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Where To Buy Turkish Tea

Best Tips For Making Delicious Turkish Tea

How To Make Turkish Coffee / Best Brand & Where To Buy!

Quality of water, it is important to use drinking water when brewing Turkish tea. In other words, if the water you use while brewing tea is chalky, it may affect the taste of the tea you brew.

The material of teapot, we recommended using ceramic or metal teapot when brewing Turkish tea. Especially ceramic teapots are more useful for heat permeability.

Clean teapot, if you use a chalky teapot, it will also spoil the taste of your beverage.

Rested-boiled water, please do not pour the water onto the tea leaves as soon as your water is boiling, wait for the water for a few minutes after boiling. If you pour the water onto the tea while it is boiling, this may cause the tea to taste bitter.

Fresh tea, most importantly, stores your Turkish tea in the right conditions so that you can find the right storage suggestions at the end of this writing.

Teabags, a real Turkish tea lover, never use tea bags if s/he doesnt have to. They say that tea bags do not have the same taste and aroma as real Turkish tea.

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Is The Turkish Tea Organic

Turkish Tea is produced with black tea seeds to get the perfect taste while brewing tea. Tea Culture is more important in Turkey and drinks hot tea every time by Turkish people. Other herbal teas or beverage varieties such as green tea, apple tea, fruit tea, lemon tea, milk, or other things are not much popular than Türk Çay. Harking back to the old days of face-to-face interaction, indulging in the daily ritual of tea drinking in Turkey. When you visit someone thats not abnormal to hear Do you want to drink tea? If you visited Turkey, you drank delicious tea that was boiling in the teapot. Drinking tea is the traditional way to get a perfect friendship between other people. If you have never drunk tea, when you visit Turkey, do not forget to drink tea.

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Turkish Black Tea As A Gift

The primary choice of customers who are in search for different tastes due to its unusual flavour. As being completely natural and additive-free, Hediye is ready to be served to your loved ones in your regular five o’clock tea. You can attain this essential element of intimate conversations in 500g or 200g packs.

Tea Houses And Gardens

Turkish Tea , 5.3oz

Aside from the traditional kiraathane tea houses primarily for men tea gardens are also settings in which social gatherings with tea take place. Backgammon is a common game that is often played in these tea gardens. They have proven to be an attraction for tourists in destinations such as Sultan Ahmet and Taksim in Istanbul. With the growing young population, Turkey is seeing a shift towards café culture in places like Karaköy where coffee is predominantly being drunk. However, this increase in the consumption of coffee does not negate the fact that black Turkish tea is still the drink of choice for Turks.

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About Turkish Food & Market

WhatIs Turkish Food?

Turkish food isone of the rich and delicious cuisines of the world. Moreover, Turkish food isa fusion of many neighboring cuisines that includes Turkish elements. All thediversity makes Turkish food very unique and famous. To understand Turkish foodrichness, Turkey’s geopolitical position has been influenced by many differentcultures and has enabled it to find its own identity. Also, thanks to OttomanEmpire and palace food culture, Turkish food was filled with many soups, dishes,and desserts. Therefore, Turkish cuisine succeeds in appealing to many peoplewith its wide selection.

WhatIs The Turkish Market?

TurkishFood Markets In The USA

The food culturein most cities in the USA can harmonize with the Turkish food culture. Besides,it is possible to find similarities between Turkish food and the most consumeddishes in these cities. For example, light Mediterranean dishes are verypopular and consumed in Los Angeles. Accordingly, famous dishes in the westernpart of Turkey adapt to people who live in Los Angeles. There are many lightsand famed Turkish food taking place in Los Angeles Turkish food stores. LightTurkish appetizers can be easily found in Turkish markets in Los Angeles, also very easy to prepare. Another example is Turkish markets in San Francisco.Seafood, soups, and sourdough bread are very famous in San Francisco.Therefore, Turkish markets in San Francisco possess miscellaneous alternativesin the same style.

Turkish Tea Types And Prices

Black teas include tea bags, teapot tea bags and bulk tea varieties. Black tea bags allow you to brew tea easily with its practical structure that can be used individually. With its practical structure, tea bags, which are ideal for use at work other than home use, have different flavors according to different brands. You can access soft drink teas, intensive brewing teas, classic black teas and aromatic black teas. You can try different flavors with black teas that have aroma flavored especially with various herbs.

Teapot tea bags offer a practical and easy use when brewing tea. Tea varieties that are sold in boxes of 50 and 100 are generally domestic products and bring delicious teas of the Eastern Black Sea to your tables. Demi, you can also find teapot tea bags that make tea pleasure practical with its color and fragrance. You can use it in the workplace, especially if you prefer 250 bags. Among the bulk tea varieties, there are products that appeal to those who prefer classic tea pleasure. Bulk teas sold in 1000 g or 500 g packages can be found with different brand options. You can access classic black teas as well as teas with special aromas. Among the Tirebolu teas and organic teas, you can find extra brewed black teas, soft flavored teas and organic teas of the Black Sea, and taste brand new flavors.

Here we share a nice description of how to steep best Turkish tea

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How Long Should Turkish Tea Be Consumed After Made

Dont wait too much, First of all, it is very important to brew your tea on low heat for 8-10 minutes. However, you should not leave your tea on the stove more than necessary and it is recommended to consume it in a short time after brewing.

Or use a thermos, If you prefer consuming your tea in a long period of time, you can use a thermos. Because when the pulp of the tea is kept in the teapot for a long time, the tea and water continue to interact and after a while the taste of the tea becomes bitter. However, when putting it in a thermos, you will separate the pulp of the tea from the brewed tea.

Hot tea is preferable, You can also keep your tea hot in the thermos for a long time.

Turkish Natural Herbal Tea

How to buy tea and Turkish delight, Spice Market, Istanbul

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Nutritional Value Of Tea

Tea brewed in 180 milliliters of boiling water contains about 30 mg of caffeine. This amount increases as the infusion time increases. Macronutrients such as fat, protein and carbohydrates are almost nonexistent in the drink consumed. This mineral, rich in minerals, is a rich source for potassium and fluorine. One cup contains 60-70 mg of potassium and 0.13 mg of fluorine. It prevents sleepiness due to the caffeine it contains and makes the person more alert and careful. Despite the caffeine it contains, its stimulating effect on the nervous system may vary from person to person. Because, in the researches, it was found that some people could not sleep comfortably when they took 150-200 mg of caffeine. In addition, those who consume caffeinated beverages constantly have been observed to experience sleep disturbance, but this habit has not been evaluated within the scope of addiction.

How To Make Turkish Tea:

The proper method of making Turkish tea includes the following steps:

  • We boil water in two different pots using one small pot for a very strong tea brew, and a larger pot for additional boiled water.
  • Boil your water in the smaller pot. To the boiled water, add one teaspoon of tea into the pot for each glass you will serve. Allow the mixture to brew for approximately 10 minutes there is no need for reheating.
  • Boil the additional water in your larger pot .
  • To serve: Fill each glass only 1/3 with the brewed tea mixture. The rest of the glass should be topped with additional boiled water. However, the proportions can be adjusted to suit your taste. A good Turkish tea should be almost red in colour when served. You can add sugar to your liking.
  • We hope you will remember how to make Turkish Tea and keep brewing it. Enjoy your authentic Turkish tea!

    Originally published January 14, 2014, updated September 12, 2021

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    Caykur: The Biggest Manufacturer And Brand Of Turkish Tea

    Established as a State-Owned Enterprise limited with its capital, autonomous in its activities having a legal entity under the name of General Directorate of Tea Enterprises under Statutory Decree 112 dated 10.10.1983 based on code 2929 enacted in year 1983 . This code has been amended by Statutory Decree with issue no 233. First serious attempt regarding cultivation of tea plant in Turkey was carried out in 1888. In the book titled Industrial and Commercial Geography published by Governor of Mudanya, Hasan Fehmi, graduated from Imperial School of Political Science in 1892 in Istanbul, it is written that tea plants were imported from China through Esbaki smail Pasha, Minister of Commerce at that time. Tea saplings cultivated in several parts of Bursa city didnt grow and the same attempt was repeated in 1892 with no fruitful result. Ecological conditions of Bursa city being not favorable for tea production and the situation not known at that time were the main reasons why this attempt failed. However, with effect of habitude of drinking tea which quickly became widespread among people tea cultivation in Turkey became a subject which was spoken of and discussed continuously. Meanwhile, some articles and books, even if just a bit, were published regarding tea.


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    Which Are The Most Tea Producing Countries

    Firstly, China produces 2.2 Mio tons of tea. More than half of these teas are green tea. But there are many different kinds of tea produced like black, oolong and pu-erh.

    Secondly, India follows China with 1.2 Mio tons of tea production in one year. India has produced tea since 1823. They are famous for their large tea growing areas like Darjeeling, Ceylon, Assam, and Dooars.

    Kenya is the 3rd tea producer country in the world, and 1st the producer country in Africa. In Kenya, generally black tea grown after that green, white, and oolong comes.

    The 4th major country is Sri Lanka with 329k tons of tea in a year. They produce Ceylon tea in large areas and they have lots of beautiful green tea types.

    And Turkey is the 5th largest tea producing country in the world, 260k tons of tea in one year.

    The Adventure Of Black Herbal Tea In Anatolia

    It is known that the history of tea, which has an important place in the culture of many countries today, dates back to the periods before Christ. So, tea has a history that spans centuries. Even if it was discovered by the Chinese, it has become common all over the world day by day. Lets see how it has spread to Anatolia!

    It is said that the first tea seeds were brought from Batumi secretly by Zihni Derin in a walking stick so that the crossing at the border would not be hindered.

    Two British experts who worked in India, who were brought to Rize at the same time, are cited as the reason for the slowdown of the tea growing attempt between 1924-1935. It is said that experts were sent back when they did not show sufficient success at that time.

    Tea machines ordered to England in 1940 were only able to reach Turkey in 1946 due to World War II. Thats why the first tea factory was opened in 1947.

    The love for tea increased so much that even if tea was produced, it was also imported because it was not enough until around 1963-1965. For the first time in these dates, production was able to meet the demand and imports were not made.

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    What Is Special About Turkish Black Tea

    Turkish Tea is special and famous for its preparation. Because it is produced by a kind of black tea plant, which is carefully collected from its branch. Additionally, it grows on the Eastern Black Sea coast, in Turkey. This type of tea is also called Turkish tea among the people. The Turkish tea powder is brewed in a teapot or samovar. It is served in distinctive small glasses known as Turkish Tea glasses with thin waist.

    Rather than its special and meticulous preparation process, it is a special element for Turkish culture, also. Because tea has an important role for breakfast in Turkey, hospitality and friendship. In a way, it means gathering with loved ones. Additionally, it is drunk in traditional Turkish coffee houses and simit is consumed with Turkish Tea.

    Tea Harvest And The Journey Of Tea From Leaf To Cup

    How to Make Turkish Coffee

    If you want to get information about tea production and wonder how it is harvested, this part has been written and prepared for you!

    The journey of tea starts in the tea fields. If the climate and weather are appropriate for tea production, then the tea plant starts to grow. Tea plants must be three years old before they are harvested. Tea in Turkey is mainly harvested by hand because it preserves the quality of the leaves. The machines were used for many years, but tea growers found that they were too harsh and destroyed the delicate tea leaves. Harvests typically occur twice a year. The first harvest is known as the first color and is repeated every spring. The second harvest takes place in the summer and is called the second color. Plants are pruned continuously throughout the year, picking only the two best leaves and buds. This keeps plants in their early growth stages, encouraging new crops and maximizing harvest results. Tea harvesters collect the tea leaves and place them in large wicker baskets. When the baskets are full, they are transported to the tea processing plant in the tea plantation. Tea processing centers are located on the same land because the leaves begin to oxidize as soon as they are harvested.

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    How Is Black Tea Brewed

    It is very important to follow the correct brewing steps to have a delicious tea. The brewing method of each tea is different and some of them are prepared by boiling and drunk. Some steps should be taken to brew black tea. These steps are as follows: One teaspoon of powdered tea per cup is added to the ceramic or glass teapot. When the drinking water put into the stove starts to boil, enough water is added to the teapot to pass the powder tea leaves. Then, a cube of sugar is added to the teapot and the taste is prevented. Water is added to the bottom of the teapot and the bottom of the hob is opened, when the water starts to boil, the bottom of the hob is reduced and left to brew for 15-20 minutes. If an intense taste is desired, the brewing time can be extended. It is recommended to consume it within half an hour to preserve its taste. Those who love tea with bergamot should adjust the amount to their own taste. If the aroma amount cannot be adjusted, it may hurt in taste. The most important secret of brewing this delicious drink is to use good water. The oxygen content found in the boiling water is an important element that increases the flavor of this drink and reveals its aroma. The most important point to be noted here is that the water that has cooled after boiling is not boiled again.

    Ofcay Turkish Tea Manufacturer

    We started to advance in our career with firm steps with the introduction of our brand to consumers in 1987. Today, we are one of the leading brands in the sector with an annual fresh tea processing capacity of 18.500 tonnes, and 5 plants where our tea is processed in accordance with the highest quality standards, and 1 tea and 1 sugar packaging facilities. We have tens of different Ofçay branded products from loose, tea bags to herbal, fruit, green and form teas, and to white and brown sugar. We are considered as the master of loose tea and a pioneer of innovation.

    Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Tea Bags

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