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Where To Buy Chaga Mushroom Tea

The History Of Chaga Tea

How to Find Chaga & Make Tea

For many years, Chaga has been used for various purposes in different parts of the world. But the first reference could be found in books of Khanty people, which lived in Western Siberia.

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When you think about Siberia you imagine cold winters, harsh winds, and freezing temperatures. Any organism that survives in those conditions is usually hearty and resilient.

Obviously the traditional tea couldnt be farmed in such conditions thus local people looked for other natural alternatives. Siberian Chaga mushroom was one of them. For the last several hundred years, Chaga has been used for brewing tea in this area. People have noticed that tea made from these fungi provided many health-supportive chaga tea benefits.

The taste, quality, and concentration of components in any herbs and mushrooms depend on many variables which include the soil and climate. The harsh weather conditions in Siberia create one of the toughest regions in the world for mushrooms, plants, and trees to grow. Thus Chaga mushroom powder harvested in this area has the most concentration of valuable components and offers the best health benefits compared to all other Chaga mushrooms around the world.

Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder

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This certified organic Chaga mushroom powder is wild-harvested. Grown naturally on birch wood, the fruiting body of this fungus is collected and dried and ground into a fine brown powder, free of fillers and all additives. The aroma and taste are very subtle and blend easily with hot or cold beverages and savoury recipes.

Chaga is a conk mushroom that is found in many cold parts of the northern hemisphere. It contains natural phytochemicals that act as antioxidants.

How to Use:

Make a delicious beverage combining your favourite chai spices with 1 teaspoon of Chaga powder and warm water or your preferred milk. Add your sweetener of choice. Or try it in your morning coffee or a hot chocolate. Great in superfood smoothie or green juice blends.

Chaga mushroom powder can also be used in savoury dishes. Add some to your favourite curries, pasta sauces, casseroles and hotpots just before serving. It is lovely in broths, soups or noodle dishes. Try combining in salad dressing or savoury sauce with tahini or oil. The subtle flavour of Chaga powder makes it a great addition in meals for fussy eaters.


Certified Organic Wild-harvested Chaga Mushroom Powder. Preservative Free.


No known allergens. May contain traces of allergens due to possible cross-contamination.


Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended in warm climates.

Shelf Life:

Which Is The Best Chaga Tea

The idea of drinking mushroom tea might not initially sound appealing, but chaga has been used in folk medicine for hundreds of years. Chaga Inonotus obliquus is a fungus that grows on birch trees in northern regions of the world like Siberia, Canada and Northern Europe. It has a black outer crust with an orange flesh, which gives the tea a reddish-brown color. It offers many potential benefits including anti-inflammation, cancer prevention, improved liver function and so on.

Despite there being many great chaga tea options, we slightly preferred the Maine Chaga Tea Fine Mushroom Powder to the others. The chaga is sourced from the Northern United States and Canada, and it is wild-harvested with the black crust intact in the extract.

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What Does Chaga Taste Like

They may not look like a treat for your taste buds, but Chaga mushrooms make a pretty delicious brew. Dont let their tough body, chewy texture, and dark color fool you Chaga tea is actually relatively mild and sweet, with a fruity aftertaste that will have you begging for a refill.

Tip: Chaga tea should never taste bitter. If it is overly earthy with a dirt-like taste, then you have probably just brewed a bad batch. Throw it out and buy yourself some fresh Chaga!

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Adapt Chaga Tea 270ml

Bueteaful Organic Wild Chaga Mushroom Tea, 50g

Free Delivery On All Cleanses

Keep refrigerated, shake well and enjoy this creamy bottle of goodness!

  • Wild foraged, plant-based & vegan
  • Delivered in sustainable glass bottles. We do not use plastic!
  • Full of goodness made with love x

We have slowly simmered wild foraged Chaga to produce a delicious tea that is crammed with antioxidants, its medicinal properties can help improve immunity, chronic inflammation, lower blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels. We recommend consuming on a regular basis for maximum benefits.

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Is Chaga Tea Good For Weight Loss

Chaga, in the form of teas and tinctures, can help you feel fuller more quickly, which can contribute to a reduction in your calorie consumption as a whole. Chaga is found in many different kinds of fiber. You should bear in mind that this is in addition to a nutritious diet and an exercise regimen in order for this to assist you in losing weight.

Can Chaga Be Harmful

Oxalates, which are present in high concentrations in chaga mushrooms, have been linked to an increased risk of kidney stones. Chaga should not be consumed by anyone who have renal illness, who have had kidney stones in the past, or who are at risk of developing kidney stones. Before beginning the use of any herbal supplement, you should consult with your primary care physician.

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How Does Chaga Make You Feel

If you have hypoglycemia, you may notice that chaga causes you to feel fatigued, disoriented, very parched, or agitated. You could also notice that you have difficulty communicating verbally. Chaga is thought to be able to assist in bringing blood sugar levels down, which is the reason why both of these things have happened.

Do Chaga Mushrooms Sourced From Different Regions Have Different Effects

Tea of the Week – Organic Chaga Mushroom Tea ð?ð?

It is pretty common to see chaga sourced from a particular region or area such as Maine, Canada or Siberia. It can lead to confusion since it could suggest a Siberian chaga tea might have different health benefits than a Canadian chaga tea. However, a study done on French chaga found that the nutrients and compounds found in chaga from other regions were also found in the French chaga. You can buy chaga from any region and rest assured that it will offer the same health benefits.

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Buddha Teas Organic Chaga Mushroom Tea


  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR Crafted from wild-harvested chaga mushrooms, often referred to as the king of mushrooms, this medium bodied tea boasts an earthy, smooth, and rich flavor, and can be enjoyed with honey or other sweeteners.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS As an antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory tea, Chaga Tea has many health benefits, including boosting the immune system, and being a biological response modifier. It is also a superfood that boasts a high ORAC score.
  • ORGANIC This organic chaga mushroom tea is crafted without added flavorings, or GMOs. Packed in bleach-free tea bags, always caffeine-free, enjoy a cup of Chaga Tea any time of day!
  • STEEPING INSTRUCTIONS To make a perfect cup of Chaga Tea, heat water about 180 degrees F., then let the tea bag steep for 5-10 minutes to extract the full flavor and optimum benefits. Cover the cup while it steeps, remove the tea bag, and enjoy!
  • BUDDHA TEAS Crafted without additives, using only organic or wild-harvested ingredients, we believe in living harmoniously with nature, not using it for profit. Our boxes are from 100% recycled material, making our teas good for the earth and you!
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Unaltered regular priced merchandise may be returned with proof of purchase, up to 15 days after purchase. For safety, legislative or hygienic reasons all sales are final on items such as prescription medications or intimate apparel.

Final sale items include but are not limited to:

Hand Picked In The Remote Alaskan Wilderness

To ensure the highest quality, our products are made from only the finest quality Chaga mushrooms, wild-harvested and hand-picked by us, in the interior forests of Alaska. This promises that you will receive the freshest products, with the highest antioxidant levels, making Arctic Chaga the premium choice for all your Chaga needs.

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Can I Drink Chaga Tea Every Day

You are able to make a commitment to a daily dosage depending on the amount of coffee or tea that you typically drink in a typical day.If you want to start incorporating chaga into your daily routine, a good starting point is to drink between one and three cups of coffee each day, as this is the typical amount used by most individuals.You should begin by taking only one teaspoon of chaga so that you can gauge how it will affect your body.

The Science Behind Chaga

Chaga Tea

Chaga is a natural Biological Response Modifier , which means that it was designed by nature to strengthen and restore the bodys natural immune response against infections. It has one of the highest ORAC of any substance found on Earth. ORAC is a unit developed to measure antioxidant content and values. Chaga Mushrooms value currently even outranks Acai, Blueberries, and even Turmeric.

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Where Can I Find Chaga Tea

Chaga tea is quickly growing in popularity. Today, there are many places and supplement where Chaga tea could be purchased. But if you want to find the most beneficial product which will support your health look no farther than our catalog. Raw Chaga powder and extract in our teas make them the most powerful and potent tea on the market.

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We offer many different types of teas to suit all your needs. Whether you chose Chaga tea bags, Chaga loose tea or Chaga instant tea tablets you will get the same high-quality products without any fillers, artificial ingredients or GMO products.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Does Chaga Contain Caffeine

Prepared Chaga does not contain caffeine. The dark rich color comes from the tannins in the melanin which are released when brewing.

Known as a vasodilator the mushroom expands the arteries and increases the pumping action of the heart improving arterial circulation.

This simulates the effects of caffeine but without any side effects or nervousness associated with caffeine jitters.

Drinking the tea daily promotes endurance and an overall sense of well being.

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Can You Drink Chaga At Night

If you have trouble sleeping perhaps a warm cup of Chaga tea could help. If you, like many others, have a hard time falling into sleep and cant find out the explanation, perhaps the daily environmental stress is the reason. Chaga is adaptogens that assist the body to resist stress. and adapt to new environments. That stress can be a cause of poor sleep and restlessness, so adaptogens are particularly valuable to those that have trouble sleeping.*

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Since Chaga tea helps to reduce stress and anxiety during the day, it may lead to achieve a better night rest. By reducing these negative factors, it should be easier for you to fall asleep sooner and achieve deeper sleep faster.

But remember that Chaga mushroom tea also provides extra energy, this is why we do not recommend to use Chaga tea bags after 6 pm. You can brew your Chaga tea in the morning, pour it in the thermos and sip it all day long when the sun is in the sky, but once the sun starts to go down, please, put that thermos with tea aside.

If you a big-time tea drinker and want to get a good nights rest, also consider adding herbal bedtime tea to your nighttime routine. Drinking herbal caffeine-free tea several hours before bed may improve your sleep as well.

Everything You Should Know About Wild Canadian Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga Mushroom | Tea, Medicine, Fire Starter, History & Fabric Dye

Whether you are considering Chaga for the first timeor looking for a refresher, think of this blog as a healthy sip of what you want to know and what you should know about Wild Canadian Chaga Mushrooms. I am TaoWu from Tao TeaLeaf, and I am writing to support your thirst for learningabout and trying Chaga Mushrooms.

What are ChagaMushrooms?

Chaga is a big fungus that typically grows on yellowand white birch trees it has a black charcoal outside and a golden colour onthe inside. Chaga is well known for its richness in Beta-Glucans, which containscancer fighting properties, and a woody and loam notes taste.

A fewalternative names for Chaga includes Clinker Polypore and Birch Conk.

History of ChagaMushrooms

The Gift from God and alsonatures King of Herbs are just a few phrases that truly makethis mushroom shine and this is due to its strong presence or roots in timesbefore Christ and traditional Asian medicine.

Back then and leading up to this day,some specialists believe that a dailysupplement of Chaga plays a hearty role in boosting the immune system and encouragingpositive life energy for growth and development.

and some just drink it leisurely.

Where canyou find Chaga Mushrooms?

These Mushrooms grow best on the outside of yellow andwhite birch trees in cold climates . The average size of afull-grown mushroom is 15 to 20 inches, but they can definitely grow larger.

How is Chagaharvested?

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Too Much Of A Good Thing

Can you drink too much chaga tea? The answer is, we love tea for different reasons, but complementary health supplements, tea or otherwise, should be taken seriously. Health supplements can cover may base from energy levels to vitamin deficiencies. The key is to find something that can be of benefit effects of chaga mushroom for your individual concern.

Taking any complementary medicine too many times or for the wrong thing, can lead to neglect in the areas that need the most attention.

Remember, the body will expel any surplus supplement.

Are Chaga Capsules Or Extracted Chaga Powder Better Than Tea

There is a tradeoff for convenience with extracted chaga powders and chaga supplements like chaga capsules as many of the health benefits are compromised during the manufacturing process.

The concept of extracted powder refers to the process of freeze dried mushrooms. The same techniques used to make instant coffee are applied to make an instant mushroom powders.

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What Is The Chaga Mushroom

Chaga mushrooms grow wild in places like Siberia, Northern Canada, Alaska and some northern areas of the continental United States. They are a type of fungus mainly grows on the outside of birch trees in very cold climates.

They also can be found on beech, alder, chestnut and hornbeam trees

Chaga mushroom identification isnt too difficult since they have such a distinct appearance.

What do chaga mushrooms look like? They tend to be lumpy with an exterior that looks similar to burnt charcoal with a softer, squishy yellow-orange core.

The name chaga comes from the Russian word for mushroom. These mushrooms have also been called black gold.

These mushrooms have been used as traditional medicine in Northern European countries as well as Russia for hundreds of years. They have been used traditionally to treat diabetes and gastrointestinal cancer, along with heart disease, in these areas of the world.

When chaga mushrooms grow on birch trees, as they commonly do, they are quite a sight to see. Not only do they look like burnt wood, but they also can grow in a clump that ends up being as big as a human head.

Like other medicinal mushrooms, the chaga mushroom requires the introduction of hot water or alcohol to break down its tough cellular walls to make the benefits of the mushroom available for human consumption.

Can you put chaga in coffee? You definitely can!

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Does Chaga Help You Lose Weight

Urban Platter Chaga Mushroom Tea, 100g [Himalayan Produce of Kashmir ...

With the positive impact on overall energy and vitality may find that the mushroom also helps with curbing your appetite and weight gain.

Your daily intake of tea supports the digestive process allowing for improved nutritional absorption. More efficient nutritional intake means that you feel fuller faster.

Weight loss can be compared to green tea or other herbal teas which are known to suppress your appetite and there are no calories in chaga.

Consuming the tea daily helps reduce stress and anxiety leading to lower cortisol levels which supports weight

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What Does Buddha Teas Chaga Tea Taste Like

Buddha Teas Chaga Tea is medium bodied with a pleasant, earthy flavor. It has surprisingly little mushroom flavor as it harbors more of a mellow, plant like taste due to its growth on the Birch tree. While this tea is delightful on its own, it is delicious with honey or any sweetener of your choice. Add a touch of your favorite milk option for a creamier taste. Buddha Teas Honey is also an excellent choice for sweetening to add a bit of calmness to your cup.

What Is Chaga Good For

It is thought that chaga possesses powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, which makes it a possible alternative treatment option for conditions such as arthritis and high blood pressure. Additionally, it may assist in reducing the amount of sugar in the blood and potentially prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. Chaga may also help: Reduce the risk of inflammation.

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The Diamond Of The Forest

Chi Chaga is a leading provider of all-natural wild-harvested Canadian Chaga mushroom products

30 UNBLEACHED TEA BAGS OF 100% WILDCRAFTED CANADIAN CHAGA MUSHROOM. We harvest, process, and bag our Chaga ourselves delivered to your door in its purest and cleanest form. Chi Chaga mushrooms are always preserved in chunks in order to maintain its freshness and nutrients. We conserve and process all the parts of the Chaga including the black exterior which has a very high level of betulin. Containing beta glucans and a vast amount of vitamins and minerals, Inonotus obliquus is not only known as a superfood Rich in ß-glucans and Betulinic acid, but also recognized as a gold standard source of polysaccharides and a highly effective host defense supplement.

Chi Chaga Mushrooms are wild harvested and do NOT contain any additives or fillers. 100% Pure, Organic, & Sustainable


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