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Where To Buy Earl Grey Tea

What We Looked For When Ranking Teas

How To Brew Earl Grey Tea

Taste: As with most of these tests, taste was the most important factor we considered when choosing our teas. For this test, we looked for a balance of black tea and citrus notes the strength of the tea and any bitterness in the mix was also considered during the tasting.Price: All in all, a good cup of earl grey should not cost all that much. We looked for brands that gave you plenty of tea bags without breaking the budget. All but one of the brands we tested provided 20 bags for less than $5.

Caffeine Content: Most black teas contain a decent amount of caffeine, though not nearly as much as the average cup of coffee. When choosing brands, we made sure to look out for a decaffeinated brand tea enthusiasts could enjoy.

Additional Features: In addition to the above considerations, we also looked into whether a brand contained organic ingredients. We also tried to choose brands that were available nationwide, either online or in stores.

Potential Risks Of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea, as with all black teas, has a substantial amount of caffeine. Caffeine has been demonstrated to likely have an anxiety heightening effect on adults. Caffeine has also been linked to lack of sleep, a common exacerbator of depression.

Earl Grey Tea Intoxication

Earl Grey tea consumed at extremely high levels may interfere with your bodys ability to process potassium. In a case reported by the Lancet, a 44 year old man drank 4 liters of Earl Grey tea every day. As a result, he developed severe muscle cramps that only subsided when he stopped drinking Earl Grey tea.

These symptoms likely stem from the bergamot in Earl Grey tea, which can interfere with potassium channels and cause your cells to overreact to stimulus, leading to muscle spasms and cramps.

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Determine Your Flavor Preferences

There is no singular best Earl Grey tea flavor, because everyone has different taste buds. So finding the right flavor for you may involve some trial and error.

As noted above, natural bergamot oil will likely taste better than synthetic options.

To narrow down your choices even more, think about whether you prefer a fruitier or sharper flavor profile. In the former case, opt for teas that are flavored with bergamot oil, which is sourced from the peel of the bergamot fruit. If you prefer a sharper brew, look for Earl Greys that mix dried bergamot peels directly into the tea.

Camellia Sinensis: Earl Grey

Earl Grey Crème

This tea company is named after the Camellia Sinensis plant, which is the origin of all true teas . In the case of their Earl Grey, that plant is organically grown and harvested beneath the Indian Himalayas in Dooars, India. Meanwhile, the natural bergamot oil is extracted from organic, Italian-grown bergamot. Together, these quality ingredients make for a slightly malty, flavorful brew.

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Best Organic Tea O Organics Earl Grey Tea

O Organics’ blend was so delicious that it almost made our runner-up mix. It’s the next strongest tea in our list after Stash’s, and it has a delicious amount of citrus flavor to boot. The fact that it’s organic while still being one of the most affordable choices on our list doesn’t hurt either. If organic products are important to you, or you’re just a Safeway customer on a budget, then you won’t be disappointed by this buy.

Buy It: $2.99, Safeway

How To Make And Enjoy Earl Grey

Like many black teas, Earl Grey is fairly easy to prepare. To brew Earl Grey tea, you’ll need a teapot, some Earl Grey tea leaves, and quality water that is nearly boiling or at the boiling point.

Some people prefer to pre-warm their teapot with hot water, which helps maintain the steeping temperature. To do this, simply pour boiling water into the teapot, wait a minute, and then discard the water.

To Make Earl Grey:

  • Use about one teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of hot water.
  • Steep in boiling or near boiling water for four to five minutes, depending on the tea and your flavor preferences.
  • Then, remove the tea leaves .
  • Some people enjoy sugar and/or lemon in their Earl Grey. While it is not traditional to add milk to citrusy teas, some Americans also enjoy milk in their Earl Grey.

    Earl Grey tea is one of the preferred teas for afternoon tea. It pairs very well with many sweets, such as scones and Madeleine cakes. Earl Grey is also a great tea for brunch pairings.

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    Consider The Bergamot Source

    The black tea used in any Earl Grey will have the most impact on flavor and overall quality, but you might also want to consider where and how the bergamot oil was sourced.

    Some tea sellers use synthetic bergamot oil, while others opt for the real deal. For the best taste, look for Earl Grey teas that are flavored with natural oil from real bergamot fruits. And if you have concerns about artificial flavorings, thats another reason to stick to teas that use natural flavor.

    Pique: Organic Earl Grey

    The Tea House Earl Grey Tea

    Pardon us while we toot our own horn: Were confident that our Earl Grey tea is one of the best. Our USDA Organic brew is made from Ceylon black tea and natural oil of bergamot to create a smooth black tea with a hint of citrus. It contains slightly less caffeine than some Earl Greys, which means you can enjoy a quick energy boost without the jitters.

    Its also packed with vitalizing antioxidants. And of course, our tea is free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and sugar. Instead of a loose tea, it comes in the form of tea crystals, which are convenient for anytime, but especially while traveling.

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    History Of Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey is a well known brand amongst tea lovers. Not only has it a great unique taste it also has a specific scent to it. This has to do with the production of the tea. Ever wondered where Earl Grey was invented and who was at the cornerstone of this amazing tea?

    Earl Grey is a black tea. However as an addition there is oil of bergamot added to the beverage. This gives it its uniqueness. Originated from China where most of the traditional flavoured teas come from. The tea is intended to be drunk without milk.

    The earl grey blend, also known as Earl Greys Mixture is assumed to be named after Charles Grey. A british Prime Minister. Although the tea was mentioned earlier the first commercial references came from Charlton & Co around 1850.

    In 2012 a research was done and found that in 1824 there are traces to be found to the first use of bergamot in tea. This to enhance the low quality teas.

    What Does Earl Grey Tea Taste Like

    Fans of Earl Grey loose leaf teas and Earl Grey tea bags describe the heavenly taste as smooth, full of floral notes and displaying a lovely fragrance. Earl Grey is big on alluring aromatics. It has a distinct perfume and notable bergamot accents which lilt and lightly linger on the tongue for a truly exclusive tea drinking experience.

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    Types Of Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey is so popular that it has spawned a number of similar teas. One of the most popular of these is Lady Grey, which is usually a blend of Earl Grey and blue cornflower blossoms.

    Other popular Earl Grey variations include:

    • Russian Earl Grey: Earl Grey with pieces of citrus peel mixed in.
    • Earl Red / Red Earl Grey / Earl Rooibos: A bergamot-flavored rooibos.
    • Earl Green: A bergamot-flavored green tea or, in some cases, a bergamot-flavored pouchong/baozhong.

    Tea companies offer other stately names such as Mademoiselle Grey or Lord Grey. These are blended with spices, flowers , or other ingredients.

    You may see a drink called London fog at some coffee shops and tea shops. This is a tea latte made from Earl Grey, steamed milk, and vanilla syrup.

    Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Brands Of Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey Tea, 25 Tea Bags  Alokozay North America

    With the various options you encounter you will see different characteristics, whether it is in the taste, aroma, as well as a few other areas. Some of these characteristics or features you might like while others wont strike your fancy. As such, you should go into the buying process as informed about them as you possibly can. Consequently, you are in luck as they are listed, defined and basic information about them is given below.

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    What Is Earl Grey Tea

    One of the most popular flavored teas, Earl Grey tea, also known as bergamot tea, is prepared by blending regular tea leaves, preferably black tea leaves, with the oil extract of the rind of bergamot orange, an aromatic citrus fruit. Apart from having a strong citrus flavor, the active ingredients in the tea contribute to its therapeutic properties that help in improving several health conditions.

    The Bottom Line On Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey tea is one of the most popular teas around, and for good reason: a cup of earl grey is bold, flavorful, and endlessly drinkable. It provides an energy boost thanks to the caffeine thats found naturally in black tea, and it may offer additional wellness benefits.

    To find the best Earl Grey tea for you, look for products that are made from high-quality black tea and real oil of bergamot. After that, it mostly comes down to personal taste preferences.

    Theres a huge range of Earl Grey teas and flavorings to choose from, so theres no time to waste: Its time to start sipping your way through the world of Earl Grey!

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    How To Make And Drink Earl Grey Tea

    In case you are using an electric kettle for heating the water, maintain the temperature between 200 and 212 degrees before pouring the tea leaves. On the other hand, if you are using a glass kettle or stainless steel teapot, then bring the water to boil and turn off the heat. Here are the steps to prepare 1 cup of Earl Grey black tea.

    • Add 2 grams of loose Earl Grey black tea leaves to the boiling water
    • Cover the kettle or pot and allow it to steep for about 2 to 3 minutes
    • Strain the mixture
    • Add sugar or honey for enhancing the taste

    Sloane: Earl Grey Classic

    Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream – with yoyomax12

    This tea lives up to its fancy packaging. Its made from a blend of black teas grown in both Ceylon and the Assam region of India. These tea leaves are then hand-blended with natural, Italian oil of bergamot to create an aromatic, smooth, and medium-bodied brew with citrus notes that linger after each sip. If you opt for the sachet collection box, you can enjoy your tea out of biodegradable pyramid sachets.

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    Art Of Tea: Earl Grey Tea

    The black tea used in this Earl Grey is organically grown and hand-harvested in Sri Lanka. After harvesting, the leaves are blended with natural oil of bergamot to create a bold citrus flavor with floral notes. The premium ingredients and careful attention to detail help explain why this Earl Grey won the category of Best Black Tea at the World Tea Expo.

    Best Overallstash Earl Grey Black Tea

    When craving a good cup of earl grey, there’s two things I look for: strong black tea taste and discernible citrus flavor. Stash’s earl grey blend had both in spades. Even with only three minutes of steeping, the black tea taste was almost too strong, and the citrus taste so noticeable that I’m not certain a lemon wedge would have been necessary if I wanted it. Despite its strong taste, Stash’s mix avoided bitterness another plus. If you don’t want to worry about potentially weak tea, then Stash is definitely the brand for you.

    Buy It: $3.99, Walmart

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    Organic Earl Grey Tea

    Our Earl Grey starts with a great quality, large leaf organic black tea. We add just a hint of natural bergamot to create the famous taste.

    • Caffeine

    Use 15oz filtered water per sachet.

    Pour boiling water over sachet.

    Steep 4-5 minutes.

    Excellent with a splash of milk, or a squeeze of lemon, but not both at the same time.

    Try a London Fog: Steep Organic Earl Grey . Add ½ tsp vanilla extract to tea. Steam milk and pour over tea. Sweeten to taste.

    Try it iced. Brew in 6 oz. water, add sweetener , and pour over ice.

    Add tea leaves to cookies, shortbread, muffins, scones, quick breads and cakes for a lovely flavor.

    How We Tested Each Tea

    5 Surprising Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

    For this taste test, which was conducted solo, I made each cup of tea by steeping one tea bag in eight ounces of hot water. An electric kettle was used to heat the water to boiling. I let each bag steep for exactly three minutes before removing the bag and letting the drink cool down. Because I wanted to test the quality and strength of the tea itself, I elected to drink each tea plain and forewent any additions like lemon, honey or milk.

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    Be Willing To Experiment

    As noted above, there are tons of Earl Grey varieties and flavor options. Whats more, the taste of Earl Grey varies depending on where the black tea was grown and whether a brand uses synthetic or natural bergamot oil or peels. The flavor can also change dramatically if other ingredients are added.

    Because theres so much variation, its important to keep an open mind about Earl Grey tea. Even if you dont like one brew, that doesnt mean you wont love another. So be willing to experiment until youve found the right source and flavor to suit your personal preferences.

    Ready to narrow down your search even more? Take these guidelines into account, and then pick a few options from the following list of some of the best Earl Grey teas on the market.

    Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

    While the flavor is one of the reasons why some users pick earl grey tea, it is to be noted that the majority of people take it up due to the numerous benefits it offers. One significant advantage is that the tea will likely calm you after youve taken a couple of sips. Its no wonder some people also see drinking this tea as a form of stress relief. Other benefits are brought about by the inclusion of citrus fruits in the beverage. They are known for helping with weight loss, and this advantage is passed on to the tea. In addition to that, the citrus components may help fight off colds and fevers.

    Your overall health is also likely to be better than it was before you started drinking earl grey tea.

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    How To Buy Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey is available in most Western grocery stores, tea shops, and gourmet foods stores, as well as on most online tea retail sites.

    • Loose-leaf Earl Grey tea is recommended over Earl Grey teabags.
    • If you prefer a strong black tea flavor, a base tea from Kenya, Ceylon, or Assam is usually a good choice.
    • If you prefer a milder black tea flavor, a base tea from Nilgiri or Darjeeling will be better for you.
    • If you like a smooth, rich black tea flavor, try Earl Grey with a Yunnan or a Keemun base.

    If you want to try a variety of types of Earl Grey, check out companies with Earl Grey tea samplers or flavored tea of the month clubs.

    Not Our Favorite Numi Organic Aged Earl Grey Tea

    How to make Earl Grey Iced Tea

    Given that Numi’s mix was assuredly the most expensive pick on our list, we were rather excited to try out their offering. Unfortunately, this tea is only suitable for drinkers who prefer hot water to actual tea. The blend was so weak that we had to struggle to discern any bergamot notes at all, much less taste a decent amount of black tea. Maybe we just picked up a box full of Numi’s duds, but if not, the company may want to consider aging their earl grey a tiny bit longer.

    Buy It: $5.68, Kroger

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