include Sothebys, Christies and Bonhams. These auction sites display sale totals, including recent values for sterling-silver tea sets. Compare your tea set to those listed in an antiques guide such as Millers Antiques Handbook and Price Guide. This guide comes out every year and lists approximate values. Keep in mind, however, that trends and values can change rapidly in the antiques business.


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You Can Also Buy Fascinating Items In Silver From Us

Antique Silver also sells fabulous and fascinating antique silver items. We offer a variety of items, giving models based on age and look. You can find items with intricate craftsmanship and elaborate designs. Some of the most unique pieces are available giving you items that are one-of-a-kind. You can find pieces at the best prices and only authentic and genuine Sterling Silver is offered.

Where To Sell Your Silver In Vancouver

Royal Windsor Sterling Silver Tea & Coffee Set

JH Tee Antique is the largest antique silver buyer in Vancouver. To make an appointment to sell your silver please email or call 604-261-0398. We are located at 1631 W 3rd Ave in Vancouver, in the Armoury District.

JH Tee Antiques has 30 years of experience buying and selling antique silver and estate sterling silver in Vancouver. We are experts at evaluating your sterling silver and pay competitive prices based on the market value for your pieces. If you want to find a good home for your silver and do not want to see it melted down, please contact us. We buy all kinds of silver including English hallmarked silver, Birks sterling, American sterling, Chinese and Japanese silver. We buy silver by Tiffany, Gorham, Whiting, Buccellati, Georg Jensen and others. JH Tee Antiques buys sterling silver but we do not buy silver plate, jewellery or coins.

To determine if your pieces are sterling silver as opposed to silver plate you can look for stamps indicating the nature of the material. Pieces from North America are typically marked with sterling or occasionally 925. Pieces from Europe may be stamped 800, 830 or may be stamped with a series of hallmarks . For more information on hallmarks please visit Marks such as EPNS, EP Copper, EPBM or Birks Regency Plate are found on silver plated items.

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