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Where Can I Buy Matcha Tea

Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Buying Matcha Online:

Matcha 101 + How To Make a Matcha Latte

The “Do’s” of where to buy matcha green tea powder online:

  • Buy from a retailer that you know and trust! As I have said before, anyone can start a website and put there name on a product and make any claims that they want. After all, if its on the internet, it must be true. This is why we recommend the best place to buy matcha green tea is, or buying matcha direct from a company that you trust. Amazon is the worlds largest retailer. They have a reputation to uphold and best of all, the matcha that you want to buy has been reviewed by hundreds, if not thousands of different matcha drinkers.
  • Do buy from websites that make shipping and returns easy. For example, at Hibiki-An, the return and shipping policy is strict and complicated. They claim to ship directly from Japan, where the best matcha is produced. While the latter is true, customers don’t need to pay the extra taxes, customs fees and international shipping fees when buying from big name companies, such as Amazon. Furthermore, on all prime eligible purchases, which includes most of the matcha for sale on Amazon. Not to mention that all returns include free shipping! The bottom line is customers can buy matcha that is from Japan, at Amazon, without paying tons of extra money, and waiting several extra weeks for their matcha to be delivered.
  • How To Make A Matcha Latte

    Want to impress your friends with your masterful matcha-making skills? Heres how:

    Boil the kettle to 80°C and add your favourite T2 matcha and the hot water to your matcha bowls. Use your T2 bamboo whisk to break up any lumps, whisking until the mixture begins to froth. Warm milk in a saucepan until it is hot, but not boiling, and add to your matcha bowls with a dash of honey to sweeten.

    You can vary the ratios of hot water, matcha and milk to your preferred taste and our scrumptious matcha beverages each have brewing guides available so you can be sure to make the perfect cup of matcha.

    Personal Testimony From Our Founders

    From Dr. Tuan

    Why do I drink matcha?The simple answer is I want to live a long and healthy life. Matcha green tea is loaded with catechins, a class of flavonoids that are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals. Epidemiological studies done in Japan have shown that drinking green tea is associated with better cardiovascular health.

    I am usually up at the crack of dawn to start work early at the hospital. Matcha keeps me awake and alert. When I do a coronary artery bypass operation, my hands cannot have the slightest tremor. Matcha keeps me calm and focused, without the jitters. The combination of caffeine and L-theanine in matcha makes this possible.

    From Bill, The Flavor Guy

    I had a heart attack in my late 40s. The type of blockage I had is called the widowmaker. My heart disease could have killed me, leaving my dear wife a widow with four young children. I changed my ways immediately by cutting out refined carbs such as sugar and starches. Nowadays, I drink matcha, hoping I can cheat death from heart disease a second time.

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    Chalait Everyday Ceremonial Grade Matcha

    Chalait is one of Kavaliunas favorite matcha brands. On Amazon, you can purchase the Chalaits everyday ceremonial grade matcha, which is sourced directly from its place of origin in Uji, Japan. The flavor is described as mellow, with subtle hints of bittersweet chocolate and cacao nibs. Enjoy this antioxidant-rich drink at any time of the day!

    How To Determine The Best Matcha Powder


    Quality and purity do matter with matcha, so its worth splurging on the good stuff, says Anderson. Thats because its beneficial health properties can be lost through processing. Lesser quality teas can be diluted with less potent or ineffective tea fillers, and may contain more pesticides, says Anderson. She recommends buying only certified organic, non-GMO varieties that are sourced from Japan, as she believes they are less likely to contain contaminants.

    Matcha powder can go bad , so pay attention to flavor and appearance, says Dr. Trattner. It should be a technicolor green color and not taste bitter. Its best to purchase matcha in small amounts, and store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator, she says, adding that for peak flavor and nutritional value, matcha is best consumed within a month after opening.

    Compare The Best Matcha Powder

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    What Does Matcha Taste Like

    Like a finely balanced red wine, high quality premium grade matcha displays complex vegetal undertones with a full-bodied, rich creaminess. The aftertaste is laced with smooth sweetness for a tantalising and aromatic lingering finish.

    Our nutritious matcha can be enjoyed in many forms from naturally organic to flavoursome combos. Try Matcha Jaffa Swirl, Mint Chip Matcha, Matcha Berry Ripple and Salted Matcha Milkshake for a sensational taste experience with built-in goodness!

    Encha Matcha Organic Matcha From Farm To Cup

    Image Source:

    Let me start by saying, Lis, Encha Founder, passion is so incredibly valuable and inspiring.I first became in touch with Li before Encha even started.

    I remember he messaged me about a Japan trip he was planning and asked me if there was anything I wanted to know about Japanese matcha and organic farming so he could search for the answers for me.

    Not long after his trip, Encha was born and it is one of my favourite matcha brands to support and indulge in. While Encha is superior quality matcha, I know that my matcha knowledge has expanded thanks to Li.

    Thanks to him, I realized earlier years I was being overcharged for what I thought was high quality matcha.

    All Enchas organic matcha has no pesticide, no synthetic fertilizer, no preservatives and is non-GMO.

    When I first tried Enchas Latte Grade organic matcha I was impressed with how smooth it was. It had little to no astringency when prepared with just hot water. It is, however, not as delicate as their ceremonial grade.

    If youre new to matcha, I would say you could even purchase the latte grade, over the ceremonial grade first to give it a try and save some money.

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    Final Thoughts On Where To Buymatcha

    It goes without saying that consumers want to be sure they are spending their money on a quality product, from a trusted source.

    The same goes for matcha.

    I believe that is one of the best places to buy matcha green tea powder, hands down, for a long list of reasons.

    Mainly due to the fact there is a great deal of variety in regards to brands and grades. In addition, purchasing from Amazon is safe. Amazon is the largest internet-based retailer in the United States, and can be counted on to do right by their customers.

    Here at the Matcha Connection, we actually prefer to buy direct from Matcha suppliers that we trust and have developed a relationship with.

    You can see those suppliers below.

    How Is Matcha Different From Green Tea

    How to Identify Excellent Matcha

    The main difference: Matcha is a tea that comes in the form of a powder, rather than leaves in a tea bag. This means that both the flavor and nutritional benefits are more prominent in matcha.

    Most tea leaves, like the ones you find in everyday tea bags, are steeped in water to extract their flavor and benefits. Matcha, however, is the whole tea leaf ground into a powder and consumed. So when you drink matcha, you are literally drinking a plant, says Kavaliunas.

    Matcha comes from Tencha leaf, which means that its shade-grown. This gives the powder its inherent bright color and assortment of unique nutrients.

    The ground powder is not water-soluble, so the particles wont dissolve when added to water or milk, she explains. Instead, the powder is suspended in liquid.

    This is why matcha works so well in lattes, smoothies, and shakes its thicker viscosity gives a creamy beverage.

    This ones for all you matcha purists out there. You know who you are.

    The only ingredients need to make iced matcha is cold water, matcha, and ice.

    If you wish, you can add a little sweetener like honey or sugar but this is a version made just like the hot whisked matcha drink which also doesnt add anything sweet.

    Matcha is meant to paired with something sweet though, so I would recommend drinking your iced matcha with dessert like a slice of cake or sweet mochi.

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    Where To Buymatcha Green Tea Powderoffline


    Unless you live in a large, culturally diverse city, your options for buying matcha locally are going to be pretty slim. Here are some of the more well known retail locations that you may find in your area that carry matcha.

    The important thing to remember when you are buying matcha is that you want to make sure that you know what you are getting. That is very difficult in the offline world. This is why I believe that the best place to buy matcha green tea powder is online where you can view thousands of reviews to take advantage of other peoples experiences.

    In Which Aisle Can You Find Matcha Tea

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    Matcha tea can be found in the tea/coffee aisle, next to other teas. However, since matcha tea is essentially green tea, youll find it closely located to other green teas.

    You may also be able to find it in the international aisle, where teas of Asian origin reside.

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    Matcha Is New To Youplease Visit Our Section Matcha For Beginners

    The word matcha comes from the Japanese and means ground tea. Matcha is an extremely fine, jade green tea powder that is ground in granite stone mills. In addition to caffeine, matcha contains natural anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that have an enlivening and harmonising effect on the metabolism. Because the tea is consumed whole, the body enjoys the full range of matchas valuable nutrients. L-Theanin, an amino acid contained in matcha, is typical for green tea and has a stress-relieving, relaxing effect alongside the caffeines invigourating one. Matcha gives an energy kick that lasts 3-6 hours.

    Matchabar Matcha Powder Starting At $2560

    Matcha Green Tea Powder

    Forget the booze and head to the Matchabar instead.

    Matchabar sells the Japanese tea and harvests it right from Japan, making their ceremonial grade matcha powder one of the best you can get in the States. They sell three different sizes, starting at 30 grams and going all the way up to 200 grams for the matcha maniac in your life.

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    How To Grow Matcha

    Its not a huge hassle to drive to the local grocery store and buy your producebut isnt it better and healthier to grow your own?

    In terms of produce, if you have the gardening space, right weather conditions and a green thumb, I say go for it.

    But what about Matcha? Is this delicious green tea something you can and should grow on your own?

    Best Budget: Purechimp Matcha Green Tea Powder

    Due to a brief harvest season and select growing regions , matcha powder can get pricey, especially compared to coffee and tea. But U.K.-based company PureChimp keeps its prices low, which is why its our best budget pick.

    The product has solid online reviews, with many customers calling the flavor smooth, though slightly grassy, while others say that its an unbeatable value-for-money option. Keep a decent amount of skepticism, of course. The powder is duller than many pricier matchasâa sign of lower qualityâand the company does not indicate how the tencha leaves are ground, meaning a cheaper and cruder alternative to stone grinding might be used.

    On the plus side, all of PureChimps products are sourced in the Kyoto region of Japan, and the company even sells flavored matcha powders, including mint, turmeric, rooibos, and lemongrass. As an added bonus, 5 percent of profits are donated to Save The Chimps.

    Grade: Ceremonial | Origin: Kagoshima, Japan | Harvest: First harvest | Size: 20, 50, 100, and 500 grams

    Culinary grade matcha can be enjoyed in traditional tea form, but its best for mixing into recipes: smoothies, baked goods, saltâyou name it. Since the tencha leaves are harvested later in season and ground with more heat, the resulting powder has a darker color and more bitter taste. This helps it stand up to the strong flavors in milk, butter, and sugar, explains Puyane.

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    Where To Buy Matcha Green Tea

    I buy my matcha from the online tea shops listed below. These retailers only sell quality matcha green tea.

    Look for matcha thats not bitter and has a clean taste. It may seem a bit pricey, but you always want to buy quality matcha. Some shops only sell matcha green tea. When that is their sole focus, it tells me they must really know their matcha.

    I have also bought matcha green tea from The Tea Spot and the ceremonial grade from Adagio Teas. Both have excellent Japanese matcha tea.

    • MatchaSource: Matcha tea comes in different grades. Alissa White is the Founder of Matcha Source, an online retailer of premium matcha tea and specialty utensils for preparing and enjoying matcha. This shop focuses strictly on matcha, from ceremony grade to kitchen grade and everything in-between. MatchSource teas are hand-picked by the Yahagi River in Japan.
    • Material Matcha Uji: Material Matcha Uji is another shop specializing strictly in matcha. They craft some of the highest quality matcha green tea in the world. Their aim is for purity. If you love matcha, this is one of the best shops to buy matcha tea online. Material Matcha works directly with small local farmers, favoring quality over quantity. Their tea is one-of-a-kind and extremely rare. Less than 100kg is produced every year, bringing a grade of loose green tea that has previously never been brought outside of Japan.

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    Japanese Stars Will Draw Plenty Of Mlb Interest

    How to Buy and Make Matcha

    If youve gone mad for matcha, youre not alone.

    The green tea beverage has blown up recently, with new brands and even cafes solely dedicated to the drink popping up and taking off.

    Matcha is simply a powdered form of the Camellia Sinensis plant, better known as the green tea which comes in a typical tea bag. Matcha also contains more caffeine, since it is the powdered concentrated form, and also has more antioxidants than its leafy brother.

    You may have also seen the phrase ceremonial grade floating around your cup of matcha or overheard at tea shops. This means highest grade of matcha powder, giving the best bright green coloring, tiny bubbles and highest concentration of nutrients. This matcha is able to be used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and is best to drink straight, whereas culinary grade matcha is best for cooking, baking and adding to your favorite green smoothies.

    See below for the best ceremonial grade matcha powders and kits out there.

    Tell your cousins, siblings and matcha-loving friends all about this matcha maker.

    From Cuzen Matcha, this at-home matcha maker will give you the perfectly brewed cup every time, tasting almost as fresh as it would brewed right from the field. Simply pour one of the packets of tea into the top of the machine and it takes it from there, grinding it into the fine powder and whisking it into water, producing a shot of matcha to sip or add over milk and ice.

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    How To Make Iced Cold Brewed Matcha Step

    Start with a glass filled with ice. I like these smaller cubed ones usingthis ice cube tray.

    Next, pour 3/4 cup cold water. If you have filtered water, that would be best to really bring out the matcha flavor.

    Ok, heres the workout portion of this recipe.

    Into a cocktail shaker, add cold water followed by a teaspoon of matcha.

    Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake vigorously for about 10-20 seconds.

    Into the glass of ice water, pour in the cold matcha tea.

    Its so fun to watch the matcha green swirling around. Make this for your guests at your next get-together and theyll be wowed. Its mesmerizing.

    Give it a little swirl to make sure the matcha is well incorporated into the cold water and sip away!

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    What Is The Genesis Of Purest Matcha Green Tea

    There is a unique association between people and tea. It is not just any drink for us but a ritual, a celebration, a way to divert from the daily mundane affairs, a staple to bond over, and that inalienable part of our lives that most of us cant be without. Being innately Indian is synonymous with commencing the day with a steaming cup of chai, it is our fondness for tea that secures us unequivocally as a nation, no matter what our dissimilarities may be. And with the stress of daily lives, high cholesterol, heart problems, there was always a need for a healthy tea which could be called the elixir of life. This is where green tea came into being and eventually prospered until buying matcha green tea online became popular.

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    Exposure To Toxic Elements

    This side effect stems from the environment that the camellia sinensis tea plant is grown in. Lead, arsenic and fluoride have all been identified in the soil where some of these tea plants grow, and these chemicals make their way into the green tea leaves themselves.

    With regular brewed green tea, they pose less of a threat because only a very small amount infuses into the hot water. But utilizing the entire leaf to make matcha means consuming higher levels of potentially harmful substances.

    Especially if you are consuming matcha daily, youll want to make sure youre choosing organic matcha that is also screened for these toxins and heavy metals.

    Our Sun Goddess Matcha is Quadruple Toxin Screened to ensure purity:


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