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Where Can I Buy Skinny Tea

Our Verdict & Alternatives

Do Not Buy Skinny Bunny Tea

While Skinny Teatox is much more candid than some rivals in admitting that their product alone isnt likely to help with weight loss, it still represents a waste of money for most consumers.

Although reviews like this one can be buried under an avalanche of before and after photos and spurious results, the bottom line is that this product will do little more than increase your frequency of bathroom visits.

While a reduction in water weight may tip the scales slightly lower during your teatox, these results are likely to disappear as soon as you cease using the product.

Is Skinnyfit Detox Tea Safe

Other slimming teas contain laxative compounds like senna, but SkinnyFit Detox Tea does not. However, with the caffeine content at almost 18 mg per serving, it should not be over-consumed, especially if you are not used to consuming caffeine.

Also, take a look at the ingredients first to see if you have had any issues with any of them in the past. While there are 13 metabolic-boosting compounds, they are mostly teas or plant-based compounds.

The tea may also impact your digestion, with some users experiencing diarrhea or constipation. Be wary of these kinds of products as digestive issues may cause discomfort, dehydration, and malabsorption of nutrients.

For the most part, consuming this SkinnyFit tea once a day or every once in a while might not cause any digestive distress, but if it does, it might be best to stop taking it.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this product is also not safe for you.

Of The Best Teas For Weight Loss

Written by Liz Brown

Looking for a fat burning tea that actually works? Now you can see results quickly and easily and enjoy the amazing benefits of all 9 of the best teas for weight loss in just one cup!

Are you looking for the best teas for weight loss? But not just any tea to lose weightyoure looking for a fat burning tea that actually works, right? Well, look no further because this is a list of the top 9 best teas for weight loss and how you can accelerate your results by enjoying the benefits of all 9 in just one cup!

Drinking tea is known to have a laundry list of health benefitsfrom flooding your body with antioxidants and reducing your risk of heart disease, to boosting your immune system and soothing your digestive system. Now, all of these benefits are great but one of the most interesting benefits of drinking tea is its ability to aid in weight loss!

With over 1,500 different types of tea in the world, knowing which is the best tea to lose weight is crucial. These 9 teas are not only the best teas for weight loss, but they are actually considered to be superfoods that improve your overall health and well-being, allowing you to enjoy the things that you love the most while feeling your best!

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Is Skinny Teatox Worth It

Skinny Teatox is unlikely to detox your body or make you skinny. On that basis, the resounding answer to this question is no. What this tea may do is increase the frequency of your visits to the bathroom.

Weve seen many detox teas come and go over the years and many of them arrive with sensationalized promises of weight loss and improved health.

In defense of the Skinny Teatox manufacturer, marketing claims for this product are much more on the realistic side than those of many rivals. In fact, Skinny Teatox may sum it up just as well as we could with this candid statement on their website:

Youre not going to get skinny just by drinking a tea.

Its worth pointing out that this teas focus on cleansing the digestive system may lead to harsher gastrointestinal side effects than gentler teas. This makes it important to talk with your doctor before consuming teatox products.

Its critical to remember that diuretics can give the impression of weight loss by reducing water weight. This type of weight loss wont last once you stop using the product.

Skinny Teatox is somewhat cheaper than rival products. The 28-day detox product is currently priced at $24 and the 14-day detox at $22. Meanwhile, Fit Tea detox teas are priced at $44.99 and $24.99 respectively.

As weve pointed out in other detox tea reviews, the potential benefits of organic green tea can be enjoyed for a fraction of the price, with some retailers selling 100 bags for as little as $4.99.

Bottom Line:

Just Your Cup Of Tea Skinny Green Tea

Where Can I Buy Skinny Tea

SKINNY GREEN TEA is a natural weight loss product consisting of only three powerful ingredients.

SKINNY GREEN TEA is made from Green Tea, also known as Camellia sinesis, that has been used for centuries for a number of ailments. Green Tea is made up of properties that have been known to increase caloric expenditure as well as the metabolism of fats. Research also shows that Green Tea can be linked to appetite suppression.

The second ingredient in our tea is Zychrome, a specific chromium complex that is more effective than other forms of chromium. Research shows Zychrome helps support healthy insulin levels and function thereby assisting with the regulation of blood sugar levels in the body.

Our third ingredient is Cardiaslim. Clinical studies show that this ingredient promotes weight loss and reduces waist and hip measurements and also increases the metabolism of fat. Cardiaslim contains the blend of 2 plants extracts that have been proven to be safe and effective in weight loss. Studies have also shown that Cardiaslim helps healthy blood lipid levels . Great news is that Cardiaslim is naturally derived, sustainable sourced, and vegetarian it is sourced from flowers and fruits of Sphearanthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana.

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How Does Hot Skinny Tea Work

Hot Skinny Tea works similar to other detoxification beverages: you drink the beverage daily to support a cleanse.

All Hot Skinny Tea blends are exclusively loose leaf. You add one teaspoon of loose leaf tea to hot water, then let it steep for 2-3 minutes. Each package contains 56g of loose leaf tea.

Hot Skinny Tea recommends drinking one cup in the morning and a second cup after dinner. For best results, you should drink your second cup before 9pm. Some people drink the tea hot . However, you can also chill it overnight to drink it cold.

If youre on a hardcore detoxification or cleansing routine, then you might only drink Hot Skinny Tea and nothing else for a 24 hour period. Most people, however, will combine this tea with a healthy and balanced diet for maximum effect.

Hot Skinny Tea contains nine ingredients that claim to be proven to upgrade your health, physique, and energy.

Hot Skinny Tea makes a big deal out of its herbal extracts. It contains garcinia cambogia, for example, which has the active ingredient hydroxycitric acid , which has been linked to certain weight loss benefits in some studies. Garcinia cambogia and HCA may suppress appetite, naturally encouraging you to eat less.

Hot Skinny Tea also contains lemongrass, which is rich with antioxidants. Theres also epigallocatechin gallate , which has shown some evidence of reducing obesity in mice.

Other active ingredients include lotus leaf, chamomile, pu-erh leaf, sencha green tea, fennel, and stevia.

Matcha Green Tea Sencha Yerba Mate And Oolong Tea

This detox tea contains matcha tea, sencha tea, yerba mate tea, and oolong tea. This tea blend helps provide the caffeine content in the product and also adds antioxidant properties.

Many of the teas are also rich in different vitamins, minerals, and different amino acids. These nutrients help boost the immune system and also boost your metabolism by giving you more energy.

These teas, especially sencha tea, help the body detox and remove toxins.

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Q: How Do You Drink Hot Skinny Tea

A: These teas are loose-leaf. Just add one teaspoon of the tea to hot water before letting it steep for two to three minutes. Users then drink the tea like they would any other hot tea. As with most teas, there’s a palpable benefit to consuming hot beverages, as they make it easier for consumers to digest a large number of superfoods at once.

What Do Skinny Teatox Customers Say

Best Detox Tea Review | Skinny Time Tea

Many detox teas are retailed on or other third-party vendors. Unfortunately, Skinny Teatox only appears to be available to order directly from the manufacturers website.

This makes it relatively difficult to source unbiased reviews. Not surprisingly, the 14- and 28-day teatox products both score a perfect 5.0/5.0 on the official website.

Its worth noting that the Skinny Teatox official website describes featured testimonials and reviews thusly:

They are meant to be a showcase of the best results our products have produced, and should not be taken as the results a typical user will get.

This seems to imply that testimonials and reviews on the official website may be vetted to ensure mostly positive reviews reach potential buyers.

Nevertheless, there are a few disappointed buyers among the positive published reviews. A user named Karen describes nausea and stomach cramping after drinking the tea.

Meanwhile, other buyers have rightly questioned whether Skinny Teatox is actually capable of supporting weight loss or whether it simply reduces water weight.

Bottom Line:

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Skinny Fit Tea Hunger Buster

This diet pill from Skinny Fit Tea is supposedly going to make you outsmart foot cravings. As to how its achieving that, or how its supporting those claims, were not sure. Of all the Skinny Fit Tea products, its the lowest reviewed at 3/5 stars with 9.2k reviews. The advertising taglines include the assertions that it helps users kickstart metoablism, increase energy, and fight cravings. Those marketing terms align with something weve seen before, and a quick look at the ingredient label confirmed our suspicion. Its a Garcinia supplement.

Skinny Fit Tea Hunger Buster Ingredients:

The ingredients for Skinny Fit Tea Hunger Buster are built around the divisive Garcinia Cambogia Extract. Here its present at 1000mg/serving, and standardized to 60% Hydroxycitric Acid by volume. With it are two support ingredients, Calcium Carbonate, and Chromium Amino Acid Chelate. The idea is that the HCA is made more bioavailable by existing in a Calcium salt, rather than as a strictly organic ingredient.

As to if the Garcinia is going to give you the results that Skinny Fit Tea is claiming, thats up for debate. There are conflicting studies on whether or not Garcinia helps with appetite suppression, or weight loss. If you decide to try it, go into it with an experimental mindset, and talk with your doctor.

What Other Products Does Skinny Teatox Offer

You may not be aware that Skinny Teatox retail a wide range of other products. These include:

  • 14-Day Detox For Men / Mint
  • 28-Day Detox For Men / Mint
  • 7-Day Skinny Teatox

The company also retail accessories including loose leaf tea infusers and a range of specialty teas. These teas are generally aimed at a specific health goal. The line includes products designed to help with sleep, skin health, energy, and more.

Bottom Line:

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Other Skinnyfit Tea Products

SkinnyFit Detox: uses natural ingredients like berries and milk thistle to promote digestion and increase energy levels. With natural sweeteners like stevia leaf, the tea is sweet and tasty while still removing toxins from your body.

SkinnyFit ZZZTox: reduces toxins in the body with all-natural ingredients like chamomile to reduce stress and anxiety and help you ease into sleep.

  • Multi-Collagen Peptides

Here is a better look at Skinny Fit Detox Tea ingredients, including:

Skinny Tea May Interfere With The Contraceptive Pill

Where Can I Buy Skinny Tea

In 2013, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that one SkinnyMe Tea customer had been hospitalised with severe stomach cramps after using the brand’s “colon cleanse” product.

And a quick browse through comments sections and web forums suggests many skinny tea drinkers have experienced abdominal pain, cramps and diarrhoea.

Others have accidentally fallen pregnant because the tea reduced the efficacy of the contraceptive pill. Indeed, in a disclaimer on its website, detox tea brand Bootea warns the laxative effect of its product “may affect the accuracy of the pill”.

So why, then, do we buy products that might make us feel ill or worse, leave us unexpectedly pregnant? Is losing a few kilos of really worth it? Does a flatter stomach and a #bikinibody Instagram selfie mean so much?

Well, yes. It’s all about social media marketing, and the powerful allure of fitspo culture weapons that were unavailable to diet companies of decades past.

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What Is Skinnyfits Shipping Policy

SkinnyFits shipping costs vary depending on how many items are in your order and whether or not youve signed up for a subscription. Youll find your specific shipping charges at the checkout. It usually takes 48 hours for SkinnyFit orders to be processed and youll receive an email with tracking information after you purchase.

SkinnyFit only ships within the US at this time. Items are shipped out through USPS, which you can track here. If you dont receive your tracking number through your email or if something is wrong with your order once you receive it, simply contact SkinnyFit customer service at or by phone.

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Does Skinny Fit Tea Help You Lose Weight In Stomach Area

According to the journal Current Pharmaceutical Design, oolong tea and green tea have been shown to promote weight loss. Guarana and mate contain caffeine and can increase energy levels and metabolism. The website instructions recommend drinking SkinnyFit Tea 30 minutes before breakfast every morning.

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Best Detox Tea Products On A Budget

There are many tea detox products on the market which boast weight loss, liver detoxification and even acne reduction.

Some cost the price of a box of tea, and others are hundreds of dollars! Its daunting to choose the best tea for weight loss and weed through the real stuff and ignore the marketing hype.

For those of you looking to purchase the best detox tea, these are our favorite. We took flavor, cost and quality into consideration and these are the three we like best:

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Skinny Fit Tea Product Warnings

Weight Loss Scams – Green Tea Skinny Green Tea Green Tea for Weight Loss

As for product warnings for Skinny Fit Tea, there is one posted on the company website. It says if you experience any side effects while using this product, you should discontinue use immediately and get in touch with your doctor for further assistance.

The website says SkinnyFit products and the information on this site are not intended to replace professional healthcare advice or doctor consultations. Aside from that, we found a few customer warnings that this company does not stand behind the Skinny Fit cancel subscription process as they claim to.

We did not find any lawsuits or legal action against SkinnyFit.

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The Skinny On Skinny Tea

Fad diets have come and gone over the years, but the skinny tea craze just wont die, despite health experts claims it should. Exactly what about detox tea has so many young women hooked?

Summer is here in Australia, babes, and you know what that means its teatox time.

Summer is hunting season for health companies, and an opportunity to up the ante on marketing their fad diets. But while most fad diets are forgotten quickly, theres one that just wont go away. Tea detoxes, or teatoxes, are so-called therapeutic detox tea products that claim to help users shed kilos fast and get the bikini body youve always dreamed of.

The teatox trend took off in Australia a few years back, when local diet tea companies began emulating similar American products. Now, hundreds of thousands of young women follow skinny tea brands on social media with hopes of shedding extra kilos and looking like the tanned, toned Instagram models recruited to promote them.

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Why Take Skinnyfit Belly Balance

This premium all-natural blend of pre and probiotics promotes healthy digestion and regulates bowel movements, while enzymes and ginger root, pineapple, and papaya extracts support immunity and calm bloating.


Fermented foods are amazing for gut health! Our kombucha blend is made up of both fermented black and green tea, giving you all the benefits of antioxidants and probiotics your belly needs.

Ginger Root Extract

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger has been used for centuries for relieving pain and soreness, as well as nausea.


An enzyme most popularly found in pineapple juice and stems, bromelain is responsible for reducing inflammation in the body.


Extracted from raw papaya, papain enzymes are known for reducing swelling in the body, and aiding in digestion.

Bacillus Coagulans

This bacterial organism has been used to help fight various infections, and is often used similarly to a probiotic.

Peppermint Leaf

Peppermint has long been used for its digestive benefits, including IBS, nausea, and excessive gas. It has also been used for easing muscle and nerve pain.

Fungal Amylase, Protease, Lactase and Lipase

These enzymes all work together to extract nutrients from the foods we eat. They each have an important role of breaking down either carbohydrates, proteins, fats, oils, or triglycerides.


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How Do I Use It

The instructions for Skinny Fit Detox tea include having it each morning about 30 minutes before eating breakfast.Users should pour eight ounces of water thats just come to a boil over a single tea bag, and let it steep five to seven minutes.Users can also have a second cup later in the day if they choose, such as before working out.

Its meant to be a daily drink, and according to the makers, the effects are best when its used consistently.

Along with using it as instructed, the Skinny Fit company recommends eating a healthy diet while using it.


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